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The Love Your School Podcast

Wondering what education options are available for your kids? Curious about school choice and wondering if you've go the right fit for your child? Thinking about making a school change and considering something different like homeschooling or a charter school? Then this is the podcast for you! Join us as we discover and celebrate school options!


66. Investing Kids in their Education with Shannon Beem from SLAM! AZ 28:28 07/18/2022
65. American Leadership Academy to open an innovative career and academic high school this fall! 32:49 07/04/2022
64. Students Taking Ownership of their Own Learning with Jamie and Andrew from Great Hearts Online 36:37 05/31/2022
63. The Socratic Experience with Michael Strong 27:19 05/23/2022
62. Art Lessons Delivered to Your Front Door with Liza from Drew’s Art Box 12:45 05/16/2022
61. Allowing Kids to be Co-creators of their Own Education at Prenda Microschools with Rachelle Gibson 33:58 04/19/2022
60. Do I Still Have a Voice as a Public School Mom? with Amy Carney from B.E.S.T. 24:02 03/28/2022
59. Microschool Innovation: How True North Academy engages, inspires, and supports every learner 49:03 03/14/2022
58. The Hope Scholarship for West Virginia Students with Andrew Bambrick 29:07 03/02/2022
57. Home Educating with an ESA / Hope Scholarship 56:00 02/21/2022
56. National School Choice Week with President Andrew Campanella 37:50 01/17/2022
55. The V.I.N.E. Special Needs Program at Valley Christian with Troy Thelen and Bryan Winfrey 32:25 01/10/2022
54. Education through Recreation with Chelsea Harden Founder of the H.E.A.R.T Center 30:46 11/22/2021
53. All about the Arizona Transportation Modernization Grant with Emily Anne Gullickson 19:36 09/26/2021
52. Equipping your Children to Thrive in the Digital Age with Kristen Jenson 28:57 07/25/2021
51. Providing Students with Real Life Skills at Copper State Academy 25:50 07/18/2021
50. A New, tuition-free charter option for families: Online School of Arizona 19:55 07/11/2021
49. Earning an Associates Degree in High School at Heritage Academy 19:28 05/30/2021
48. Cultivating School Community Online with Kurtis Indorf and Heidi Vasiloff from Great Hearts Online 39:56 05/16/2021
47. Connecting Amazing Teachers with Amazing Families with Joe Connor from Schoolhouse 32:09 05/09/2021
45. Helping Students Thrive with Kathy Britton from PS Academy 32:55 04/25/2021
44. Learn, Lead, and Change the World with Will Dunman, Director of ALA 28:13 04/18/2021
How Effective Tutoring Can Supplement Your Child’s Learning with Jessi Dall, Founder of Advantage Tutoring 38:21 03/07/2021
41. Outdoor Classroom Supports Success at Gowan Science Academy with Principal Haines and Mrs. Osbourne 24:05 02/28/2021
40. A for Arizona Expansion and Innovation Grant Opening Doors for Students with Superintendent Hayes from Patagonia Public Schools 14:28 02/21/2021
39. Helping Students Love Learning Again with Dr. Amy Cislak from Tanque Verde High School 24:39 02/14/2021
38. Focusing on Academics and Character with Tacey Clayton Cundy from CASA Academy 13:56 02/09/2021
37. The First Tuition-Free, Autism-Focused Public Charter School in AZ with Diana Diaz Harrison from Arizona Autism Charter 17:57 02/07/2021
36. Creativity, Collaboration, and Critical Problem-Solving with the Edison School of Innovation Charter School 16:13 02/02/2021
35. Learning about ADHD, Anxiety, and Learning Disabilities in Kids with The Childhood Collective 37:47 01/30/2021