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Everyone hits a bump in the road. What do you do with it?  Be inspired as we explore the ways people experience, navigate and manage the ups and downs and twists and turns in this road trip called life.


Aliza Shatzman: Justice For All?
Aliza Shatzman graduated from Washington University School of Law.  Following law school, She moved to Washington, D.C. to clerk in the D.C. Superior Court, with the goal of launching her career as a homicide prosecutor But she never had a chance to pursue her dream . The judge she clerked for harassed her, ignored her, and excluded her from the office’s day to day legal business, He then abruptly ended her clerkship and behind the scenes, maligned her character. His actions ended her legal career before it could even start. Aliza's solution would send her career on a different path. A path that is already making a difference for others. Join the conversation.   #BumpInTheRoad #Law 
43:17 09/21/2022
Nancy Rynes: A Near Death Experience
Nancy Rynes identified as an atheist. But a bike ride one January day in her hometown of Boulder, CO changed that. Nancy was running some errands on her bike when she was hit by an SUV and dragged a considerable distance. Her injuries were horrific, with more than one hundred broken bones, pelvic injuries and an shattered spine that required immediate surgery. During the surgery her heart stopped, her blood pressure went to zero, and she had a near death experience that changed her life. Join us for a conversation about finding one's truth and one's way after a life altering bump in the road. More of the story and conversation on the website #BumpInTheRoad #NDE #NearDeathExperience #Spirituality
53:13 09/14/2022
Deborah Dubree: The Psychology of Success
Deborah Dubree grew up in Chicago, loving sports. That childhood love would manifest itself many years later in her career as she started coaching professional athletes. But Deborah’s coaching isn’t on the field. It is in the mind, heart and soul of each individual she works with. In Deborah’s first act she rose from secretary to CEO of a construction company which she sold for $20 million dollars. What does one do as an encore? Deborah’s encore has manifested itself in two books (Average Is An Addiction, HOWL) and and most importantly in a new line of work with her company ClearEdge. Her goal: “I started this whole thing with the underlying truth that I’m trying to stop people’s struggle. The struggle they have is within.” Join us for a look at the psychology of living a good life.   #BumpInTheRoad
41:42 09/07/2022
Manuj Aggarwal: Bootstrapping Your Dreams
Today Manuj Aggarwal is a business strategist, inventor, author, and entrepreneur. He is the Founder and Chief Information Officer at Tetranoodle Technologies, a big data and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) consulting company. He has four patents and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge to help others along their path. But Manuj wasn't always an entrepreneurial success. He started life in India, making $2 a day, working 12 hour workdays, 6 days a week. There had to be more to life, he thought. And in this podcast, she shares his path and some of the wisdom that has come from it.   #BumpInTheRoad #Entrepreneur #Wisdom
32:04 08/26/2022
M.C. Sungaila: Women In The Law
According to Statista, in 2020, 37.4% of lawyers the US are women. That’s a far cry from 1980, when 92% of practicing lawyers in the United States were men, and many jobs weren’t even open to women. How does one navigate this professional terrain? M.C. Sungaila talks about her path in the law and her podcast, The Portia Project. The Portia Project is an oral history of women in law. M.C. created it to give back, and to encourage young women to explore the many ways a law degree can be useful in their professional careers. #BumpInTheRoad 
47:55 08/19/2022
Bobbi Gibb: Running, A Love Story
Bobbi Gibb is truly a Renaissance person. She is relentlessly curious.  She is well versed in physics and law. And she is a stunning artist.  In 1966, Bobbi became the first woman to to run the Boston Marathon. She had to sneak into the race (women weren't allowed) and she ran in her brother's bermuda shorts and a hoodie to disguise her sex. Women of the era were destined to marry and have children to econmically and socially survive. They weren't allowed in the Harvard Library. They weren't allowed in the Boston Marathon. The presence of a woman in any profession was a rarity. But this paradigm was ready for a change. And Bobbi in following her heart and her love of running, would be one of the people to change it. #BumpInTheRoad #Running #WomensSports #BobbiGibb
57:04 08/12/2022
Jenny Wakefield: A Life of Sobriety and Happiness
