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In Search of the Mind of God

We invite you to search with us “The Mind of God”When Searching His Word, we can always be sure our salvation will not be based on man’s ideas or false feelings.It will never be our purpose to promote any denominational doctrine of any religious group.Man is fallible, God is not.We purpose to know nothing among you, save Jesus Christ and him crucified.


Was the Thief on the Cross Really Saved? 75:12 02/23/2020
Is Heaven Reckoned by Grace? 54:34 02/16/2020
We Love God, But What Does God Love? 51:54 02/09/2020
Exploring the phrase "adoption of sons" 55:20 02/02/2020
What Does it Mean to be called a "Son of God"? 55:51 01/26/2020
The Purpose of the Son of God 54:45 01/19/2020
The Role of the Holy Spirit, Eph 5: 17-19 48:21 12/29/2019
Why Did Jesus Come to Earth? 55:07 12/22/2019
Choose You This Day Whom You Will Serve 55:04 12/15/2019
Luke 15: The Prodigal Son... Continued 57:46 12/01/2019
Examining the Parable of the Prodigal Son 55:27 11/24/2019
Why Did God Create? Acts 15:8 54:39 11/10/2019
Why Did God Create? 54:39 11/10/2019
The Great Display of the Heart of God Part III 50:44 10/27/2019
Will the Lord Find Faith When He Comes Again? 51:40 10/20/2019
The Great Display of the Heart of God Part II 54:54 10/13/2019
Subjecting To Our Rulers: Ecclesiastes 8:9-17 55:48 10/06/2019
The Great Display of the Heart of God- Luke 15 56:07 09/22/2019
What is Organized Religion and Does the Bible Support It? 55:58 09/15/2019
Matthew 23: Unjust Religious Leaders 55:31 09/01/2019
James 5: The Prayer of Faith 56:04 08/25/2019
2 Timothy 3: The "Last Days" Are The Establishment of the Church, Not the End of the World! 54:09 08/18/2019
John 17: Jesus' Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane 55:46 08/11/2019
Is Evolution a Fact? Examining the Missing Link/Naturalistic Process 55:25 07/28/2019
Hebrews 11: So what exactly does "faith" mean? 55:59 07/21/2019
John 17: Jesus Conclusion of His Teaching of His Disciples Part II 55:21 07/07/2019
Could Peter Have Been the Pope? 52:01 06/23/2019
John 17: Jesus Conclusion of His Teaching of His Disciples 53:50 06/16/2019
The Lord's Prayer or The Disciples Prayer? Understanding the Meaning of this Prayer 55:12 06/09/2019
Defining Success: Focusing on Spiritual Vs. Physical 55:48 06/02/2019