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Modern Family Matters

Modern Family Matters is a podcast based out of Portland, OR that discusses a variety of different topics, ranging from divorce and custody to adoption and estate planning. We believe that there is no such thing as "broken" family, and that true family can take on many different forms. Join our host, Steve Altishin, as he interviews attorneys and other industry professionals on all matters pertaining to the modern family.


Preparing for Child Support: Taking a Closer Look at Oregon’s Child Support Guidelines & Calculations 33:20 10/05/2021
What Is Intellectual Property, & How Is it Addressed in Divorce and Estate Planning Cases? 31:04 09/23/2021
Estate Planning 101: The Basics of a Trust, & How to Create One That Is Best Designed for Your Goals 29:36 09/10/2021
Covid 2.0: Handling the Uncertainty & Surviving the Upcoming School Year 28:00 08/20/2021
Co-Parenting a Child with Special Needs: Reaching Alignment to Create a Proper Blueprint for Success 36:28 07/28/2021
Till Death (or Divorce) Do Us Part: The Ins and Outs of Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements 30:33 07/08/2021
Divorce & Mortgages: How the Two are Less Like Oil and Water Than You Might Think 37:21 06/23/2021
The Power of a Thoughtfully Crafted Parenting Plan, & Why They Are So Important to Get Right 35:19 06/07/2021
The ABC’s of a Last Will and Testament: Simplifying Estate Planning 38:24 05/19/2021
What to Expect From a Client/Attorney Relationship, and How to Work Together for a Positive Outcome 37:50 04/28/2021
Co-Parenting During the Summer Can Be Hard! How to Treat Your Ex Like a Business Partner & Choose Cooperation Over Conflict 38:00 04/14/2021
Selling Your Home Before, During or After a Divorce: A Realtor’s List of Do’s and Don’ts 37:56 03/26/2021
Understanding Divorce Discovery: Why It’s Important, What to Share, and How Your Legal Team Can Make All the Difference 38:59 03/15/2021
Trickle Down Bleakonomics: How High-Conflict Relationships Hurt Children & 5 Ways to Foster Healthier Dynamics 40:48 02/09/2021
Military Divorces and How they Differ: Protections, Divisions & Pensions 33:07 01/27/2021
Estate Planning Resolutions: The Benefits of Reviewing Your Estate Plan Annually 36:37 01/26/2021
A Guide to Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) Restraining Orders 40:17 12/15/2020
Best Practices for Negotiating Business Ownership During a Divorce 35:11 11/16/2020
Divorce, Domestic Violence, & Tenancy Rights: Leasing Options for Renters (& Their Landlords) 40:00 11/09/2020
The Do's and Don'ts of Courtroom Conduct: What to Know Before Your Hearing 38:38 10/29/2020
How to Protect Yourself From Losing Health Insurance During a Divorce 41:10 10/19/2020
Important Things to Know About DHS and How Child Welfare Cases Are Processed 43:06 09/28/2020
Creating the Right Plan for You: Demystifying Estate Planning Documents 36:01 09/10/2020
Utilizing Mediation to Resolve Family Disputes: Safeguarding Time, Money, and Privacy 38:08 08/28/2020
Creative Ideas to Motivate Children as Virtual Learning Looms Ahead 41:10 08/21/2020
Behavioral Finance: Learning How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Buy Happiness 45:40 08/12/2020
What Is Financial Therapy, and How Does it Effect Financial Planning? 35:26 07/27/2020
How Does DACA Impact Family Law Matters for DREAMers? 35:51 07/16/2020
What Are the Legal Rights for Unmarried Couples Who Separate in Oregon? 39:05 07/10/2020
Avoid These Parenting Pitfalls! Strategies to Protect Your Child’s Mental Health During Lockdown 33:12 07/02/2020