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Hi, I'm Candice Horbacz I believe that life is messy and that's okay, that thinking for yourself is rare but necessary, and that we should always be expanding our curiosity. This podcast aims to have conversations that are thought provoking and challenge you to become a critical thinker.


#114 Kelsi Sheren - Canada's MAID (Medical Assistance in Death), Men's Mental Health, Psychedelics, and Transformation
Kelsi Sheren has solidified herself as a prominent Keynote Speaker, delivering inspiring talks at venues like Harvard, TEDx, and several others. Her powerful speeches resonate with audiences, offering a unique perspective on her journey and dedication to supporting others.Join Candice Horbacz and Kelsie Sheren as they delve into the nuances of Canada's MAiD culture, unpacking its shocking societal impact and the stories within. Explore the depths of men's mental health, confronting the staggering suicide rates and the pressing need for awareness and support. Through Candice's introspective psychedelic journey, gain insights into the transformative power of self-discovery and personal growth. With each episode, Candice invites you to engage in thought-provoking discussions that challenge perspectives and inspire positive change. Tune in to this podcast for an enriching experience that transcends the ordinary and ignites meaningful dialogue.00:00:00 - Intro00:57:22 - what is MAID00:04:59 - Dying with Dignity PSYOP00:15:58 - Advertising suicide00:20:54 - MAID under the age of 1200:22:39 - Agenda behind MAID00:27:17 - Dilemma with MAID00:38:07 - Side effects of therapy00:47:28 - Suicidal men00:54:50 - Remove the victim mentality1:00:39 - psychedelic and Psilocybin for mental health1:07:43 - Pregnancy miracle1:11:53 - Human perception of God and religion1:29:49 - Challenging spiritual teacher1:38:19 - Living consciously and vulnerability1:46:12 - Good messaging for kids1:48:45 - Japanese culture for kids1:55:04 - Being intentional with parenting2:00:28 - Kids transitioning2:06:42 - Raising age from 18 to 212:20:37 - Monogamy vs Polyamory2:36:22 - Hate comments2:43:16 - EndingKelsie’s Webiste: www.kelsisheren.comFind out more about Kelsie’s work here: Candice Horbacz on socials: the show
166:33 3/13/24
#113 Will Reusch - The Dark Side of Education
William Reusch was born and raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He never had an interest in academics and struggled to connect what he was learning in school to building a successful and meaningful life. We all enjoy being capable, informed, and equipped, yet the system designed to provide those traits seems to fail for so many young people. It was in the pursuit to improve this that Will decided to become a teacher.In this episode, Candice Horbacz and Will Reusch delve into the dynamics of education, societal shifts, and evolving norms. This insightful conversation explores sex education, parental roles, and the importance of fostering open discussions in schools that includes parents. Uncover collaborative efforts between home and school, spotlighting Will Reusch's innovative initiative aimed at transforming scalable and impactful educational experiences. 00:00 - Intro 3:59 - School system disconnect9:40 - Matt Walsh And Candace Owens 13:58 - Dylan Vs Buck Angel17:50 - LGBTQ indoctrination in schools30:38 - Is compassion the answer? 37:16 - Candace Owens40:16 - Indoctrination Camp - Schools45:37 - Education with AI46:32 - DEI in schools55:01 - The WHY of content creation1:00:1 - Candace Owens on Whatever 1:05:37 - scapegoat for society 1:12:02 - Cost of doing po*n1:20:26 - Porn and casual sex1:29:22 - Compulsion issue with porn1:32:51 - Why does sex exist?1:38:30 - EndingWill Reusch’s Website: www.williamreusch.comFollow Candice Horbacz on socials: the show
100:30 3/7/24
#112 Candice Horbacz - Shining through the Shadows ; Reflections on Identity, Motherhood, and Acceptance
Join Candice Horbacz in this raw and introspective episode of Chatting with Candice as she discusses the challenges of navigating online criticism, embracing personal growth, and overcoming societal judgments. From her experiences as a former adult industry performer to her journey as a mother and content creator, Candice shares insights on resilience, self-discovery, and the importance of authenticity in a digital age.Follow Candice Horbacz on socials: the show
30:35 2/15/24
#111 Nancy Mellow - Animal Communicator ; Chatting with Snakes and Spiders
