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My Heroic Life is a podcast about mental health and superheroes, where we discuss our favorite superhero stories and how they inspire us to explore new ways to improve our mental health.


The Keys to Building a Healthy Relationship with Jordan Green
This week we are joined by the Love Therapist, Jordan Green, to discuss relationships, attachment styles, superheroes, and how to build a secure and healthy relationship with your partner. Jordan is a therapist, coach, and licensed clinical social worker who specializes in counseling and couples therapy.To find out more about Jordan, check out her website at follow her on her on instagram: you enjoy this weeks episode!
44:55 6/7/21
Breaking Down The Falcon and Winter Soldier with Trey Miller
This week, Matt chats with Trey Miller as they break down their favorite moments Falcon and the Winter soldier. Trey and Matt also discuss a few important mental health topics like body image, body shaming, how we look at ourselves in the mirror, and how to love ourselves no matter what shape we are, or what point we're at in our mental health journey.
56:49 5/17/21
Find Your Inner Superpowers and Rewrite Your Origin Story with Dr. Janina Scarlet
This week, Matt interviews Dr. Janina Scarlet, a licensed clinical psychologist, author, speaker, and creator of Superhero Therapy. They discuss her inspiration for superhero therapy, her new book: Super Women, her favorite heroes, and why therapy is an important tool to utilize, no matter where you might be in life.Dr. Janina Scarlet is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Author, TEDx Speaker, and a full-time geek. A Ukrainian-born refugee, she survived Chernobyl radiation and persecution. She immigrated to the United States at the age of 12 with her family and later, inspired by the X-Men, developed Superhero Therapy to help patients with anxiety, depression, and PTSD.Dr. Scarlet is the recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award by the United Nations Association for her work on Superhero Therapy.  Her work has been featured on Yahoo, BBC, NPR, Sunday Times, CNN, CW, ABC, The New York Times, Forbes, the Nerdist, BuzzFeed, and many other outlets.
46:44 5/10/21
Achieving an Abundance Mentality with Tenaya Cleveland
This week, Matt chats with actress Tenaya Cleveland from Atlanta, GA to discuss mental health, finding the right support group, and achieving an abundance mentality. Tenaya also shares her favorite superheroes, and how navigating the dark places in life are the key to finding what it takes to become a hero.
43:53 5/3/21
Breaking Down the Snydercut with Sam Williams, Dade Elza, and Brandon Marino
This week, Matt interviews Sam Williams, Dade Elza and Brandon Marino for a special episode as they break down their favorite moments from the newly released 4 hour cut of the Justice League. Join us as we discuss what we thought worked from the new version, how this film raised awareness for mental health and suicide, and what this film might mean for the future of the DC Cinematic universe!
77:42 4/19/21
How to Create Your Own Universe With the Power of Friendship w/ Nick Oliaro
This week, Matt interviews Nick Oliaro, a writer and tech student from Wisconsin. In this episode, Nick shares how he turned his love and passion for superheroes into writing his own superhero universe, starring his best friends as the main characters! With continued support from his friends, family, and classmates, Nick was motivated to create his own "Young Avengers" inspired superhero universe that has spanned across three books with over a hundred characters. Nick also shares how he overcame challenges with mental health and growing up on the autism spectrum with Asperger's, and how friendship is the most important aspect of being a true hero.
42:52 4/12/21
The Ultimate Path to Self Mastery with Cooper Heston
This week, Matt is joined by his childhood friend Cooper Heston, as they discuss their favorite superhero shows and their personal experiences with mental health and overcoming depression. They discuss the power of setting goals and accomplishing tasks on the way to self mastery, and finding the right balance in their lives.
104:43 4/7/21
Vulnerability is Your Superpower with Arnold Chun
There are moments in life that change us, and set us on a path towards growth and self discovery. Our guest this week, Arnold Chun, is someone who experienced one of these life changing moments. Years ago, after struggling for years with depression, Arnold nearly lost his life in a car accident. It is not only remarkable that he survived, but stepped forward from this dark moment and grew from it. Arnold went on to star as an actor in several hit shows, including the Big Bang Theory and Man in the High Castle, but most notably, Arnold became a father. In this episode, Arnold shares his story of breaking into the film industry, recovering from depression, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and controlling what you can when the odds seem stacked against you.
78:01 3/29/21
The Superpower of Self-Forgiveness
Have you ever felt intense shame, grief or guilt over a past mistake or traumatic event? In this weeks episode, Matt discusses the superpower of self-forgiveness. In the wake of so much heartbreak and tragedy in recent weeks, Matt shares the story of a familiar superhero who found the hope and strength to carry on after a horrific event.
08:48 3/24/21
How to Forge Your Own Path and Discover Your Origin Story Like Nightwing w/ Brandon Marino
Have you ever struggled with finding your own path, or felt unsure about what step to take next, or which direction your life should go? You might be feeling like Nightwing, a superhero who used to go by the name of Robin, and trained under Batman. After Bruce Wayne cut ties with Robin, Dick Grayson had to decide which path to take next, and how to become his own superhero.On this weeks episode, I had an amazing time talking with Brandon Marino, an actor and martial artist who has a deep connection with Nightwing. We break down some of our favorite qualities about Nightwing and how he inspires us both. Brandon and I also discuss trauma, recovering from toxic relationships, the benefits of therapy and so much more.
69:43 3/8/21
Overcome Anger Like the Incredible Hulk
Anger is a feeling that many of us try to avoid, suppress or ignore. But what happens when we allow our anger to overwhelm or consume us? This weeks episode is all about how we make peace with anger, just as Bruce Banner did during his time with the Avengers.In this episode, Matt shares a few ideas about how our anger can be used as a way to cover up the pain of feeling ignored, unimportant, or unloved. When we are unable to validate ourselves, we may eventually turn to invalidating others through anger to find comfort.Check out this weeks episode to hear more about overcoming anger like the Incredible Hulk!
