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If you want to hear the truth, listen to the suffering!!
Host Julian Perry talks about listening to people who are suffering to hear the truth.
23:23 10/07/2022
Don't blame the expression!! Solve the problem!!
Host Julian Perry discusses the blame placed on Rap and Drill Rap music and those responsible for fixing the real problem.
17:51 09/30/2022
Why The Hate?
Host Julian Perry is discussing the hate and prejudice that has taken over Social Media and beyond.
16:26 09/23/2022
Stopping the Violence - The government's responsibility
Host Julian Perry discusses violence in minority communities and how the government needs to step up and in for its citizens
15:09 09/15/2022
The Credit System - Is it fair?
Host Julian Perry chats about credit.
13:53 09/09/2022
Student Loans - The Biden Plan
Host julian perry discusses the recently announced student loan debt forgiveness.
18:40 09/02/2022
Human Trafficking - The Whole Truth with Rima Nashashibi
Powerful conversation with the Founder and President of Global Hope 365 Rima Nashashibi (on the phone) about Human Trafficking.Rima Nashashibi is the Founder and President of Global Hope 365, a 501c3 nonprofit based in Orange County, dedicated to ending harmful practices towards womenand girls, specifically Child Marriage and Human Trafficking.Rima is an Internationally Recognized Speaker, Political and Community Leader, and Activist with more than 20 years of experience in public speaking, conductingseminars, and media appearances. Rima has been hosted by the U.S. Department of State as a speaker on American Politics and training women to run for office in various countries.Rima is a Recipient of Numerous Congressional, State Senate, and Assembly Awards. Most recently, Rima was nominated as one of Orange County Business Journal'stop businesswomen in Orange County, October 2020, and selected to receive a Congressional Woman of the Year Award in March 2020.Rima serves on the Board of Directors of the United Nations Association of Orange County, the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles, and many other local and national nonprofits. Rima has been active in Orange County politics for approximately three decades and is a past President of the National Women Political Caucus ofOrange County, a nonpartisan organization committed to electing more women into office.Global Hope 365: CA Coalition to End Child Marriage: our advocacy efforts to End Child Marriage here with us to End Child Marriage us continue with our efforts us: Rima@GlobalHope365.orgStandard Human Trafficking resourcesReports Of Child Exploitation, Trafficking Increase During PandemicOnline child sex abuse reports surge as kids spend more time on computers amid coronavirus5 internet filtering services for families
66:42 08/26/2022
Rebroadcast: The Challenges of Black Women in Corporate America
An open discussion on the challenges of black women in corporate America featuring two guests. (On the phone).
42:05 08/19/2022
Rebroadcast: Mental Health Challenges - A chat with Consultant, Speaker and Author Alison Pena
An in-depth discussion about Mental Health and its challenges with expert Alison Pena (on the phone)Alison Pena aka Bad Widow is a consultant, speaker, and author, living in NYC. During her husband's 11-month battle with pancreatic cancer and a widow, until he died in her arms at home in 2016, Alison learned to live fearlessly in the face of death. She discovered how to move through grief, re-engage in life, reinvent herself, and rebuild her networks back to life, work, and even love.BadWidow.comLinkedIntwitterInstagramFacebookDavid Beynon Pena art gallery (Note: This is the art gallery)(W)Righting Your Way Through Transition
37:47 08/12/2022
Rebroadcast - Surviving A Homicide - The Jan Canty Story
A powerful conversation with licensed Psychologist and Author Jan Cany about surviving a homicide.Bio of Jan Canty, Ph.D. A native Detroiter, Jan Canty, Ph.D. is a psychologist, writer, photographer, educator, consultant, and cancer survivor. She holds a terminal degree in psychology as well as a post-doctoral fellowship from the Wayne State University School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine.  She is a licensed psychologist. Following the murder of her spouse, she began her 30-year redacted life and quietly moved deep into the Midwest and taught psychology at a small, rural college away from tourists, airports, memories, and intrusive questions. She worked as a forensic psychologist in a large mental hospital and taught graduate school in the evening. Her chosen specialty was cross-cultural psychology which lent itself to photography and international travel to remote villages on five continents.  Dr. Canty was awarded Faculty of the Year in her second year of teaching. Life circumstances delivered her to be uniquely qualified to speak about surviving murder both from a professional and a personal viewpoint.  In July of  2019, she spoke at the International Association of Identification in Reno to an assembly of homicide investigators and lab techs from 38 countries and has been a guest speaker for medical examiners as well as contributing author for Coroner Magazine.  She has been a guest on the podcast Crime Scene Today. In late 2019 Dr. Canty began her own podcast entitled Domino Effect of Murder in which she explores the aftermath of violent death by those who have traveled the path.  She anticipates the publication of her book A Life Divided by the summer of 2020. Dr. Canty presently lives and works (as a consultant) to the federal government full time. She spends her free time with her family, two Saint Bernards, engages in photography, gardening, and weightlifting. www.jancantyphd.comTrue crime memoir on Amazon:  ("A Life Divided")  Podcast ("Domino Effect of Murder") through the Mental Health News Radio Network (available on the usual platforms):  
47:46 08/05/2022
Rebroadcast: Mini Series - Losing a Child to Homicide - Episode 2: featuring Kevin McCall
Kevin McCall is a husband and father. He spent his career as a plumbing professional and business owner. Kevin was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He continued to live in Pennsylvania after marrying, and this is where his three children, Kimberly, Kevin, Jr., and Ryan, were born. Kevin moved his family to Florida in 2007, where he currently resides with his wife of 40 years, Joanne. Following Ryan’s murder in 2009, he founded the Ryan P. McCall Foundation, Inc. to honor his son’s memory and to carry out Ryan’s vision of helping others and giving back to the community. The Foundation sponsors charity runs and other fundraising events, using the proceeds to support local organizations in Pennsylvania and Florida. Kevin remains close with his two living children, Kimberly and Kevin, Jr., who are both married, and he treasures the time he spends with his grandchildren. His deceased son, Ryan, remains a close companion in his thoughts and in his heart.
