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Guests reveal their ReChoice word. ReChoice - to name a valuable insight, to joyfully embrace a new perspective and commit to it. Rather than being stuck on repeat or rehash, do a rewrite and move forward. What is YOUR ReChoice word?


RECHOICE FINALE - Celebrate 5 Seasons - Toast to Your Next Year
We celebrate 5 Seasons - We recalibrate with YOUR One Word for 2024SHOWNOTES:Thank you to the following participants today. Linked names will bring you to their original podcast episode or to their website.Ashley EmbryCalvin SmithChristine YaredChristopher LewisCraig ConstantineDaniel AbbottDanielle CosbyDanny BauerDanny PelleritoDave BarryDave WarnockDavid LockwoodDeavondre JonesElizabeth MusumeciErin FiskGlenda RingJason TieriJeannie ShenemanJeff ThorpeJim DellsJoe PelleritoJohnny LiuJoseph ReidJudy PelleritoKaren VanGordenKari StuartKaty JohnsonKelsey O'ConnorKim WilsonKristyn AndreaKyle AndersonLinda AndersonLinda McAffreyLinda PelleritoMalik BakerMark PelleritoMichael RocqueMonica PeriadePaul ZenkPepper JayRachel DeckerRebecca Lair-YbanezRicky MayRon FoxRuth CroweSara WatsonShane NatermanTami HjelmTed NicholsTrinaa CopelandVern HazardWill ParkerSupport the Show.
49:47 12/30/23
REVITALIZE with Terry Gates - 2023 Accident Recovery - Team USA Triathlete - "Plan B" - Son Challenges Dad - 70.3 Races at Age 70
A new episode with Terry - A lot has happened since Season 1 and there are exciting times ahead for 2024, Terry's 70th year, he is our final interview for Season 5.SHOW NOTESTerry's first episode (recorded December 2019)TRAINING GUIDES (5k, 10k, 25k) provided by Amway Riverbank RunSupport the Show.
57:44 12/16/23
REBOUND with Jock Ambrose - Enthusiasm for Others - Bringing out Their Best - Teaching and Coaching
A Coach's Coach: "If we continue to pursue living our lives so that other people's lives are better for them, then we're successful."SHOW NOTESThis Tender Land by William KruegerWOO HOO! You're Doing Great! by Sandra BoyntonSupport the Show.
56:40 12/9/23
REDISCOVER with Luke Rossmo - Canadian Mindset Coach and Musician - The Paradox of Positive Change - Dealing with the Self-Critic
"The brain defaults to easy... it doesn't care about your goals." Change is hard, but so worth it. How might your second thought be "dimming your switch?" Enjoy the tunes and rediscover what's playing inside your head.SHOWNOTESLuke Rossmo on Facebook Luke's Music Channel Support the Show.
47:49 12/2/23
REMINISCE - Brovember Birthday Brouhaha & Music - Mark Pellerito & Jim Dells
Brovember Birthday Brothers - Time for Fun (unless you're a Buckeye)SHOW NOTESMark on National TV (look for him in the endzone)"Curious" Music Video with Jim and JoeMark's Season One Episode "RELOCATE"Jim's Season Two Episode "RECALIBRATE PART ONE"Jim's Season Two Episode "RECALIBRATE PART TWO"Mark's Season Two Episode "REIGNITE"Joe's Season Two Episode "REACH" (produced entirely by Jim)Support the Show.
53:53 11/24/23
RE-WILD with Kent Dobson: Mystery, Wilderness, Meaning - Stirring the Pot
Kent Dobson guides through wanderings and wonderings, mystery and myth, and a deep question or paradox. Kent has a long history of teaching, whether that's leading in a classroom or on a stage, speaking on his podcast Hints and Guesses, writing a book like "Bitten by a Camel", facilitating a wilderness intensive, or guiding a pilgrimage to Israel. SHOWNOTES:KentDobson.comHis Book - Bitten by a CamelHis Podcast - Hints and GuessesKent at Failure LabHis Final Teaching "A Thing Ripened" at C3 in Grand Haven, MichiganEd Dobson's Book - The Year of Living Like JesusBill Plotkin's Book - Wild Mind: a Field Guide to the Human PsycheSupport the Show.
50:55 11/18/23
REDEFINE with Michelle Steiner - Dyscalculia, Dexterity, Determination
Our first interview from Pennsylvania, Michelle advocates for people with learning challenges. She is someone who knows what it's like and has made it her mission to  inspire and empower others as a Paraprofessional, Photographer, Blogger, and Advocate.SHOWNOTESMichelle's MissionFacebookInstagramSupport the Show.
