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Loyalty360 is the association for customer loyalty. We bring together the best loyalty-focused professionals from technology and service suppliers and brands under one roof. Through Loyalty360, these professionals find invaluable resources, networking opportunities and guidance provided by internal thought leaders and brands/suppliers on the cutting edge of customer loyalty.


Capillary’s 2024 Loyalty Expo Session: Who would benefit most from attending?
Capillary Technologies is a managed SaaS solution powering 500+ loyalty programs with its best-in-class loyalty technology platform and expert services. Founded in 2012, Capillary has a strong global presence across the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, working with 400+ brands like Tata, PUMA, Shell, Petron, Domino’s, Kanmo Group, and Marks & Spencer. The platform’s suite of products—Loyalty+, Engage+, Rewards+, Insights+—are all AI-powered and sit on top of a powerful consumer data platform that has touched more than a billion end customers.As part of the Loyalty Expo Speaker Preview Series, Loyalty360 interviews presenters who will lead dynamic sessions at this year’s Loyalty Expo in Orlando, Florida, from June 4–6.  Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Don Smith, Chief Consulting Officer at Capillary, about the upcoming session he will lead in June. The session will address the mechanics of customer loyalty programs and what metrics to tap into when measuring customer loyalty efforts. Read the article here:
01:35 5/14/24
Capillary’s 2024 Loyalty Expo Session: What are a few key takeaways?
Capillary Technologies is a managed SaaS solution powering 500+ loyalty programs with its best-in-class loyalty technology platform and expert services. Founded in 2012, Capillary has a strong global presence across the United States, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, working with 400+ brands like Tata, PUMA, Shell, Petron, Domino’s, Kanmo Group, and Marks & Spencer. The platform’s suite of products—Loyalty+, Engage+, Rewards+, Insights+—are all AI-powered and sit on top of a powerful consumer data platform that has touched more than a billion end customers.As part of the Loyalty Expo Speaker Preview Series, Loyalty360 interviews presenters who will lead dynamic sessions at this year’s Loyalty Expo in Orlando, Florida, from June 4–6.  Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Don Smith, Chief Consulting Officer at Capillary, about the upcoming session he will lead in June. The session will address the mechanics of customer loyalty programs and what metrics to tap into when measuring customer loyalty efforts. Read the article here:
01:59 5/14/24
Loyalty360 Loyalty Live | Bill Schneider, SheerID
SheerID is an identity verification company serving commerce brands and working with globally recognized names like Walmart, Target, Nike, T-Mobile, AT&T, Spotify, and YouTube. The SheerID verification platform is built on a foundation of 200K+ authoritative data sources, which power instant consumer verification, establishing whether a person is part of a particular community — e.g., a college student, teacher, member of the military, etc. — or a profession like fitness instructors. Retail brands work with SheerID to provide exclusive offers and rewards to select groups — i.e., Target’s back-to-school program designed to engage educators. Brands leverage SheerID’s service to ensure that the people responding to offers and redeeming rewards are truly members of the specific “community” a brand desires to reach. SheerID’s verification engine works in the background and performs a lookup of the customer record to confirm if access to the reward should be granted. Today, brands are using SheerID’s solution much more for loyalty use cases to collect valuable first-party data while providing special offers. Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Bill Schneider, VP of Product Marketing at SheerID, about the company’s verification platform, customer data privacy, and how marketing to people based on the communities they identify with is a powerful strategy for driving engagement.  
20:59 5/9/24
Loyalty360 Loyalty Live | David Hamel, nventive
With a clientele spanning across the U.S. and Canada, nventive specializes in crafting impactful mobile, web applications, and software solutions that increase engagement and enhance the user experience for brands. From strategy to delivery, nventive’s approach seamlessly blends creativity, technology, and strategic thinking. The core of nventive’s work involves developing custom web and mobile applications, and within the loyalty sector, the company works frequently with coalition programs. Because those programs tend to be more complex, the integrations are vast, requiring nventive to develop many solutions around that vertical.  nventive works in other sectors as well — manufacturing (productivity), financial, retail, and more. Working within these distinct industries allows nventive to glean the best practices across trades and apply them to a specific vector. The company also advises clients and works with existing programs to maximize the experience on mobile platforms. Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with David Hamel, Vice President of Strategy, CX and Design at nventive, about creating a rewarding experience for the customer, the role of micro-interactions in personalization, and leveraging evolving technologies.  
