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Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Every other week. Full playlists can be found at I can be contacted at


Brian Turner Show, September 25, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at  Archives brianturnershow.comWILLIAM EGGLESTON / BRIAN ENO - Improvisation - 512 (Secretly Canadian, 2023)LITTLE HOWLIN WOLF - Cool Truth - Cool Truth (1985, re: Family Vineyard, 2015)HARVEY MILK - Time After Time (Ann Elise) - Reckoning (Chunklet, 2023)LOAD CONTROL - Scotland - 7" (JM Pop, 1972)CANTANEC DAGAR - Raque - Afarie (Blindblindblind, 2023)ACID ROOSTER - Oculatus Abyss - Acid Rooster (Cardinal Fuzz, 2023)HOLLOW DECK - Tallest Birch - Over East (cs, Tripticks Tapes, 2023)LONGSHOREMEN - Putra: Car of the Future - Grr Huh Yeah (Subterranean, 1985)DIRTY HUSBANDS - A Double Dutch Bus - V/A: Disco Totem (cs, RR Products, 1988)THE WAMECKI - Mushi Yo Atsumare! - Mushi Yo Atsumare! (BC, 2023)BLUE DOLPHIN - Ida - Robert's Lafitte (PPM/Cleta Patra, 2023)THE FALL - Shoulder Pads #1B - Hey! Luciani 12" (Beggas Banquet, 1986)CUTICLES - Mattress - Cuticles (Siltbreeze, 2023)LITTLE STEVIE McCABE - Sweat It Out - Sweat It Out (Sleek Bott, 1986)THE AXEMEN - The Wharf With No Name - Derry Legend (Flying Nun, 1988)LEROY SMART -Victory Is Mine - 7" (New Sounds, 1992)ABU OBAIDA HASSAN & HIS TAMBOUR - Qamar Al Massa (Moon of the Night) - The Shaigiya Sound of Sudan (Ostinato, 2018)CURVED AIR - Back Street Luv - 7" (Warner Brothers, 1971)REET HENDRIKSON - Karjase Pühapäev - Kirbuga Kirikusse - Reet (Moved By Sound, 2023)JYONSON TSU BAND - Inumelik Dondo - Inumelik Dondo (Signature Hondo, 2021)RAYNE - No One Heard Her - Rayne (1979, re: Mighty Mouth, 2023)ESTEE MACK - Nackmancoltrane - Nacksaw Jim Duggan (Griselda/Daupe!, 2023)SAINT ABDULLAH & EOMAC - Arrows of Illusion - Chasing Stateless (Planet Mu, 2023)JUDGITZU - Sator Arepo - Sator Arepo (Nyege Nyege Tapes, 2023)AYAZ - No Statement - Unpinned (Phase Group, 2023)
115:36 9/25/23
Brian Turner Show, September 11, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at Archives at brianturnershow.comG.I.S.M. -  Nuclear Armed Hogs - Detestation (1983, re: Relapse, 2020)PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS PIGS - Big Rig - Live In New York  (BC, 2023)SSTIL - Efekt - V/A: Jeszcze Młodsza Generacja (Tonpress, 1986)KULT - Piosenka Młodych Wioślarzy - V/A: Jeszcze Młodsza Generacja (Tonpress, 1986)NAIROBI SISTERS - Promised Land Dub - 7" (1975, re: Death Is Not the End, 2023)THE ALPACA BROTHERS - Not the Time - Figment (Zelle, 2023)THE NOVA FIENDS - Arbitrary - The Nova Fiends (cs, Garden Seat, 2023)ICK - Start a Fight - The Sick EP (BC, 2023)LAUGHING CADAVERS - Danse Noir - V/A: Found Sounds (cs, Thoughtcrime, 1986)LEO LACKRITZ - Age of Dinosaurs - Crazy Enough (BC, 2023)HEARTS OF DARKNESSES - Deux Deux Brown - Music For Drunk Driving (Schematic, 2004)RÉGIMEN DE TERROR - Mi Propio Camino - 7" (La Vida Es En Mus, 2023)GASP - Impact Miracles - Split w/Full of Hell 12" (NL, 2023)THE BUG - Floored (Point of Impact) - Machine III (Pressure, 2023)ML - Fierce Atarian - Corrupted Desires (Termina, 2023)ROJIN SHARAFI - Boloor - Zangaar (Zabte Sote, 2023)AMIR HAYAT - Asquiring Chamun - Garden of Flowers (Radio Khiyaban, 2023)KRIS GRUDA - Volunteer Slavery/Improv - Plays For You (Palilalia, 2023)OB OVO & SHA 261 - The CIA, It Dances - V/A: 80s Underground Cassette Culture: Volume 2 (Contort Yourself, 2022)THE FALL - Entitled - Hey! Luciani 7" (Beggars Banquet, 1986)SAVAGE ROSE - Trial In Our Native Town - In the Plain (Polydor, 1968)H.N.F. - Bida - Dům Na Demolici (cs, NL, 1988)MASAKI - Dox - Tubo (cs, Stratosphere Music, 1982)ORPHX - Wildpitch II - As Your Skies Are Fading Away (split w/Karem) (Zhark, 2022)ALE MANUAL - Real Da Vinci - Real Da Vinci (BC, 2023)
117:57 9/10/23
Brian Turner Show, August 28. 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at All archives at brianturnershow.comSCOTT KING - RV Mix - Roy Castle and the Vandellas (cs, Industrial Coast, 2020)BLÄSSE - Taktlose Klapperschlangen - V/A: Klar! 80 (Bureau B, 2023)FAMOUS MAMMALS - Soul Without Sound - Instant Pop Expressionism Now! (Siltbreeze, 2023)HANSADUTTA SWAMI - Helpless Awe - Nothing To Lose But All To Gain (Hansa Associates, 1978)THE FEELIES - I Can't Stand It (live) - Some Kinda Love (Bar None, 2023)CUTICLES - Sara's Got An I Phone - Afterlife (BC, 2022)FIX & FERTIG - Cube Carrelage Blanc - Wie Der Lichte Tag (cs, NL, 1984)S.C. SHARMA - After the War - V/A: The NID Tapes: Electronic Music from India 1969-1972 (The State51 Conspiracy, 2023)LES RALLIZES DENUDES COVER BAND - The Night Collectors - Live (BC, 2023)OSTSEETRAUM - Wie Ein Übersäuerter See - Wie Ein Übersäuerter See (Adagio 830, 2023)DJ BAD POETRY ft. SELI-MA - Things On My Bed - V/A: (o Pluto Rising o)-+ (Black Holes, 2023)CHESTER WATSON - Eyes Closed - Fish Don't Climb Trees (VMP, 2023)JOE McPHEE / METTE RASMUSSEN / DENNIS TYFUS - Sun Gore - Oblique Strategies (Black Truffle, 2023)MAX MÜLLER - Sie Ist Und Holland - Wir Steh'n Hier Jeden Tag 7" (Die Tödliche Doris Schallplatten, 1989)JLIN - Fourth Perspective - Perspectives (Planet Mu, 2023)MILAD AHMADI - 50DAR100 - Hormoz Noise (Zabte Sote, 2023)SAXO + A.I. - Baba - By Clicking You Agree (BC, 2023)QUITS - Abandoned Myths - Feeling It (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia, 2023)LUGGAGE - Mirror It - Hand Is Bad (Amish, 2023)SONIC YOUTH - Kotton Krown - Live in Brooklyn 2011 (Silver Current, 2023)TETUZI AKIYAMA - Dead Or... - Don't Forget To Boogie (Idea, 2003)BALDI / GERYCZ - Untitled - Ignorants & Stupidos (cs, Industrial Coast, 2021)SLUIK - Back To Burnsley - 7" (1981, re: Minimal Wave, 2019)EARTH JERKS - 3.7.5 - File:#14 (cs, Computer Tapes, 2023)VARIOUS - Tudza (Instrumental With Choir At The End) - Hani Polyphonic Singing in Yunnan China (Sublime Frequencies, 2023)
119:29 8/28/23
Brian Turner Show, August 14, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at Archives brianturnershow.comALAN VEGA - Magdalena - Live Rockpalast, 1982 (Play Loud, 2023)NON BAND - Vibration Army - Vibration Army / Silence-High-Speed (1982, re: Tal Music, 2023)ONYON - Alien Alien - Last Days On Earth (Trouble In Mind, 2023)ALGEBRA SUICIDE - An Explanation For That Flock Of Crows - Feminine Squared (1985 re: Dark Enties, 2017)JAMIE BRANCH -Take Over the World - Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war)) (International Anthem, 2023)KEK-W - Dagon Alley - Dagon Alley (BC, 2023)VERZERK - End of Dawn - V/A: Tokyo Flashback Vol. 1 (1991, re: Black Editions, 2017)BUFFALO - United Nations - Live Sydney Hordern Pavillion, 1974THE RUDE BAND - I'm A Punk - V/A: Punxploitation! (Death By Slamdancing, 2023)BEEF - Quickie - Beef (Let's Pretend, 2023)TUBE ALLOYS - Computer Love Again - Magnetic Point (La Vida Es En Mus, 2023)JAH WOBBLE - Invaders of the Heart - 12" (Lago, 1983)HONEY  RADAR - English Costume (Melting Cricket) - Euro Tour 7" (NL, 2023)THE SOFT BOYS - Face of Death - Wading Through a Ventilator (Delorean, 1984)CARNATIONS - I Die - Carnations (cs, Urge, 2023)MOUSE ON MARS - Bilk A3 - Bilk (Sonig, 2023)S*GLASS - Undead Pomade for Frankenstein Mullet - Cesspool of the Angels (Minimum Table Stacks, 2023)OLAKSANDR YURCHENKO - Count to 100. Symphony #1 - Recordings Vol. 1, 1991—2001 (Shukai/Muscut, 2023)MUSIC FROM A KWALE CELL PHONE - Side A (excerpt) - Sengenya Festival (cs, Dagoretti, 2023)
118:59 8/14/23
