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Benefits of living off the grid or in rural areas
Looking to live off the grid or in a unique home that’s out there? California real estate broker and REALTOR® Eileen Oldroyd explains how to live off the grid and what it’s like. Yes, low monthly living costs are a benefit. We then head to the last frontier with REALTOR® D’Ette Owen who explains what it’s like to live in Alaska, a place that amazes her every day but takes a lot of work. And Texas real estate land specialist and REALTOR® Brian Smith shares how he purchased an old cattle ranch and turned it into a wildlife habitat that won the Lone Star Land Steward Award in 2011. Also, are all-white bedrooms or bathrooms hot or not? Melissa Dittmann Tracey keeps us informed.
30:39 6/2/23
Homebuying tips and loans for veterans and service members
Does it make sense to buy your first home while you’re in the military? Louisiana broker and REALTOR® Candice Skinner discusses the benefits available to veterans and active-duty service members to help them become homeowners and why the VA loan is the best loan on the market. We dig deeper into VA loans with Chris Birk from Veterans United Home Loans and author of “The Book on VA Loans: An Essential Guide to Maximizing Your Home Loan Benefits” who shares ten things people don’t know about VA loans. Massachusetts real estate agent and REALTOR® Wendy Rocco discusses Operation American Soldier, a charity she started to send care packages to members of the military serving overseas. And Melissa Dittmann Tracey lets us know if cane webbing furniture or see-through glass kitchen cabinets are hot or not.
34:38 5/26/23
2023 Real Estate Market Update
How are interest rates, housing inventory, and supplies impacting the current real estate market? NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun discusses the most recent existing-home sales data and why he thinks interest rates will drop later in the year. Ohio home builder and remodeler Bill Owens gives us an update on expected wait times for new home builds and how capacity issues are impacting the ability to build a new home and changing home renovation projects. And yes, supply chain issues are still out there. Pennsylvania REALTOR® Greg Herb shares what he’s experiencing on the local level with home buyers and sellers while California REALTOR® Kevin Brown talks about how the REALTOR® Relief Foundation has been helping people impacted by recent natural disasters. Also, are bold colors in the outdoor living space hot or not? What about cottage gardens? Melissa Dittmann Tracey keeps us trendy.
35:47 5/19/23
Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space
How do you improve your home’s exterior or your outdoor living space? We talk to gardener Natalie Carmolli to learn how plants improve your curb appeal and Kris Kiser of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute gives tips on how to do your yardwork safely. But first, we start with a Mother’s Day special segment with mother and son Michigan real estate duo Pat Vredevoogd Combs and Brett Vredevoogd. Also, NAR’s Ken Fears is back to explain what happened with the FHFA mortgage fee increases that were scheduled for August 1 and Melissa Dittmann Tracey explains what fragrance zoning is and if it’s a hot home trend.
34:54 5/12/23
The benefits of homeownership
Homeownership can make housing costs predictable and build generational wealth. Utah REALTOR® and 2023 NAR President Kenny Parcell explains the benefits of owning a home. chief economist Danielle Hale discusses the current homeownership rate in the United States, possible reasons why it’s currently at a standstill, and what she values about being a homeowner. Keith Gumbinger from clarifies when a home buyer becomes a homeowner. Also, NAR’s Ken Fears analyzes the rule changes to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage fees to give us the facts on what the changes mean for homeowners and home buyers. And what is soft spring aesthetic and is it a hot home trend? Melissa Dittmann Tracey shares what’s HOT or not in home design.
33:02 5/5/23
Understanding the benefits of smart home technology
How does smart home tech benefit you? Angela Moscaritolo from PC Magazine shares the best smart home devices including doorbells, floodlights, and locks for your house and why it’s important to look at the power source for your smart home tech. Pennsylvania REALTOR® Bill Lublin tells us why he made his home brilliant and how home buyers are leaning toward technology as they look for a new home. And Kate Peters from Eversource explains how smart thermostats make homes more efficient and save you money. Also, Melissa Dittmann Tracey shares whether floating staircases or if painting your wooden staircases is HOT or not.
