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DECODING AQ - Adaptability Confidence With Ross Thornley

Conversations with special guests on the dimensions of adaptability. From resilience, grit and motivation, to stress, character and environment. We explore the science and real-life stories of adaption. Helping you learn the tools, mindsets, and actions to thrive in an ever-changing world. THE SECRETS TO MASTERING YOUR BIGGER FUTURE. DEVELOPING A NEW OPERATING SYSTEM FOR CHANGE IN AN EXPONENTIAL WORLD. **New Episode Every Tuesday**


Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Richard Hinton - Director of People Strategies at Shawmut Design and Construction
Richard started as in intern in Gillette, followed by a couple of years in HR at a media and marketing company, before joining Shawmut almost 16 years ago, Shawmut is a $1.3B Design and Construction firm, which is 100% employee owned - by over 1000 employees.Richard has a unique ability to streamline training strategies and enhancing work performance, employee morale, and HR best practices. "I pride myself in my expertise developing innovative HR initiatives to restructure processes/programs and capitalize on organization growth opportunities."He sees investment in talent enablement and growth as critical to the companies market advantage and overall company growth.Ross and Richard talk about being ready for the unexpected, uncertainty, growth, experiences, travel, failure, culture, new roles, hiring, HR, developing, hybrid workspaces, managing people, supporting people, re-evaluating, burnout, quick fixes and thriving.The pair also discuss connections, understanding, Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI), families, carer development, choosing a direction, trusting technology, adapting, innovation, virtual reality, investment, work life balance, empathy, compassion, hope, care and saying no.Timecodes: 00:28 Introduction to Richard02:34 Richard's move from Boston to New York03:55 Change and challenging himself05:31 Challenges setting up a new office07:56 Transitioning roles at work10:22 Navigating change in a large company16:37 Dealing with exhaustion 20:06 Developing teams and thriving23:06 Personalised development plans26:18 Dealing with resistance to technology31:29 The dangers of not overcoming change35:16 Leadership predictions for the next 3-5 years 38:38 Intent rings42:19 The last time Richard did something for the first timeConnect with Richard:LinkedInShawmut Design and ConstructionConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
47:38 09/27/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Tomeka Hill-Thomas - PhD - Senior Principal at Mercer
Tomeka - is a Senior Principal, of Workforce Strategy and Analytics at Mercer -  A People Analytics Expert | Data Scientist Lead | PhD Economist | Speaker | and Author.  Mercer is a firm with over 25,000 employees in over 130 counties who are helping redefine the future of work, reshape retirement and investment outcomes, and unlock real health and well-being. I am a Senior Principal at Mercer who works directly with client stakeholders in identifying and understanding what drives employee outcomes such as those related to pay equity, strategic workforce planning, turnover, performance reviews and promotions. I am passionate about data! I love to explore the use of new scientific and evidence-based practices and data visualization tools to provide insights on employees and how they drive success in a company. I talk to stakeholders about research in a way that demystifies the numbers and provides actionable solutions. I am a distinguished speaker and author with an extensive list of publications and presentations that address current issues in people analytics and labor economics. I have also been interviewed for several podcasts and HR publications.Ross and Tomeka talk about predictions, data science, passion, making an impact, savings, the culture of work, technology, skills focus, workforce transformation, hiring, training,  aligning people, mapping skills, shifting teams, improving soft skills and unlearning. The pair also discuss data management, analytics, innovation, succession plans, breakdowns, holistic views, work relationships, champions support, dips, resilience, the Chicago Marathon, new experiences, incremental steps, accomplishing goals, purpose and reaching out. Timecodes:00:32 Introduction to Tomeka01:39 Galaxies in the universe02:41 Balancing data and human behaviour05:51 Retirement09:20 Forming different ways of thinking and a new age of workers12:38 Scaling up and reskilling 16:23 Predicting the future and environment20:16 Key skills for future leadership26:20 Imagination playing it part30:50 Challenges with data and overcoming them37:07 The last time Tomeka did something for the first time39:17 Tips to help people through initial uncertainty42:39 Final thoughtsConnect with Tomeka:LinkedInCIPDConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
45:54 09/20/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Phil Johnson - Master of Business Leadership Program
Phil is an executive coach who has been assisting executives and organizations to bet on themselves by developing their emotional intelligence.Helping Executives Achieve Career, Personal & Corporate Success, Master of Business Leadership Program and Emotional Intelligence Pattern "Spotter" with a Career Revenue of $1.5 Billion.MBL program alumni are in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, Germany, Bosnia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.  Ross and Phil talk about meaningful life, change, coaching, passion, disconnecting, starting from zero, working with purpose, providing value, emotional intelligence, fight or flight, anxiety, old battling new habits, emotional labour, conflict, energy, IQ, emotional connections and adaptability.  The pair also discuss primal resistance,  Martin Goldsmith, leavening comfort zones, fear, motivation, the Stanford marshmallow experiment, resistance to change, unconscious energy, social media, giving away energy, breathing, the present moment, ego and wisdom.Timecodes:01:29 Phil's promise to himself back in 196803:55 Getting into coaching06:12 Phil's first client07:52 Changing trajectories11:36 Timeless elements to deal with future problems17:12 Apple Inc21:45 Insuring longevity28:21 Connecting on an emotional level30:43 Identifying what we want32:46 Getting what we want and refining it37:44 The challenges of short and long termism44:42 Emotional physics49:58 Practical elements we can do53:51 The last time Phil did something for the first timeConnect with Phil:LinkedInLinktreeYouTubeBooksTwitterConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
56:36 09/13/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Chris Deaver - Co-Founder of BraveCore, Coach, Speaker, Cultural Supercharger
