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If you want to make some positive changes, try the simple, practical and effective self - improvement tools in each 10 minute podcast with Chartered Psychologist Dr Audrey Tang.Music Season 1-13 Music season 13 onwards: Simon Gargrave


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00:23 1/15/24
Are Wellbeing Apps Good for us?
This is the final podcast of this season and indeed this "run" of Retrain Your Brain.  We're undergoing some changes, so please enjoy previous episodes in the interim....rather App-tly (see what I did) this episode looks at the value of wellbeing apps and how digital wellbeing can contribute to improving mental health.#wellbeingapps #digitalwellness #mentalhealthawareness #wellbeing 
04:29 8/2/23
We need to talk about Financial Toxicity
Financial Toxicity is when the cost of our treatment results in making us sicker.This podcast explains the many ways "Financial Toxicity" manifests.  It also looks at what is being done to tackle it, and outlines the many resources we might be able to use to help.#financialtoxicity #finacialstrife #helpwithdebt #illness #chronicillnessRetrain your Brain is undergoing some changes - in the interim, please enjoy previous episodes
07:22 7/26/23
Boost happiness through positive psychology
Martin Seligman stated that "the skills of flourishing...go beyond those of minimising sadness" - we need to put different work in to thrive, compared with working to "feel better".  This podcast gives you some ideas of simple ways you can make a start.#positivepsychology #martinseligman #thriving #flourishing #boosthappinessRetrain your brain will be undergoing a change - in the interim, please enjoy previous episodes
07:20 7/19/23
Why can't I make the changes I want?
We KNOW what we have to do - but somehow we fall off the waggon and stay off...and yet we seem to be so driven to do all the other things that, in perspective, matter less to us.  Could it be we just don't care enough?This podcast looks at some simple exercises we can do to improve our self care.#selfcare #change #healthyhabits #motivationRetrain your brain will be undergoing some changes - in the break, please enjoy previous episodes.
05:02 7/12/23
Quiet qutting
What is quiet quitting?  Why does it happen and what can we do about it - especially if we are feeling the urge to do so ourselves.#quietqutting #workplacehealth #workplacewellbeing 
08:57 7/5/23
Dealing with grief - and returning to work
While I've spoken about managing grief in the past, this podcast gives you ways of dealing with it in the return to work:- what conversations may you need to have- remembering it's ok to talk...or not to- the importance of practical support.For more information: #movingthroughgrief #supportingsomeonegrieving 
08:27 6/28/23
How to heal from a breakup
This podcast reflects on how sometimes we do need to break free from old ties in order to move forwards - as emotionally difficult as that may be.  I also give a few practical ways to start the healing process.#movingon #healingafterbreakup #relationshipgoals #healthyrelationships
08:12 6/21/23
What does achievement mean to you?
I've often said that being a "high achiever" isn't a compliment, because it often means you seek certificate after certificate - almost to find a sense of relief of attaining something, but no real fundamental joy, nor sometimes appreciation of nor learning from the process.  I reflect on my process from not being a great swimmer to...NOT doing the Dart 10k in 2022#dart10 #swimming #highachiever #wellbeing
08:05 6/14/23
Identify what your real work achievements are
As adults we don't often get the same sort of praise and certification that we used to get as children, in a structured, schoolroom setting.  Instead WE need to work out for ourselves what matters -and these changes, these developments, these learnings often need to be done explicitly - we don't just suddenly "Mature into realising it!" This podcast helps you identify and celebrate your achievements - in the world you live in now!
06:33 6/7/23
Recognise ordinary resilience
YOU are an amazing being!  If you reflect on your own life, you will see that you have overcome so much - and although your story may be so unique that your journey isn't a mainstream film yet - you are still your own hero, and what you've been through matters.  This episode reminds you that YOU need to start to accept that what you have overcome was tough - otherwise no amount of validation from others will make a difference.  It also asks you to stop saying the phrase "you just do it don't you"...NO -  maybe YOU just do it, but it isn't an easy task, and just because you tolerated so much adversity doesn't make it ok to have happened to you!#tolerance #adversity #resilience #validation #selflove #selfdevelopment
07:11 5/31/23
Dealing with gaslighting in the workplace
While there are many toxic behaviours in the workplace, not all of them are gaslighting.  This episode explains what gaslighting is, and how it can manifest, but the difference between that and other toxicity is intent.Saying that, whether intentional or not, toxic behaviour needs to be dealt with, and this podcast also gives you practical ways you can address it.#gaslighting #gaslightingatwork #toxicworkplaces #dealwithtoxicityatwork #healthyrelationships
06:17 5/24/23
Manage emotional neglect when you've not wanted for anything else
When you've been given everything except what you really crave - emotional love and understanding - it can leave you in a bit of a dilemma.  You don't feel authentic, because you may have been brought up to only reflect the wishes of the parent; or you may not feel quite complete because you've never really been tested - your parents have been so protective you've not learned to solve your own problems.  This podcast looks at how that can feel and what we can do about it.#emotionalneglect #personaldevelopment #authenticity #parentsgaveeverything
07:01 5/17/23
Why leaders REALLY need EQ
It's not just about leadership skills including emotional intelligence (EQ - Emotional Quotient), but leaders are often in the place to support their teams who themselves don't always have a great amount of emotional intelligence!  Leaders really need great EQ, because it's not always easy for everyone to develop it, and with a leader who has it, we've got another chance to learn.  This podcast also gives tips on improving our own EQ.#emotionalintelligence #emotionallyintelligentleaders #eq #improveeq
06:37 5/10/23
Dealing with judgment (parenting)
I was recently asked to explore why people may feel so judged over their parenting and what they can do about it.  In this podcast I look at just that, but the exercises and tips can also be used for anyone feeling judged or insecure about anything - for example, the job you're doing, the success rate you have and so on.#judgment #parenting #personaldevelopment #selfcompassion #selfesteem #comparisson
08:00 5/3/23
Leadership lessons from Star Wars
In preparation  for May 4th, here are some leadership lessons from The Rise of Darth Vadar - which might be particularly important for today's corporate empires.  Warning: contains spoilers!#starwarsday #mayfourth #leadershiplessons
07:08 4/26/23
Why do I people please and how do I stop?