20:54 5/7/24
Loyalty360 Loyalty Live | Sukumar Muthya, Ansira
Ansira is an independent, global marketing technology and services company with clients across B2B, B2C, and B2B2C industries that leverage the company’s suite of proprietary technology platforms across website, media, and channel partner marketing. Ansira guides clients operating in distributed ecosystems to connect with their customers, fostering brand loyalty by seamlessly integrating digital and physical experiences from the enterprise level to the hyper-local level. Recommending best-in-class products, Ansira also works with clients to strengthen loyalty efforts. Loyalty, incentives, and rewards all fall within the company’s integrated loyalty practice.  Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Sukumar Muthya, EVP of Integrated Loyalty at Ansira, about integrated loyalty, how brands can go beyond loyalty mechanics, and ensuring reward complexity is kept to a minimum.
26:24 4/30/24
Rodney Strong: Sustainability Efforts Engage Consumers and Cultivate Emotional Loyalty
Rodney Strong Vineyards was founded in 1959 when Rodney Strong chose Sonoma County in California as the ideal place to produce some of the best-known wines in the world. Three decades after its founding, Rodney Strong Vineyards’ management shifted to the Klein family, and today, their leadership continues the tradition of developing premium wines while prioritizing sustainability efforts.    Vineyard location is critical, and land is carefully selected. At present, the brand owns 12 estate vineyards in Sonoma County, and Rodney Strong itself is right in the middle of the Russian River Valley. The marketing team at Rodney Strong Vineyards is involved in everything from advertising to strategy to social media, packaging, and brand creation. Marketing also works closely with sales and hospitality. Initiatives not only include luxury events drawing wine lovers to Sonoma but also promotions designed to highlight Rodney Strong’s commitment to sustainability.  Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Erica Odden, VP of Marketing for Rodney Strong, about the brand’s sustainability sweepstakes, meaningful customer engagement, and creating an environment for emotional loyalty to flourish. Read the full article on Loyalty360 here:
21:55 4/29/24
Lowe’s Home Improvement: A Tiered Rewards Program Designed To Engage DIYers and Attract Millennials
From its humble beginnings as a hardware store in a small North Carolina town, Lowe’s grew to become one of the largest home improvement retailers in the world. The company counts nearly 300K associates, encompassing 1,700+ home improvement and outlet stores in the U.S. With more than 16M customer transactions every week, the brand celebrated $86.4B in 2023. Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Amanda Bailey, VP of Customer Marketing and Loyalty at Lowe’s, about building a tiered approach in the brand’s MyLowe’s Rewards program, applying personalization within customer loyalty, and engaging millennial homeowners.Read the full article on Loyalty360 here:
23:21 4/24/24
Loyalty Live: TCS on Leveraging Customer Data Platforms in Support of Loyalty Program Efforts
As brand marketers seek to comprehensively understand and use the customer data they’ve collected, one of the first considerations centers on integrating a customer data platform (CDP) into their martech stack or better leveraging the one already in place. While a CDP houses disparate data gathered by various technologies used in an organization, unless a clear process of persona-building, establishing customer journeys, and purpose-led engagement is prioritized, brands can fall into a pattern of trying to engage customers solely through transactional loyalty efforts — which might leave them left behind in a competitive marketplace. TCS Digital Software & Solutions offers software solutions that activate artificial intelligence (AI) across various industries, domains of customer engagement/experience, sustainability, and smart enterprises. TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights™ (CI&I) for retail is an integrated software solution that combines intelligent loyalty, real-time customer data platforms (CDPs), and AI-driven customer analytics. Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Suman Mahalanabis, Head of Product Management, TCS Digital Software & Solutions, and Padmashwini Raghunathan, Product Manager, TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights™ for retail and Loyalty Management, Digital Software & Solutions. The three discussed how a CDP supports a brand’s customer loyalty efforts, customer data privacy and responsible AI, and key personalization initiatives. Read the full article on Loyalty360 here:
