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Tune in for a weekly dose of commentary on technology, privacy, human rights, and Internet freedom in the digital age. Hosted by Derek E. Silva.


China's Great Firewall and the Battle Against Censorship with Simon Sharwood 46:45 05/18/2022
POLYGON: Defi Ecosystem and Building Ethereum Dapps with Aishwary Gupta 51:02 05/11/2022
Out of the Ether: The Amazing Story of Ethereum and the DAO Hack with Matthew Leising 50:53 05/04/2022
Free Speech and the Age of Disinformation with Wired's Gilad Edelman 43:56 04/27/2022
Julian Assange's Fight for Freedom with Gabriel Shipton 44:07 04/20/2022
All About Orchid and the Future of the Internet with Travis Cannell 44:19 04/13/2022
What's Next for Ethereum 2.0 with Tim Beiko 45:41 04/06/2022
AI Healthcare and Privacy Ethics of New Tech with Niam Yaraghi 47:26 03/30/2022
Data Ethics and AI's Impact on Society with Dr. Sara R. Jordan 48:25 03/23/2022
The Cryptopunk Ethos and the Future of Freedom with Dr. Steven Waterhouse 17:47 03/16/2022
Social Media and the Digital Afterlife with Dr. Elaine Kasket 49:31 03/09/2022
Future of Bitcoin Security and Privacy with Isaiah Jackson 18:54 03/02/2022
Web3 and the Decentralized Future with Greg Osuri and Tor Bair 41:15 02/23/2022
How Data Brokers Cash in on Your Privacy with Rob Shavell 45:25 02/16/2022
Rethinking Privacy and Personal Data Ownership with Markus Lampinen 55:06 02/09/2022
Bitcoin, Privacy, and Protecting Free Speech with Peter McCormack 40:20 02/02/2022
Top Global Privacy Issues We Face in 2022 with Omer Tene 43:46 01/26/2022
Building the Future of Web3 and the Internet of Things with Eliott Teissoniere 41:27 01/19/2022
Digital Trust and Protecting Human Rights with Jonathan Dotan 44:00 01/12/2022
Biggest Privacy and Tech Stories of 2021 with Anne Ahola Ward and Dragana Kaurin 60:41 12/08/2021
Free Speech and Censorship Online with Glenn Greenwald 66:51 12/01/2021
Anonymous Connections and Onion Routing with Paul Syverson 37:32 11/24/2021
Kings of Crypto and the Big Tech Monopolies with Jeff John Roberts 35:47 11/17/2021
Protecting Human Rights in the Age of Surveillance with Matthew Guariglia 42:30 11/10/2021
Cybersecurity, and the New Era of Data Privacy with Dimitri Nemirovsky 47:12 11/03/2021
The Politics of Bitcoin and Facebook's Metaverse with Gian Volpicelli 57:26 10/27/2021
China's Social Credit System and Ban on Crypto with Jeremy Goldkorn 46:52 10/20/2021
Constitutional Privacy Rights and the Third Party Doctrine with Amie Stepanovich 47:44 10/13/2021
Building an Open, Decentralized, and Inclusive Internet with Julian Zawistowski 45:09 10/06/2021
Digital Rights and Censorship's Impact on Society with Brett Solomon 54:18 09/29/2021