Brian Turner Show, August 1, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at for archives.INU - Gonna Crack - Don't Eat Food! (1981, re: Mesh-Key, 2023)P.S. - Waltz Para Tucsi - Tensión (cs, Xtro, 2023)ACID EATER - Nothing Can Bring Me Down - Virulent Fuzz Punk A.C.I.D. (Time Bomb, 2007)THE UGLY - Stranded In the Laneway (Of Love) - 7" (Explosion, 1978)PRISON - Destroy/Cookin' With Heat (excerpt) - Upstate (Drag City, 2023)OXBOW - Icy White & Crystalline - Love's Holiday (Ipecac, 2023)JPEG MAFIA & DANNY BROWN - Scaring the Hoes - Scaring the Hoes (NL, 2023)THE FROGS - Disco Beat - 1980 (NL, 2023)HEALTHY REALISM - Milo's Strut; Lean and Muscular - Dog Armor DLC (cs, Personal Armor, 2020)LES BATTERIES - Identity Parade - Noisy Champs (AYAA, 1986)FIESTA EN EL VACIO - Not Now - Fiesta En El Vacio (Simple Music Experience, 2023)DIE TROMMELN DER JUNGEND - Republik Del Twerps - Harlequin Defibrillator (DTDJ, 2023)C-SCHULZ - Neuntöter - Frühe Jahre (1991, re: Unseen Worlds, 2017)KING GEEDORAH - No Snakes Alive - Take Me To Your Leader (Big Dada, 2016)VADIM GANZHA - Alles Ist OK - Electro Absurd (1984, re: Soviet Grail, 2020)VOICE ACTOR - Badman - Sent From My Telephone (Stroom, 2022)CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE / TERRY JENNINGS - Short and Sweet - Sharing A Sonority (Golden 4) (1974, re: Alga Marghen, 2008)SILICONE PRAIRIE - Serpent In the Grass - Vol. II (Feel It, 2023)D. LEOPARDO INDUSTRIAL MUSIC COMPANY - I Hope BP Explodes - November Cassingle (cs, NL, 2015)TRANSISTOR - Neat Neat Neat - 7" (Massproduktion, 1979)AL KARPENTER + CIA DEBUTANTE - Born Dead - Al Karpenter + CIA Debutante (Ever/Never, 2023)SVITLANA NIANIO - Episode III - Transilvania Smile (1994, re: Shukai, 2023)LEVEN SIGNS - Drain Melsh - Hemp Is Here (cs, Unlikely, 1985)JAMES PLOTKIN - Talisman I - Thaesea (BC, 2023)SPARKS - So May We Start / The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte / Angst In My Pants (Live Primavera, Barcelona, 6/2/23)
119:27 8/1/23
Brian Turner Show, July 17, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at brianturnershow.comBLAWAN - Toast - Dismantled Into Juice (XL, 2023)MEN/EJECT - Draw - 7" (NL, 1980)ENDESHAW TESFAYE - ወገኔ - እንደሻው ተስፋዬ - ኮሌክሽን ዘፈኖች (cs, Solar Music Shop)AUDIO HIJACK SOFTWARE SENDS MERZBOW TONES AS MY LICENSE EXPIRES WHILE RECORDING THE SHOWFAMOUS MAMMALS - Empty London - Instant Pop Expressionism Now! (Siltbreeze, 2023)DESECHABLES - Quiero Pasarlo Bién Esta Noche - Maqueta / Golpe Tras Golpe (1984 re: Munster, 1999)THE REFLECTING SKIN - Grimace - II (cs, Brainrotter, 2023)C.O.F.F.I.N. - Give Me A Bite - Australia Stops (Goner, 2023)YERBA MANSA - The Sun and Moon Boo Hoo - Two Glass Eyes (cs, Early Music, 2022)HIBUSHIBIRE - Butter Queen - Official Live Bootleg Vol. 9 (BC, 2023)MARIJA KOVAČEVIĆ / THIERRY MÜLLER - Part 5 - A Rainy Afternoon In Paris (cs, Ilitchmusic, 2023)AERIAL HEADWOUND 273 - Crimey - s/t (cs, NL, 2023)ADVOIDS - Tears Of A Clone - Advoids (cs, Urge, 2023)THE DREAM SYNDICATE - That's What You Always Say (live Backstage, Tucson, 1982) - The Days of Wine and Roses (40th Anniversary Edition) (Fire, 2023)LES RALLIZES DÉNUDÉS - White Awakening - Citta '93 (Tuff Beats, 2023)JAC BERROCAL / VINCENT EPPLAY / DAVID FENECH - IZevil - Zilveli Villa (Akuphone, 2023)LOS PIRAÑAS - Puerta Del Sol - V/A: Coco María Presents Club Coco ¡AHORA! The Latin Sound of Now (Bongo Joe, 2023)OKELO MUGUBI - Ondoro - Thum Nyatiti: Recordings from Western Kenya, 1930-1970 (Dagoretti, 2023)AUNTY RAYZOR - Nina - Viral Wreckage (Hakuna Kulala, 2023)COSMIC CARS - Autoradio (Second Storey’s Interference Mix) (Pudel Produkte, 2023)DEATH AWARENESS CAFE - Glass Girl - Optimistic About Nothing (BC, 2023)JOELL ORITZ & L'ORANGE - OG - Signature (Mello Music Group, 2023)SENSATIONAL - Spot Rocket - Class Is In Session EP (BC, 2012)DREW MCDOWELL - Hidden World - Lamina (Dais, 2023)ARRINGTON DE DIONYSO - Spellcaster Blues - Exorcist Blues (Chocolate Monk, 2022)
116:06 7/17/23
Brian Turner Show, July 2, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at brianturnershow.comPLAYLIST:LAST EXIT - Headfirst Into the Flames (live '89) - Headfirst Into the Flames (DMG, 2008)WOLF EYES & MODEL HOME - Time Designers Vocal - More Difficult Messages (cs, Disciples, 2023)NYC-TV AD ATTACK (incl. GRACE JONES IT'S 10 PM DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE)DA SLYME - K-No-Tell introduces Touloose and Da Slyme - "If There's No Rubble, You Haven't Played": Collected Recordings 1977-89 (Celluloid Lunch, 2023)GIMIC - Mullet - Demo '23 (cs, NL, 2023)RADIANT - Aspettami Remix (Amaury Cambuzat) - EP Radiant / ORA / REMIX (Jelodanti, 2023)IRON CLAW - Saga - 7" (1970, re: Ancient Grease, 2023)DEAD MOON - Crazy To the Bone - Stranded In the Mystery Zone (Tombstone, 1991)GARY DEL VECCHIO - Head On - V/A: Riding Easy Summertime Mixtape (Riding Easy, 2023)A HANDFUL OF DUST - Ducky and Sally Inside (excerpt) - The Drum Is the Shaman's Horse (Carbon, 2023)CORROSIVE CROWD -  Insektenliebe - 7" (C.C., 1980)UMEKO ANDO - Iuta Upopo - Upopop Sanke (Pingipung, 2023)OFFICER! - Anagrams - Ossification (Ayaa, 1984)TANK JR. - Mad Hostile - Bass Terror (New York Haunted, 2023)TENSHUN/10SHUN - DMG_MIDI_RACK_3_MIX_2 - DMG_MIDI_RACK_3 (BC, 2023)SNAKES DON'T BELONG IN ALASKA - Interim - Sounds Of A Forming Planet (Up In Her Room, 2023)RWETES - Dawaj - Czarna Zaraza (cs, Syf, 2023)Y-CREATE - I Don't Want To Be - Alles Sal Reg Kom (cs, Exart, 1984)CHERUBS - Sugary - Icing (1992 re: Brutal Panda, 2023)HOT SNAKES - XOX - Suicide Invoice (Swami, 2002)DRIVE LIKE JEHU - Bullet Train To Vegas - 7" (Merge, 1992)REGIS - Guiltless (LFO Mix) (BC, 2023)AXINE M - Brutal Encoder (Jack Propane Remix) - USER Remixes (BC, 2023)MIST GASP - Disguised Glue - Random Conditions EP (Mord, 2022)INDUCED GEOMETRY - Ideal Radiator - Induced Geometry (cs, Trouble In Mind, 2023)CHRISTOPH HEEMAN & ANDREAS MARTIN - ...Und Schritt Rücklings Ins Wasser, Der Aussicht Wegen - Lebenserinnerungen Eines Lepidopterologen (Robot, 1999)
115:10 7/3/23
Brian Turner Show, June 20, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at brianturnershow.comALICE COOPER GROUP - You Drive Me Nervous - Live Pittsburgh 1971DJ RICH RUSSO INTROHEAVY GOODS VEHICLE - Time To Try - Keeper of the Sands (NL, 1976?)JOHN DWYER / DREW ST. IVANY / BILL ROE / TOM DOLAS - People Can Choose - Live Tribute to Les Rallizes Denudes: Enter the Mirror - Bohemian National Cemetery, Chicago, 6/17/23DAWSON - Cross My Heart Fliptop Head - Discography+ (Sorcerer, 2023)GELD - The Fix Is In - Currency/Castration (Relapse, 2023)SONIC YOUTH - Brave Men Run (In My Family) - Live In Brooklyn 2011 (Silver Currant, 2023)THE HUNTERS (THE SCORPIONS) - Fuchs Geh Voran - 7" (Colorit, 1975)DJ MISTAH EVIL - The Unknown - V/A: Dungeon Rap (cs, Natural Sciences, 2023)STEVE MOORE/OVERCALC - Time Crystals - Calyx (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia, 2023)KOOL KEITH - Space Mountain (feat. Marc Live) - Black Elvis 2 (Mello Music Group,, 2023)DJ GONZ VS. CONRAD PACK - Disruption/Balance - Surge (Lost Domain, 2023)THE FALL - Totally Wired (live, a capella) 7" (NL)FURIOUS PIG - I Don't Like Your Face - Furious Pig (Rough Trade, 1981)FATBOI SHARIF - Carousel - V/A: High Bias (Backwoodz Studios, 2023)GAŁ GAŁ - Sorry - Ich Schwöre Ich Hab Angst (Abstand, 2023)ZILZIL - Watch It (BC, 2023)ANNE-JAMES CHATON / ANDY MOOR / YANNIS KYRIAKIDED - Garnitures - Douceurs (Unsounds, 2023)ANNA SCHIMKAT - Brot und Ro-sen (excerpt) - Brot un Ro-sen (Fragment Factory, 2023)SOULED AMERICAN - Before Tonight - Notes Campfire (Moll Tontrager, 1996)RESTLESS NATIVES - Ziac - 7" (Zebra, 1981)BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Cherub - Live Scott & Gary Show, 1984PYROLATOR - 180 Degrees - V/A: Silberland Vol. 2: The Driving Side of Kosmische Musik 1974-1984 (Bureau B, 2023)ALAN LICHT & JOHN KRAUSBAUER - Superstizione - 7" (Carbon)PHILIP JECK & CHRIS WATSON - Spurn - Oxmardyke (Touch, 2023)AKIRA UMEDA - Excerpt - Akira Umeda 1988-2018 (Lugar Alto, 2023)