29:37 3/19/24
The Coca-Cola Company: Brand Refreshes Global Campaign Leveraging AI and Social Media
The Coca-Cola Company’s global initiative, the ‘Best Coke Ever?’ debate, is using artificial intelligence (AI) to create a truly unique experience for consumers and Coca-Cola fans. One of the key elements in the campaign includes allowing Coke Zero Sugar to “speak for itself” to engage consumers through visual and auditory experiences. Partnerships with social media influencers and leveraging platforms like TikTok are additional components in the global icon’s efforts to increase brand love and attract the next generation of Coca-Cola fans.  In this podcast, Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Oana Vlad, Senior Director of Global Strategy for The Coca-Cola Company, about the brand’s global initiative — the ‘Best Coke Ever?’ debate, leveraging AI as a vehicle to create unique consumer experiences, and measuring success in a campaign with many components. See also: Coca-Cola Launches AI-Powered Holiday Cards 
12:12 3/18/24
Loyalty360 Loyalty Live | Patricia Camden and Michael Anders, EY
As today’s brands continue to seek ways to improve their customer loyalty programs, marketers and loyalty professionals are challenged to provide enhanced experiences and authentic personalization that can lead to greater brand affinity. Emotional loyalty is not built overnight; brands must commit to knowing their customers and preferences, leveraging the knowledge in the right way at the right time. This can be accomplished through customer data insights prioritizing personalization.      Ernst & Young (EY) operates in over 150 countries, working through four integrated service lines — Assurance, Consulting, Strategy and Transactions, and Tax. The organization offers loyalty program services, partnering with brands so that they can cultivate deeper emotional connections with customers. EY’s loyalty programs are designed to enhance customer retention and engagement, increase sales and encourage frequency, facilitate heightened brand awareness and referrals, and provide greater insights into customer data.  EY’s research concluded that 87% of consumers are at least somewhat comfortable sharing data. However, when EY surveyed corporate decision makers that have control over loyalty budgets and programming, personalization and data management capture were lower priorities for investment among companies. EY reports less than half — around 42% — said that they were focused on personalization and customized touch points. In this podcast, Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Patricia Camden and Michael Anders, Loyalty Leaders for EY, about the state of customer loyalty, why personalization is the number one thing brands must focus on today, and how traditional loyalty programs focused on frequency and volume are giving away to more nuanced approaches that consider a customer’s entire relationship with the brand.
20:48 3/12/24
Melting Pot: Inspiring and Cultivating Emotional Loyalty with Customers
The first Melting Pot restaurant, established in 1975 by businessmen Bruce Knoechel and Roy Nelson in Maitland, FL, offered a simple menu of only three items — Swiss cheese fondue, beef fondue, and a chocolate fondue dessert. In 1979, with the support of two siblings, Melting Pot employee Mark Johnston opened another location in Tallahassee, followed by a third restaurant in Tampa in 1981. In 1985, brothers Mark, Mike, and Bob Johnston purchased all rights to the Melting Pot brand from the original owners.  Now a chain of franchised fondue restaurants, Melting Pot counts close to 90 locations across the U.S. and one Melting Pot restaurant in Canada.   In this podcast, Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Ana Malmqvist, CMO for Front Buner Brands, about the importance of personalization in a customer loyalty program, leveraging data from multiple integrated technologies to better understand customer data, and focusing on innovation to create an enhanced customer experience. See also: Restaurant Brands Elevate the Customer Experience by Offering At-home Meal Kits  --  Quick-fire Questions: What is your favorite word?   Energy.  What is your least favorite word?   Leverage.   What excites you?   Growth.   What do you find tiresome?   Process.  What is your favorite fondue?   Alpine.  What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?   Diplomat.  Who inspired you to become the person you are today?   My mother.  What is your favorite book recommendation to make to colleagues?   The Da Vinci Code.  How do you want to be remembered by your friends and family?   Present.  