25:26 11/4/23
REWRITE with Musician Brenden Monroe - A '96 Ram, Things He DIDN'T Do, The Heartbeat of a Hometown
Music Artist Brenden Monroe and I chat about his move to Nashville, the experiences and music that brought him there (get ready to groove to some samples), and what's coming in his "ReWrite." SHOW NOTESBrenden Monroe's Music and EventsPRE-SAVE Brenden's new song "Never Gets Old" (releases Nov 2) InstagramSpotifyApple MusicSupport the Show.
43:00 10/21/23
REVIVE with Brooke D. Giles - Author of "So Whispers the World" - A Soothing Affirmation for Her Kids as well as Every Sweet Brown Child
We discuss the origins of Brooke's lyrical tribute to melanated children. Beautifully written and illustrated, it is a "timeless and soothing response to a people's longing for peace, justice, and the eradication of racism in the world."SHOWNOTESHer book "So Whispers the World"Support the Show.
39:56 10/7/23
RECOVER REMASTERED with Daniel Abbott & Razel Jones - Their Book "Wounds" - Cultural Navigation
A "Best of " Episode from Season 1, Remastered for better audio with an update. Daniel is a white Father of eight biracial children.  Razel grew up as one of the few black students in his community.  Both share painful past and present moments in their cultural navigation and inspire readers to build a better future for all."In an age when discussions about race and privilege seem to inevitably escalate into us versus them tribalism, Razel and Daniel model for us what it looks like to engage in culturally intelligent dialogue, perspective-taking, and friendship." - David Livermore, PhDSHOWNOTESdanielabbottfiction.comrazeljones.comSupport the Show.
59:08 9/30/23
REFRAME with Angelo DelliSanti - Loving People, the Principalship, A Pivot to Serve Well, Trusting your Heart
"You will be here in 10 years" is what an award-winning principal told Angelo early on in his career.  He even dreamed of becoming a Superintendent...  but after years of going "all in", he was beginning to burn out, and both he and his team sensed it.  How did Angelo reframe the last few years and tap back in to his original purpose? SHOW NOTESBE A WONDER videoREGRET episode with Shane NatermanCapturing Kids' HeartsSupport the Show.
39:07 9/16/23
REIMAGINE with Kelsey O'Connor - The NC State Grad Speech - Career Ending Injury, Life Changing Recovery - External Labels - Internal Dialogue
Kelsey's recent NC State Commencement speech has been heard by millions... Why? In just a few short minutes, you'll hear lessons we all need to remember.SHOW NOTESKelsey's original graduation speechSupport the Show.
33:00 9/2/23
REDEFINE with Ben Kraker - Fool's Gold, Beach Balls, & Dream Statements
Do you bury trauma or hard feelings? How is this related to a beach ball? When do you know you’re chasing “Fool’s Gold?” What is making you dream today?Ben has redefined what and who is important. At times, it was a rough road -  Through church and career pivots, he has found JOY and purpose in the journey.SHOW NOTESCity Life ChurchSupport the Show.
59:36 8/19/23
REWRAP (Part 2) - Season 4 Finale - "Turning Toward" our Patrons
We close out Season 4 by checking in with patrons of the show. I ask them random questions from a deck of cards called "Turning Toward", a product from friend Ashley Hertzog Embry.Part 2 guests:  Ron Fox, James Dells, Linda Pellerito, David Barry, and Kyle AndersonSHOW NOTESTurning Toward - Deck of conversation topics through Poetic Soul / AshleyMilitary Religious FreedomFreedom from Religion FoundationSupport the Show.
40:00 8/5/23
REWRAP (Part 1) - Season 4 Finale - "Turning Toward" our Patrons
We close out Season 4 by checking in with patrons of the show. I ask them random questions from a deck of cards called "Turning Toward", a product from friend Ashley Hertzog Embry.Part 1 guests:  Ashley Hertzog Embry, Shane Naterman, Terry Gates, Jason Tieri, and Tony Pellerito.SHOW NOTESTurning Toward - Deck of conversation topics through Poetic Soul / Ashley The Gig Economy Podcast  - Jason TieriSupport the Show.
34:04 7/29/23
RETURN with Ricky May - Helping Patients Return to the Activities They Love
As a Hope College grad from the  Engineering Department, Ricky discovered he loved to help people with obstacles, such as the challenge of an amputated limb.  He then got his next degree from Eastern Michigan University in Orthotics and Prosthetics. Today, Ricky creates solutions so his patients can return to the activities they love.Support the Show.
