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We talk People, Projects, Process, Performance (but in an interesting and fun way). Are you tired of hearing "Work smarter, not harder" or our favourite "Just give 110%" with no real helpful guidance and what that means or even where to start? We can help you improve things and have some fun while we do it. This is a show that gets down to real stuff you can use in your work and life. We explain the jargon and get back to simply getting results. Reduce the frustration, do things easier, faster, less costly, and definitely more enjoyably. With more than 25 years experience each, Nathan and the team have learned a few things through successes, mistakes and no small amount of head shaking, eye rolling, and laughter. Pull up a coffee, or something stronger, and listen to real stories and advice from professional coaches. project managers, engineers, accountants and just generally useful people to have around. It's not about giving 110%. It never was!It's about looking for ways to be that bit more effective today than you were yesterday. Relax, join us, and even help us improve! Contact us at


Season 2 Intro - Now with some structure!
A short introduction to the second series of Podcasts from ImprovAbility!Feedback, comments, suggestions or jokes can be sent to media@improvabilitysolutions.comor contact us via our website:
01:18 3/28/23
My opinion is just as invalid as yours!
In the current world where everyone has a voice, should we consider them all to be equally valid? I don't think so.We have to manage our lives with so much data out there how do we know that what we are being told is the right way to go? For that matter, how do we know that what we claim is right actually is!In this episode we discuss why we sometimes let our opinions dictate choices that we would be better to check and validate. When it comes to choosing who th ebest person is to help you do something, is it really your clone that is the best choice?Maybe that annoying person in meetings who keeps on disagreeing with you might just be the best asset your brain ever had!Worth thinking about...
08:53 10/26/20
Your customer doesn't care about your process!
You spend ages documenting your processes. You hire numerous expensive consultants to draw pretty visio or ARIS pictures for you. You now have folders upon folders of colourful flowcharts and procedures written. You have expensive training courses that take your staff days to attend!Why don't your customers kneel down before you demanding that you take their money?Frankly, because they don't care about any of that...and neither should they! They care about you delivering their products and services.You should care about your processes in as much as they help you do that. (Apologies for the lower recording quality on this episode...will fix this in future episodes!)
08:43 10/6/20
Father's Day - The Quality Podcast with my Dad
What else would you do on Father's day other than discuss quality and process...but with your dad!Listen to my interview with former Quality manager and trainer Bert Jones as we talk about what has changed and what hasn't in the last 50 years in quality and processes.Ultimately, the customer still defines what quality means, and this applies to what they receive, but also how you interact with them.
16:44 9/8/20
The paradox of the "Expert"
What is an expert? How can you tell? In this episode we talk about the difference between an expert that can help you...and someone who just tells you they are!
08:08 8/27/20
ImprovAbility - Who are they?
We love getting your feedback! This episode comes from a feedback question that read " hearing about your ideas to improve things, but who are you and what do you do?"OK...great feedback (and maybe pointing out that I'd taken some things for granted...!)ImprovAbility is a business based in Sydney Australia that helps to improve performance. We focus on People, Process and Projects.Listen for more information, or email info@improvabilitysolutions.comor see our website www.improvabilitysolutions.comor call 1300 246 943We haven't yet trained carrier pigeons...but hopefully the above is enough for you to reach us!
11:18 8/21/20
Your reports are OK...and that's the problem!
Reports should be succint, directly useful, and drive action. At least that's the myth...I haven't seen many like this!Are your reports including more and more data, but you feel they are telling you less and less? Is every measure on every status showing green (or strangely, different shades of blue...), yet you feel that something isn't right? Maybe you need to think differently about your reports.Maybe you should listen to this podcast and see if there are any useful tips that you might be able to take away and make use of right away.
13:16 8/8/20
Governance is about yes, not no!
Admit it. You've been in the room when people throw around terms of which they simply don't know the meaning. It could be that it is out of context (like saying things to sound more photosynthesis...ok, bad joke...but you get the idea!). Governance is one of those words. It is much more simple to understand than most people think and can be applied in a manner that improves productivity and control, without adding paperwork and signatures...governance is not about signatures any more than it is about adding delays.This episode offers an easier way to think about governance.Comments and feedback welcome!
09:49 7/27/20
Don't let perfect be the enemy of good
Have you found yourself going over something a million times and still decided you weren't happy with it? How annoyed do you think your clients are if they have to wait longer just so you can put a pretty bow around your work?More often than not, good enough really is! Don't strive for perfect in your eyes if those who need the outcome of your work are happy with a different standard.Oh, and I probably talk about ducks again....
06:58 7/16/20
You're either SWOT or you're not
So you've been asked to do a SWOT analysis....isn't that one of those one page things that you do and then throw in a report, never to be seen again?Maybe, just maybe there is something more to this thing.Maybe, we can help you think differently and do something useful with these boxes on a page.
10:03 7/2/20
What was this meeting about again?
How many times have you shown up to a meeting just because it is in your calendar? Have you been organising meetings where there is no agenda and peoplehave no real clue why they are there? Then you might want to consider calling them off, or circulating the lyrics to Kumbaya, and providing catering.....This episode is about how to make meetings effective. Nathan talks through some of the challenges in getting effective outcomes and what you can do in order to make better use of your time and the time of those you need to get decisions from.
11:57 6/23/20
Plans and German Philosophers
When you were listing the assumptions in your business plan, were you thinking global pandemic? It's unlikely!Any plan that you put in place needs to constantly be revisited and adjusted as new realities come to light.Do you still think the same way you did a year ago? Is there anything you've learned since then? Are you still trying to do everything; leaving most thing unfinished?Might be worth a rethink....
09:01 6/15/20
Decisions, Ducks, and Cheese sandwiches
What is it about decisions that makes us afraid to make them?In this episode we look at some of the reasons why people back away from making decisions, why we all seem to worry about everyone else, and what is it about the ducks and cheese sandwiches?I guess you'll have to listen to find out!As always, questions, comments and feedback are most welcome!
13:21 6/15/20
Lessons Learned from a 10 year old
During the 2020 lockdown suddenly school age children were working from home along with their parents. Interesting times indeed!We often think that a lessons learned activity needs to be something formal, or with lots of experts in a field. Not so! You can learn a lot from talking with anyone directly involved in an event. Amelia, my 10yo daughter, asked to say a few words on the podcast...and here is that interview....
16:58 6/15/20
Just give 110%, right?
Are you tired of hearing "Just work smarter, not harder!"?Or my favourite "You need to give 110%", as if you've just been sitting around being lazy or something!This podcast is for you and the business you are in. We can help. Instead of throwing buzzwords and consulting phrases at you (well, sometimes maybe...) we want to talk with you about things we've learned over the years about effective ways of doing things.In these podcasts we're going to try and make the topics of People, Projects, Process and Peformance fun and interesting. Hopefully there will be some things that we talk about that you can take away right away and use. It's not about giving 110%. It never was.It's about always looking for ways to be more effective today than you were yesterday. Can you achieve 110% of what you did then?You can reach us on info@improvabilitysolutions.comor
02:08 6/15/20