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Countyfairgrounds, Rodeos & Bulls

Countyfairgrounds presents Rodeo and PBR podcasts - covering all rodeo type events and places they are practiced. We also cover rodeo clowns, and bull riders here. This podcast covers anything having to do with western type events having to do with rodeo and bulls


World Oldest Rodeo 2022 interview by Countyfairgrounds
CoolKay and Countyfairgrounds interview the Work;d's Oldest Rodeo in Prescott, Arizona ... celebrating 135 years this year with Frank Lopez We talk about its history and what goes on at this road and some memorable moments.
23:01 6/25/22
Rooftop Rodeo Colorado presented by Countyfairgrounds
Countyfairgrounds interviews the Rooftop Rodeo from Estes Park, Colorado - taking place starting on July 5th. Mark Purdy - Chairman and I talk about kids activities, rodeo clowns, their stock contractor, and of course the riders
13:15 6/29/21
PRCA interview by Countyfairgrounds
Countyfairgrounds Interview about the PRCA - what it is and what it does and their cowboys . Scott Kaniewskipr, PR We also talk about COVID and the PRCA. We talk about the cowboys and how they get started and what they do and how one gets into the sport.
18:22 7/10/20
Countyfairgrounds presents the PBR
Countyfairgrounds presents the PBR - interview with Ryan Seddon,, Senior Manager of Event Development - this is a history of the PBR and what is going on now . We talk also about the bulls and what it takes to be a bull rider. We also talk about how they are handling the COVID virus situation .
20:09 6/12/20