A bit of a follow-on from last episode.  Here I look at the reasons for people pleasing, as well as offer 4 practical tips that I have used - which have worked for me - to get better at setting boundaries and protecting my time and energy.  Giving, kindness, compassion, "pleasing" in fact can be very positive - but it is a gift that must be offered discerningly if it is not to drain you.#peoplepleasing #selflove#personaldevelopment #sayingno #settingboundaries
08:05 4/19/23
Why do I give conditionally?
If you are giving and giving and finding that you aren't getting something in return, you may need to explore:- Why you placed a condition on the gift- AND if the other person was even clear there WAS a condition!This podcast touches on the "corrective experience" which is the attempt to make up for feelings of loss in the past through actions in the present - with different people, which may not go as we intended.#gifting #expectation #correctiveexperience 
05:12 4/12/23
The benefits of strength training on wellbeing
While I'm not a fitness practitioner, I do understand the benefits that exercise can have on the brain and body - and I thought I would go through some of the "happy hormones" that are stimulated when we engage in this form of self care.#exercise #benefitsofexercise #strengthtraining #happyhormones 
05:50 4/5/23
Understand your REAL feelings!
We often need to go BELOW the emotional "top line" eg "I'm sad" "I'm angry" to learn what we're really feeling and to make sure our responses are helpful to us.  for example, if you say "I'm tired" but the truth is you're "tired of feeling second best" or "tired of people dumping on you"...then "getting more sleep is NOT going to help.  This podcast explores what lies beneath and how we can access it.#emotionalintellience #understandingemotions #emotionalmanagement #emotions 
07:59 3/29/23
The benefits of getting involved in the community
"Social Wellbeing" - giving back to your community or volunteering or fundraising has a number of personal benefits as well as helping those you are getting involved to support.  Reflect on a few of them in this podcast and see if they inspire you to inspire others to get involved.#socialwellbeing #benefitsofvolunteering #charitywork #fundraising 
05:29 3/22/23
How to RESPOND rather than REACT
Learn about why we instinctively react or Knee jerk to strong emotional feelings, and what we can do to create some headspace to think more wisely, and act more effectively.#respondnotreact #personaldevelopment #emotionalmanagement 
06:54 3/15/23
It's not always fun in the sun!
There are a lot of benefits of warm weather, but actually there are a number of problems associated with it to.  Learn about both, and what you can do to minimise the negative impact of heat in this short podcast.#hotweather #heatrage #benefitsofsummer
06:00 3/8/23
If you cannot "choose happy" - try a different emotion instead
We know that happiness is a STATE not a goal, but it's not easy to "choose to be happy" - so why not choose any number of these other positive emotions instead, and they may LEAD to the state of happiness.#positivepsychology #howtobehappier #personaldevelopment #positiveaffect #lifesatisfaction #valuesinaction
08:56 3/1/23
Acting "nice" is not always a good thing
It's actually quite easy to "act nice" - that is "act nice", and it gets you quite far.  But when you no longer get your way, the "nice" fascade can crumble leaving people thinking "WTF!?"  In this podcast I explore the reasons why people learn to "be nice" - but also what we can do if we're on the receiving end of thinking someone was nice and finding out it may have been a very good act.#actnice #gaslighting #nacissism #relationships #authenticity 
05:24 2/22/23
Have you LEARNED to be a people pleaser?
Sometimes, if we have grown up being a "fixer" for whatever reason, that becomes a strategy for getting praised, avoiding trouble and getting on with others - and it works, people like someone who can solve their problems, but do it too much (for other adults) and they come to rely on you, they may take advantage of you, and they also never learn to empower themselves.  This podcast explores why it happens and what we can do about it.  #fixer #peoplepleaser #problemsolver
06:56 2/15/23
Tips on making effective complaints
I cannot guarantee these will work, and neither am I offering legal advice, but in this episode I break down my approach to making a complaint which has enabled me to achieve mainly satisfactory resolutions/refunds/compensation - without the need to resort to the courts or other formal action.#howtocomplain #makingacomplaint #takingaction 
09:58 2/8/23
Feeling unseen? Voice your needs to get them met
Feeling unseen? If we have grown up learning to supress our needs, we can become very good at seeing them in others, BUT ALSO less good at asking for what we need ourselves.  This leaves us thinking - I'm so good to everyone, why don't they see me?  Sadly, what you may need to do is learn to voice what you need, or at least don't make it seem so easy if you're doing something "nice" that really does put you out! AND  spend time with those who really do appreciate you, and try and hear them fully.  Explanations and tips in this episode!#getneedsmet #feelunseen
10:41 2/1/23
Is it time to tweak your values?
If you are giving and giving and giving because you believe it's the right thing, but you're exhausted and you're getting little in return, perhaps it's time to change the value a little to something a bit more discerning.  This podcast explains why we do that, and how we can start to make healthy tweaks.#values #acceptancandcommitmenttherapy #selfworth 
07:19 1/25/23
Stop at red flags - before they stop you!
Using a reflection on my near acceptance of a potentially dangerous situation...because I really wanted it to work out as an example, I look at why we ignore red flags.  If we are choosing to do this, we need to ask ourselves - how much of the potential consequences are we truly willing to get used to?#redflags #usedcar #selfawareness
08:34 1/18/23

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