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In Search of the Mind of God

We invite you to search with us “The Mind of God”When Searching His Word, we can always be sure our salvation will not be based on man’s ideas or false feelings.It will never be our purpose to promote any denominational doctrine of any religious group.Man is fallible, God is not.We purpose to know nothing among you, save Jesus Christ and him crucified.


Was the Thief on the Cross Really Saved?
Luke 23:26-43Support the show
75:12 2/23/20
Is Heaven Reckoned by Grace?
Romans 4:4, 14Support the show
54:34 2/16/20
We Love God, But What Does God Love?
What means the most to God?Support the show
51:54 2/9/20
Exploring the phrase "adoption of sons"
Romans 4:14. What does it mean to be adopted and heirs of Christ?Support the show
55:20 2/2/20
What Does it Mean to be called a "Son of God"?
1 John 3:1-3. Understanding the christian's role in the kingdom of GodSupport the show
55:51 1/26/20
The Purpose of the Son of God
What was Jesus' purpose in his ministry? Was Jesus the Son of God?Support the show
54:45 1/19/20
The Role of the Holy Spirit, Eph 5: 17-19
What is the job of the Holy Spirit? What is His Role? Looking at how the Holy Spirit fits into the plan of God. 1 John 3:3Support the show
48:21 12/29/19
Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?
How do we know that Jesus came to save us? Exploring the plan of GodSupport the show
55:07 12/22/19
Choose You This Day Whom You Will Serve
Choosing between God and manSupport the show
55:04 12/15/19
Luke 15: The Prodigal Son... Continued
Looking at how Diety handled the prodigal son and Their rolesSupport the show
57:46 12/1/19
Examining the Parable of the Prodigal Son
Self-willed, self-indulgent and giving up on God... what we can learn from the story of the prodigal son and the phrase "and he came to himself" Luke 15:17Support the show
55:27 11/24/19
Why Did God Create? Acts 15:8
Why did God bother to create man?Support the show
54:39 11/10/19
Why Did God Create?
Why did God bother creating mankind and the earth? Acts 15:8Support the show
54:39 11/10/19
The Great Display of the Heart of God Part III
Examining the three parables given in Luke 15Support the show
50:44 10/27/19
Will the Lord Find Faith When He Comes Again?
Will the Bible continue to last through the ages?Support the show
51:40 10/20/19
The Great Display of the Heart of God Part II
Examining Luke 15Support the show
54:54 10/13/19
Subjecting To Our Rulers: Ecclesiastes 8:9-17
Thriving under unjust rulersSupport the show
55:48 10/6/19
The Great Display of the Heart of God- Luke 15
Why would God forgive?Support the show
56:07 9/22/19
What is Organized Religion and Does the Bible Support It?
Seeing the way mega-churches are operating... is an acceptable form of worship?Support the show
55:58 9/15/19
Matthew 23: Unjust Religious Leaders
Avoiding hypocrisy and looking at the roles of preachers & elders Support the show
55:31 9/1/19
James 5: The Prayer of Faith
Examining who can utilize the prayer of faithSupport the show
56:04 8/25/19
2 Timothy 3: The "Last Days" Are The Establishment of the Church, Not the End of the World!
Prophesied in Joel 2: 28-30, the Last Days are about the destruction of the Jews and establishment of the Church back in AD 33.Support the show
54:09 8/18/19
John 17: Jesus' Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane
Support the show
55:46 8/11/19
Is Evolution a Fact? Examining the Missing Link/Naturalistic Process
Looking at the proofs and statements of those who preach evolutionSupport the show
55:25 7/28/19
Hebrews 11: So what exactly does "faith" mean?
Look at the definition of faith provided in Hebrews 11Support the show
55:59 7/21/19
John 17: Jesus Conclusion of His Teaching of His Disciples Part II
Continuing to explore the situations and tumult surrounding Jesus last days.Support the show
55:21 7/7/19
Could Peter Have Been the Pope?
Is it possible for Apostle Peter to be the Pope? What was his role in the early church?Support the show
52:01 6/23/19
John 17: Jesus Conclusion of His Teaching of His Disciples
What was the true meaning of Jesus washing the disciples feet? What was the circumstance? Understanding the situation Satan had put Jesus into in his last daysSupport the show
53:50 6/16/19
The Lord's Prayer or The Disciples Prayer? Understanding the Meaning of this Prayer
Was the Lord praying or teaching the disciples to pray or both? Matthew 6:9-13 Luke 11:2-4Support the show
55:12 6/9/19
Defining Success: Focusing on Spiritual Vs. Physical
How do you define success? Which master will you serve? This podcast defines success utilizing scripture.Support the show
55:48 6/2/19

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