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The 6% with NancyMD

The 6% with NancyMD is dedicated to women thriving in traditionally male-dominated fields. As a female orthopaedic surgeon, I belong to the 6% that are women in this field - and thus the inspiration for the title. The birth of The 6% came about when I was at an airport and saw a female commercial airline captain. Though I didn't know her, I wanted to talk to her and ask her all about her life and path - and I wanted to hug her, knowing she likely experienced many of the same challenges that I had. I realized that across disciplines and careers, we have parallel experiences and struggles in following our passions. I hope that by sharing these stories, we will inspire the next generation of women surgeons, scientists, firefighters, engineers, CEOs. In The 6%, I talk to women about how they arrived at their careers, and the facets of their lives that brought them there. We talk about imposter syndrome, microagressions, barriers to entry, pay gap, mentoring, obstacles and failures - more importantly, how we get up from those failures. If you love stories grit, perseverence, resiliency, then The 6% is for you!


S4 E3: Spreading Love Around the World with CEO Chrissie Lam 26:38 01/24/2022
S4 E2: Breaking Records and Stereotypes with Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff 34:56 01/17/2022
S4 E1: Taking the First Step with Kathrine Switzer 49:07 01/10/2022
S4 E0: Kay Kirkpatrick: From Orthopedic Surgeon to Senator 30:37 01/09/2022
S3 E12 : Dr. Saralyn Mark, Women’s Health Expert, Geriatrician and NASA Advisor 34:50 07/12/2021
S3 E11 : Never Too Late for Change with Uli Sommers, Building Inspector 24:55 07/05/2021
S3 E10 : Shooting for the Stars as a Woman in Aeronautics with Payton Barnwell, Space Flight Science Engineer 19:21 06/28/2021
S3 E9 : Kendra Fischer: Team Canada Hockey to Mental Health Advocate 34:53 06/21/2021
S3 E8: Paving the way for Women in Agriculture with Stacy Mayo-Martinez 39:04 06/14/2021
S3 E7 : Daphne Horowitz, CEO and Keynote Speaker: Change of Heart 27:59 06/07/2021
S3 E6: Melaney Schmidt and Malia Myers of Landmass Wine: Powering through with dedication 41:03 05/31/2021
S3 E5: Shattering Glass Ceilings for Women: Going Head First Against Gender Bias with Dr. Amy Diehl 37:17 05/24/2021
S3 E4: Raven the Science Maven: Passion and Being Black in Science. Raven Baxter, PhD 42:04 05/17/2021
S3 E1: Gender Roles: Breaking Glass Ceilings and Equalizing Opportunities with Dr. Kim S. Clay 42:03 05/10/2021
S3 E2: Amanda Sichon and Seda Bilginer of ESAS NYC 41:34 05/10/2021
S3 E3: Progressive Technology: Women in Artificial Intelligence with Huma Abidi 37:39 05/10/2021
S3 E0 : Speaking Up for Orthopaedics with Dr. Alana Munger, MD & Dr. Jennifer Weiss, MD 47:11 05/07/2021
S2 E12: Turning Whiskey into Passion with Jackie James 46:00 12/07/2020
S2 E11: Normalizing Women “Having It All” with Chi Viet, DDS, PhD, MD 33:28 11/30/2020
S2 E10: Passion, Perseverance, and the Renaissance Woman with Summer Shedd 53:57 11/23/2020
S2 E9: Thrive! Don’t Just Survive with Paraplegic Olympic Gold Medalist and Idaho Representative Muffy Davis 38:22 11/16/2020
S2 E8: Expanding roles for women in Sports Nutrition and Sports and Conditioning with Jaclyn Sklaver 25:50 11/09/2020
S2 E7: Embracing Your Uniqueness with Jenny Chong 25:20 11/02/2020
S2 E6: Eradicating Gender Bias with Mechanic Angeline de Luca 23:50 10/26/2020
S2 E5: Leading differently as women with Barbara Hamilton, MD 31:43 10/19/2020
S2 EP4: Embracing Your Feminine Strengths for Success with CEO Tanya Hall 29:55 10/12/2020
S2 EP3: Thriving in a Female-Friendly Environment with Liz Luda 32:26 10/05/2020
S2 EP2: Helping Moms Conquer Incontinence Through Innovative ONDRwear With Urologist Jessica Lubahn 47:42 10/05/2020
S2 EP1: Proving Your Credibility with Major Michelle Curran 30:42 10/05/2020
S2 EP0: Being Unapologetically You with Dr. Jennifer Weiss, MD and Dr. Vonda Wright, MD 27:13 10/05/2020