34:35 4/28/23
What to know about getting a mortgage in 2023
What type of mortgage should you get with the current interest rates? Keith Gumbinger from shares how interest rates are impacting the mortgages home buyers are qualifying for and why they may need a 30% increase in income to qualify for the same loan they would have been able to get last year. Las Vegas REALTOR® Linda Rheinberger shares how home buyers can utilize down payment assistance programs, temporary buydowns, or adjustable-rate mortgages to get the house they thought they were shut out of purchasing. Also, Virginia REALTOR® Peter Crouch discusses whether it’s a good idea to pay off that mortgage early. And is a clover lawn HOT or not? What about decks with an orange-tone stain? Melissa Dittmann Tracey lets us know.
31:53 4/21/23
How to increase the value of your home
Want to know how you can increase the value of your home? Ohio REALTOR® Greg Blatt talks about floors, landscaping, and other home improvement projects that a homeowner can do easily and affordably to get the most value out of their house. Newport, Rhode Island REALTOR® and home appraiser Jamie Moore shares the home appraisal process steps and what an appraiser is looking for so you can make sure your home gets the highest appraisal price. Do you renovate your basement or the space above your garage? Jamie gives her advice. And April is Fair Housing Month; Baltimore, Maryland REALTOR® JoAnne Poole talks fair housing and how far the U.S. has come in ending discrimination in real estate but also tells us just how far we still have to go to make sure every person has equal ability to get a home they can afford. Also, Melissa Dittmann Tracey lets us know which kitchen countertops and finishes are HOT or not?
34:24 4/14/23
How to Invest in Real Estate
How can you get started investing in real estate this spring? Louisiana REALTOR® Matt Ritchie explains how to get going despite higher interest rates and how today’s real estate market can be an opportunity. Plus, he defines many of the most important terms that real estate investors need to know. Chicago REALTOR® Dan Wagner explains 1031 like-kind exchanges and how you can use the tax deferral program to build your portfolio. And REALTOR® Luke Worrell from Jacksonville, Illinois tells us about investing in land and he explains what makes ‘good’ land ‘good!’ Also, Melissa Dittmann Tracey shares what’s HOT or not in spring cleaning.
32:59 4/7/23
What should I know as a first-time home buyer?
How can first-time buyers achieve homeownership despite low housing inventory and mortgage rates in the sixes? Colorado REALTOR® Natalie Davis shares the steps renters can—and should—take to become homeowners. She also explains why finding a good local lender to walk you through different loan products is so important. Sean Moss of Down Payment Resource takes us through a variety of down payment assistance plans and says why it’s a mistake to assume you don’t qualify for one. Frank Lesh from the American Society of Home Inspectors unveils what home inspectors truly look for during the inspection process and why inspecting the roof and foundation is so critical. Finally, Melissa Dittmann Tracey tells us if huge kitchen islands or vent hoods are HOT or not.
35:43 3/31/23
Selling a home in the spring of 2023
Are you ready to sell your house this spring? NAR Deputy Chief Economist Dr. Jessica Lautz explains why the latest existing-home sales data saw the largest increase since the summer of 2020, what the median home price in the United States is, and if home sellers are once again getting multiple offers for their houses. REALTOR® J. Lennox Scott discusses how home sellers are dealing with higher interest rates and what they need to do to get their homes ready to sell for the best price. And interior designer Karen Post gives tips on how to prepare your home to sell without spending a lot of money. Also, are floor-to-ceiling mirrors on walls and closets or barn doors HOT or not? Melissa Dittmann Tracey lets us know.
26:24 3/24/23
The 2023 Spring Real Estate Market
Will the spring real estate market be hot or cool for home buyers and sellers? Washington state REALTOR® J. Lennox Scott explains how interest rates and inventory are impacting the real estate market and why potential home buyers should get fully underwritten before they sign a purchase agreement. Alicia Huey, chairman of the board of directors for the National Association of Home Builders, talks new build timelines and how labor challenges and supply issues are impacting the construction of new homes. And Keith Gumbinger of shares what higher interest rates for home mortgages mean for you and where we can expect rates to go. Also, Melissa Dittmann Tracey shares if curved furniture with rounded edges or if fast furniture is HOT or Not.
