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Multiply Your Success with Tom DuFore

You’ve worked hard to build your business and now it’s time to grow. Join Tom DuFore, CEO of Big Sky Franchise Team, each week as he interviews leading entrepreneurs, executives, and experts who share their misses, makes, and multipliers. If you are a growth-minded entrepreneur, investor, or franchise company, then this is the podcast for you. Big Sky Franchise Team is an award-winning consulting firm and its consultants have advised more than 600 clients, including some of the largest companies in the world. Tom has the unique perspective of the “franchise trifecta,” by being a franchisor, a franchisee, and a franchise supplier.


107. Why Appreciation is a Necessity, Not a Nicety—Diana Rogers Jaeger, Founder, Love to Appreciate 36:36 06/27/2022
106. Finding Profit with Presence—Dr. Eric Holsapple, Founder, Living in the Gap 28:22 06/20/2022
105. It’s Never Just Business, It’s About People—Jason Scott, Founder, 120VC 36:12 06/13/2022
104. Why Casualness Creates Casualties—Tim Redmond, CEO, Redmond Growth Consulting 34:59 06/06/2022
103. 6 Ways You Are Devaluing Your Business and How to Fix it—Christine Nicholson, Business Mentor, Christine Nicholson Business Mentor 32:04 05/30/2022
102. Creating Workplace Trust and Respect—Esther Weinberg, Founder & Chief Leadership Officer, The Ready Zone 35:59 05/23/2022
101. How to Build Wealth Without Wall Street—Joey Mure, Founder and Partner, Wealth Without Wall Street 34:03 05/16/2022
100. How to Leverage Great Relationships in Both Your Personal and Professional Life—Richard Huffman, Founder/CEO, Celebree Schools and Franchise System 29:18 05/09/2022
99. How Great Relationships Saved My Business—Bew White, Founder, Summer Classics 33:18 05/02/2022
98. The Lucky Formula—Mark Lechance, CEO, Maxy Media, Inc. 21:44 04/25/2022
97. How to Make Money with TikTok—Mark Lechance, CEO, Maxy Media, Inc. 14:45 04/18/2022
96. The Value of Knowing Your Business Valuation—Laurie Barkman, CEO, SmallDotBig 32:26 04/11/2022
95. How to Use Social Media to Transform Your Business—Kevin Kamali, Partner, EA Home Design 24:13 04/04/2022
94. How to Make a Shift from Revolution to Evolution—Jeff Reynolds, President, Reynolds + Myers (R+M) 34:59 03/28/2022
93. From Problem to Solution, a Customer’s Journey to Success—Jennifer Hinds, Founder, NAS Cosmetics 29:45 03/21/2022
92. Why Culture Should be the Foundation of Success—Steve Robinson, Former Chief Marketing Office & Exec VP, Chick-fil-A 49:41 03/14/2022
91. How to Innovate in Small Bites—Gardar Stefansson, Co-Founder/CEO, GOOD GOOD Company 28:54 03/07/2022
90. Finding Great Franchisees Starts with a Conversation—Leo Goldberger, Founder & CEO, Home Based Franchise Group 25:47 02/28/2022
89. Building Your Business’ System and Soul—Chris White, Co-Founder, System and Soul 41:38 02/21/2022
88. How a Franchisee Focus Creates Winning Relationships—Eric Slaymaker, Founder/CEO, Wingers USA 40:18 02/14/2022
87. Do I Need a Patent, Trademark, or Copyright?—Devin Miller, Founder/CEO, Miller IP Law 40:25 02/07/2022
86. How Our Family Business is Still Growing After 40 Years—Austin Rabine, CEO, Rabine Group 36:36 01/31/2022
85. How to Define, Measure, and Achieve Goals—Will Pemble, Founder, Goal Boss Mastermind 44:24 01/24/2022
84. How to Build Your Personal Brand—Jen Dalton, Founder, BrandMirror 34:20 01/17/2022
83. The Employee Benefits Program No One is Talking About and Should Be—Frank Samson, Founder, Senior Care Authority 39:02 01/10/2022
82. How Flewber Looks to Disrupt the Air Travel Industry—Marc Sellouk, Founder and CEO, Flewber 22:37 01/03/2022
81. The Top 6 Trends to Impact Your Small Business in 2022 12:27 12/27/2021
80. Top 5 Episodes of 2021 18:53 12/20/2021
79. How to Create Team Alignment—Robert Clinkenbeard, CEO, The Radix Group 22:59 12/13/2021
78. Does Your Customer Experience Match Your Brand Promise—Chris Wallace, CEO & Co-Founder, InnerView 33:29 12/06/2021