24:20 3/11/24
CVS Pharmacy: Evolving Customer Loyalty Programs and Creating a More Convenient Customer Experience
In 1963, Consumer Value Stores was founded in Lowell, MA, providing customers with health and beauty products. The company name changed to CVS by the end of its first year in business, and by 1967, pharmacies began to appear within its stores. The brand focused on healthcare, and huge growth followed through multiple acquisitions and the establishment of new locations. In the early 2000s, CVS Pharmacy launched ExtraCare®, its first loyalty program, and experienced much success in the loyalty space. By 2018, the brand acquired Aetna, and this development supercharged and accelerated CVS’ goal of helping customers with health and wellness goals. CarePass® — the brand’s premium program — was launched in 2019, driving loyalty efforts and creating more convenience for shoppers, and in December 2023, the brand scaled same-day delivery nationwide. Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Zach Dennett, Vice President of Loyalty, Omnichannel and Hispanic Formats, CVS Health, about the brand’s premium customer loyalty program tier, customers engaging with the brand digitally before shopping in-store, and how the customer experience should be personalized, but not overtly obvious. Read the full article on Loyalty360 here:
29:36 3/6/24
Loyalty360 Loyalty Live | Mladen Vladic, FIS
Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Mladen Vladic, General Manager, FIS Loyalty Engagement Solutions, about looking at the holistic enterprise value of the consumer, the value in looking inside the organization to determine friction at touchpoints, and the challenges and opportunities in customer loyalty in the year ahead.
24:15 3/5/24
Loyalty360 Loyalty Live | Terry O’Neil, Citi Retail Services
Customer expectations continue to evolve, and when considering a purchase — a big ticket item or even a smaller one — they often look for flexibility in payment options. Merchants and retailers operate in an increasingly competitive space, seeking to create a better customer experience to win greater loyalty and frequency while also increasing sales. The customer/merchant relationship does not have to be one of opposition. There are solutions that can benefit both.    The Connected Commerce and Strategic Growth division of Citi Retail Services is designed to reimagine point-of-sale (POS) lending. The team conceptualizes how finance products can be integrated with merchants’ POS systems and how to make it easier for merchants to connect with Citi. The information is leveraged when building products and merchant connection points, enabling customers to access relevant lending products when checking out or buying merchandise. Indeed, Citi’s research revealed that both consumers and merchants are looking for multiple payment options at the checkout. In fact, 90% of surveyed consumers agreed that retailers need to offer various payment options at the POS. Designed for consumers and retailers, Citi Pay® products help consumers understand the monthly cost of a product. Instead of focusing on the total transaction amount, they can assess purchases based on the associated monthly payments. This process helps consumers determine how the product or the purchase best fits into their budget. In this podcast, Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Terry O’Neil, Head of Connected Commerce and Strategic Growth for Citi Retail Services, about the future of POS lending, the strategic partnerships Citi’s formed to enable Citi Pay®, and how merchants shouldn’t underestimate the power of an embedded payment product in building customer loyalty. 
23:39 2/27/24
Bob Evans: Cultivating Emotional Loyalty by Making Customers Feel Recognized and Special
Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Bob Holtcamp, President and CMO at Bob Evans, about leveraging a new AI-driven loyalty-and-offer solution, merging marketing and IT leadership, and making customers feel recognized and important. 
23:01 2/26/24
Loyalty360 Loyalty Live | Kim Welther, Baesman
Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Kim Welther, Vice President, CRM & Loyalty for Baesman, about the challenges and opportunities in the year ahead, including defining and measuring success, metrics to consider, and what it takes to stand out in a crowd. 
14:40 2/20/24
Loyalty360 Loyalty Live | Laura Miller and Martha Cohen, Kobie
Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Laura Miller, SVP of Strategic Services, and Martha Cohen, Vice President, Client Services at Kobie, about leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce pain points, breaking down organizational silos to build better programs, and challenges in customer loyalty.  
27:29 2/13/24
Loyalty360 Loyalty Live | Jill Moser, Mastercard
Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Jill Moser, SVP of Global Offers at Mastercard, about what will impact loyalty in 2024, how brands should approach building relationships, and why offering customers choice is imperative to remain competitive in the loyalty space.
19:29 2/6/24
Hooters: Customer Engagement, Brand Partnerships, and the Role of Today’s CMO
Hooters is a globally iconic, image-based, casual dining restaurant brand founded in 1983 in Clearwater, FL. The company consists of nearly 370 stores in total, which include domestic and international franchisees. The brand’s footprint counts 42 states in the U.S. and 29 countries and endeavors to serve great food in a fun environment.  Hooters’ tagline is Hooters Makes You Happy — and that’s the brand’s goal. Hooters wants to give its customers a break from the everyday routine and offers an escape featuring cold beer, chicken wings, and the legendary Hooters Girls, who deliver memorable customer experiences in a fun and engaging way.  Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Bruce Skala, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), HOA Brands, about how the responsibilities of the CMO have changed, successful partnerships with sports figures, and leveraging social media influencers to drive sales.  