120:00 6/21/23
Brian Turner Show, June 5, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at brianturnershow.comFOLINA E VILI - Kids Should Be Allowed To Smoke - Un-Easy Listening (Stabbies ets, 2023)MITCH SANDERS - Living In Suburbia - V/A: Pinhead Music: Sound of the Keyser Underground (Red Nail, 2021)VONBRIGDI - Þeir Kalla Á Þig - Hanagal (1981 re: Synthodelia, 2014)THE HELLCATS - Silly Whim - Hoodoo Train (New Rose, 1990)LOS CRIPIS - Mountains - Our First Album (Farsical, 2011)HEAVY MOTHER - Friday Night (Blackout!) - Comical Uncertainty (Feel It, 2023)GATE - All Of My Family - The Numbers (Birdman, 2023)KOICHIRO WATANABE - Excerpt - Matomete Abayo O Iwa Sete Morau Ze (1991, re: Super Fuji, 2013)ZULI - Alteration Jump - Digla Dive (Nashazphone, 2023)SAKROWSKI - Ich - V/A: Magnetizdat DDR. Magnetbanduntergrund Ost 1979-1990 / Eastgerman Tape Underground 1979-1990 (Edition Iron Curtain Radio, 2023)PEDRO INF - Beat Going On - Beat Going On (Some Bizarre, 2014)SOFT BODIED HUMANS - Core-Braver (feat Swordman Kitala) - Kaijupop (Gang Of Ducks, 2023)CORIN - Sunta - Lux Aeterna (UIQ, 2023)YOSHITAKE KAWAI - Second March II - Bussai (cs, Tsss Tapes, 2023)THE HIT PARADE - Here's What You Find In Any Prison - V/A: Cease & Resist - Sonic Subversion & Anarcho Punk In The UK 1979-86 (Optimo Music, 2023)PRIMITIVE KNOT - A Forest - Triumph Öf Deaf (cs, Annihilvs, 2021)MELTDOWN - Dream Song - The Map (Archigramophone, 2000)MICHAEL McD McMELTDOWN MIXPERE UBU - Crazy Horses - Trouble On Big Beat Street (Cherry Red, 2023)BRICK HEAD - Haunted Ride - Bricks For Brains (BC, 2023)KILLOFF & THE BUGS - Cud - Cud (cs, Syf, 2023)THE SHEAVES - Excess Death Cult Time - Excess Death Cult Time (Minimum Table Stacks, 2023)KEVIN AYERS - The Clarietta Rag - Joy Of A Toy (Harvest, 1969)SAPHRON - Daughter of Loneliness - Red Amber (Feeding Tube/Shagrat, 2023)ROY MONTGOMERY w/EMMA JOHNSTON - Dear Imprudence - 7" (Knotwilg, 2023)KHANATE - To Be Cruel - To Be Cruel (Sacred Bones, 2023)
119:50 6/5/23
Brian Turner Show, May 8, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at Archives at brianturnershow.comJULIA CAROLIN KOTHE - Neue Form Aus Ebene - Bildende Künstler*Innen Versuchen Musik Zu Machen Vol.2 (Billo, 2022)THE PARTICLES - Trumpet Song - 1980's Bubblegum (1983, re: Chapter Music, 2023)CURRENT AFFAIRS - Right Time - Off the Tongue (Tough Love, 2023)PUGH ROGEFELDT - Love, Love, Love - Ja, Dä Ä Dä! (Metronome, 1969)LIFEGUARD - 17-18 Lovesong - Dressed In Trenches (Matador, 2023)SPJUVER DERIVATA - By v-s Wy - V/A: Unlucky For Them B (cs, Börft, 1992)DE LEON - B2 - De Leon (Mana, 2023)EMMA DJ - Cheetoh Day - g0drm2 (UIQ, 2023)ORGANIZED KONFUSION - Intro/Stress - Stress: The Extinction Agenda (Megacity, 1994)NUSIDM - New Millenium Cyanide Christ (BC, 2023)BRISTOL PIRATES - Excerpt - Bristol Pirates (cs, Death Is Not the End, 2023)YAO BOBBY & SIMON GRAB - Church - 7" (Lavalava, 2022)PUZZLE PUNKS - pUz ∏Ø w≠\® - Puzzpun (Uzzunn, 2023)BIZARRAP & L-GANTE - Untitled - Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol.38 (BC, 2021)DIVORCER - Tiny Devil - Espionage (BC, 2023)WYLDE RATTTZ - Hollow - Wylde Ratttz (Vampire Blues, 2023)BAILTER SPACE - Be On Time - Robot World (Matador, 1993)WARM CURRENCY - Dark - Live at the Petersham Bowling Club (cs, Horn of Plenty, 2023)RON MORELLI - Subway Shootout - Heart Stopper (L.I.E.S., 2023)STAUBITZ & WATERHOUSE - Heart of the Mart - Out and About (Gertrude Tapes, 2023)RUTH ANDERSON & ANNEA LOCKWOOD - For Ruth - Tête-à-tête (Ergot, 2023)A.L. VIKTOR - Form_P30_114 - Hy! (Hypno Discs, 2023)MOON UNIT - The Molten Valve - Live on my old WFMU show, 4/26/11HOUSE OF ALL - But Wilful I Am - House of All (Tiny Global Productions, 2023)
117:22 5/8/23
Brian Turner Show, April 24, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at archives brianturnershow.comPLAYLISTMALNOURISHMENT - I Just Keep Getting Emptier (Rat Run, 2023)AVATAR - Geisterbahn - Geisterbahn (cs, Latenz, 2023)DA SLYME - Eat My Shorts If You Love Me - If There's No Rubble, You Haven't Played (Celluloid Lunch, 2023)SPECTRAL SPECTRUM - Biblio Hell - Strange Souls Vol. 1 (cs, Grime Stone, 2023)POSSESSED - Seven Churches - Seven Churches (Roadrunner, 1985)JEAN MIGNON - Million Dollar Moped - AN/AL (BC, 2023)THE JAX - The Jax Are Back (live) - 7" (Baddog, 1973)SOUP ACTIVISTS - I Don't Care What Gilcrhrist Says - Live at Sharon's (cs, Rotten Apple, 2023)SHIT AND SHINE - Ten Four Cheese Whopper - 2222 and Airport (BC, 2023)MAG AMPLITUDE - The Meaning of It All - Wizards of Today (1983, re: Zaius Tapes, 2023)NECROMANDUS - Night Jar - Orexis of Death (1971, re: Rise Above Relics, 2010)RED ASPHALT - Pall Malls - No Impact: 10-Year Retrospective (Discontinuous Innovation Inc., 2023)PISSED JEANS - No Convenient Apocalypse - 7" (Sub Pop)MASKULL - Passenger In Time - Maskull (Unicorn Productions, 1997)PROC FISKAL - Global Lawn - Rt Hon (Hyperdub, 2023)CHUCKBERRYWHITEHOUSE - Is Wayne Coyne A Scientologist - FC/Christmas (NL, 2014)CHARLIE MORROW / STEN HANSON / CARLES SANTOS - New York Lament, Déploration Sur les Morts D'Sten Hanson - The Heavyweight Sound Fight! (iDEAL, 2023)JOY WILLOW - The Second Breath - Exploring the Cave (cs, Heimat Der Katastrophe, 2022)THE AH CLUB - Here's a Toast To What We Call Love - Squeeze My Cares Away (cs, Shrimper, 1993)SAM WEINBERG TRIO w/CHRIS LIGHTCAP & TOM RAINEY - Falls and Pratfalls - Implicatures (Astral Spirits, 2023)NEIL HAGERTY / RYAN JEWELL / RYLEY WALKER - Excerpt - Fried In Denver (BC, 2023)THE POP GROUP - Where There's A Will - Split 7" w/The Slits (Y/Rough Trade 1980)MARK STEWART - As the Veneer of Democracy Starts To Fade - As the Veneer of Democracy Starts To Fade (Mute, 1985)MARK STEWART & BT CHAT ABOUT RECORDS AND STUFF IN 2017 (excerpt)NEW AGE STEPPERS - Crazy Dreams and High Ideals - New Age Steppers (On-U Sound, 1981)
121:00 4/24/23
Brian Turner Show, April 10, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at Archives at brianturnershow.comDEK - Kein Grunde Bôse Zu Sein - 1981-87 Vol. 1 (Jelodanti, 2023)NAUJAWANAN BAIDAR - Isyan Dorost Ast (Ramble, 2023)SET-TOP BOX - Television - V/A: Goodbye Boozy Sampler Vol. 2 (Goodbye Boozy, 2023)DAVID & THE LYNCHED - Hey-Hee-Hay! - V/A: Your Face Is A Mess (The Best Of Rebels Volume 4) (Raving Pop Blast, 2023)VIETNAM - Game - Unreleased EP 1981ROYSTON ELLIS w/THE SHADOWS - Gone Man Squared - Live 1959CIA DEBUTANTE - The Cutout Cardboard Silhouette of the Castle - Down, Willow (Siltbreeze, 2023)BEASTVIEW MAUL - Gonna Reach out & Stab Ya - Aloha From Beastview Maul (Carbon, 2023)YUNG LEAN - Yung Lean Doer Lucifer Love World - Neal Yung 2003 (NL, 2013)HULUBALANG - Sayat - Bunyi Bunyi Tumbal (Drowned By Locals, 2023)AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE - Microdosing - A Trip To Bolgatanga (On-U Sound, 2023)GANG90 & ABSURDETTES - Luar de Havana - Demo 1982 (1982, re: Nada Nada Discos, 2019)ROXY GORDON - Living Life As a Living Target - Crazy Horse Never Died (1988. re: Paradise of Bachelors, 2023)BORZOI - Can't Resist - Neither The One Nor The Other, But A Mockery Of Both (12XU, 2023)PYREX - Neptune - Pyrex (Total Punk, 2023)SID VICIOUS - Take A Chance On Me - Sid Sings (Virgin, 1979)YFORY - Chwaer Pwy? - Yfory (BC, 2023)BLACK SHAPE - Shit Show - Shit Show (Rat Run, 2023)SHANE EMBURY/DAN MONGRAIN/DAVE WITTE/BRUCE LAMONT & FRIENDS - Tarred and Feathered (YT, Cardiacs Tribute, 2021)JOHN BUTCHER, ANDY MOOR, THOMAS LEHN - Ice In A Hot World - Thermal (Unsounds, 2023)APPLE STORE SESSIONS - Excerpt - GarageBand (cs, Histamine Tapes, 2023)AARKTICA - Celestial Transmission - We Will Find the Light (Darla, 2023)BROKENCHORD - 2 - Sonic Wasteland (cs, NL, 2023)ANGUS MACLISE - ("Tapes 2") Excerpt from Untitled - Tapes (Art Into Life, 2023)MILFORD GRAVES, ARTHUR DOYLE, HUGH GLOVER - March 11, 1976 I - Children of the Forest (1976, re: Black Editions, 2023)OXBOW & PETER BROTZMANN - The Finished Line - An Eternal Reminder of Not Today / Live at Moers (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia, 2023)HANDS UP WHO WANTS TO DIE - Ludger Sylbaris - Nil All (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia, 2023)
