Show cover of Amazing Applications - build Dynamics 365, Power Apps and Power BI apps that everyone will love

Amazing Applications - build Dynamics 365, Power Apps and Power BI apps that everyone will love

The Amazing Applications show is for Microsoft Business Applications creators who want to build amazing Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent and Power BI applications that everyone will love. The podcast is hosted by Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Neil Benson.


"OMG, I love your new system. It's so easy to use!" with Bruce Sithole, 365 Mechanix 30:18 09/29/2021
Business Transformation with Microsoft Business Apps with Lipi Sarkar 15:41 09/16/2021
Mastering Dynamics 365 Requirements in Azure DevOps with Dani Kahil 24:27 09/13/2021
How to Design Forms for Amazing User Experiences with Mary Ann Castro 24:10 09/03/2021
Hello, My Sweet Chatbot 🥰 with Dian Taylor 18:35 08/24/2021
5 Reasons To Avoid Analysis in Advance 19:43 08/16/2021
Advanced Product Owner Questions 20:13 07/26/2021
10 Product Owner Myths on Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Projects 18:21 07/13/2021
Product Goals for Power Platform and Dynamics 365 13:46 07/05/2021
Who Makes the Best Scrum Product Owner? 24:53 06/28/2021
Apps for Winning Awards with Gail Mercer-MacKay, Mercer MacKay Solutions 37:43 06/21/2021
Power BI Deferred Design with Reza Rad, RADACAD 48:40 06/14/2021
Building a CRM App for Financial Advisors with Stephen Handley, Fin365 43:50 06/08/2021
A Power Apps Portal for 1 Million Users in 100 hours with Mohammed Mohsin Khalid, Imperium Dynamics 42:16 05/31/2021
Adopting the Power Platform with Brendan Eger, Partners in Health 39:39 05/25/2021
Power Apps for 100,000 users with Mandar Zope, Slalom Consulting 34:41 05/17/2021
Agile Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations with Paul Heisterkamp 35:56 05/11/2021
Are Microsoft Certifications Causing Projects to Fail? with Julie Yack and Julian Sharp 40:47 05/03/2021
3 Big Lessons in Change Management with Britt Damkjaer 40:53 04/26/2021
Bonus: Extended Interview with Marc Schweigert 10:12 04/21/2021
Power Apps ALM Accelerator for Advanced Makers with Marc Schweigert, Microsoft 56:26 04/19/2021
Pitching Scrum to Microsoft Customers 19:09 04/05/2021
3 User Story Traps to Avoid with Power Platform and Dynamics 365 25:18 03/29/2021
Bonus: Extended Interview with CJ Brooks, MISSION CRM 16:17 03/24/2021
The Making of MISSION CRM with CJ Brooks 38:40 03/22/2021
Bonus: Extended Interview with Bert Wijns, Power Accelerate 16:30 03/17/2021
Automagically Building Power Apps with Bert Wijns, Power Accelerate 39:41 03/15/2021
Building Power Platform Applications for a Church with Haniel Croitoru, Protiviti 31:10 03/08/2021
#NoEstimates Business Applications with Vasco Duarte 44:42 03/01/2021
Documenting Power Apps with Daryl LaBar and Jonas Rapp 39:14 02/23/2021