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News Discerned Differently: The Daily Article Podcast offers biblical insight into the day's latest news and current events. Dr. Jim Denison presents a nonpartisan perspective on what's happening now and how Christians can respond biblically to the culture at large.


95,000 Afghan refugees may come to the US: How will Christians help? 09:32 09/20/2021
Washington Football Team hosts Pride Night: 3 steps into transforming intimacy with God 09:44 09/17/2021
"Freak accident" kills man at McDonald’s: How to defeat "the devil's most destructive tool" 08:35 09/16/2021
The California recall election and “history’s most boneheaded predictions” 07:54 09/15/2021
The surprising cause of the New York City subway shutdown 08:12 09/14/2021
"I miss the America of 9/12": Two steps to transforming purpose and unity 08:06 09/13/2021
Survivor was buried alive on 9/11: Four biblical lessons and a hymn of triumphant faith 08:10 09/10/2021
Mark Cuban's gift to New York City: 9/11 and the redemptive grace of God 08:25 09/09/2021
A new Navy weapon could stop you from talking: How to hear the voice of God where we need his wisdom the most 08:16 09/08/2021
McDonald's runs out of milkshakes: Why and how to trust our future to Jesus 07:34 09/07/2021
The one path to true rest for weary souls 08:46 09/06/2021
Supreme Court refuses to block Texas abortion law 15:02 09/03/2021
Is God “the hottest thing in fashion”? 13:16 09/02/2021
Max Lucado’s church surprises members with $100 to use or "pay forward": Practical ways to fight fear with faith 12:41 09/01/2021
Volunteer veterans save hundreds from the Taliban: Four ways to win the spiritual war every Christian is fighting 12:42 08/31/2021
The latest on Hurricane Ida: Five ways to join God in redeeming disaster 12:35 08/30/2021
The latest on US soldiers killed in Kabul airport attack: A tribute to our military and God's call to spiritual courage 13:25 08/27/2021
Kanye West's name change and the danger of hot dogs: The invitation, promise, and power of praying in God's Spirit 13:50 08/26/2021
The accidental broadcast of a satanic ritual and the tragedy of taxpayer-funded abortion: How we got here and God's formula for spiritual victory 13:50 08/25/2021
Texas town "essentially closed" by COVID-19: How to prepare for your next crisis before it happens 14:02 08/24/2021
Tropical Storm Henri, floods in Tennessee, and the latest from Afghanistan: A pastor's prophetic message and the key to transforming spiritual power 17:02 08/23/2021
The Taliban are killing people with Bibles on their cellphones: Praying for Afghan Christians and emulating their courage 14:53 08/20/2021
Will al-Qaeda attack America again? Three practical responses 12:40 08/19/2021
The future for women in Afghanistan and four commitments crucial to the future of America 11:40 08/18/2021
What would God want America to do in Afghanistan? 12:11 08/17/2021
What does God think of the Taliban? 09:31 08/16/2021
Are you woke? 7 cultural terms every Christian should understand 10:39 08/13/2021
The modern minimalist movement is “sparking joy,” but true joy is more than a spark 08:42 08/12/2021
How popular talent shows are exposing our American idols 09:47 08/11/2021
Do you have fewer than 3 friends? Here are 4 ways to deepen your connections 10:58 08/10/2021