44:28 7/8/23
RESET with Jeannie Sheneman - Audiobook Narrator
Did you know it's Audiobook month? Jeannie took two years during a pandemic to start over in her mid-40's  -- she found a new career as an audiobook narrator which combined some of her first loves from her studies at the University of Michigan. You'll hear a few examples of her work (currently 95 books) and discover some things you never knew about the art of narrating. SHOWNOTESjeanniesheneman.comSupport the Show.
36:57 6/24/23
RECONNECT with Brian Anderson - Walter White vs. Fred Rogers - Emotional Courage - Fathering Together
What can Walter White from Breaking Bad teach us?  According to Fred Rogers, all children need to feel heard and loved, and difficult topics should be embraced rather than avoided.  Just in time for Father's Day, Brian Anderson spells out the origin and purpose of "Fathering Together", a non-profit reconnecting fathers to their purpose and to each other. SHOWNOTESBio: Brian Anderson is a husband, father, and gender equity advocate. In his professional life, he's the Grants Manager for i.c.stars. His side hustles and projects include being the Co-Founder and Board President of Fathering Together where he writes and speaks on the importance of dads living connected lives. He's worked with dozens of companies and hundreds of dads to translate their professional skills into home-life strategies. In his personal life, you can find him building Lego structures, cooking, and writing stories with his two daughters. In September 2022, he published his first book, Fathering Together: Living a Connected Dad Life, which lays out servant leadership as a model for fatherhood. Learn more about Brian at Fathering Together = www.fatheringtogether.orgThey're on a mission to empower dads to be agents for positive change and to live emotionally courageous, connected and committed to their families.Father's Friday = www.fathersfriday.orgEvery Friday go to Fathering Together's Youtube Channel (@fatheringtogether) for their latest panel on strategies to improve mental health, connect with kids, and advocate for change.SPORCLE.COM (Trivia Quizzes)Support the Show.
36:59 6/10/23
RETEST for Danny Pellerito - Dad reflects on Grad
Short and Sweet episode: Our music producer (my son) graduated last night. Dad reflects on a few tests Danny has faced and what we both learned in the process. We also look ahead for the ReChoice Podcast -- CONGRATS TO ALL GRADUATES!Support the Show.
16:00 5/27/23
RELATED with Tara Cleveland & Judy Pellerito - A Special Bond of Music, Motherhood, and Adoption
Our son Danny is graduating from high school in a matter of days.  Tara, his Birth-Mom, sure remembers this moment in her senior year when she was hiding a pregnancy.  Judy and Tara share a special bond over Music, Motherhood, and Adoption.Support the Show.
51:08 5/14/23
This is a Remastered favorite episode from Season 1 - Ron has learned important lessons in his many roles as a Husband, Father, entrepreneur, educator, and leader - But it was a run-in with a proud Dad on the streets of College Station TX that taught him the phrase: "Today is the Day". That phrase has recentered him both in the small stuff and big stuff.Other people mentioned in this show: Terry Gates' EpisodeKenneth Joyner's EpisodeJeff Thorpe's EpisodeSupport the Show.
37:30 5/6/23
RENDER with Craig Constantine - Creativity, PodTalk, the Art of Conversation, The Experience as Guest, Forms of Feedback and Whether it Matters
This episode rendered by Craig Constantine.Craig leads a community of podcasters and interviewed Joe about creativity. This conversation was as-you-hear-it, Craig does a great job of just jumping in and letting it go.Craig's mission is creating better conversations to spread understanding and compassion. At 40, Craig discovered Parkour and began relearning how to play. Finding himself in countless conversations about movement, he began podcasting in 2017 to share what he was experiencing.Then things got out of hand. He has helped thousands of people learn to create podcasts through coaching and community, has been on dozens of podcasts as a guest, and has published more than 1,000 episodes for his own shows including more than 300 openandcurious.orgSupport the Show.
29:01 4/22/23
RESILIENT with Graci Harkema - Integrity - Inclusion - Author of "RISING: From a Mud Hut to the Boardroom - And Back Again"
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Trainer, Speaker, Author... and yes, Varsity Football Player! This is a RICH conversation around living with integrity, taking risks, being honest and inclusive. Graci has been on a roller coaster the last several years... she went from publicly resigning her position at a well-paying job to starting her own successful international business -- AND HER BOOK LAUNCHES 4/18!!!  GO, GRACI, GO!SHOW NOTESGet Graci's new book: RISINGGraciHarkema.comInstagramFacebookTwitterLinked InSupport the Show.
