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Overcoming Betrayal & Addiction

The Overcoming Betrayal and Addiction podcast, featuring Dr. Rob Weiss and Tami VerHelst, presents a conversational Q&A style discussion drawn from listener questions about sex and porn addictions, infidelity, cheating, and hard work required to heal relationship betrayal. Dr. Rob and Tami are very good at engaging people struggling with painful life issues in a useful, respectful way. They also invite you to join them on their live weekly webinar (Mondays, 5 p.m. Pacific at, where they answer questions live Dr. Rob is Chief Clinical Officer for Seeking integrity Treatment Centers. He is a 25-year licensed therapist, a PhD sexologist, and author Sex Addiction 101, Prodependence, and Out of the Doghouse, among other books. Tami is Chief Relationships Officer for Seeking Integrity LLC. Tami brings over 30 years of personal addiction knowledge, helping supply struggling individuals and couples with the resources and direction they need to heal.


Can I Take Psychedelics to Cure My Addiction? 29:12 10/11/2021
My Addict Still Hangs Out With His Enabler Friends 30:14 09/29/2021
What Do You Need to Do for Yourself? 31:39 09/29/2021
Why Isn’t The CSAT Doing His Job? 29:43 09/22/2021
If He Wants Butt Stuff, Does That Mean He’s Gay? 27:21 09/15/2021
Will My Addict Ever Change? 27:07 09/02/2021
My Betrayed Spouse Wants to Manage MY Money! 31:40 08/31/2021
My Addict Still Sleeps with His Ex-Wife! 35:32 08/23/2021
How Can I Overcome Religious Shame While Recovering From My Addiction? 32:00 08/13/2021
Addicts Don’t Have Addictions, They Have Intimacy Disorders 29:12 08/06/2021
My Addict Wants to Leave! How Can I Help Him? 31:47 08/02/2021
Did I Marry an Illusion of a Man or Did the Addiction Just Take Over? 30:13 07/22/2021
He Got Caught, Now He Feels Remorse. What’s the Deal? 29:15 07/16/2021
Why Do I Still Care After All the Hurt and Disrespect? 31:37 07/01/2021
My Husband Is in Recovery, but He’s Still a Jerk! 31:07 06/25/2021
In Recovery for 2 Years From Sex Addiction, but I Still Want Connection 32:48 06/17/2021
It’s Hard To See Anything Other Than the Hurt and Pain, but It Does Get Better 28:31 06/10/2021
My Parents Are Addicts and They Trigger Me. How Do I Cope? 30:46 06/03/2021
Addiction Is a 24/7 Process 29:43 05/27/2021
Prodependence vs. Codependency: A Clarification from Dr. Rob 30:50 05/27/2021
Rape, Childhood Neglect, and Getting Stuck in the Addiction 36:40 05/14/2021
My Addict Has Become Paranoid and Is Collecting Evidence Against Me 31:29 05/07/2021
An Addicts an Addict Until They Get Help. 29:49 04/29/2021
My Husband is Suicidal and in The Military. How Do I Help Him? 27:59 04/22/2021
He’s Still Going to Brothels, Is He Still Clean? 32:33 04/15/2021
How Can I Heal My Addiction? 30:29 04/08/2021
What Are the Stages of Healing? 32:34 04/02/2021
I Don’t Know Who I Want More. My Wife or My Mistress? 27:54 03/25/2021
Would a Therapist Ever Openly Lie to the Betrayed Spouse? 31:11 03/18/2021
Addicts Are Responsible for Their Own Healing. Spouses Get To Be Angry. 30:21 03/11/2021