Chris Deaver is Co-Founder of BraveCore - A consultancy that partners with leaders and teams on culture transformation. BraveCore helps traditional leaders be more co-creative and creative people lean into leadership of the future.Over 15 years in Sr HR roles in some of the biggest brands on the planet, inc Apple, Disney, Dell and VMWare.Chris builds the best leaders and cultures. Collaborative. Co-Creative. Inspiring. Future-leading. Influencing through: Coaching. Speaking. Supercharging Culture.At Apple, he amplified collaboration on iPhone, AirPods Pro, coaching leaders and building a next-level culture of "Different Together"—influencing Billions in growth. At Disney, I advised new leadership of Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar. An Agenda Contributor to the World Economic Forum, I’ve consulted CEOs and NBA players, had work featured in the Wall Street Journal and Fast Company, and co-founded a mentoring network with Stephen R. Covey. Ross and Chris talk about Mentoring, development, Book - The 7 habits of highly effective people, life experiences, fundamental principles, Sean Covey, changing paths, misfits, learning business cultures, launching networks, innovation, empowerment, living principles, company future, taking opportunities and change management. The pair also discuss Disney, Pixar, transparency, building ideas, creating, surprises, direction, leading with questions, imagination, Einstein, Steve Jobs, co-creating, serve don't sell, obsession with time, rafting and it's metaphors and shared flow.Timecodes:01:22 Being mentored by Ghost Writer Ken Shelton and Stephen Covey04:45 Operating as a Cultural Supervisor and it's role17:34 Executing ideas and Bravecore34:54 General Magic (Movie) 38:25 Meta principles and understanding future self50:25 The last time Chris did something for the first timeConnect with Chris:LinkedInWebsitePodcastEmail: chris@bravecore.coConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
60:47 09/06/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Olga Spivak - Vice President of People at YCharts
Olga is currently the Vice President of People at YCharts. A series C funding company with an investment research platform that enables smarter investments and better client communications, for more than 5,000 clientsWith over a decade and a half in all areas of HR, working in insurance, technology and investment sectors, she loves to create and implement strategy at the intersection of business and people.  Developing a values-led culture, and leading high performing teams.Alongside this, she is currently studying for her doctorate degree in Psychology. Olga also has over 5 years experience as a certified ICF's Coach and Founding Board Member of BuildingUp.Club.Ross and Olga talk about bringing people together, safe spaces, supporting each other, workforce challenges, co-elevation, momentum, making a difference, adapting, development, structure with flexibility, togetherness, connections, work culture, comfort and removing uncertainty. The pair also discuss clarity, communication, career paths, being ourselves, fulfilling potential, caring for people, mentoring, smart goals, balance, fulfilment, empowerment,  community, diversity, inclusion, empowering people, addressing views, success, CHIEF (woman leaders) and vulnerability. Timecodes:01:44 BuildingUp.Club and how it started 03:14 The best and toughest parts of BuildingUp.Club 06:28 Clean slates in HR10:33 Dealing with challenges17:46 Helping people develop when changing circumstances23:47 Special types of training27:26 Future plans and focus32:21 Adapting systems 37:11 Diverse views41:09 Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) councils43:28 The last time Olga did something for the first timeConnect with Olga:LinkedInWebsiteEmail:Olga@yinsurance.comOSpivak22@gmail.comText - 224 292 8275CHIEFConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
48:35 08/30/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Alicia Hullinger - Executive Director/VP of ICF Thought Leadership Institute
Alicia brings a unique perspective as a Cultural Sociologist and Executive Director/VP of ICF Thought Leadership Institute. She is passionate about making the world a better place. So we have that in common already - Her purpose is to live 'compassionately bold' by partnering with individuals and organizations to be the change they want to see in the world.With a holistic, integrated approach to the problem-solving process, her work is grounded in the ethical principles for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. And I serve with a smile 🙂 She collaborates with change agents who are committed to human development and want to enhance overall well-being for people and planet. Ross and Alicia talk about mantras, purpose, living life, compassion, making things happen, risk taking, what's important to you, passion, discovery, learning, sociology, interactivity, pursuit and creativity. The pair also discuss unchartered territory, enlightenment, coaching accessibility, purpose, development, the planet, Ben & Jerry’s, change, reflecting, holistic views, knowledge, critical thinking, diverse perspectives, problem solving, meaning and curiosity.Timecodes:01:36 Living compassionately bold04:49 Looking back on pivotal moments11:57 What's currently most exciting in the ICF - Thought Leadership Institute15:00 Coaching hopes for the future18:36 Organisations embracing successful transformation22:29 B Corps, belonging, purpose and employee values28:36 Preparing for the future36:41 Bringing the coaching competency gap with Team Coaching40:39 The future of working and future thinking46:41 The last time Alicia did something for the first timeConnect with Alicia:LinkedInWebsiteemail: alicia.hullinger@coachingfederation.orgConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
52:13 08/23/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Todd Cherches - CEO and cofounder of Big Blue Gumball
