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Each week, StrictlyVC Editor-in Chief Connie Loizos and Alex Gove, a former journalist, VC, and operating exec, review the top stories in StrictlyVC and interview a mover and shaker in the world of tech.


Crypto VC Sam Rosenblum Offers a Peek into Haun Ventures 44:54 05/21/2022
Bonobos Co-Founder Andy Dunn on His Battle with Bipolar Disorder 40:13 05/14/2022
Hopin's Meltdown, Musk's Machinations, and Gurley's Valuation Advice 13:56 04/30/2022
Benchmark's Sarah Tavel Says Web3 Is Not Crypto 35:17 04/23/2022
Venrock's Bryan Roberts Is Betting that the Central Nervous System Is the Next Big Healthcare Opportunity 40:46 04/16/2022
Jim Breyer Senses Quantum Will Be Big 42:22 03/26/2022
Kirsten Green on the Rise of Solopreneurs 37:40 03/12/2022
Fifth Wall's Brendan Wallace Two Years and a Pandemic Later 30:29 02/19/2022
ACME's Founders on SPACs, SPVs, and Space 31:40 02/05/2022
Crossover Investor Mitchell Green Sees Opportunity in This Week's Market Turmoil 29:18 01/29/2022
A Peek into Web3 Power Player Animoca Brands 51:45 01/08/2022
Andrew Chen on Cold Starts, Substack and What’s Next for Clubhouse 27:29 12/11/2021
VCs (and Celebrities) Find Religion with Glorify 25:05 12/04/2021
Brit & Dave Morin's New Venture Fund Plus the Inside Story of Vollebak 63:36 11/20/2021
A Student Loan Startup's "Watershed Moment" 23:19 11/06/2021
Serial Entrepreneur Kevin Chou Dives Deeper into Web3 24:20 10/30/2021
Rippling CEO Parker Conrad Rides Employee Data to $6.5 Billion Valuation 33:36 10/23/2021
Author Jacob Helberg Says U.S.-China Relations Are Even Worse than You Think 27:53 10/16/2021
Tusk Ventures Approaches the Final VC Frontier: Incubating Companies 36:17 10/08/2021
Renowned Investor Kevin Ryan Thinks the Big Money Is in Healthcare 26:18 10/02/2021
Max Chafkin on the Inexorable Rise of Peter Thiel 32:25 09/25/2021
VC Peter Relan on Writing Discord's First Check 30:30 09/18/2021
What's Really Going on in China & Other Stories 14:10 09/11/2021
Upfront Ventures' Mark Suster on Investing in a Fast Forward Market 40:29 09/04/2021
Why the Tech Elite Turned on Gavin Newsom, According to Stanford Professor Neil Malhotra 26:52 08/28/2021
A Sequoia-Backed Predictions Market & Talking Crypto Gaming with a16z's Arianna Simpson 41:29 08/20/2021
Talking Shop with NY Times Tech Reporter Sheera Frenkel and Early-Stage VC Jeff Clavier 49:47 08/14/2021
TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington Is All-In on Crypto - Here's Why 48:25 07/17/2021
Renegade Partners on Why the World Needs Another VC Fund 33:42 07/10/2021
Startup Mighty Aims to Build a "Shopify for Kids" 24:55 07/03/2021