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Eternal Elements-An AtyaasaaOnline Leadership Podcast

Eternal Elements are your personal ubiquitous eMentoring concept podcasts on Leadership & Management. The Author, Niket Karajagi, is a Mechanical Engineer with, MBA in International Business Management, ICF accredited Coach, Certified MBTI, FIRO-B, DISC, Saville, and Global Leaders of Future Assessor. Niket Karajagi, your host & AtyaasaaOnline e-learning MOOC, brings you the Eternal Elements podcasts on real-time people and management challenges that organizations face in the current Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous World. These Eternal Elements podcasts are an initiative to bring to you the best practices of behavioral sciences from the field of management and anthropology. Eternal Elements provide answers to questions that consistently challenge Corporate Leaders and create perineal dilemmas. Niket as an Executive Coach & Leadership facilitator, has contributed to more than 2,00,000 leaders & 175 organizations worldwide seeks to decode the dichotomies and bring forth practical solutions to these real-time issues and challenges faced by Business Leaders worldwide. His purpose in life is to make professionals successful by awakening human excellence. You can also take certificate courses at AtyaasaaOnline is a Corporate Tech-Education portal that takes Knowledge Beyond Boundaries. The entire body of work can be visited at Elements concept podcasts are available as consolidated learning courses on Leadership & Management at https://atyaasaaonline.comListen to all shows @


135-Setting Up Foreign Operations 07:06 05/13/2021
134- Impact of Environmental & Legal Factors 07:00 05/09/2021
133-Impact of Technological Factor 07:00 05/05/2021
132-Impact of Cultural Factors 09:33 05/02/2021
131-Impact of Economic Factors 10:00 04/30/2021
130-Impact of Political Systems 09:24 04/25/2021
129-Investing in Foreign Markets 08:07 04/20/2021
128-Effects of Economic Integration 08:50 04/15/2021
127-Economic Integration Types 09:02 04/11/2021
126-Economic Integration 08:37 04/08/2021
125-WTO Dispute Settlement Body 08:10 04/06/2021
124-Principles of WTO 08:44 04/04/2021
123-From GATT to WTO 07:48 03/28/2021
122-Advent of GATT 07:36 03/25/2021
121-The World Bank Group 07:36 03/23/2021
120-Bretton Woods Twins 08:02 03/21/2021
119- The Inter War Period 06:01 03/18/2021
118-The Pre-World War I Era 05:40 03/16/2021
117-Factor Endowment Theory Hecksher-Ohlin 04:33 03/14/2021
116-Theory of Comparative Advantage David Ricardo 05:28 03/11/2021
115-Theory of Absolute Advantage Adam Smith 05:18 03/09/2021
114-Interventionist Theories of International Trade 05:47 03/07/2021
113-Theories of International Trade 05:13 03/04/2021
112-International Business: Schools of Thought 06:50 03/02/2021
111-International Business Dynamics 08:14 02/28/2021
110-Advent of Globalization 06:42 02/25/2021
109 - International Business Introduction 06:33 02/23/2021
108-Technology-Based Information Systems 06:26 02/04/2021
107-Strategy Control Methodologies 10:37 02/02/2021
106-Responsibility Centers 11:17 01/31/2021