24:16 2/5/24
Loyalty360 Loyalty Live | Don Smith, Brierley – Capillary
Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Don Smith, EVP, Chief Consulting Officer at Brierley, about defining and measuring success, trends Brierley notes for 2024, and what generative AI means for brands. 
31:47 1/30/24
Loyalty360 Loyalty Live | Tom Madden and Katie Berndt, Phaedon
Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Tom Madden, Executive Vice President, and Katie Berndt, Vice President, at Phaedon, about expected trends in 2024, challenges and opportunities for brands, and how listening to customers will determine loyalty program success.
31:26 1/23/24
Loyalty360 Loyalty Live | Manoj Agarwal, Xoxoday
In today’s commercial landscape, fostering customer loyalty requires more than discounts and rewards. Brands must also deliver personalized experiences to engage and delight customers along their journey. Xoxoday empowers brands to meet this challenge with software solutions that promote loyalty by enhancing the customer experience.Loyalty360 spoke with Xoxoday Co-Founder Manoj Agarwal about how experiences affect customer loyalty, the importance of personalization, and creating customer-centric loyalty experiences.
21:59 1/16/24
1-800-Flowers: Helping Customers Build Meaningful Relationships Builds Better Customer Loyalty
In the journey from that first retail flower shop founded in Manhattan by Jim McCann in 1976 to the gift-giving resource giant known as 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc., the trajectory of the company has been one of growth. From that first location and over the next ten years, McCann went on to open 13 more stores. In 1986, the company secured the toll-free phone number 1-800-Flowers and adopted it as its name. An exciting opportunity to become the first merchant provider to appear on AOL opened up in 1994. The company’s own website went live in 1995, and in 1999, the company was renamed 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. in conjunction with its IPO.The 2000s were one of expansion as the company began to offer more products. Multiple digital and voice platforms were developed in the 2010s, giving customers more ways to shop. Today, gift-givers are presented with a broad variety of choices as 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. offers products through more than a dozen different brands encompassing gourmet food, personalized products, and, of course, bouquets of flowers. With such a wide selection of offerings, the company can serve a diverse customer base that seeks to celebrate important moments, give messages of comfort in difficult times, and improve relationships with friends and family members through the act of sending a meaningful gift.Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Jason John, CMO at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc., about the brand’s Celebrations Passport loyalty program, how communications reflect enterprise values at the brand level, and how the company’s focus on helping customers develop better relationships builds better loyalty.Read the full article on Loyalty360 here:
21:58 1/10/24
Loyalty360 Loyalty Live | Sam Panzer, Talon.One
Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Sam Panzer, Director of Industry Strategy at Talon.One, about the 2024 trends in customer loyalty and some of the opportunities he sees within his organization from the brand side.
24:28 1/9/24
Bojangles: Shaping the Customer Experience with the Right Technology and a Dash of Southern Hospitality
Bojangles is a Carolina-born restaurant brand specializing in Southern food like hand-breaded fried chicken and made-from-scratch biscuits. Founded in 1977 in Charlotte, N.C., by Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas, the brand now operates over 800 restaurants in the Southeast. Deeply influenced by “Southern hospitality,” Bojangles draws guests back to its restaurants with friendly crews focused on making the experience memorable for customers.   Bojangles is poised to begin an aggressive expansion across Florida, Texas, Nevada, and Ohio. The fast-food brand is on a mission to deliver a “taste of the South” to the rest of the country. Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Sergio Perez, Sr. Director of Omnichannel Initiatives at Bojangles, about building the Bojangles Reward program, forming partnerships that leverage customer affinity, and driving personalization by knowing what resonates best with customers.  