115:08 4/10/23
Brian Turner Show, March 27, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at for archives as well.INFERION - My Hydrogen Bomb (Sohn Jamal "Kay Domestic Remix") - Maternity Ward To Crematorium (Schematic, 2022)ANNE-JAMES CHATON - Pop Is Dead - Événements 09 (Raster-Noton, 2009)THE ETHIX - Bad Trip - 7" (Mary Jane, 1967)CASPER AND PAMRICHARD DAWSON & CIRCLE - Pitcher - Henki (Domino, 2021)VIDRO - Digital Kärlek - Glöm (Kink, 2022)BURNT ENVELOPE - Excerpt - The Singles, Vol. 2 (cs, Salvageable Filth, 2020)THE DREAM SYNDICATE - Some Kinda Itch (live) - The Days Of Wine and Roses/40th Anniv. Edition (Fire, 2023)NEON LEON - Heart of Stone - 1979-84 Singles Collection (HoZac, 2023)CBC NORTHERN SERVICE STRIKE 1980 / HEART OF STONEMEMORIALS - It's In Our Hands - Music For Film: Women Against The Bomb (The State51 Conspiracy, 2023)LEIGHTON CRAIG - My Mind, Sailing Away - Logical Descent (Kindling House, 2023)YOURI KUN - 目覚め - Mezame - Renoir of the Toys (An'archives, 2023)REX CASSWELL - Boyes's Cork and Needle Preparation - Musicking (Scatter Archive, 2023)SELEZIONE NATURALE - Uomo Senza Piume - Nova Mundi (Gang of Ducks, 2022)EMAHOY TSEGE MARIAM GEBRU - Jerusalem - Jerusalem (Mississippi, 2023)MARBLE SHEEP & THE RUN-DOWN SUN'S CHILDREN - Melted Moon - Whirl Live 1988-1989 (Captain Trip, 1994)FLEA NATIONAL ANTHEMMICHAEL ROTHER + RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS LIVEPLANNING FOR BURIAL - Warmth of You - Below the House (Flenser, 2017)MAGIK MARKERS - Taste - Boss (Ecstatic Peace, 2007)ACID KING - Mind's Eye - Beyond Vision (Blues Funeral, 2023)GORE - Mean Man's Dream - Mean Man's Dream (Eksakt, 1987)THE BOX - Burn Down That Village - The Box (Go! Discs, 1983)VIOLENCE CONJUGAL - École Du Suicide - Vices Et Mensonges (Teenage Menopause, 2016)THE BUG - Shafted(Laws of Attraction/Repulsion) - Machine 1 (BC, 2023)
114:30 3/27/23
Brian Turner Show, March 12, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at Celebrity guests today as BT lost his voice.ROKKER - Who's A Punk? (Your Mother) - Rokker (1979, re: Bachelor/Red Lounge, 2022)SIMPLY SAUCER - Limitless Love - Saucerland (re: Mono-Tone, 2023)GUNFIGHTER - Trot, Trot, Shot Shot - Ballads (Under The Gun, 2022)SPARKS - The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte - The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte (Island, 2023)XV - Funkyconomy - On the Creekbeds On the Thrones (Ginkgo, 2023)LOS RANGERS DE TINGO MARIA - La Trochita - V/A: Perú Selvático - Sonic Expedition into the Peruvian Amazon 1972-1986 (Analog Africa, 2023)BEBE BUELL - My Little Red Book - Covers Girl EP (1981, re: HoZac, 2023)THE WIPERS - Return of the Rat - Is This Real? (Park Avenue, 1980)VIRUS X - Ich Will Dich - Teenage War (cs, Trash Tape Reckords, 1987)PLAYTHINGS - Sit Down (Stand Up) - Playthings (1982, re: Holiday, 2023)HOUSE OF ALL - Magic Sound - House of All (Tiny Global Production, 2023)STAR/TIME - Struggling With Monsters - Like An Owl Exploding (Means of Production, 2023)LEPTON DRIP - Anthropocene Encased - Lepton Drip (BC, 2022)DJ DELISH - Murry?! - Gossip (BC, 2023)ABUSUZIT - Fu a Seim Fu Ne Kpee - Jirima (Dagoretti, 2021)HORSE LORDS - Bending to the Lash (Live in Leipzig) - Live In Leipzig (BC, 2023)RED SCARE, NOT A FRIEND OF HORSES AND THEIR LORDSMEMORY WARD - In Your Ear - Memory Ward (cs, Richter Scale, 2023)LACK OF KNOWLEDGE - The Univited - The Uninvited (cs, 1981 re: Floating Mill, 2023)NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY - Stigmergy - Since Time Is Gravity (Eremite, 2023)ORGANZA RAY - Calling the Steam - The Table Followed Us (BC, 2023)SHAPOVAL SEXTET - Pervonennia - Kobzareva Duma, 1976 (1976, re: Muscat, 2020)ARMAGEDDON - Buzzard - Armageddon (A&M, 1975)HOT CHOCOLATE - Cicero Park - Cicero Park (Big Tree, 1974)MINX / ZIMMERMAN - Dreams That Money Can Buy - Minx / Zimmerman (Freudian Backroom, 1985)
120:20 3/12/23
Brian Turner Show, February 27, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at Also see periodic one hour Brian Turner Overdrive episodes via Slack City Brighton via (also on 0.000001 - Blah Blah Blah - Super Duper Whatever Breaks (cs, Illuminated Paths, 2022)DAVILA 666 - Hangin On the Telephone - V/A: Under The Covers Vol. 2 (Zolar, 2010)VAGTÁZÓ HALOTTKÉMEK - Ki Vele, Az Istenért! - A Halál Móresre Tanítása (Von Unten/Sonic Boom, 1988)MONUMENT - Dog Man - The First Monument (Beacon, 1971)MC YALLAH - Sikwebela - Yallah Beibe (Hakuna Kulala, 2023)S.D.E WASADI - Ultra Capacitor - Nichicon Mecca (cs, Harmful, 2023)MODEL HOME w/TOOTH CHOIR - In the Shadows - Still Stackin (BC, 2023)FATBOI SHARIF x NOFACE - 5G Celsius Cell Tower (feat. Phiik) - Preaching In Havana (cs, Purple Tape Pedigree, 2022)TRIPPY MUSIC HAVE FUN WITH ITMATTHEW MULLANE - Spliced UI - Linear A (Opal Tapes, 2022)SACRIFICES - With Your Last Living Tissues - Мёртвых больше (NEN, 2023)IMPETIGO VS. STUPID FASCISTSPANDEMONIUM - Your Evil Ways - The Kill (Metal Blade, 1988)C.O.M.A. - Hypnose - Clinik Organik Muzak Anatomik (Flamingo, 1979)METAL BOYS - Sweet Marilyn - 7" (Rough Trade, 1979)THE MOOVERS - Someone To Fulfill My Needs - V/A: Eccentric Soul: Deep City Label (Numero, 2006)PG SIX - Drunk In My Past (Live Hampshire College) -  Parlor Tricks and Porch Favorites (2023 Expanded Edition) (2001, re: Amish, 2023)PARKER ALLEN - Ankh - Parker's First Song Diary (cs, Ever/Never, 2023)OLIVER - Down To the Woods - Stone Unturned (1974, re: Guerssen, 2023)LAIBACH - Love Is Still Alive I (Moon, Euphoria ) - Love Is Still Alive (Mute, 2023)LAURE BOER - Chien de Faïence - V/A: Geographic Possibility (phncrs, 2023)MICK JAGGER - Invocation Of My Demon Brother (Kenneth Anger sdtk, 1969)DANCING IN THE MUSICLESS STREETSO. REX - Gimme Shelter - My Head's in '73 (Gulcher, 2010)CIRCUIT RIDER - Just For Today - Circuit Rider (NL, 1980)AVOLA - Entry Level Bog (Saikor Remix) - Psykor (BC, 2023)LOFT - Maida Leng - gabrielspractisehour - are eye pea ell oh eff tea (BC, 2020)ANDREW OSTERHOUDT - Undergrowth (feat. Ka Baird) - Out Together (cs, Geographic North, 2023)ELECTRELANE - The Valleys - The Power Out (Too Pure, 2004)
116:19 2/27/23