34:56 3/17/23
When to move or improve my home
Do you wish you had a new home? Can you improve your home or should you move to a new house? We look into what may be the best option for you. Idaho REALTOR® Chris Pelkola Lee discusses the pros and cons of moving to a new home versus renovating or fixing your current house. NAR Deputy Chief Economist Dr. Jessica Lautz shares what they found in their Home Remodeling Impact Study. What projects do homeowners want, do the improvements warrant the cost, and were people happy with their decision? Elizabeth Renter from NerdWallet shares what they found in their First-Time Home Buyer Metro Affordability Report and why things are getting better for first-time buyers with improved affordability and higher inventory and where they can buy an affordable home. And, Melissa Dittmann Tracey talks about hydro dripping home accessories and if it’s a hot home trend.
33:09 3/10/23
How to personalize your new home
So, you bought your home and have moved in. Now it’s time to make it your own. But where do you even start? REALTOR® and home designer Addie Mulry explains how she works with her clients to help them reimagine their homes. She walks through the steps: What is normally the first thing to be updated; how to overhaul your kitchen without a complete renovation and adjust your floors without replacing them; and how to pick colors. And speaking of home colors, Sue Wadden from Sherwin-Williams talks about how paint can transform your living space and what colors are trending this year. Eric Huffman from Crutchfield discusses home entertainment systems and how to pick that perfect TV for your home. Lastly, Melissa Dittmann Tracey lets us know if scalloped edges on furniture and fabrics are hot or not!    
34:56 3/3/23
What you need to know about moving
It’s moving day! Laura Roth from United Van Lines and Mayflower goes over all you need to know about moving and what the benefits are for hiring people to pack your stuff and what the benefits of packing your own items are. Laura also lets us know why you better make sure you have your coffee on moving day. Washington, D.C. metro area REALTOR® Dale Mattison shares what he tells home sellers and home buyers about moving and why you should shop around and get referrals for a moving company. And don’t forget to map out your moving schedule. NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun shares the latest existing-home sales data and what you need to know about the real estate market right now. And Melissa Dittmann Tracy lets us know if turning your TV into art is hot or not.
33:21 2/24/23
What to know about closing on a home
We detail all the information you need to know before you close on your home. Georgia REALTOR® Vanessa Goggans goes over how to prepare for a home closing, what documents you need to bring, and why an insurance binder is so critical. Colorado REALTOR® Michael Labout tells us what buyers and sellers need to do between signing the contract of sale and sitting down at the settlement. We’re talking inspections, appraisals, and a whole bunch of contingencies. And don’t forget about the loan underwriting. Olivia Mariani from Curbio shares how they can help you update your home before you sell it without paying for the fixes until you close on the property. Also, Melissa Dittmann Tracey looks to see if the rising price of eggs is helping create a new hot home trend. 
33:24 2/17/23
Fall in love with your home
Let’s put some love in your home. We talk to married San Antonio REALTORS® Krista and Phillip Becker on what buyers have to do to get that home they love. Home stager and lifestyle specialist Tori Toth gives us tips on how to put some love back in your home and how important the five senses are in making your home more romantic. Also, Kell Phelps from the National BBQ & Grilling Association tells us how to make that perfect steak dinner for Valentine’s Day. And Are whites and grays hot bedroom colors? Melissa Dittmann Tracey shares the hot home colors.
30:04 2/10/23
How to make the best offer on a home
What does it take to make a winning offer on a home? Michigan REALTOR® Pat Vredevoogd Combs talks earnest money, contingencies, and where there may be room to negotiate on your offer. Elizabeth Renter from NerdWallet discusses their 2022 Home Buyer Report and what sellers and buyers are expecting to see and just how misinformed they are. Do you think you can get a home for less than $270,000 like the majority of Americans? And Chief Appraiser at HomeSight Appraisal, Peter Gallo, walks us through the home appraisal process. We also see if gray is no longer a hot home color. Melissa Dittmann Tracey discusses what is Hot or Not with interior paint colors.