25:42 1/9/24
Amtrak: Enhancing the Customer Experience with a Proactive Service Recovery Initiative
From the inception of railroads in the U.S., commercial freight railroads operated private passenger service. However, by the 1960s, travel by air and interstate highways dominated, and it was no longer profitable to operate passenger railroads.As a result, private railroads in the U.S. were not doing well. Passenger service was one of many headwinds they had in the business, and they were essentially looking to end it. The federal government did not want to see a wholesale failure of the railroads in the country and decided to develop a solution: Amtrak.Amtrak, founded in 1971, is a private company, but the sole shareholder is the United States Federal Government. In some regard, there is a public side to the brand. Amtrak assumed all the passenger lines managed by the different railroads throughout the country. Since then, the company has grown — cutting some lines while adding others and revitalizing the fleet.Today, Amtrak has observed historic interest and levels of investment in passenger rail as a low-energy, sustainable way to travel. This recognition points to passenger rail as having a role to play in the future of travel in the U.S. Over the next 10 years, the company plans to move its services into new markets while improving service in existing ones.Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Adam Levin-Epstein, Director, Amtrak Guest Rewards, and Ross Nizlek, Director, CRM Operations & Strategy at Amtrak, about Amtrak’s Guest Rewards program, using customer loyalty data to determine program enhancements, and the brand’s commitment to “proactive service recovery.”
22:54 1/8/24
Food Lion: Keeping Customer Loyalty and the Customer Experience at the Forefront
Founded in 1957 in Salisbury, N.C., Food Lion has spent over six decades delivering fresh and affordable products to its customers. With over 82,000 Food Lion associates serving more than 10M customers each week, the brand’s 1,108 store locations span a 10-state operating footprint in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S.  A part of the Ahold Delhaize USA family of brands and supported by partners at Peapod Digital Labs, Food Lion prioritizes listening to customers in order to deliver fully on its brand strategy while celebrating its “Count On Me” company culture. All efforts are designed to improve Food Lion customers’ emotional connection to the brand. The company also places an emphasis on serving local towns and cities through Food Lion Feeds and its partnerships with community food banks, working to alleviate hunger as part of the brand’s commitment to corporate social responsibility efforts. The brand’s current goal is to provide 1.5B meals to individuals and families experiencing hunger by the end of 2025. Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Neil Norman, Director of Loyalty & CPG Marketing Partnerships at Food Lion, about its dynamic MVP Program, the brand’s “Count On Me” culture, and keeping efforts focused on the customer experience.
12:34 1/3/24
Fubo: Building Brand Love by Rewarding Consumers and Investors
Originally established in 2015 to provide soccer fans with a way to stream matches, today, Fubo is a direct-to-consumer live TV streaming service enjoyed by 1.48M paid subscribers in North America. Growing through strategic acquisitions, the service has expanded its scope of programming to encompass additional sports, news, and entertainment content, operating in the U.S., Canada, and Spain, as well as in France as Molotov. While the company still sees itself as a sports-first service, a wide portfolio of content has been designed to keep consumers engaged.Fubo completed its initial public offering as a New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Company in October 2020. In fall 2023, Fubo announced a partnership with TiiCKER, a software platform that engages, verifies, and rewards retail shareholders.Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Alison Sternberg, SVP, Investor Relations at Fubo, about building brand love, rewarding platform users and investors, and the Share Perks program created through a partnership formed with TiiCKER.Read the article here:
41:51 1/2/24
Loyalty360 Loyalty Live | Vince Tirelli, dunnhumby
Discover the future of grocery shopping with Vince Torelli, the customer strategy maestro at Duhumbi, as we unravel the secrets behind what really drives your choice of where to buy your groceries. Vince, with his rich blend of international experience and genuine zest for food and strategy, brings us an insider's look at how Duhumbi weaves personalization and customer loyalty into the very fabric of their retail solutions. We dig into the pivotal role of customer data, and how it's shaping grocery shopping experiences to cater to individual needs, from your budget considerations to your taste for local flavors.Join our heartfelt journey that goes beyond the aisles and checkout lines, touching upon the ethos of gratitude that guides my life, influenced by my family's Italian heritage. Vince shares his personal narrative too, contributing to our rich tapestry of insights. We cover everything from HEB's community-focused strategies to Amazon's digital personalization prowess, illustrating how building a genuine connection with customers can lead to unwavering loyalty. Whether you're in the retail industry, a foodie, or just curious about the evolution of shopping, this episode is packed with industry expertise and personal stories that will enrich your understanding of the power of personalization in retail.
25:41 12/29/23
Loyalty360 Loyalty Live | Sam Panzer, Talon.One
Loyalty360 interviews Sam Panzer, Talon.One, to discuss the trends in customer loyalty and customer experience, and the changing industry landscape.
26:24 12/12/23