Todd Cherches is the CEO and cofounder of Big Blue Gumball, a NYC-based management consulting firm specializing in leadership development and executive coaching. A member of Marshall Goldsmith’s “MG 100 Coaches,” a three-time award-winning adjunct professor of leadership at NYU, a lecturer on leadership at Columbia University, a TEDx speaker, and the author of the groundbreaking book, "VisuaLeadership: Leveraging the Power of Visual Thinking in Leadership and in Life" Todd was nominated as one of eight global finalists for the 2021 Thinkers50 "Distinguished Achievement Award" in Leadership, and is currently ranked #35 on the Thinkers360 list of the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers in the field of Management, and #17 in "Design Thinking."Ross and Todd talk about Visual thinking, visual leadership, Hollywood, TV studios, toxic cultures, horrible bosses, innovation, Heraclitus, sketching, communication, teaching andVUCHA - (Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). The pair also discuss  structure to see clearly, clarification, organisations meeting needs, Socrates, doing anything from anywhere, seeing things differently, visual clues of connection, experiential learning, passion in teaching, creating, playfulness, team building and finally interacting with people.  Timecodes: 01:26 From Todd working in TV to thought leadership05:07 Working in a theme park and it impacting Visual Leadership08:15 Todd's passion for Coaching and Leadership11:13 Care during inconvenient times15:24 Old playbooks and organisations shifting19:04 Leaders expressing doubt25:09 Unlocking creativity 30:05 Universities preparing for the next wave in shift34:15 Moments of play in the worst situation38:35 Practical things leaders and organisations could do42:28 The last time Todd did something for the first time46:11 'My Intent' braceletsConnect with Todd:WebsiteLinkedInTwitterConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
50:09 08/16/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Anuj Kathuria - Chief People and Strategy Officer at Waaree Group
Anuj Kathuria is a Certified Coach, well known speaker at various global forums and a true consultant at heart. He is currently the Chief People and Strategy Officer at  Waaree Group, India's Largest Solar Module Manufacturer & fastest growing EPC company  with Presence across 68 countries and over 2500 employees globally.He possesses a wide range of skills and talents that have enabled him to successfully implement Talent, Learning, OD, Digitalization, and Transformation initiatives with focus on business value.As an accomplished Business Operator, Value Creator and a People Developer with 20+ years of global and diverse experience across IT, FMCD, BFSI, Telecom, Consulting, Oil and Gas and Energy, I possess a wide range of skills and talents that have enabled me to successfully implement Talent, Learning, OD, Digitalization, and Transformation initiatives with focus on business value. A techno-functional leader and affianced to my passion, I have donned various hats of being a Consultant, Talent Strategist, Culture Catalyst, Learning Architect, Employee Experience Lead, OD Lead, HR Digitization Lead, etc.Ross and Anuj talk about learning, education, curveballs in life, making the most of things, trying new things, life experiences, battling, preparation, hyper-personalization, breaking paradigms and defining work. The pair also discuss relevant skills, AI, disruptions, being innovative, unlearning, redesigning, personalized learning, human-centric work, evaluating success, assessing skills, safer environments, competition, curiosity, tenacity, and rewards.Timecodes:01:15 Things that have shaped Anuj's career11:48 Falling down15:49 Key skills dealing with organisations31:54 People losing passion for organisations40:03 Re-defining work and learning43:12 Tips on practical implementations51:21 The last time Anuj did something for the first timeConnect with Anuj:LinkedInConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
56:52 08/09/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Claudia Noriega-Bernstein - Abundance Coach, Published Author, Creative and Art Director
Claudia (Claudia Noriega) has dedicated the last twelve years of her life to empower people, especially children, and women. Her book - Brighter Days has the 88 Most Important Lessons Learned in Life for Women that Want to Increase their Confidence, Resilience and Courage:She started her career on television at 17 years old as a actor, appearing in one the most popular Telenovela series airing in over 37 counties but soon after she moved to behind the camera at 21 becoming one of the youngest producers in her country where she wrote a manual that was later used to train other young producers."Born in Peru; I come from a culture of taboos and beliefs that had not always empowered me to become what I believed was my calling. In the process of self-discovery, I fell in love with myself again and found my passion for helping others."Ross and Claudia talk about having a good day, NLP, gratitude, limiting beliefs, helping others, being happy, mindfulness, perceptions, prompts, self-confidence, loving yourself, validation, fame, goals, growing and being vulnerable. The pair also discuss emotional intelligence, coaching, discovery, telling the truth, limiting beliefs, breakthroughs, difficult times, writing a journal, and saying no to gifts.  Timecodes:02:06 Waking up and beginning the day05:00 Helping with negativity in the morning 09:52 Abundance and enjoying it17:43 Being a producer and how it shaped Claudia29:37 Key insights around confidence and resilience35:23 Claudia's' book  and affirmations39:47 Transitioning to the true  person Claudia is today46:17 The last time Claudia did something for the first timeConnect with Claudia:WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
50:44 08/02/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. David Ogilvie - CEO The Resilience Development Company
David Ogilvie is a NED, Executive Coach and Resilience Coach. He is also Chief Executive Officer at The Resilience Development Company with a mission to help people, work better, feel better, live better. We create resilience training programmes for teams that deliver performance, growth and wellbeing in one solution.People are amazing and Resilience Development Co. is on a mission to unlock potential, performance, growth and wellbeing. As the creator and leader of a skills-based approach to building resilience, Resilience Development Co has delivered coaching and training programmes across big and small organisations, resulting in improved performance and transformation at all levels.People, teams and companies are more resilient, more productive, and less stressed with Resilience Development Co. (even in times like these). And we're just getting started.Ross and David talk about homelessness, life experience, change, transition, leadership, moving, journeys, life chapters, people, curiosity, managing stress, skills, consequences, catastrophic thinking and managing emotions. The pair also discuss teaching schools, stress, good coaching, mental strength, growth,  environment, interventions, exploring, clarity, Future Shock by Alvin Toffler, decline, measuring stress, wealth, upgrading our brains, podcasting and financial crisis.Timecodes :01:14 David's background07:26 Being thankful11:20 The Resilience Development Co.'s message to the world16:06 Managing transitions in life17:21 Three types of resilience24:30 Challenges and concerns in organisations32:16 Netflix series - How to change your mind34:25 Mindset and setting39:32 The opposite of resilience41:08 The Resilience Development Co.'s website45:15 The last time David did something for the first time49:24 Final tips for leading a team Connect with David:LinkedInWebsitePodcastTwitterBlogYoutubeConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