31:29 2/3/23
How to buy a brand new home in 2023
What will it take to buy a newly built home in 2023? Gonzalo Mejia, a REALTOR® from Jacksonville, Florida, shares the benefits of buying a newly constructed home and walks us through the process and how to navigate changing mortgage rates while your house is being built. Rose Quint from the National Association of Home Builders tells us what types of homes and features new home buyers are looking for (hint: home offices are big) and where homeowners want the laundry room. Also, National Association of REALTORS® Chief Economist Lawrence Yun shares the latest on pending home sales and Melissa Dittmann Tracey lets us know if mixing and matching different styles of kitchen countertops is Hot or Not.
26:18 1/27/23
Selling a Home in 2023
Are you selling your home in 2023? We’ll get you ready. Portland, Oregon REALTOR® Caitlin Williams shares how a home seller can get their home market ready and if they can expect multiple offers. Andi Batchelor from U-Haul discusses their state growth report and what states people are moving to and moving from. CEO of the Real Estate Staging Association Shell Brodnax tells us how home staging makes your home more marketable and will help you get the best price. And the host of You Bet Your Garden, Mike McGrath, shares what plants help the curb appeal of a house ...  even in winter. Also, are you ready to spray foam your home? Is it a hot home trend? We find out if you break out the foam to make wavy lines in your home.
33:51 1/20/23
Buying a Home in 2023
What will buying a home be like in 2023? Massachusetts REALTOR® Arlene Castellano, who teaches a class for first-time buyers, shares what she’s hearing from buyers and sellers and how inventory and mortgage rates are changing expectations. Keith Gumbinger from explains the latest on mortgages and what you should look for in your home loan. We also speak to Down Payment Resource CEO Rob Chrane who goes through down payment assistance programs you can use to purchase your home. And Melissa Dittmann Tracey reports on some of the HOT items from the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show.
28:27 1/13/23
Achieve Financial Security With Real Estate Investing
Let’s kick off 2023 with some ways you can achieve financial security by investing in real estate! Chicago REALTOR® Mabél Guzmán shares how she prepares clients to invest in real estate and how she guides them to reach their goals. Learn how to get started in real estate investing and add investment properties to your portfolio with REALTOR® Peter West. And Cynthia Shelton from LandQwest Commercial Real Estate dives into Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) so you can invest in real estate without being a landlord. And is the coastal grandmother aesthetic Hot or Not? For more, follow Real Estate Today on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
27:23 1/6/23
The Benefits of Real Estate Investing
Is 2023 the year for you to invest in real estate? We talk to young real estate investors to learn how they got started and how they are gaining wealth to set themselves up to have financial security for life. Illinois REALTOR® and broker Kyle Killebrew, who owns over 60 properties, shares tips for what he looks for in investment properties. San Antonio REALTOR® Philip Becker talks about how looking outside of the market where you live can be beneficial. And Des Moines REALTOR® Krista Clark highlights why young people invest and how a little resourcefulness can help you pay for your investment. Also, NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun shares the latest pending home sales data. And are stone base coffee tables with a glass top or fake greenery on your kitchen cabinets a hot home trend?
26:28 12/30/22
Homeownership & Building Generational Wealth!