From frat parties to happy hours, alcohol is part of our culture and society. The 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and health found that 85.6% of people have drunk alcohol at some point and 69.5% drank in the past year. But a certain percentage of people cannot tolerate alcohol and they cannot quit. Jenny Wakefield is one of these people. Looking at Jenny today, it’s hard to imagine her homeless, hooked on alcohol, or unemployed. She’s been sober nearly a decade and she shares her story to inspire others. Sign up on the website to hear the full story. A Bump II Subscription gives you access to more conversation, information and soon, special events. #BumpInTheRoad
26:20 07/29/2022
Finding Truth By Way Of Joseph Campbell
This is the finale to the saga of Wendy Wagner PhD's quest for wisdom and guidance. Wendy’s journey was, in so many ways, Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey. She sought answers to some of humanity’s timeless questions. She faced obstacles and setbacks. And ultimately, on a quest to find timeless truth, she found the path to the answers she sought. She shares her wisdom in the second part of this podcast ("Bump II") which is available on the website ( for subscribers only. You can check it out for free by using the code FREEMONTH when subscribing as a Bump II member. This is an incredible podcast that wraps up Wendy's travels through Asia and South America and more. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of this summertime saga. #BumpInTheRoad
32:16 07/15/2022
Ringing The Bell On The Bolivian Altiplano
If you ever thought that Indiana Jones was fiction, this story might just make you change your mind.This is the third installment of the ultimate summer adventure. And it’s all true. It’s the story of one PhD student on a quest for the meaning of life. Why are we here? What are we meant to do? Ageless questions for which each generation and each individual must seek their own answers. The next step of Wendy’s journey is guided by the mysterious and elusive Juan Flores, Wendy’s contact and guide in La Paz Bolivia. #BumpInTheRoad   #BumpInTheRoad
55:36 07/07/2022
The Magic and Serendipity of Travel
Do you believe in serendipity? In this second part of the story of Wendy's quest, she takes off to Samoa, BoraBora, Easter Island and eventually lands in Santiago, Chile. In Chile things do not go as planned and Wendy finds herself alone in an isolated mountain town, except for one friend, an old book she finds in a tiny, cluttered bookstore.  Why this book? Is it serendipity? And what might she learn?   This is the second podcast in this series. If you missed the first one, worry not: there is a summary at the beginning that will bring you up to speed on this incredible quest for one woman's meaning in life.   #BumpInTheRoad #Travel #Adventure #SpiritualQest
58:12 06/24/2022
Indiana Jones Meet Margaret Mead
It is summer, and there is never a better time for a good story. This podcast is the type of story best told over a campfire, where the your senses are heightened, your imagination keen, and your edges of the night leave you susceptible to a different reality. This is the first of a four part series. It is the remarkable story of a spiritual quest for truth by a Phd psychology student. It’s part Raiders of the Lost Ark, and part Cheryl Stayed’s Wild, all told from the perspective of a Margaret Mead. And it’s the first time this story has been told. Listen in for a summertime saga of adventure that takes us from Hawaii to Asia, to South Anerica and back with a young Phd candidate, Wendy Wagner, as she searches for timeless wisdom and answers. #BumpInTheRoad #Adventure #Spiritual #Travel
45:44 06/15/2022
Shane Cooke: Mindfulness and The Chef
Shane Cooke is a well known chef who has worked in MIchelin two starred restaurants, as well as at the corporate level, overseeing 30-40 kitchens in the London area. In a quest for health, Shane left the hospitality business, and now he's a well known wellness coach. He's studied in Thailand as well as the UK, and brings a remarkable depth of wisdom and knowledge to his clients. This is a must listen for anyone interested in their own mental health and well being.   #BumpInTheRoad #Wellness #Meditation
29:17 06/09/2022
Stephen Mills: Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse
Childhood abuse comes in many forms, but sexual abuse is perhaps the most heinous, and it’s sadly very common. One out of ten children experience sexual abuse and some numbers suggest it may be as high as one in six for young boys. Yet there is very little written about this, particularly when it comes to men. Stephen Mills has written a detailed and moving story of his experiences. In his case, it was a trusted adult and community leader who groomed and abused him. Stephen's story will resonate with thousands of others. And his path to healing offers possibilities for all of us. #BumpInTheRoad