53:01 07/26/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Whitney Johnson - The founder and CEO of Disruption Advisors
One of the ten leading business thinkers in the world as named by Thinkers50 – an expert at helping leaders grow their people to grow their organization. Whitney is an award-winning author, world-class keynote speaker, frequent lecturer for Harvard Business School's Corporate Learning, and an executive coach and advisors to CEOs.  Host of "Disrupt Yourself" podcast at whitneyjohnson.comCo-founded the Disruptive Innovation Fund with Harvard Business School’s late Clayton Christensen and a LinkedIn Top Voice (2020) with 1.8 million followers.Author of 4 books:Smart GrowthHow to Grow Your People to Grow Your Company.Disrupt Yourself:™Master Relentless Change and Speed Up Your Learning CurveBuild an A-Team:Play to Their Strengths and Lead Them Up the Learning CurveDare, Dream, Do:Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare to DreamRoss and Whitney discuss expediency, Wall Street, investment banking, excitement, motivation, achievement, reframing fears, helping others grow, smart growth, people, personal disruption and leaving work. The pair also discuss loss of identity, Ben Hardy, measuring growth, connections to work, advancing ourselves, slowing down, resting, unplugging from technology, creative expression, theory, spirituality and being unapologetic.Timecodes:01:15 Whitney's background in music02:49 Whitney's career path after music05:06 Drivers for studying07:09 Growth and a thirst for learning11:23 Disruptive Innovation 13:22 Disrupting individuals16:26 Letting things go and identity shifts21:34 Road to growth25:18 Exploring and transforming individuals28:49 Overwhelm and comfort33:17 Rest and relaxation34:24 HRV - Heart Rate Variable39:36 Book writing and development43:47 Whitney's Most impactful time at Clayton46:41 The last time Whitney did something for the first timeConnect with Whitney:LinkedInWebsitePodcastBooksTwitterConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
49:51 07/19/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Alex Pascal Founder & CEO at
Alex is an entrepreneur and Executive Coach - based in Los AngelesAs an executive coach, Alex has worked with over 300 executives from leading organizations and government agencies including: Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, Activision Blizzard, Google, Roche, Methanex, CEMEX, Newfield Exploration, the Federal Reserve Bank, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Federal Aviation - empowering human potential, raising the global standard of coaching(Which started life as CoachLogix a decade ago). Ross and Alex talk about creative leadership, organisational psychology, entrepreneurs, management, education platforms, simple solutions, development, connections,   digital coaching, technology, self coaching, decision making and resilience. The pair also discuss learning, trusting systems, Seth Godin - The Dip, mindset, balance, meditation, becoming more effective, coaching eco systems, aggregators, values, scaling, visions, partnerships, knowing when to quit, diversity coaching and acquiring a company. Timecodes:01:01 Origins of Coaching.com07:29 Pivots in the coaching industry10:48 Assessments helping coaching and analytics16:21 Scalability of organisations and coaching every individual23:32 Coaching culture applying to military strategy27:39 Mental flexibility and learning under pressure30:18 Being present34:03 The WBECS story 41:55 Mergers47:22 Community and collaborations evolving and scaling52:02 The last time Alex did something for the first timeConnect with AlexLinkedInWebsiteConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
56:31 07/12/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Nikki J Owen Founder at The Healing Hub Limited
Nikki is passionate about creating change in habits, behaviours, mindset, performance and well-being.  Most well-being interventions don't work, particularly over the long term. Niki has created a powerful methodology for individuals and organisations that delivers results at speed.  There is a gap between 'knowing' and 'doing'. An immediate and sustainable change in behaviour can only be achieved when working with both unconscious and conscious minds. "My fascination into transforming lives began in 1978, aged 18 when I experienced a traumatic event. At that time I was emotionally and physically unwell. Conventional support tools, coaching and therapeutic practices did little to help. I studied a number of 'unconventional' techniques that when blended together, evolved into a methodology that changed my life. I have transformed the lives of thousands of individuals over 3 decades. "Ross and Nikki talk about mental health, reducing stress, anxiety, coaching, making a difference, releasing stress, expressing ourselves, supressing negative emotions, pent up emotions, unawareness of stress and losing perspective. The pair also discuss immune systems, growing up highly suggestable, negative behaviours, coping mechanisms, overstimulation, prompts, small changes, triggers, stress relief exercises, working on ourselves, plant medicine, healing and consciousness.Timecodes:01:15 Knowing and doing in relation to behaviour change04:46 Observations around trauma 09:01 Early indicators before reaching a breaking point14:11 Not following the basics16:35 Relieving stress19:29 Shifting behaviour and rapid stress relief29:50 Advice for leaders and useful techniques34:08 Leaders involved with trauma39:18 The last time Nikki did something for the first timeConnect with Nikki:LinkedInWebsiteThe Healing HubNikki@nikkijowen.comConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
42:55 07/05/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Jonathan Passmore - The Leader's Psychologist