We’re covering homeownership—building memories, celebrating milestones, building generational wealth, and creating a sense of community. Virginia REALTOR® Mary Dykstra joins us to talk about how owning a home contributes to your family’s wealth. NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun covers the latest Existing-Home Sales report, and credit expert Gerri Detweiler speaks about credit scores and what factors impact them. Lastly, Melissa Dittmann Tracey shares what you should NOT store in your home garage. For more, follow Real Estate Today on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
33:11 12/23/22
The Winter Housing Market
Let’s examine the winter housing market! This week, we’ll discuss home prices, mortgage rates and whether there will be more homes for sale. We’re joined by NAR’s 2022 President and broker-associate Leslie Rouda Smith who shares what she thinks buyers and sellers should do this winter. PCMag’s Smart Home Analyst Angela Moscaritolo returns this week to talk about the best smart home tech gifts of 2022. We also spoke to Outdoor Power Equipment Institute’s CEO Kris Kiser about winter equipment, snowblowers, and how to properly store your summer power tools. For more, follow Real Estate Today on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
32:52 12/16/22
The Benefits of a Smart Home
How does a smart home make your life easier? How does home automation impact the value of your house? We look at the smart home devices and technology that can save you money on utilities and help you and your loved ones stay safe with REALTOR® Eileen Oldroyd and Jon Chase from Wirecutter. Angela Moscaritolo from PCMag gives a special report on Matter, the new internet protocol aimed at making all your devices work together seamlessly – whether they’re made by Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung or others! We also discuss mortgage rates, housing inventory, and tax codes with Chief Economist Danielle Hale to see how they will impact the real estate market in 2023. For more, follow Real Estate Today on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
34:37 12/9/22
2023 Real Estate Market Forecast
What will 2023 mean to home buyers, home sellers, and homeowners? Let’s discuss mortgage rates, the supply of homes for sale, home prices, tax codes, and how they directly impact your real estate strategy. Philadelphia broker-owner Greg Herb joins us to talk about the biggest challenge of the new year: shortage of homes for sale. National Association of Home Builders Chief Economist Robert Dietz also spoke to us about the challenges facing home builders including the inventory shortage, and the time frame it may take to build a home. National Association of REALTORS® Director of Federal Tax Policy came on to discuss State and Local Tax (SALT) Deductions and tax credits that could open up doors to more renters and homeowners. In addition, National Association of REALTORS® Chief Economist Lawrence Yun provides us with his 2023 real estate forecast. To wrap up our 2023 Real Estate Market episode, Melissa Dittmann Tracey recaps her five holiday home design trends of 2022! For more, follow Real Estate Today on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
34:16 12/2/22
2022 Holiday Real Estate Market
As you approach the holiday season, we’ll let you know whether you need to put a halt to your real estate plans or continue as usual. Washington, D.C, REALTOR® Donna Evers joins us to share how current buyers and sellers should navigate the holiday schedule. Professional interior design expert Mary Patton lets us in on how to transform your home for the holidays and Light Up Your Holidays owner Kelly Fitzsimmons covers outdoor holiday lighting and her charity work, decorating group homes. We were also joined by Eric Zeman at who covered 5G service. Lastly, Melissa Dittmann Tracey will let us know what holiday trends are HOT or NOT! For more, follow Real Estate Today on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
29:57 11/25/22
The Pulse of Real Estate: Mortgage Rates, Home Prices, Home Supply and More!
NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun provided the latest information on existing-home sales, hot off the press. Massachusetts REALTOR® and broker-owner Dawn Ruffini joined us to chat mortgages, and up-to-date strategies for buyers and sellers. In addition, Vice President Keith Gumbinger spoke to us about mortgage rates and how to qualify for a home loan. And for HOT or NOT, Melissa Dittmann Tracey looked back at the housing trends in 2022, and what will be HOT in 2023. For more, follow Real Estate Today on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
30:51 11/18/22
Maintenance Tips to Prep Your Home for the Winter Season
Let’s get your entire home ready for the winter months! This Old House host Tom Silva tells us what we should be doing with regards to insulation, the roof, and eliminating drafts. North Carolina REALTOR® Audrey June-Forshey advises us on how to keep odors out of the home and how to maintain a pleasant home scent. Scotts MiracleGrow’s Ashton Ritchie also talks gardening, landscaping, and what the numbers on fertilizer bags indicate. We’ll also speak to Melissa Dittmann Tracey who reminisces on some throwback trends and confirms whether they are HOT or NOT now! For more, follow Real Estate Today on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
29:38 11/11/22