Brian Turner Show (For Cashmere Radio / RTM), February 12, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. archives at and feel free to reach out This week we join in on the Berlin/London tradeoff day between Cashmere Radio ( and RTM ( Thanks to both stations and Eleni Poulou!DOM - Devil's Grandma - 7" (1972, re: Ancient Grease, 2023)BLACK BEVY - Black Bevy - 8300 Miles (Akti, 2023)CITY KENT -  Snutlåten - V/A: Punk Är Trevligt / Jazz Är Farligt (Heartwork, 1980)RIXE - Les Cent Pas - Act IV (La Vida Es En Mus, 2018)VIOLIN SECT - Milk - Vile Insect (1981, re: Minimum Table Stacks, 2023)ALVIN STARDUST, CROSSING GUARDORGANZA RAY - Purplu (BC, 2023)CALSUTMORAN - 1 - Underworld Gargoyle Venom (BC, 2023)THE THING / SHIT AND SHINE - Viking - 7" (Trost, 2015)ANGLES 9 - Equality and Death - 7" (Omlatt, 2016)ÁLVARO PÉREZ AND ÁLVARO DOMENE - Chaos To Symmetry - ZODOS Vol. 3 (Iluso, 2023)MOUSSA TCHINGOU - Tarha - Tamiditine EP (Sahel Sounds, 2023)NEIN RODERE - DRFH - Sketches From Summer (cs, Penultimate Press, 2022)HELENA CELLE - Once Upon A Time - Into the Haunted Mirror (BC, 2022)SEYMOUR GLASS AND ALI ROBERTSON - Behold the Cellar Door - Donut Oil (BC, 2021)LILOCOX - Side A (excerpt) - Drums (Lata) (Principe, 2023)NOW THERE'S TWO KINDS OF KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKENZYKLON B. ZOMBIES - チクロンのテーマ - Skull (1993, re: Minimum Table Stacks, 2023)PASSED FUTURIST - Pedestrian Street Hustle - Lost Naturist (cs, Akti, 2022)MY DAD IS DEAD - Anti-Socialist 2 - Pow (BC, 2023)VALLEY WATER WORKSHOP - Grandma's Funeral - Family (Maybe Mars, 2023)HARVEY MANDEL - Crazy Town - Who's Calling (Tompkins Square, 2022)TELEVISION - Foxhole (Live Old Grey Whistle Test, 1978)TOM VERLAINE - Red Leaves (Live The Roxy, Los Angeles 10/17/81)TOM VERLAINE - Breaking In My Heart (Live The Roxy, Los Angeles, 10/17/81)TOM VERLAINE - Saucer Crash - Warm and Cool (Rykodisc, 1992)
118:37 2/13/23
Brian Turner Show, January 30, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at WIRE - 12XU (Live Watford Art School, January, 1977)LIL PIVA - Dracula (Your Mom Is A Him) - Rap Che Fa Tremare Tua Madre (BC, 2022)METABOLIST - Curly Wall - Hansten Klork (Drömm, 1980)MARSZATEK - Pedagogika - Summer(S)Hits2022 (cs, Syf, 2023)HOUSE Of ALL - Harlequin Duke - House Of All (Tiny Global Production, 2023)MOLESKINE - Doubting About - Comfort (cs, Arvo Disques, 2023)HARD STUFF - Time Gambler - Bullet Proof (Purple, 1972)CARNIVOROUS BELLS - The Master's Plate - Room Above All (Human Headstone Presents, 2023)VALENTINA MAGALETTI & FANNY CHIARELLO - Migraine - Permanent Draft (Horn of Plenty, 2022)FUTEISHA - Dannato - Attorno A Me Le Ombre (Chiærichetti Æditore Ræcordings, 2021)PATERNOSTER - Stop These Lines (Demo) - Die Ersten Tage (The First Days) (Now Again, 2023)LES RALLIZES DENUDES - Memory Is Far Away (1970, re: Temporal Drift, 2022)HONEY RADAR - Puppet Scripts By the Month - split 7" w/Smug Brothers (Third Uncle, 2022)SECOND LAYER - State of Emergency - Courts Or War (1972 Records, 2023)DAS KINN - Weitsprung - Self Titled/Die Knochen (cs, Mangel, 2020)LOS YNDESEABLES - Escapa Del Control - 7" (1985, re: Buh, 2023)MÜNCHEN KONFLIKT - Zbytky Noci - Muscle Pain, Panic Fever 12" (Korobushka, 2023)HOLGER CZUKAY / JAH WOBBLE / JAKI LIEBEZEIT - How Much Are They - Full Circle (Virgin, 1982)NOÉMI BÜCHI - Elemental Fear - Matter (-ous-, 2022)VALENTINA POMODOREVA - On the Third Day - Temptation (Melodia, 1989)KWARTET WARSZAWSKA JESIONKA - Rytuał II - Podróż Do Umysłu Boga (Soror Mystica / OBUH, 1997)TARANTISM - Horn Of Plenty - Magic Tuber Stringband (Feeding Tube, 2023)FRANCISA GRIFFIN & THE BUS SHELTER BOYS - Lunar Fall - ive at the Crown Hotel August 14 2021 (cs, 2022)
118:30 1/30/23
Brian Turner Show, January 16, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at IL SINDICATO DEL SIGNO - Dimmi Se Finisce - Il Sindicato Del Signo (1Q84, 2022)THE JUST MEASURERS - Calling All Teenagers - Flagellation (It's War Boys, 1983)CORKER - Lice - 7" (Feel It, 2023)NO BOSS - No Boss Theme - V/A: Folding Cassettes Greatest Hits (Folding Cassettes, 2022)YANKA DYAGILEVA - On the Tram Rails - Anhedonia (BSA, 1994)THE SICKNESS - Die -Complete Sickness (1981, re: ОПАЧИНА, 2017)ICD10 - Faith In Institutions - Faith In Institutions (Sorry State, 2023)WHITE HEAVEN - Snow - Strange Bedfellow (1993, re: Black Editions, 2023)ZUNOU KEISATSU (BRAIN POLICE) - Prelude of Horror - Bad Boy (1974, re: Invitation, 1990)ENGÜRDETZ - Deathwish - Sillmjölke (Happiest Place, 2022)GRIM - Heritage - Message (1987, re: Urashima, 2022)WRECK SMALL SPEAKERS ON EXPENSIVE STEREOS - Burning Souls - Cave (cs, Every Secret Thing/Art Raith, 1985)RADIUM/R88 - Rouge de Colere 06 - 12" (Rouge de Colere, 2018)REGNO MAGGIORE - La Storia Di Esasummà - Esasummà (Gang of Ducks, 2022)THE DRIN - Venom - Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom (Feel It, 2023)GOMME - Es Ist Zeit - Absent Healing (Digital Regress, 2019)ELECTRIC EELS - Flapping Jets - V/A: Those Were Different Times (Scat, 1997)FRESH BLUEBERRY PANCAKE - Hassles - Heavy (1971 re: Ancient Grease, 2022)EXCORIATE - On Pestilent Winds - On Pestilent Winds (Sepuclhral Voices, 2009)TOL-PUDDLE MARTYRS - Time Will Come - 7" (Spiral, 1967)SMEXMEC - La Sanga - V/A: Contactdisc 2 (Stichting Stopcontact, 1984)RUDOLPH GREY & SUMNER CRANE - 4 Hands Is Better Than None - The Real Evelyn McHale? 7" (1980, re: Foreign Frequency, 2010)BERNARD PARMEGIANI - JazzEx - JazzEx (1966 re: Fractal, 2004)ERNEST HOOD - Noonday Yellows - Back To the Woodlands (Freedom To Spend, 2022)MORTEZA MAHJUBI - Improvisation in Dashti (Golha-ye Rangarang #430) - Selected Improvisations from Golha, Pt. II (Death Is Not the End, 2022)--
114:32 1/16/23
Brian Turner Show, January 2, 2023
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at Archives at - Hoodoo Blues - Fahren (Phase Group, 2022)HEAVY METAL - Sick Note - IV: Counter Electrode Iron Mono (Total Punk, 2023)BEEF - D.N.A. - Beef (Feel It, 2023)OCTAGRAPE - Ghost Punch - Major Mayor Maxion Marble (Sounds Familyre, 2014)THE HAMS - Giving Thanks - 12" (1987, re: Zaius Tapes, 2023)BOBBY SOXX AND THE TEENAGE QUEERS - Nazi Cowboys On Welfare - Live at Raul's - 5-15-1980 (BC)THE WEB OF LIES - Receiver - Nude With Demon (Wrong Speed, 2022)DANIELE BRUSASCHETTO - Trascino - Bluviola (Radon, 2001)BOMB SNIFFING DOGS - 40 Watt - Pills 'N' Thrills and Energy Bills (BC, 2022)ARTO LINDSAY - Nothing - Charivari (Black Cross Solo Sessions 7) (Corbett vs. Dempsey, 2022)SURPLUS 1980 w/G.W. SOK - Kremlin Gremlin (A Dull Fiddler) - single (Surplus Industries, 2022)KILYNN LUNSFORD - Three Babies Make Ten - Custodians Of Human Succession (Ever/Never, 2022)KATARINA GRYVUL - Bezodnya - Tysha (Standard Deviation, 2022)ASHENSPIRE - How the Mighty Have Vision - Hostile Architecture (Code666, 2022)BONDO - Egoizing - Print Selections (Quindi, 2023)GUNSLINGERS - We're the Real Sinners - Supreme Asphalt Doser (Cardinal Fuzz, 2023)LES SELDOMS - Stop - V/A: Arizona Disease 7" (Subterranean, 1981)IGNORANTES - Vida Aburrida - Parece Que Tuvimos Demasiados Hijitos (Burning Coffin, 2022)PHANTOM - You're A Living Hell - 7 Song Demo (cs, 11PM Records, 2022)EVERY COVER OF YOU REALLY GOT ME AT ONCETECHNO MENSES - Requiem #1 - Requiem in the Sun (1984, re: BC, 2020)PEACE REGIME - Spell Bloody - Spell Bloody (Chicago Research, 2022)DON CHERRY & JEAN SCHWARZ - Bells One - Roundtrip (1977, re: Transversales Disques, 2023)CASUAL OBSERVER - Marble Pools - Intersecting Gradiants (cs, Artsy, 2022)HELECHO EXPERIMENTAR + ALICE KHAN - Transmetteur – Récepteur - Transmetteur – Récepteur (BC, 2022)PORTRON PORTRON LOPEZ - Comment Vas-Tu Rossignol - Ice Cream Soufi 7" (Les Potagers Natures, 2022)3PHAZ - Sharayet - Ends Meet (Discrepant, 2023)
118:05 1/2/23
Brian Turner Show, December 19, 2022