Jonathan Passmore is rated as one of the top 10 professional coaches in the world. His work over the past three decades, including 30 books, and over 100 scientific articles have contributed to his position as a global thought leader.Professor of Coaching & Behavioural ChangeHe is the 2020-21 British Psychology Society Chair of the Coaching Psychology group and Chair of the European University Coaching Network.Senior Vice President at CoachHub:CoachHub is the leading global talent development platform that enables organisations to create a personalised, measurable and scalable coaching program for the entire workforce, regardless of department and seniority level. CoachHub’s global pool of coaches is comprised of over 3,500 certified business coaches in 60 countries across six continents with coaching sessions available in over 50 languages. Ross and Jonathan talk about Travel, psychology, learning, mentoring, curiosity, psychometrics, being your best self, coaching people, deeper understanding, variety, individual needs, global provision and growth. The pair also discuss real-time solutions, the benefits of CoachHub, reaching small organisations, employee benefits, app based solutions, technology vs humanity, AI, relationships, the future, fear and courage. Timecodes:01:06 Jonathan's world map03:29 Getting into coaching 10:28 Thoughts on curosity around coaching and decision making17:07 Experience at CoachHub24:49 The future of coaching - consumers and companies technology27:35 Digital coaches30:36 Choice and embracing technology 33:27 The last time Jonathan did something for the first timeConnect with JonathanLinkedInWebsiteCoachHubConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
35:56 06/21/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Jeff Smith, MCEC - Founder & CEO of SupportingLines Institute
Jeff is a Certified Executive Coach, Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Dharma Yoga Instructor.His mission is to inspire leaders and help teams perform - so that millions of people become engaged in their work.  He believes that great leaders see supporting lines, not reporting linesTMSupportingLines™ offers a simple, yet powerful framework to improve performance and increase engagement.Framework offerings:- Help People Grow™ - individual performance management- Achieve More Goals™ - organizational goal-setting- SupportingLines Insights™ - data driven insights to improve performance & increase engagement- Leading with SupportingLines™ - leadership development that builds from strengths- SupportingLines Yoga for Leaders™: powerful practices to support leadership developmentRoss and Jeff talk about contradictions, adaptability, fast pace change, learning from bad leaders, culture, insights, planning compared to outcomes, the parts people don't do,supporting the most important goals and creating meaning. The pair also discuss objectives, key results, supporting lines, yoga in work, breathing, composure,  vulnerability, high performers, employee feedback, development, trying things, decision trees,  holding clients accountable.Timecodes:01:03 Jeff's journey to adapting to excutive coaching08:20 Goal setting in coaching13:47 Practical planning20:43 Yoga in leadership26:39 Composure in leadership35:24 Feedback you don't want to act on44:00 Resiliance research46:17 The last time Jeff did something for the first timeConnect with Jeff:LinkedInWebsiteTwitterConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
55:04 06/14/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Pranav Bhanage - CEO Petronas
Pranav is a speaker, mentor, coach and CEO of PETRONAS' a global energy company with over 30k employees and a presence in 50 countries. He is a recognized Global-Top 200 Thought-Leader We are living in a world of accelerating change, increasing uncertainty, where the ones who are good with chaos, with flux, with adaptability are able to navigate the journey with a smile, but many the reality is many are struggling. "He knows how to motivate teams and carry them all along to achieve the goals. He is a great down-to-earth communicator, a person with meticulous analytical skill, open mindedness, and healthy dose sense of humour""Pranav is famous for being extremely reliable, effective and results orientated"Ross and Pranav talk about sustained environments, learning, strong individuals, flux, evolution, sustained stress, rest, purpose, who we surround ourselves with,early warning signs, wrong decisions, data, AI, flexibility in decisions, profit and fundamentals. The pair also discuss  sustained business models, improvement, innovation, processing information, listening to people, conflicting ideas, culture, failure, decision making, experimenting, learning curves, curiosity and not  taking things too seriously. Timecodes:00:42 Introduction to Pranav01:59 What Pranav is most excited about 08:24 learning and reflecting when constantly performing under pressure14:31 Decision making in high stress environments20:08 Rewarding progress and measuring outcome 26:18 What Pranav is listening to right now to shape his mindset32:21 Dealing with unexpected data and early warning signals39:34 The last time Pranav did something for the first timeConnect with Pranav:LinkedInPETRONAS WebsiteConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
46:25 06/07/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Debra Ruh - Ruh Global IMPACT
Debra is CEO of Ruh Global IMPACT and Executive Chair at Billion Strong - an identity and empowerment organization designed to bring the billions of voices of persons with disabilities together. She is founder of 4 social enterprises, author of 3 books, works with inclusion branding,  helps find your voice by using Social Media.Debra also helps uncovering Hidden Human Capital: How leading corporations leverage multiple abilities in their workforce.Expertise includes:• Global Disability Inclusion Strategist • WomenInTech Taskforce - USA lead• ICT Accessibility Consultant • US Partner for Valuable500• Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)• Gender Equity • Digital Inclusion• Impact Investing • Keynote Speaker w/ Sara Ruh (Down syndrome)Ross and Debra talk about Down syndrome, disabilities, perspectives, being on the spectrum,  lived experiences, dealing with loss, invisible disabilities, sustainable development, problem solving and being vulnerable.  The pair also discuss keeping talent, humanising work, effective working, unlearning, youth going into work,  training differently, failure, joy in uncertainty, challenges, changing the world, innovation, death and philosophy.Timecodes:00:25 Intro to Debra01:06 Debra's first social enterprise03:20 Changing peoples thoughts07:23 Disabilities becoming super abilities13:52 Including everyone in everything19:24 Human potential25:06 Supporting an inclusive planet in a grander scale31:21 What else would Debra share38:46 The last time Debra did something for the first timeContact DebraLinkedInWebsiteBillion StrongTwitterConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
43:15 05/31/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Dr. Oleg Konovalov - Coach, Speaker, Author - Vision and Visionary Leadership