36:25 4/8/23
REINVIGORATE with Dr. Kristen Craft - 2021 Kansas Principal of the Year Pivots to ESports - Connecting All Students - The Future of Education
ESports is HERE and if it's not already at your local school, it soon will be! You'll be surprised by the changing landscape happening right now and how ESports connects students - leading to real-world skills, millions in scholarships, and more.  SHOW NOTESGaming ConceptsGeneration ESportsKristen Craft's TwitterKristen Craft's Linked In Murphy Lynne's episode (Kristen's former student, Author of "Am I Invisible?")Support the Show.
44:51 3/25/23
RECKLESS with Ruth E. Crowe - "Withdraw my Name from the Hall of Fame" - An Artist and Athlete Speaks Up
Ruth abandoned her love of art to pursue a life in the US Army, LA police officer, and collegiate softball coach, but has since returned to that first love. Her most recent work is on display in Saugatuck, soon to travel to Chicago. She offered to give back to her HS Alma Mater through an art workshop and was initially approved -- but a conservative new board then refused because of Ruth's background. Ruth quickly decided to speak up at the Board meeting and made a simple request: "Permanently withdraw my name from the Allendale High School Hall of Fame." SHOW LINKSRuth's Gallery "The Journal Project" at Saugatuck Center for the ArtsHolland Sentinel Article by Sarah LeachSupport the Show.
35:57 3/11/23
REAFFIRM: Dave Warnock & The 3rd Last Annual "Dying Out Loud" Beach Trip
4 Years after an ALS diagnosis, Dave chooses to make moments happen, such as hosting the 3rd Last Annual Beach Week.  Recorded from the Gulf Coast, he invited 72 friends from all over the place, many who have left their original faith.  We discuss his book "Childish Things" and how his new non-profit "I am Dying out Loud" will live beyond him.  SHOW LINKSSeason 2 ReChoice Episode when Dave and Joe first interactDave's Memoir: "Childish Things"I am Dying Out LoudDave's "Dying Out Loud" Message with All Souls Community Church of West Michigan (Unitarian Universalist Congregation) NOTE: Dave begins his talk at the 28 min mark  Support the Show.
44:38 2/25/23
REFOCUS with Rebecca Lair-Ybanez - 13 years ago, a Tragedy Motivated our Guest to Remember her Purpose - Immigration Law - Launching a PLLC
Becki unexpectedly loses a friend and it helps her gain perspective. Like a telescope, when you refocus and see things clearly, the view inspires us.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said, “Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time." Becki describes the steps she took to do what she loves today - working with refugees and others in their steps to become recognized citizens.SHOW NOTESLYIS : Lair-Ybanez Immigration Services PLLCSupport the Show.
39:52 2/11/23
RECALIBRATE with Jason Tieri - A Podcasting Pro, An Unexpected Job Change, A Surprising DNA test, and Mending a Relationship
Ever wanted to start a podcast? Jason is involved with several shows, including the "#1 Gig Economy Podcast to Listen to in 2023". Jason surprised me with his personal topic and I'm happy for him. We celebrate his new steps for 2023 and toast to friendship.SHOWNOTESGig Economy PodcastGig Economy #1 Show ArticleThreads PodcastHey Guys Media GroupSeason 1 Ep 12 when Jason and Ben were first on the showSupport the Show.
37:15 1/28/23
RESOURCE with Brianna M. Brown - Special Ed Teacher & Author - A Dinosaur, a Challenge of Gratitude, a Circle Around You
Expectations for the Future? How about Finding Joy in the Present? Brianna M. Brown shares tools for gratitude, self-awareness, and impact. What 30 Days could do for you... and look out for The Dinsoaur.SHOW NOTESThe Dinosaur Book and Puzzle with Preston, Landon, and Jaxon Extreme Educator Challenge Journal (Amazon)Extreme Educator Challenge Journal (Digital)Follow Brianna on YouTube or InstagramBrianna's email: briannambrown3913@gmail.com the Show.
33:49 1/14/23
REKINDLE with Joe Pellerito - Snow Walk, Gayle Boss, and ONE WORD
Begin your New Year with a walk around the neighborhood, a challenge to pick one word, and a reading about some stinky animals from Gayle Boss' book "All Creation Waits".  If you listen real closely, you may even hear an owl.SHOW NOTESGayle Boss' Season 1 EpisodeSupport the Show.
10:56 12/31/22

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