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at btradio85@gmail.comANIMAL MAGIC - Get It Right - V/A: Get it Right – Afro, Dub, Funk & Punk Of Recreational Records, 81-82 (Emotional Rescue, 2022)PALÁNTA - Dónde Rueda - Demo (Szégyen Kazetták, 2022)SIAL - Hasta - Sagkar (La Vida Es En Mus, 2022)SEVEN GOLDEN VAMPIRES - Black Modern Art - Seven Golden Vampires (Garden Seat, 2022)FLEA COLLAR - Buttcrack Man - Flea Collar (Feel It, 2022)REE-VO - We Go - All Welcome on Planet Ree-Vo (Dell'Orso, 2022)FLIPTRIX - Future Ain't Promised - Future Ain't Promised (High Focus, 2022)DEREK MONYPENY - Laayoune - Cibola (BC, 2022)BYRON COLEY & TED LEE - Fall- Live At the Witch Trials - As Seen In Your Wildest Dream (Feeding Tube/Lost Treasures of the Underworld, 2022)KOENIG w/ROJIN SHARAFI - جنگ، خودِ حقیقت است‎‎ - War Is the Unveiling of the Truth (PTP, 2022)TITHE - Inverse Rapture - Inverse Rapture (Profound Lore, 2022)PARLAG - VIII - Parlag (cs, Szégyen Kazetták, 2022)KEIJI HAINO - Whenever Wherever, Quietly Plotting, So That It Can Keep On Becoming (Resonating) - 7" (Sub Pop, 2022)SEAWIND OF BATTERY - Summer Hymn (BC, 2022)OSET - Zależny - Oset (cs, Syf, 2022)LOS LLAMARADA - Outside the World - Space and Time (Registros El Derrumbe, 2022)KAORU ABE NO FUTURE - Bullshit - Steps 台阶 (Infant Tree, 2022)DANIEL & FABIAN LÖWENBRÜCK - Das Lebacher Orgelwerk Excerpt - Das Lebacher Orgelwerk - Weihnachtsoratorium (Krim Kram, 2022)TROMBE - La Monte Du Cheval Avec Et Sans Selle - Cheval Rodéo (Urticaria, 2022)KING CRIMSON - 21st Century Schizoid Man - Live At the Marquee 8/10/71 (DGM, 2012)THE MAD SCENE - Sweet Dreams (Unreleased, Blip Sessions, 2011)THE MAD SCENE - Kokomo Joe - Live Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, 11/09THE CLEAN - Side On - Live the Forum, Enger, 3/6/89THE CLEAN - Whatever I Do Is RIght/Wrong - Live The Forum, Enger, 3/6/89)THE MAD SCENE - Valium Beach - Blip (Siltbreeze, 2011)
116:19 12/19/22
Brian Turner Show, December 2, 2022
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at  Also check out Brian Turner Overdrive bonus hour shows at in the UK.EGOR - Fathers of America (live) - Lost Tape - Live in 1970 (Ancient Grease, 2022)THE SMASHCHORDS - Slow Potion No. 9 - Deep and Dumb (cs, Smash Tapes, 1982)DEMON CITY REAPER - Black Leather - N.W.O.A.M.P. (NL, 2008)EXODUS - Salt the Wound - Blood In Blood Out (Nuclear Blast, 2014)SEXAPHONE - Because - V/A: She Don't Need You (Girlsville, 2022)UNREST WORK & PLAY - Capital Swings - Sound Every Day (Political Underground, 1983)TROLLS - Corpse of a Nation - Jamaican Love Story 7" (Black Sheep, 1983)OPERATING THEATER - Blue Light and Alpha Waves - 7" (CBS Ireland, 1982)ELENI POULOU - Home Cities - Karta (BC, 2022)DICKIE LANDRY / LAWRENCE WEINER - Song 6 - Having Been Built On Sand (1978, re: Unseen Worlds, 2022)AGF - Code 88 - Future Chorus (Hypermedium, 2023)COCAINE BEAR - Official Trailer (2023)ICE PLANTS - Feminine Charm - Happy Time at the Wow Club (Small Tools Tradition, 1985)ANGEL RADA - Video Game - Upadesa (1983, re: Wah Wah, 2022)WEȽ∝KER - Gator - Enhancer (OOH-Sounds, 2022)SECOND LAYER - Courts Or Wars - Courts Or Wars (1980, re: 1972 Records, 2023)THE SPACE LADY - Fly Like An Eagle - Greatest Hits (Night School, 2013)KILPIG - Ectoplasm - 7" (109 Records, 1986)MUSTARD - Good Time Comin' - 7" (EMI, 1974)DRYWATER - Backbone of the Nation - Backbone of the Nation (NL, 1973)ENNIO MORRICONE - Cannbal - Sdtk: Il Cannibali (1970, re: Spikerot, 2019)CRISPY AMBULANCE - Four Minutes From the Frontline - 7" (Aural Assault 1980)SIS Q LINT - Dog Sweaters - Pre-Need EP (Lint Trap, 1984)ANTHONY SHEEHAN-DRENT - David Puddy - V/A: You're Not Invited - New Zealand's Undergroung 2010-2015 (NL, 2015)KADIRI GOPALNAITH - Dhinamani Vasma - Carnatic Classical InstrumentalsRILLA - Aoi - Yukou / 遊光 EP (Svbcvlt, 2022)OSCAR VARGAS LEAL Y DAVID ESPEJO AVILES - Cromometrofonia No. 1 -Cromometrofonia No. 1 (1973, re: Mexican Rarities, 2021)
121:23 12/1/22
Brian Turner Show, November 21, 2022
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at There's a second bonus show biweekly, Brian Turner Overdrive, available for streaming at as well.PLAYLIST:KLINT -Youth - Existence (Goodbye Boozy, 2022)VEIK - I7LI - Maïdan/I7LI  (Fuzz Club, 2022)THE BUG - Satan (ft. Nazamba) - Absent Riddim (Pressure, 2022)WHIPPETS - Kick - 7" (Goodbye Boozy, 2022)THE RABBITS - Bye Bye - The Rabbits (1984, re: Mesh-Key, 2022)THE WILLIES - Third Stone From the Sun (Live at the Jetty, 3/26/85)THE LO YO YO - Bad Intentions - Extra Weapons (1985, re: Staubgold, 2022)IFTIN BAND - Sig Sig Nima (Come Closer) - Mogadishu's Finest: The Al-Uruba Sessions (80s' re: Ostinato, 2022)WHITE+ - 43 (Falling Down) (Maybe Mars, 2022)POSITIVE NOISE (w/KEITH LEVENE) - Darkness Visible - Heart of Darkness (Statik, 1981)THE CLASH (w/KEITH LEVENE) - How Can I Understand the Flies (Live at the Roundhouse, 9/5/76)SPRUNG AUS DEN WOLKEN - Noch Lange Nicht - Sprung Aus Den Wolken (1982 re: Bureau B, 2022)PRINCE FAR I AND THE SUNS OF ARQA  Brujo Magic- Live at Band on the Wall 1982 (Arka Sound, 1999)MICHIGAN & SMILEY - Eye of Danger - V/A: Studio One Rockers (1979, re: Soul Jazz, 2001)MEAT PUPPETS - Light - Live KCRW SNAP Session 9/1/88FADENSONNEN - Evening Slice - Heretic Vision (Fadensonnen, 2022)DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE - Requiem For Gamma Ferric Oxide - Greaser In the Ghost Home (Tribe Tapes, 2022)GAVIN BRYARS' GOLDEN RETRIEVERTERESA COS - Excerpt - The Archive of Loops: Broadcast (Hard Return 2022)UN CADDIE RENVERSÉ DANS L'HERBE - Kuring, Kurang, Kurung (excerpt) - Nighturns (Cellule 75, 2022)MY BROTHER NORMAN - Tape Excerpt (via Idm Theft Able site: DAWSON - The Fool - The Ruby Cord (Domino, 2022)HEN OGLEDD - Gondoliers - Bronze (Drag City, 2023)ROOFTOP GARDEN - Rooftop Garden - V/A: Thunk Gunk (cs, Carbon, 2022)
118:20 11/21/22
Brian Turner Show, November 7, 2022
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at for our bonus hour Brian Turner Overdrive biweekly too on Slack City UK.PLAYLIST:THE REBEL - I'm Wok Inner Gdn. C - A Cretian Build Up (Wrong Speed, 2022)SPLIT SYSTEM - The End - Vol. 1 (Legless, 2022)DAWN LOMBARDI - 02 - 04 (Sealed, 2016)FEHLFARBEN - Ein Jahr (Es Geht Voran) - 7" (Welt-Rekord/EMI Electrola, 1982)NECRONOMICON - Tips Zum Selbstmord - Tips Zum Selbstmord (1972, re: Guerssen, 2022)ERVIN BERLIN - Junior's Got Brain Damage - 7" (1980, re: Total Punk, 2022)POLUTE - Break Out - 7" (Legless, 2022)DOMINANT PATRI - Death of Thomas - Heroes Glory (1983, re: Sealed, 2022)PÖLTERWYTCH - Caskets Filled WIth Pumpkins - Count Spookula and Pölterwytch Present: The Eve of the Dead (BC, 2022)TIME (w/VELVET MACHINES) - Digital Coal Mine (Velvet Machines Facemelt Remix) - single (eMERGENCY heARTS, 2022)NBDY - Černější Než Cerná (Vokill Remix) - V/A: Vont: Rovnost Remixes (Stoned To Death, 2022)HUGJILTU - Mount Elephant - Cycle (cs, Dusty Ballz, 2022)HEINALI - Excerpt - Live From a Bomb Shelter In Ukraine (BC, 2022)ELENI POULOU - Behind the Flower (BC, 2022)UPUPAYĀMA - Sata Mi Pani - The Golden Pond (Centripetal Force, 2022)SACHIKO - Tokyo Song - 7" (LXR 1981, BC 2022)BAILTER SPACE - The Aim - Live On Mercury (BC, 2022)RICHARD EARL - Intensest Weakness - The Egg Store Ilk (Pilot, 1981)GLANDS OF EXTERNAL SECRETION - Nipping At the Potatoes of Tiberius - Neck Pillow (Siltbreeze, 2022)EVOL - Janet Planet - The Worm (Superpang, 2022)PAT METHENY - Part 4 - Zero Tolerance For Silence (Geffen, 1984)MICROWAVES - Clinical Horizon - Discomfiture Atlas (Three.One.G, 2022)ÄSS - Everybody Wants You - Live in New Jersey (cs, BaDa Bing, 2015)LADY AICHO & PISKO CRANE'S ORIGINAL FULU MIZIKI OF KINSHASA - Tikanga - N'Djila Wa Mudujimu (Nyege Nyege Tapes, 2022)BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT INVOKES BONOGLAMOUR FOR EVENING - Why Don't You Hear Me? - V/A: Four In One (Grafika Discs, 1982)ORNETTE COLEMAN - Sleep Talk - Of Human Feelings (Antilles, 1982)HORSE LORDS - Mess Mend - Comradely Objects (RVNG Intl, 2022)JEFF CROUCH & KILLICK HINDS - Rubato Delectable - Less Continental Driftless (BC, 2022)ANDREW CHALK - At Sunset - The End Times (ICR, 2022)