Dr Oleg Konovalov is a thought leader, author, speaker, business educator and consultant with over 25 years of experience operating businesses. And consulting for many Fortune 500 companies both in the UK and internationally.Having been named as “the da Vinci of Visionary Leadership” by many leading authorities of our timeOleg is helping companies to create and execute their vision, diagnose and treat organizational diseases, maintain a strong productive corporate culture, and achieve superior business performance. He is the author of The Vision Code, LEADEROLOGY, CORPORATE SUPERPOWER, ORGANISATIONAL ANATOMY, and HIDDEN RUSSIA. Oleg sees every organization as unique and strongly believes that most of his clients’ problems can be solved by shifting patterned paradigms and applying tailor-made solutions.Ross and Oleg talk about consultancy, visualising, what we want to change, projection, great leaders, tough experiences, goals, solutions, focus, thinking about the future, steps, stimulating vision. The pair also discuss creating value,  legacy, massive transformative purpose, generational challenges, engagement, passion and sharing visions.Timecodes:01:27 Oleg's background and becoming the Di Vinci of visionary leadership05:15 Changes in direction10:46 Getting out of a dip16:06 The power of vision and harnessing it19:31 The AQai mission statement and legacy23:00 Critical elements shifting the industry28:11 Powerful visions and how they effect people32:13 Commonality in visions 34:29 selling value in visions 38:05 Oleg's personal vision 40:18 Multiple visions an ultimate vision43:33 Setting a vision but evolving46:17 The last time Oleg did something for the first timeConnect with Dr OlegLinkedInWebsiteConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
50:09 05/24/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Ankita Poddar Sr. HR Business Partner at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Ankita Poddar is a blogger, writer, and host of the podcast - HR Bandit,  passionate about all things HR & Behavioural Economics. People Matters India identified her as one of 15 'Emerging HR Leaders' in the country in 2016.  Top 50 HR Influencers in the country by SHRM India in 2019  and top 20 HR influencers in the country by ETHRWorld, from The Economic Times India. She has been with Amazon for over 6 years, in L&D and HR Business partner roles.Ross and Ankita talk about HR, maths, physics, business school, playing games, discovery, experimenting, context, computer games, too much of something, virtual worlds, choice and modes of operation. The pair also discuss environmental queues, diversity, adapting, taking things too seriously, curiosity, being uncomfortable, decisions for the future and what are we missing out on.Timecodes:01:07 A bit of Ankita's background02:02 Ankita's favourite subject at school03:40 Her career journey after school05:34 Combining work with games08:37 Changing old methods 10:34 The metaverse in learning mode15:05 Leaders dealing with so much choice and balancing it19:55 Opposing thoughts22:28 Diverse inputs being disregarded 24:27 Starting experimental mindsets29:05 Predictions around work in 5-10 years35:52 What should children be focusing on41:52 Thoughts on being open 47:10 The last time Ankita did something for the first timeConnect with Ankita:LinkedInWebsiteTwitterConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
49:32 05/17/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Brian Kropp - Group Vice President at Gartner
Brain is  Group Vice President at Gartner providing Cutting Edge Insights to the Most Progressive HR Executives. Launching a mix of new products and services to enable senior executives to take decisive actions.* Leading content experiences for ReImagineHR, the largest and most important event for senior HR executives.* Overseas global research strategy and deliverables for HR Leaders and their teams across the globe.15 years, as Practice manager, MD of the HR Practice,.Ross and Brian discuss not giving up, persistence, behaviour, working from different places, returning to work, employee frustration, rules, productive environments, politics at work, shared objectives and bringing people together. The pair also discuss decision making, remote working, rewriting old playbooks, history, finding the right people for organisations, being around smart people, curiosity, wonder, questioning, different viewpoints, automation, staying healthy, efficiency and fragility.Timecodes:00:41 Brian's dog Nutella03:17 Moments of tenacity during Brian's career 06:18 Frustrating and exciting HR11:03 Hybrid and remote work, working well21:56 Re-imagining work26:16 Going from Brian Kroppcycnzski to Brian Kropp31:07 Defining smart people 33:59 Dealing with frustrating questions38:53 Pressure and dealing with it43:01 Understanding and leveraging wellness51:00 The last time Brian did something for the first timeConnect with Brian:LinkedInTwitterGartnerConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
55:27 05/10/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. William Tincup - President & Editor-at-Large of RecruitingDaily
"Real G's move in silence like lasagne"William is the President & Editor-at-Large of RecruitingDaily. At the intersection of HR and technology - a writer, speaker, advisor, consultant, investor, storyteller & teacher. He sits on the board of over 28 HR Tech companies around the world, written over 250 HR articles,  spoken at over 375 HR & recruiting conferences and conducted over 1650 HR podcasts & webinars. Ross and William talk about, art imitating life, gangsters, pretenders, discovering people, painting, being an artist, structure, chaos, failure, being yourself, pushing yourself,flexibility and collaboration. The pair also discuss analysing the competition, hiding failure, NASA, unlearning, adapting, vulnerability, Will Smith, diversity, competition from yourself,validation and preparation.Timecodes:01:03 William's background02:10 Lasagne and Real G04:50 Art History07:55 Serendipity or setting goals09:36 Filtering opportunities14:08 Vulnerability15:45 Coexisting18:43 People solving problems through Technology24:39 Experimentation and celebrating failure27:44 William's worries31:12 Skills34:01 Avoiding leaving people behind36:41 Ambiguity39:39 Mistakes and comedians43:25 Friction46:10 Opinions and taking feedback50:24 Unsolicited feedback53:16 The last time William did something for the first timeConnect with William:LinkedInTwitterFacebookInstagramConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
58:14 05/03/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Jennifer McClure - CEO of Unbridled Talent & DisruptHR | Keynote Speaker