80:12 07/29/2022
Rebroadcast: An Honest Discussion about Race Relations with Writer and Public Speaker Kevin Hofmann
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
47:06 07/22/2022
The January 6th Insurrection, our Democracy and more!!
Host Julian Perry discusses the January 6th Insurrection, our democracy, WFM and quality of life, and more......
49:12 07/15/2022
Hot Topics in the News: IRS; Brittney Griner; Student Loans
Hot Topics in the News: IRS; Britney Griner; Student Loans with host Julian Perry
43:27 07/08/2022
Perspectives on two of the recent and most controversial US Supreme Court rulings!!
Host Julian Perry shares his perspectives on recent US Supreme Court decisions.
60:52 07/01/2022
What's on my mind!! - inflation, political games and more!!
Host Julian Perry shares his thoughts on inflation, financial challenges, work challenges, and more.
58:05 06/24/2022
The gun control discussion continues!!
The gun control discussion continues with host Julian Perry
64:39 06/17/2022
Pro Gun!! Anti Gun!! Or, just common sense. It's time to listen to each other!!
A chat about gun violence and gun laws with host Julian Perry
48:52 06/10/2022
Violence and oppression - Take responsibility
With host Julian Perry
31:36 06/03/2022
The riveting story of Racquel Jones - The Welfare Escape Artist
From Desperation to Leading the Nation, RW Jones Launches The WEALTHFAIR Tour and Can I Live Organization to Guide Single Mothers and Families Toward Breaking Cycles of Poverty and Welfare DependencyRW Jones also known as “The Welfare Escape Artist,” teaches low-income families how to protect and grow their income, while receiving various social services benefits (i.e., subsidized Housing, SNAP, Medicaid, etc.). Jones recently secured more than $1.25 million dollars in Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Grants during 2017 to help families remove barriers and achieve self-sufficiency.A former chair of a public housing authority board of commission, a housing authority staff, and a welfare mother herself, RW Jones is the “Go-To” Subject Matter Expert on all things Resident Services, Program Development, Leadership, Policy, and Self-Sufficiency.With a journey as remarkable as her mission, Jones is creating sustainable solutions to the poverty crisis that enable and empower single mothers and families to BE the change.
59:48 05/27/2022
A glimpse into the struggle against racism in America
With host Julian Perryemail:
50:20 05/20/2022
The state of our union
With host Julian Perry
34:42 05/13/2022
Reflections of Motherhood on this Mother's Day!! - 05/08/2022
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
21:28 05/08/2022
Don't take away the chance of the America Dream!! - Cancel Federal Student Loans
Host Julian Perry discusses student loan debt and its devastating impact on households and the quest for the American Dream.
47:44 05/06/2022
The Financial Crisis: Rent, Inflation, The fight for survival!!
247 Real Talk Podcast host Julian Perry discusses the rent crisis that is looming in NYC and more!!
47:26 04/29/2022
Challenging Government elected by the people to work for the people!!
Host Julian Perry discusses unfair government policies (taxes) and the destructive epidemic that is student loans!!
52:07 04/22/2022
The Supreme Court Confirmation, Crime in NY, Student Loans, etc - with host Julian Perry
247 Real talk host Julian Perry discusses crime in NY, inflation and its effect on those burdened with student loans, the confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown and its handling by the White House, etc
49:10 04/15/2022
The return of a former world heavyweight boxing champion to the ring!! - A chat with Chris Byrd
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
38:20 04/08/2022
One step forward, two steps backward - The slap at the Oscars and more with host Julian Perry
Relax and enjoy the host Julian Perry sharing his perspective on crime in NY, student loans, and the slap at the Oscars.
55:13 04/01/2022
Engaging conversation with entrepreneur sensation and Owner/Founder of the MOGUL TV Global Network - Tameka Walker Chapman
Tapping into her gift of creativity, Tameka Chapman created the Mogul TV Global Network to offer television programming that showcases culture, legacy, and diversity. Partnered with Roku, Amazon Fire TV & Apple TV, MOGUL TV Global Network App is available to over 100 million viewers! Tameka Chapman is a US Navy Veteran, Television Producer, Award-Winning & International Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Global Speaker, former Paralegal Specialist [15 years], and 7-Figure Business Growth Strategist to some amazing entrepreneurs! When she is not busy in her multiple roles as the CEO of Mogul Media, LLC, she is fully enjoying life with her husband of 22+ years and the ah-mazing toddler duo Aspen + Arden!CEO, Mogul Media, LLC ( Creator and Founder, Mogul TV Global Network ( On Mogul TV Global Network you can watch amazing shows and LIVE events Website | Email | Connect ==> Check out Season One of our original shows!Curves, Curls, and CrownsIn Her EarYoung & Thrivin' EntrepreneursStay tuned for more
52:50 03/25/2022