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Head Above Hypocrisy is a podcast that dives into the human condition via a common sense lens, that discusses everything from current news events, day to day perils of parenting to life long perils of being black in America Hosted by William Jeffery, an opinionated individual that takes his observations of the human race and invites you to reflect upon yourself, those around you, and occasionally take action. William is a family man, basketball enthusiast, lover of music, fetcher of things up high, and fierce defender of all things logical. He brings all his personal experiences into the podcast shedding a unique light on real world issues all while reaching out to the Head Above Hypocrisy community to bring forth important discussions in our society today.


Do teacher's need to be paid more? Let's talk about it. 
29:07 10/03/2022
Compliments to the Quitter
Why does she get praise for quitting her job? Let's talk about it. 
22:17 09/26/2022
The World's Oldest Profession
Do you know what it is? Let's talk about it. 
28:20 09/19/2022
Stupid FN Smart People
I said it, can't take it back..Let's talk about it. 
41:11 09/05/2022
Don't Feed the Raccoons
I told you don't do it! Let's talk about it. 
35:29 08/29/2022
No Friends For You
Can guys have girls as friends if they are married? Let's talk about it. 
33:48 08/22/2022
Serenades & Sunscreen
Things are heating up this summer...Let's talk about it. 
33:41 08/15/2022
Tokyo Abortions
Let's talk about it. 
24:04 08/01/2022
The Over Under Act
Let's talk about it. 
38:59 07/25/2022
Knowing Everything About Nothing
Internet Trolls, hump! ...lets talk about it. 
35:50 07/18/2022
The Great 8 Debate
Nick Cannon...need we say more...lets talk about it. 
25:36 07/11/2022
More Wives
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
25:27 07/04/2022
Finale Maybe?
Time moves by so slowly (or fast?)...let's talk about it. 
41:38 05/09/2022
Debating Arguments the Language of Love
I stand by it, let's talk about it. 
40:37 05/02/2022
I Shouldn't Have Said That
Whoops! Let's talk about it. 
34:19 04/25/2022
How Much Is Free Netflix?
Who are you bumming Netflix from? Let's talk about it. 
39:31 04/18/2022
You Don't Slap A Man
Tisk Tisk Mr. Smith...let's talk about it. 
35:48 04/11/2022
Porn Commercials
Ummm...when you can't think of a topic...let's talk about it. 
37:44 04/04/2022
Boris the Bear
Russia...shakes head...let's talk about it. 
28:17 03/28/2022
Don't Rush in with the Weed
What in the world is going on with Brittney Griner?...Let's talk about it. 
34:27 03/21/2022
Don't Die On Your Day Off
Avocado Shortage and Amazon Drivers fighting for their lives. Let's Talk About It. 
33:26 03/14/2022
Don't Die In Traffic
When traffic is just that bad. Let's talk about it. 
28:45 03/07/2022
What Color Is Your Internet?
Apparently the internet has a case of colorism...Let's talk about it. 
27:20 02/28/2022
Will Olympic For Food
How much money do Olympic Athletes make vs. my bank account? Let's talk about it. 
29:25 02/21/2022
Go Senior It's Your Birthday
When Birthday celebrations start to catch up with you...let's talk about it. 
30:26 02/14/2022
Meta Target
What more could you want from Target?Support the show (
28:17 01/31/2022
Congratulations You're Homeless
New suns and such...
29:47 01/24/2022
Mile High Headshots
What qualifies as assault? 
25:15 01/17/2022
Bad Vacation, Happy Life
When a vacation goes sideways...
26:31 01/10/2022
Homeless Pending
Adulthood has made me loss my sympathy, ughh...can I help you fill out an application?
28:45 01/03/2022