Jennifer McClure is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and high-performance coach who works with leaders to leverage their influence, increase their impact, and accelerate results. Frequently recognized as a global influencer and expert on the future of work, strategic leadership and innovative people strategies, Jennifer has decades of in-the-trenches leadership and executive experience working in and with startups, privately held companies, and Fortune 500 organizations in a variety of industries. Provides education, coaching and strategy consulting services for businesses and business Leaders looking for guidance in the areas of leadership, executive communication skills and talent strategy. ♦ Keynote Speaking ♦ Workshops & Training ♦ Executive Coaching ♦ Strategic ConsultingRoss and Jennifer talk about leadership, succession planning, Keynote speaking, building careers, teaching, training, challenging assignments, trying new things to evolve, innovation, working with the best, big commitments, value, growth, preparing for the future. The pair also discuss development, career paths, learning, adaptability, understanding resistance,encouraging and learning from failure, rewarding effort, imposter syndrome, self reflection, bad habits and engaging people. Timecodes:01:01 Jennifer's last keynote02:26 What Jennifer loves and hates about speaking07:19 The most impactful growth during Jennifer's career09:22 The 'Defence Business Board'16:57 Fundamentals of what's going to be essential for the next decade22:41 Increasing employment ability and proactive tips for leaders29:01 Upskilling, reskilling and navigating what's coming33:19 Feeling lost and becoming dislodged to transcending 36:48 Companies transitioning towards performance over learning42:13 If Jennifer was to hire herself47:28 The last time Jennifer did something for the first timeConnect with Jennifer:WebsiteLinkedInTwitterjennifer@unbridledtalent.comConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
57:05 04/26/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Dr. Maja Zelihic - Interim Dean, Forbes School of Business and Technology at University of Arizona Global Campus
Dr. Maja (Maya) Zelihic  is in the global 100 inspirational leaders, with the likes of Richard Branson, opera winery, Elon musk and Jeff Bezos. Published in over 20+ peer-reviewed journals.Her book The Power of Perception, co-authored with Dr. Diane Hamilton, was released in December 2020 and in June 2020 Dr Diane was our first podcast guest here on decoding AQ.Ross and Maja talk about immigration, refuging, environment, survival, studying, open mindedness, childhood, education, learning, shaping ourselves, the developing world, accelerating progression during the pandemic,  utilising technology and  creation through destruction. The pair also discuss curiosity, culture, communication, familiarity, emotional intelligence, processing, conversations, mindfulness, mindset, hardwiring, hierarchy, stability, calm, chaos, fishing to be right, humility, being wrong, coexistence, judging people and fear of judgment.Timecodes:02:00 Maja's background04:14 Moving to Florida as a refugee07:01 Evolving to where Maja is now08:49 Maja's Grandfather11:14 Adapting with Education Technology and industry shift13:54 Performing and learning in leadership development17:03 Perception and how it relates to change20:00 Being fearful of bad perception23:39 Advantages and disadvantages of perception30:31 Structuring to thrive34:28 Shifting perception when it's difficult and against validation39:17 Student mindset41:37 The last time Maja did something for the first time45:20 Ways to help and support MajaConnect with MajaLinkedInWebsiteBookPerception Power IndexConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
47:41 04/19/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Mike Wittenstein - Managing partner at STORYMINERS
Mark has been Manging partner at STORYMINERS for 20 years, his primary roles include Advisor, Strategist and Creative. He has been a Speaker, Coach and Facilitator for 12 years What is strategy, if not the story of who you are and where you want to go next?When it comes to adaptive, what's the difference between modeling and modeling?Spoiler: modeling can mean 'showing others how it's done' or 'shaping what's to come with them'. I practice the latter way ;-)Ross and Mark talk about storytelling, delivering on promises, learning about people, presentation, engagement, environment, story first, purpose, consistency and customers needs. The pair also discuss innovation, learning, leading by example, replacing resistance, reacting, honesty, learning, consistency, checklists, behaviour, killing projects, focus, rules and co-elevation. Timecodes:00:52 Mikes first story 03:21 Background and Key moments in Mike's career07:44 Shaping Mike's career until now15:16 Helping leaders when Storytelling isn't comfortable for them20:23 Setting out storyline guidelines and arcs for the future24:21 Being uncomfortable - Showing vulnerability or masking it?29:07 Focus and uncertainness playing out35:41 Innovation and working outside of core environments44:56 Stephen Heckle's book Adaptive Enterprise49:05 The last time Mike did something for the first timeConnect with Mike:LinkedInSTORYMINERSYouTubeTwitterConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
55:04 04/12/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Alexia Michiels - The Resilience Institute Europe
Alexia is Founder & Managing Partner of The Resilience Institute - Grounded in New Zealand in the late 90s, The Resilience Institute operates today across Asia-Pacific and Europe with offices in New Zealand, Australia, China, Singapore, France and Switzerland.The Resilience Quotient - leadership with heart and purpose.Alexia was Media Manager at P&G for 6 years, then 3 years at World Federation of Advertisers and spent 1 year at the International coach academy.Ross and Alexia talk about Resilience, mobilising resources, modern medicine, research, science, being super practical, development, business environments, different cultures, China, agility with resources and interpersonal skills. The pair also discuss facing adversity, adaptability, challenges, mobilising resources, adversity, pressure, sleep, focus, relaxation, Matthew Walker - Why We Sleep, breathing, Resilient organisations, performing with care, being humble, leadership, momentum, managing relationships and curiosity.Timecodes:01:02 Alexia's background02:14 Starting The Resilience Institute05:56 Key highlights along Alexia's journey09:28 Shifting from 'holding on' to 'letting go' practically11:45 Early signs of burnout and dealing with it14:14 Practical shifts to Resilience Foundation20:22 Integrating sleep and relaxation for busy people23:09 Investing in high Resilience and outcomes26:36 The most important areas to focus on29:12 Can Resilience or too much be negative?30:55 The difference between Grit and Resilience32:58 Collective Resilience with other people35:09 Alexia's book (Resilience Quotient) key takeaways38:01 The last time Alexia did something for the first time Connect with Alexia:WebsiteLinkedInTwitterBookConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation  
41:47 04/05/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Mark S. Babbitt - Culture architect, Executive and career coach.