119:19 11/7/22
Brian Turner Show, October 24, 2022
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at btradio85@gmail.comKING BEE - Ring Of Fire - King Bee (1978, re: Doomtown Sounds, 2022)THE FERTILIZED EGGS - Zombie - Feed Their Friends On All-Hallow's Eve (cs, Dirtbag, 2022)SHAKNIS & EGZOTIKKA - Tu Pasakei - Pries Akis (1999, re: Raw Culture, 2022)PROLAPSE - Doorstep Rhythmic Bloc - Pointless Walks To Dismal Places (1994, re: Optic Nerve 2022)MAHOGANY BRAIN - Green Winter of Revolvers - Smooth Sick Lights (1972, re: Zaius Tapes, 2022)UPRIGHT FORMS - They Kept On Living - V/A: Sounds To Make You Shudder! (Skin Graft, 2022)ASMR - Sunt Artist, Spune-mi Tăticule - 5" Single (BC, 2022)LADY AICHA & PISKO CRANE'S ORIGINAL FULU MIZIKI OF KINSHASA - Mesami - N'Djila Wa Mudujimu (Nyege Nyege Tapes, 2022)BILLY WOODS - Asylum - Aethiopes (Backwoodz Studios, 2022)BUTTHOLE SURFERS PLAY ALEMAYEHU ESHETE ON MTV UKEVEL KNIEVEL - Excerpt with the kids - Evel Knievel (Amherst, 1974)NURSE WITH WOUND - (I Don't Want To Have) Easy Listening Nightmares - Alice the Goon (United Dairies, 1995)FROM SCRATCH - Passage - Five Rhythm Works (1979, re: EM, 2016)SOUNDS OF THE PATH STATION, WTCKARP - Shotzie - Suplex (K, 1995)THE FALL - Blindness - Peel Session 8/04 - The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 (Castle, 2005)DJ MARBLE - Revolopera Part1 feat. FREQ (Bipolar Timecode Remix) - Revolopera Part1 (BC, 2017)RDS - 2312 - Suite EP (Kalahari Oyster Cult, 2022)JULES RAWLINSON - Pulsar Hexerei 3 (Learnt Corpus) - Pulsar Hexerei (BC, 2022)KUUPUU - Montee - Plz Tell Me (KRAAK, 2022)MAXINE FUNKE - First In Spring - Pieces of Driftwood (Disciples, 2022)AOS CROWLEY - Meditation - The Divine Invasion (Nostalgie de la Boue, 2022)GOSPOD KTO-TO - Our Favorites For Sasha From Zvezdnaya - Gospod Kto-To - Bydys (Post-Materialization, 2022)DICKIE LANDRY (feat. Richard Peck, Robert Prado, Rusty Gilder, Jon Smith, Alan Braufman, David Lee) - Solos 1 - Solos (1972, re: Unseen Worlds, 2022)--
120:00 10/25/22
Brian Turner Show, October 10, 2022
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at HEAVEN - Silver Current - Live In Tokyo 1996 (Pedal, 2022)THE POLES - Over and Beyond and Through - 7" (NL, 1979)RODODENDRONS - Down and Out - Demo (cs, RoachLeg, 2022)STRAPPING FIELDHANDS - I Told Her - V/A: Spirit of Clive: A Tribute to the Music of Clive Palmer & COB (BC, 2022)VIVIAN STANSHALL & BIG GRUNT - 11 Mustachioed Daughters - 1970 Marty Amok TV AppearanceSMELLY FEET - You're A Person - Smelly Neu Pollution (1981, re: Minimum Table Stacks, 2022)SHIRLEY COLLINS - Space Girl - V/A: Rocket Along (HMV, 1960)TAKIS - Musicales - 7" (Les Disques Pierre Cardin, 1974)MIDNIGHT MINES - Survivors of the Volcanic Age - Scratching the Beat Surface (BC, 2022)SHIT AND SHINE - DRM Plus T - Unreleased Shit Part 2 (BC, 2022)SAFA - Bel Abbes - Ibtihalat (UIQ, 2022)RADIANT - Aspettami - ORA (Jarane, 2022)KID CONGO POWERS & THE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE - Garbage Man - Live In St. Kilda (BC, 2022)MARKOS VAMVAKARIS - We Were Smoking One Evening - Death Is Bitter (Mississippi, 2022)CONCENTRATION - Grün im Gesicht - Aren't You Gonna Introduce Me To Your Friend? (Avon Terror Corps, 2022)GENE SIMMONS HAS A MEAL NOT TO HIS LIKINGMOG STUNT TEAM - UFO's Calling - I'm Gonna Do It Until the Day I Die (NL, 2022)PADKAROSDA - Bujkál Benned Valami - Sötét Végek (World Gone Mad, 2022)DJ INTEGRITY - AbsoluteSTRESS شریر - V/A: Yes Yes: A Comfortable Compilation (Garden Seat, 2022)J.ROCC - L.A. Anthem (feat. LMNO & Key Kool) - A Wonderful Letter (Stones Throw, 2022)SOPHIE SLEIGH-JOHNSON - Advantage, Chisnall - Nuncio Ref! (Crow Versus Crow, 2022)SALAMANDA - Mat Cat Party (feat. Ringo the Cat) - Ashbalkum (BC, 2022)THE MOD 4 - A Puppet - V/A: Ghost Riders (Efficient Space, 2022)ENSTRUCTION - Yellow Waxy Buildup - Instruction For Children (cs, Sound of Pig, 1986)TSAP - Crimes Against Time - Crimes Against Time (Altered States, 2022)SHOP REGULARS - Neutral Sammy - Merrie Melodies 04 (cs, Merrie Melodies, 2022)FRANK BAUGH - For Ukraine - V/A: The Gold and Purple Sceptre (cs, Saga House, 2022)WUKIR SURYADI - Side A: Tiga - Menolak Tunduk/Refuse to Submit (WV Sorcerer Productions, 2022)ANIKA - Masters of War - Anika (Invada, 2010)ABLE NOISE - To Appease - V/A: Thorn Valley (World of Echo, 2022)
120:25 10/10/22
Brian Turner Show, September 25, 2022
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at Also check out the new one hour Brian Turner Overdrive show, streaming on Slack City in Brighton UK via Totally Radio: – Zbog Tebe (Peter Gutteridge) – single (BC, Krava 22, 2019)HOME SECRETARY – Why the British Army Works – That Wolf (NL, 2022)MICK JAGGER PRESENTS PRINCE CHARLES AS A TAMPONTHIGHPAULSANDRA – Home Butt Club – I, Thighpaulsandra (Eskaton, 2001)GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS – My Husband – The Rest Is Distraction (Own It/Cargo, 2022)THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED UP ZOMBIES – Space Is the Place – V/A: One Stop Shopping (cs, Terse, 1981)Ä.I.D.S. – Annihilation of Hell – The Road To Nuclear Holocaust (La Vida Es En Mus, 2022)KISS – Cold Gin (Live East Lansing, 1974)ACE GETS PAID ON THE BUS BY GENE FOR GIMME METAL’S SHOPÄSS – Cold Gin – Live In New Jersey (cs, Ba Da Bing, 2005)ZWARCIE – Nie Wolno – Druty (cs, Syf, 2022)LENA HESSELS – Lena – single (BC, 2022)KULKU – So To Do – Fahren (Phase Group, 2022)NIPLETS – ビートでダンス – Dorobo Gokko (Hören, 1999)THINKING FELLERS UNION LOCAL 282 – Undertaker – Admonishing the Bishops (1993, re: Bulbous Monacle, 2022)RIBBON STAGE – Exaltation – Hit With the Most (K/Perrenial, 2022)JAMES MARRS – Debach – James Marrs (cs, Laura Lies In, 2022)LADY AICHA & PISKO CRANE’S ORIGINAL FULU MIZIKI OF KINSHASA – Kraut – N’Djila Wa Mudujimu (Nyege Nyege Tapes, 2022)RAHIEM SUPREME – Talk Is Cheap – Cyborg (BC, 2022)PLUS INSTRUMENTS – Vom Ertrunkenen Mädchen – Februari – April ’81 (1981, re: Domani, 2022)PETER JEFFERIES AND VICTORIA SINGH – The Space Between – V/A: Ceci N’est Pas Une Frite – A Tribute To De Portables (Almost Halloween, 2022)SPACE FORCE OFFICIAL SONGKEIJI HAINO + SUMAC – A Shredded Coiled Cable Within This Cable Sincerity Could Not Be Contained – Into This Juvenile Apocalypse Our Golden Blood To Pour Let Us Never (Thrill Jockey, 2022)ALAN LICHT – Jump – Three Chords and a Sword: Solo Cover Versions 1988-2021 (BC, 2022)RA WASHINGTON/JAH NADA – Hands – In Search Of Our Father’s Garden (Astral Spirits, 2022)WAU WAU COLLECTIF – Xale (Toubab Dialaw Kids Rhyme) – Mariage (Sahel Sounds, 2022)PHAROAH SANDERS – Harvest Time – Pharoah (India Navigation, 1977)
131:12 9/25/22
Brian Turner Show, September 6, 2022