18:14 06/01/2022
Martha McSally: Doing Things Afraid
One of Martha's favorite sayings is "do things afraid". And her book opens up with the perfect example as she climbs into the seat of an A-10 attack plane. It is a single seat plane and it was her first flight. There were no simulators and no one could teach her how to fly it. She simply had to do it. "Courage is not the absence of fear. It's choosing to do things afraid." From being the first woman to fly in combat in an A-10 to being a Congressperson and Senator, Martha McSally has made it a point to "do things afraid." As a result, she's been an agent of change and a force of nature who is living a most remarkable life. Come meet Col. (ret.) Martha McSally.   #BumpInTheRoad #Aviation
34:51 05/25/2022
Jo Taylor: Connecting Women With Breast Cancer
Jo Taylor is a remarkable woman. At just 38 years old with two young children she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She’d later be diagnosed with metastatic disease. The median time of survival is 2-3 years.  This was not the path a young mother would choose. But Jo poured herself into the breast cancer community and has made a difference for people globally. She founded ABCDiagnosis, a uk website and is the founder of MetUpUk, which deals with metastatic disease.  Special thanks to CVSHealth #BumpInTheRoad #BreastCancer #CAncer  
35:18 05/18/2022
Oliver Seligman: On Spiritual Well-Being
Oliver Seligman is a man who is fun, funny and bright. He is at ease with himself. But his path to self acceptance and spiritual well-being has been challenging, to say the least. At seventeen, Oliver was diagnosed with type one bipolar. Since then he’s navigated euphoric manias, suicidal depressions, psychoses and the world of psychiatric medication.  Today he is an author, teacher, speaker and monk. Join us in this far ranging conversation that traverses the glory days of equity trading in London, the stillness of skydiving, and the path to finding peace. Special thanks to CVS Health for their support. #BumpInTheRoad #Bipolar #Spirituality
20:06 05/11/2022
Travel, Homelessness and Happiness
What might you learn if you were to travel without a home to go back to? Corporate executive Mark Philpott did just that. One rainy day in Amsterdam, he found himself deeply depressed. He realized his life was passing him by. Mark returned to his home base in Singapore where he quit his job, sold his possessions, and hit the road, without any itinerary or endpoint. Along the way, he had the time to re-evaluate his life, connect with his soul,  and set a new, more meaningful direction. This is a story of inspiration and courage. And then some. Special thanks to CVS Health for their support. #BumpInTheRoad #Travel  
28:53 04/27/2022
Ken Jaques: Combing Science And Woo For Health
Ken Jaques’ health care advocacy was not planned. A diagnosis of crippling rheumatoid arthritis in 2008 exposed him to the medical system. And that exposure was an education. Ken is the first to point out that conventional medical care is part of the equation for health and that there are many options to creating your unique plan. Allopathic medicine, energy work, acupuncture and other modalities are all part of his approach. Listen in on this far ranging conversation about what creates health. Special Thanks to CVS Health for their support #BumpInTheRoad #Health  
48:05 04/20/2022
Pragito Dove: Laughter Meditation
Pragito Dove was born in London. Her early childhood was difficult in a dysfunctional family. It caused her to shut down her heart and left her full of anger, fear and pain. When her son was born, she knew she had to heal and change the intergenerational paradigm she had inherited. The teachings of Osho, a spiritual leader in India,  included a wide range of expressive meditation techniques that resonated with Pragito. So she picked up with her 14 month old son and headed to India where she studied various expressive techniques such as laugher meditation.  Today Pragito brings her decades of wisdom and experience to her clients, in private and group sessions and through her books. For anyone seeking an authentic and aware life, this is a must listen. Check out for more on Pragito's work. Thanks to CVSHealth for their support. #BumpInTheRoad #Meditation
26:01 04/13/2022
Savio Clemente: Cancer Coach, Author and Podcaster
"It's not that people are resistant to change. They just don't know how to move through the stages of change." -Savio Clemente And Savio helps cancer patients dig deep to assess their health and create the change they want. Join us for this far ranging discussion for creating your own path to health. Special thanks to CVSHealth for their support. #BumpInTheRoad
36:13 04/06/2022
Gary Hensel: Following A Spiritual Path