Mark S. Babbitt is Co-author of 'Good Comes First'. Inc. Magazine included him in their “Top 100 Leadership Speakers” list and “Top 50 Leadership Innovators.” In addition, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., The Economist, HBR, and many other major publications have featured Msrk's work and voice.An employee mass exodus is taking place – right in front of our eyes. And it isn’t because of a so-called labor shortage. Instead, we have a RESPECT shortage – and we have far too many workplace cultures that suck.Mark guides leaders to create a purposeful, positive, and productive work culture He also helps leaders understand (and then improve) their current level of Workplace Intelligence (WQ) – a metric that helps leaders understand how their teams work best together.- Through coaching and mentoring, Mark empowers professionals, from college graduates to CEOs, to realize their career – and their voice – matters, and I help them get their voice heard.Ross and Mark talk about leaders, soul, workplace, comparing values, foundational principles, purpose, productivity, results,  company culture, mindset, entrepreneurship and sub cultures. The pair also discuss large scale layoffs, behaviour, teams, getting referrals, adaptability, epiphanies, vulnerability, guilt stifling creativity, destructive behaviours, tolerating, company values and productivity.Timecodes:02:03 The title of Mark's book 'Good Comes First'05:40 Defining the word 'Good'09:32 Adapting bad work cultures we are unaware of15:42 Working in a bad environment22:33 Challenges and dealing with forced unemployment26:01 The (WQ) metric - Workplace Intelligence 32:14 Guiding people through feeling vulnerable40:03 Tips for leaders to understand cultural architecture47:31 Hybrid opportunities for our  company cultures51:51 The last time Mark did something for the first timeConnect with Mark:LinkedInTwitterWebsiteConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
54:23 03/29/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. John Baldoni - Speaker, Executive Coach & Best-Selling Author
John Baldoni - is a globally recognized leadership educator, certified Master Corporate Executive Coach, LinkedIn Live hosts, and author of more than 800 leadership columns, and 15 books that have been translated into ten languages. John is the host of LinkedIn Live’s GRACE under pressure.In 2021, the International Federation of Learning and Development named John a World-Class Mentor and named him to its Hall of Fame. In 2022, Global Gurus ranked John a Top 20 global leadership expert, a list he has been on since 2007. In 2018 named John a Top 100 speaker and Trust Across America honoured John with its Lifetime Achievement Award for Trust. In 2014 listed John as a Top 50 leadership expert.Ross and John talk about leadership, studying leadership, coaching, writing, the workplace, exploring new ideas, purpose, grace, community in the workplace, mindset, vision, resilience and crisis, taking care of yourself, work and life balance and overworking.  The pair also discuss  self awareness, self care, patience, remaining calm, mindfulness, humility, empowering others, strategy, curiosity sparking creativity and debating ideas. Timestamps:02:06 The start to John's journey06:38 Shifts and stability in leadership in the current environment12:27 Grace under pressure18:45 Reacting and dealing with hard realities24:48 Early signs to spot perpetual pressure29:47 Unlearning and challenging the playbook33:42 Dealing with a process or response we don't recognise36:48 Balance between finding new and keeping with trends to enable growth39:27 The last time John did something for the first timeConnect with John: WebsiteVideosLinkedInLinkedIn LiveTwitterAmazonBlogConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
45:42 03/22/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Gordon Tredgold - Helping good Managers develop into great Leaders
If there is a top person list in leadership, hr or business, chances are you will find Gordon on it!An international speaker, with a LinkedIn experience list, as full as anyone I have ever seen! A regular contributor to Inc magazine, forbes and entrepreneur magazine.From a degree in mathematics in the ’80’s, Gordon has spent time in Banking, Communications, logistics, all entered around organisational transformation.Ross and Gordon talk about driving change, leadership, organisational change, crafting a high performing team, confidence, problem solving, belief, winning minds, Gordon's book, simplicity, focus and efficiency. The pair also discuss avoiding failure, patterns in solutions,  engagement, empowering people, great leaders adapting,  becoming an expert in what's important, empowering and enabling experts.Timestamps:01:35 Gordon's most impactful roll in his career06:58 Changing Career rolls09:37 Gordon's rugby coach16:30 Practical strategies to help with adaption30:26 Leadership techniques evolving and where is it going39:27 Self help adapting leadershipConnect with Gordon:LinkedInWebsiteTwitterBooksEmail Connect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
51:37 03/15/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Kian Gohar - Innovation and Transformation
Kian Gohar is a strategist & co-author of “Competing in the New World of Work.” He coaches executives on team leadership, innovation and transformation.  Kian is Founder and CEO of Geolab.A sought-after strategist and advisor, Kian inspires the world's leading organizations to harness innovation and moonshots to solve complex problems. He coaches entrepreneurs, executives and leaders to make their impossible, impossible. Ross and Kian talk about innovation, creating jobs, venture capital, entrepreneurship, startups, knocking on doors, coaching, lockdowns, adapting work, transforming, companies and not doing enough. The pair also discuss the Burning Man Festival, survival, thriving, re-energising, overcoming obstacles, going back to the office, change, transformation, pushing boundaries, surviving, growth and adapting your kids. Timestamps:01:16 Kian's background06:13 Kian's book “Competing in the New World of Work”09:33 Radical Adaptability09:33 Mitigating the chances of messing up19:04 Gauging team members23:02 Four key attributes of leaders to help thrive - Foresight, Collaboration,  Agility and Resilience, 31:16 Challenges of applying experimentation37:19 What made Kian so adaptable45:42 Kian's personal note on changeConnect with Kian:TwitterLinkedInBookGeolab Connect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
47:57 02/22/2022
Decoding AQ with Ross Thornley Feat. Julie Hutchinson - Managing Stress and Overwhelm
Julie Hutchinson uses science-backed Resilient Transformation for leaders and executives to decrease stress, increase energy, productivity and profits. She is Founder & CEO of Core Performance, a 'Vistage' speaker and certified Heartmath Trainer, providing resilience and sales training.Ross and Julie talk about entrepreneurship, building a company, burning out, self discovery, managing stress, resilience, anxiety, shifting direction, bio hacking, self discovery, thoughts, beliefs, overwhelm and frustration. The pair also discuss choice, enjoyment, I can't to I can attitudes, negatives to positives, emotions, the heart, benefits of coaching, work environment, toxic work culture and energy flow. Timestamps:01:34 Julie's background05:13 Being told to medicate or quit06:43 Motivations for changing career direction10:47 Early indicators of burnout13:15 Roots of anxiety17:06 Shifts - awareness and upgrading22:44 Cultivating identity23:40 Coherence (is a secret weapon)30:25 Coaching36:45 Emotional Health and resilience43:48 Energy when remote working 46:48 The last time Julie did something for the first timeConnect with Julie:LinkedInWebsiteEmail: Julieh@coreperformance.usConnect with Ross:WebsiteLinkedInMoonshot Innovation 
50:26 02/07/2022