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at btradio85@gmail.comwww.brianturnershow.comPLAYLIST: MUTE - Catch Me - Demo '22 (Invisible Audio, 2022)DRUNKS WITH GUNS - A Beer - Drunks With Guns (Chopper, 1987)NAZARETH - Expect No Mercy - Expect No Mercy (Vertigo, 1977)CHERRY PIE GUYPAULA DEAN PIETHE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND - Swampsnake - Next (Vertigo, 1973)FURNITURE HUSCHLE - Animal Law - Umpo Scuzzi/Convicinio split w/Charlie McAlister (Almost Halloween Time, 2022)CARL STONE - Mouram - Gall Tones (BC, 2022)ONOE CAPONOE - Afro Samurai/Quest - Afro Samurai (High Focus, 2022)THE PSYCHEDELIC FUCKS - Full Tape (Excerpt) - Fuck the Sixties (cs, Rotten Apple, 2022)DIAMANDA GALÁS - Broken Gargoyles I. Mutilatus (Excerpt) - Broken Gargoyles (NL, 2022)HARLEM 70 - Mr. No Chill - The Tape (BC, 2022)FRANKREICH - One Armed Bloke - Frankreich (Desastre, 2022)DAZZLING KILLMEN - Staring Contest - Face of Collapse (Skin Graft, 1994)KOLLAPS - Hate Is Forever - Until the Day I Die (Cold Spring, 2022)WE BE ECHO - Punish You - Ceza Evi (1983, re Cold Spring, 2022)SURPLUS STOCK - Let's Kill Each Other - V/A: Fix Planet (Ata Tak, 1981)POOH STICKS - I'm In You - The Great White Wonder (Zoo, 1991)MAGMA - Hakëhn Dëis - Kärtëhl (Seventh, 2022)ELECTRIC WIZARD - Wizard In Black - Come My Fanatics... (Rise Above, 1999)ACID KING - Tank - The Early Years (Leaf Hound, 2006)MAINLINER - Blasphemy Hunter - Live In Pandermic Tokyo 2021 (BC, 2022)
120:57 9/5/22
Brian Turner Show with Tom Lax from Siltbreeze, August 22, 2022
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at Tom Lax from Philadelphia's Siltbreeze label continues our annual radio hang with a treasure trove of DIY/Post=punk/Experimental tracks from assorted compilations (Tom photo Billy Budd)SLIGHT SECONDS - New Me - V/A: A Manchester Collection (Object Music, 1979)IF ONLY - If Only - V/A: Unzipping the Abstract (MMC, 1980)KEN LIVERSAUSAGE - Gooseberry Pus - V/A: Aylesbury Goes Flaccid (Flaccid, 1978)NOTES - Numerus Clausus - V/A: Muenchen: Reifenwechel Leicht Gemacht (Lacherlich! Schallplatten, 1981)ANIMAL THINGS - Wanna Buy Some - V/A: Red Spot (Subterranean, 1981)MORONICS - Flying Saucers - V/A: The Best Of Baltimore's Buried (Balto-Weird, 1979)CHARLOTTE PRESSLER - Inspector - V/: A Consonant Vowel (C.A.G.E., 1988)NEGATIVE REACTION - Land of Surrender - V/A: A Selection (M-Squared, 1981)WORLD OF POOH - Strip Club - V/A: Step, Step, Stepping On Satan's Foot (Tedium House, 1994)MIRRORS - Situation - V/A: Tokyo Rockers (CBS/Sony, 1979)SCAVANGERS - Mysterex - V/A: AK-79 (Ripper, 1979)SMEXMEC - La Sanga - V/A: Contactdisc 2 (Stitchting Stopcontact, 1984)JAZZ DESTROYERS - Love Meant To Die - V/A: Cleveland Confidential (Terminal, 1982)FREIWILLIGE SELBSTKONTROLLE - Eineschlangene Schaufenster - V/A: Leiber Zuviel Als Zuwenig (Zickzack, 1981)PSYCHODRAMA -Castration Ceremony - V/A: The 'You'll Hate This Record' (The Only Label In The World, 1983)HIGH RISE - Acid Song - V/A: Dead Tech Sampler, (Dossier, 1986)THE BAGS - We Don't Need The English -V/A: YES LA (Dangerhouse, 1979)LEMON KITTENS - Funky 7 - V/A: Hoisting The Black Flag (United Dairies, 1980)WRECK SMALL SPEAKERS ON EXPENSIVE STEREOS - Rain - V/A: Xpressway Pile=Up (Avalanche, 1990)ANONYMOUS SEPTET - Untitled - V/A: Ten O'Clock Theater of Love & Desire (Pinakotheca, 1980)SI MONKEY - The Conquest Of The Daytime - V/A: Vancouver Independence (Friends Records, 1981)CITIZEN 23 - American Neutron - V/A: No Room To Dance (Blue Wave, 1980)JOHANIS & CO. - Stalverglsmtonyje - V/A: 10 Czechoslovakian Years (Harsh Reality Music, 1989)WET TAXIS - Inflate Your Baby - V/A: Mysterious Kitchens (Terse Tapes, 1980)THE INFANTS - Giant Girl In The Fifth Grade - V/A: Are We Too Late For The Trend? (E.S.R., 1979)A. XAX - Banging Your Head - V/A: Red Snerts (Glucher, 1981)CANCER - 000010 - V/A: Pordenone/The Great Complotto (Italian Records, 1980)UN DEPARTMENT - Tu Veux Ma Radio - V/A: Sensationnel No.1 (Illusion Production, 1983)KIM BLACKBURN -Oceania -  V/A: Outnumbered By Sheep (Flying Nun, 1986)SUB VERSE - Chance Romance - V/A: Scaling Triangles (Treble Chants, 1981)30 WINDSWEPT DIMES - Nestor's Carbuncles - V/A: Light Bulb Magazine Number Four - "The Emergency Cassette" (LAFMS, 1981)CITY KENT - Snutlåten - V/A: Punk Är Trevligt / Jazz Är Farligt (Heartwork, 1980)BPA - Leroy Neimann - V/A: Auto Glamor Sound (Hospital, 1982)
140:37 8/22/22
Brian Turner Show, August 8, 2022
ONE_ORCHESTRA NEW - Keep Your Hands Off My Body (BC, 2022)MIZUTAMA SHOBODAN - Autistic Party - 乙女の祈りはダッダッダッ! (Kinniku-Bijo, 1981)MIŽERIJA - Izolacija - Mižerija (Doomtown, 2022)THE CURLEYS - What I Like - 12" (Total Punk, 2022)DEVO - Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA - Live Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 8/3/77BEN AFFLECK FOR BURGER KINGWAYLON AND WILLIE FOR PIZZA HUTGIMME METAL VINYL SHOP VS. CLUELESS RECORD STORE CLERKED SHEERAN FOR HEINZ KETCHUPOXBOW w/PETER BROTZMANN - Cat and Mouse - An Eternal Reminder of Not Today / Live at Moers (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia, 2022)GOD TOLD ME TO - Tempter (BC, 2022)SAMUEL ROHRER - Serotonin - Hungry Ghosts (Arjunamusic, 2022)AUTHENTICALLY PLASTIC - Sakata - Raw Space (Hakuna Kulala, 2022)THE PURPLETRATOR - Heard It Thru the Grapevine - I'm Gonna Fuckin' Kill You (cs/BC, Iowa Tape Archive, 2003)MAXO KREAM - Kripstian - Weight of the World (RCA, 2022)ORCHESTRA GOLD - Mali Senekelaw - I (BC, 2019)WAZMO NARIZ - Checking Out the Checkout Girl - 7" (Illegal, 1979)SAM ESH - Excerpt - Jack of Diamonds/Faro Goddamn (Penultimate Press, 2022)LIFEGUARD - I Know I Know - Crowd Can Talk (cs, 2022)OCH - Bolid - Pö Om Pö (Rocket Recordings, 2022)NENGUE - African Beat - V/A: Trecentonovantuno Umbria (cs, NL, 1983)FUGITIVE - A Boy For You - Ache For Love (cs, No Label-Produktie, 1985)ANTHONY ALLMAN / DAN MELCHIOR - While You Wait - The Depth Boys (Wrong Pipe, 2022)ARNOLD DREYBLATT / PAUL PANHUYSEN - High Life - Duo Geloso (Black Trufflee, 2022)THE COMEAPART - Podiatrist's Dream, Part 1 - Compartments (cs, BC, 2022)GAMMELSÆTER & MARHAUG - The Stark Effect - Higgs Boson (Ideologic Organ 2022)ALICE KEMP - Dead Triangle Game - To All My Hideous Children (cs, Coherent States, 2022)
121:09 8/8/22
Brian Turner Show, July 25, 2022
Order and disorder, a freeform haze of garbage guitars, shorted electronics, found detritus, collage, linear songs, sounds from strange lands. Contact me at btradio85@gmail.comFLASH - Incontrolable - Flash (La Vida Es En Mus, 2022)JAMUL - Tobacco Road - Live on Barry Richard's Turn On BUCKINGHAM NICKS - Don't Let Me Down Again - Tuscaloosa Broadcast, 1975SALEM TRIALS - Redacted - Red (BC, 2022)THE FALL - Middle Mass - Live Biel, Switzerland 2/1/83RAHIEM SUPREME - Magazoid 4022 Rough Draft - Cyber City 2077 (BC, 2022)LAURA KRIEG - Fin du Travail, Vie Magique - Vie Magique (Detriti, 2022)DATBLYGU - Benjamin Bore - Psyt (Ofn, 1990)TWELVE CUBIC FEET - Hello Howard - Straight Out the Fridge (Namedrop, 1982)TRASH - Telecom South - V/A: Killing Capitalism With Kindness (Turbulence, 1992)VENOM - Buried Alive - Live Primavera Sound 6/4/16TULI KUPFERBERG - Crime Doesn't Pay Well - 7" (Moved-By-Sound, 2022)FREE TIME - That's Rare - Jangle Jargon (Bedroom Suck, 2022)THE KINKS - Two Sisters - Something Else (Pye, 1967)ROMPERAYO - La Segunda Parte de la Reforma Agraria - Asi No Se Puede Muchaches (Discrepant, 2022)LENA HESSELS - Fast Lights - Then When Will It (BC, 2022)BLOQUE DEL SUR - Móvil - Enjambre (Pakapil, 2022)NISHIMURA ALIMOTI - Tori Ga Tonda Rarara - V/A: The Limited Edition Vanity Records Box Set VAT 1-6 (cs Vanity, 1981, 5 x LP Vinyl On Demand, 2020)LOS HERMANOS - Hatajo de Negritos (Pasacalle - Paloma Ingrata) - Homenaje a El Carmen - Perspectives on Afro-Peruvian Music: The Collection Vol 3) (Buh, 2022)KARK - Untitled - The Tattooed Date of the Earthquake Across the Abdomen (Chocolate Monk, 2022)CARLO VINCI JR. - Piper Of Dreams I - Piper Of Dreams (Century Productions, 1979)THE PHOTON BAND - Whatamisupposedtodo? - Sour Candy (BC, 2022)ERIC ARN & MARGARET UNKNOWN - Excerpt Side A - Visions of Krychlič (cs, Stoned To Death, 2022)
113:40 7/25/22