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Blackstone Irregulars

Official podcast for the author Holly Blackstone. I discuss books (mine and those written by others), as well as writing, publishing, storycraft and similar subjects. I may even talk about my cats! Email: Ko-fi:


Podcast 6 - We All Have Stories In Us - Part 5
Wherein I discuss mythology, world-bulding, and how it fits in with my upcoming title, "The Void Wept", part of my high fantasy/romance series. Email:
33:00 7/21/20
Podcast 5 - We All Have Stories In Us - Part 4
Wherein I discuss secondary characters, crafting dialogue, the movie "365dni" and Remus the cat makes an appearance. Email:
33:00 7/7/20
Podcast 4 - We All Have Stories In Us - part 3
Wherein I walk through how I developed the story in my cyberpunk novel, "And Laugh at Digital Butterflies" and a few other matters. 
30:33 6/26/20
Podcast 3 - We All Have Stories In Us - Part 2
Wherein I prattle on about a myriad of topics including first person versus third person, intuition, unreliable narrators and workflow. The Microsoft Word Template that I created and reference can be found at my blogsite here: 
26:53 6/20/20
Podcast 2 - We All Have Stories In Us - Part 1
Wherein I talk about how to get inspiration for stories and how to start crafting the bare outline of one. 
14:27 6/12/20
Podcast 1 - How It All Began
Wherein I relate how my writing odyssey began years ago during a long road trip! 
13:57 6/9/20