04:47 3/1/21
Facing Down Trauma and Surviving Depression With the Power of Spider-Gwen w/ Katherine O'Day
This week, Matt interviews actress, vocalist and model Katherine O'Day, who shares a few personal stories about facing trauma and coping with depression and anxiety. Katherine also shares an incredible story about her personal connection with the superhero Spider-Gwen, and how it has fueled her to follow her dreams.
77:23 2/23/21
Reach Your Full Potential With the Power of Positivity
This week Matt discusses how setting an intention to stay positive in our every day lives can cause a ripple effect that sparks massive changes in our health, happiness and success. Matt also discusses a new TV series that inspired him to cultivate a more positive outlook in his own life.
07:50 2/15/21
Turning Your Pain into Purpose with Deborah Lee Smith
This week Matt interviews actress and filmmaker Deborah Lee Smith to discuss her new podcast: More Than You See. In this episode Matt and Deborah share their experiences with depression and suicidal thoughts, and how their recovery shaped their purpose.
75:21 1/25/21
The Five Stages of Grief: How to Let Go of Someone You Love
In this week's episode, Matt shares a personal story of loss and his journey through the five stages of grief, along with helpful tips for dealing with the loss of a loved one.
26:30 1/20/21
Finding Your Creative Spark During Hard Times with Mikensie Johnson
In this weeks episode, Matt Edwards and Mikensie Johnson discuss the challenges they overcame in 2020 by starting new projects and building creative habits. They also reflect on their growth from last year,  share positive results from spending less time on social media, and break down an unexpected favorite superhero.
56:04 1/11/21
Become Your Own Hero in 2021
Happy New Year everyone! In this weeks episode, we put 2020 in the rear view and focus on becoming your own hero in 2021. Matt lays out a 5 step roadmap for staying accountable and achieving your goals in the new year.
11:15 1/2/21
Finding Different Paths to Success with Jamie Nalbandyan
This week, Matt sits down with Jamie Nalbandyan to discuss her new book: Living Your Life In Plan B to Z. In this episode, Matt and Jamie discuss staying open to new paths in life, and how finding a solid plan B-Z can help you  discover a new calling, or even pave the way to achieving the goals and dreams you've always had.
53:45 11/11/20
Facing Fear with Willpower with Dade Elza
This week on My Heroic Life, Matt and guest Dade Elza discuss the origin story of Green Lantern, their favorite moments from the Green Lantern comic book universe, and how the Green Lantern Corps teaches us to overcome our greatest fears with willpower.
107:50 9/30/20
The Balance Between Rage and Serenity with Ogeyi
In this weeks episode, Matt interviews Ogeyi to discuss relationships, self-love, and her new book: Love of Life: The Kingdom Way.
81:46 9/16/20
Higher, Further, Faster: Conquering Self-Doubt with Julia Darling
In this weeks episode, Matt interviews Julia Darling about one of her favorite heroes: Captain Marvel. While discussing Carol's comic book origins, they reflect on overcoming self-doubt and giving back to the community. Additionally, we give a special tribute to Chadwick Boseman, who recently passed away last weekend.
52:02 9/1/20
Rising from the Dark
This week on My Heroic Life, Matt opens up about past traumas and how he overcame some of the darkest moments of his life. In this episode Matt discusses the power of staying true to yourself, facing your darkest demons, and finding inspiration from a hero with a dark past.
15:52 8/13/20
The Wisdom of Black Panther: How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety with Chanelle May
In this weeks episode, Matt and Chanelle break down their favorite heroes from Wakanda: Black Panther, Shuri, and the Dora Milaje. They also discuss their personal roadblocks and challenges in life, and how overcoming their fear is the key to finding success.
54:37 8/3/20
The Path to Self-Love
This week on My Heroic Life, Matt discusses an often overlooked but very important topic: self-love. In this episode we discuss the power of building small habits, changing our thought patterns, and affirming the very powerful phrase: "I Am Enough." We also discuss guilt and self-condemnation, and how this relates to the story of a specific superhero.
11:34 7/27/20
Standing Strong with Kumari Small
This week on My Heroic Life, Matt interviews actress and activist Kumari Small. In this episode we discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, the power of accountability, and finding the courage to stand up for what you believe in. 
55:47 7/20/20
The Power of Stillness
In this weeks episode, Matt discusses the power of stillness, and how negative or positive thoughts and reactions can have a profound effect on others and our own well being.
08:08 7/13/20
The Courage of Captain America with Benji Murdock
This week on My Heroic Life, Matt and Benji break down one of their favorite superheroes: Captain America. As they dive into the past of Steve Rodgers, Matt and Benji also discuss Captain America's unique qualities that make him a memorable hero, and how they hope to express those same qualities one day in their own lives.
70:33 7/6/20
A Heroic Morning Routine
This week on My Heroic Life, Matt discusses the small steps he took to developing a consistent morning routine. In this episode we examine the power of developing small incremental habits that can eventually spark massive changes in our lives.
10:00 6/29/20
The Strength of All Might with Livingston Denegre-Vaught
This week My Heroic Life soars into its very first interview with Livingston Denegre-Vaught. Matt and Livingston discuss their favorite superhero show My Hero Academia and how it inspired them both to take action and improve their lives.
59:08 6/22/20
Welcome to the very first episode of My Heroic Life. An inspirational superhero podcast designed to inspire you to discover the hero within.This episode is just a short introduction. I'll be laying out my intentions for this podcast and what I hope to achieve as the podcast grows. Enjoy!
11:13 6/12/20