Gary Hensel is an accomplished business man, university professor, and a best selling, award winning author. When a disagnosis of severe Lyme disease brought his academic career to an end, he turned to his love of writing, teaching, and his deep sense of spirituality. What emerged were a series of books of profound insight on our human condition. Come meet this remarkable and insightful man. Special thanks to CVS Health for their support. #BumpInTheRoad
30:41 03/29/2022
Art Estopinan: A Child With A Rare Disease
A rare disease changed the lives of Art Estopinan and his wife Olga when they welcomed a baby boy into their world. Arturo, Jr. looked like any other sweet infant. He laughed, he cried, he grew. But it soon became apparent that something wasn’t right. After much trial and error, Art Jr. would be diagnosed with TK2 or mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, an exceedingly rare disease, which causes progressive muscle weakness. This is a story of parental love and perseverance in the face of nearly impossible odds.  Special thanks to CVSHealth for their support. #BumpInTheRoad  
33:09 03/16/2022
Jesse Cody: Nature and Mental Health
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
22:14 03/09/2022
Cheri Aimee: A Near Death Experience
"After my near death experience, my entire conditioned belief system...was blown wide open and shattered." -Cherie Aimee How does one move through experiences that shatter your beliefs and everything you know to be true? How doe one not get lost in the disbelief and disconnect? And what strengths emerge on the other side of these experiences? Join me for an incredible, soulful conversation. Read more at Special thanks to CVS Health for their support. #BumpInTheRoad  
19:08 03/02/2022
Wendy Wagner: The Power Of Your Mind
The power of your mind is immense, according to Wendy Wagner Ph.D, a Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Coach providing holistic therapy services in Taos, New Mexico. Wendy has been on a path of personal and spiritual inquiry for several decades in a quest to explore the power of your mind. In this episode, she shares some of her travels. Special thanks to CVS Health for their support. #BumpInTheRoad
35:14 02/23/2022
Ashley Weisman: An Ethos of Sustainability
Sustainability is a popular and growing field that attempts to integrate social science, environmental science and civil engineering. It's both an area of study and a way of life for Ashley Weisman who is the Executive Director of Greenlight Solutions, a 501(c)3. In this podcast, Ashley shares her mission and passion for making the world a better place.    Special thanks to CVSHealth for their support. #BumpInTheRoad
26:02 02/09/2022
Ann Zucchardy: Neuroplasticity and Your Brain
What is identity? Is it in our things? In our self image? In our intelligence? What happens when that’s wiped out? Ann Zuccardy always identified as being smart. But a slip in the shower in Germany in 2011 sent her headlong into a hard tile wall. And that misstep changed everything.  She had a brain injury. What did she learn? And if she could rewrite her story, would she? Special thanks to CVSHealth for their support #BumpInTheRoad  
34:07 02/02/2022
The Upside of Down's Syndrome
A Down’s syndrome baby changed Sue Robins’ life in ways that she never could have imagined. Her son, Aaron, was born with an extra chromosome. That extra chromosome would cause her to re-think her entire value system and how she viewed the world,. In her book, Bird’s Eye View she writes: "My baby boy was beautiful. He was the product of a second marriage for both of us, evidence that people can heal. He symbolized health and joy. He was our love child." But he wasn’t the child they were expecting. That extra chromosome would bring a set of challenges that no one is prepared for. Visit for more information and a member only Bump II podcast (try it for free) Special Thanks to CVSHealth for their support #BumpInTheRoad
34:28 01/26/2022
Darryll Stinson: Finding The Real You
Darryll is an ex-athlete, entrepreneur, pastor, a speaker and a suicide survivor. Through drug addiction and multiple suicide attempts, Darryll struggled with life until some professional help and an epitome turned him around: “I would rather be real and be rejected than be fake and accepted.” Learn more at and join as a Bump II member ($5/month) to hear part two of the conversation. Special thanks to CVSHealth for their support. #BumpInTheRoad
22:32 01/19/2022
Flat Fashion With Artist Tracy Stewart
Is fashion fun, or is it a hassle? For Tracy Stewart, fashion is passion. Tracy is an artist who has always had an urge to get involved in wardrobe. Her own experience with breast cancer opened the door for this artist- entrepreneur to turn an interest into a business that is helping women around the world rebuild both their wardrobes and their lives. Special thanks to CVSHealth for their support. #BumpInTheRoad
31:14 01/12/2022