Nancy Mello is a psychic medium, clairvoyant, and animal communicator, she loves helping clients every day connect with loved ones that have passed on and help their animals live fuller lives.Join us in this fascinating episode of Chatting with Candice, where host Candace Horbacz sits down with Nancy Mello, an animal communicator with a unique ability to connect with animals telepathically. Discover the process of telepathic communication, hear heartwarming stories, and explore the world of animal omens. Don't miss the incredible insights shared in this conversation!Time stamps00:00:00 Intro5:45 -  Journey as a Psychic19:12 -  Exploring individuals with exceptional psychic abilities27:12 -  Judgmental society - Exploring society's critiques49:33 – Life-saving Instincts56:55 – Life-saving moment1:03:22 - Animal communication and cruelty 1:17:05 - Pets and Trauma 1:21:33 - Animal Omens1:29:33 - Ending Checkout Nancy’s Link Tree: Candice Horbacz on socials: the show
94:32 2/7/24
#110 Alex DatePsych - Marriage, Divorce, and Body Count
Alex DatePsych is a Neuroscience and Behavioral Science researcher whose work focuses on attractiveness and dating.Explore the complex landscape of modern relationships and societal perceptions as Candice Horbacz and Alex DatePsych take a deep dive into topics like divorce rates, online dating dynamics, traditional roles, and the impact of certain ideologies. Discover insights into the challenges individuals face in navigating marriage, career choices, and societal expectations.00:00 - Intro3:05 - Divorce Stats 7:02 - Does Degree play a role in Divorce?9:53 - Dating Apps19:44 - Traditional Roles Myth23:01 - Divorce and Alimony35:14 - Sex In Marriage40:41 - Casual Sex and Orgasm43:26 - Age And Attractiveness 48:39 - Body Count and Insecure Partners1:00:21 - Sexual Predators1:13:57 – EndingFollow Candice Horbacz on socials:’s YouTube:’s X:’s Webiste: the show
75:11 1/31/24
#109 Reed Davis - Stop Drugging your Boys
Reed Davis, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and Certified Nutritional Therapist (CNT), is an expert in functional lab testing and holistic lifestyle medicine. He is the Founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) and the FDN Certification Course with over 3000 graduates in 50 countries. In this enlightening episode, Dr. Reed Davis shares valuable insights on holistic health, nutrition, and the importance of understanding the body's metabolic balance. Topics covered include the impact of diet on children's behavior, the dangers of neurotoxic foods, and the significance of a balanced microbiome. The conversation delves into the role of supplements, the science behind nutritional needs, and practical tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Explore the fascinating world of functional lab work and its application in uncovering the root causes of health issues. Discover how metabolic chaos can influence overall well-being and gain valuable perspectives on aging, longevity, and the interconnected nature of health. 00:00:00 Intro00:03:57 - Foundational Lab Work00:14:20 - Food sensitivity00:18:15 - Different Metabolic Diets00:21:21 - cree Indian Tribes*00:24:25 - No Diet Is Perfect 00:27:21 - Life Changing Diet Adjustments * 00:31:43 - Poisonous Diets for Kids*00:36:37 - Supplements and Organic food 00:45:11 - Kids on Drugs*00:48:01 - Increasing Age And Sex*00:57:23 - Trauma and Therapy 1:02:42 - EndingFollow Candice Horbacz on socials: the show
63:26 1/25/24
#108 Abi Fernandini - Motherhood, Why your Panties Matter, to Circumcise or Not?
Join Candice Horbacz and special guest Abigail Ferro for a candid discussion on the challenges of postpartum experiences, navigating parenthood's impact on relationships, and the quest for trustworthy nannies. Abigail shares her journey, touching on sleep deprivation, cultural differences in parenting, and the importance of balance. The conversation also delves into the sensitive topics of circumcision in certain communities and the nuanced discussions around natural birth versus C-sections. Abigail's insights, humor, and authenticity make this episode a must-watch for those navigating parenthood or interested in holistic living.00:00 - Intro00:05:04 - UTI and Underwear 00:11:36: Forever Chemicals 00:13:44 - Covid00:16:15 - Detox Culture 00:30:03 - Artificial Sweeteners and Processed Foods00:39:04 - Circumcision00:44:12 - Dark side of Stem Cell Harvesting 00:47:14 - Eating Placenta00:49:44 - Folic Acid And Pregnancy 00:53:18 - Postpartum 1:04:34 - Breech Birth 1:14:20 - Home Births vs Birthing Centers 1:30:12 - Romance After Pregnancy 1:39:50 - Finding a Nanny1:44:33 - Sex after Pregnancy 1:46:11 - Hormonal Imbalances 1:52:34 - Double Income Double Taxes 1:53:24 - EndingCheckout Abigail’s Linktree: Candice Horbacz on: the show
120:21 1/17/24
#107 Melanie Notkin - Professional Aunt No Kids, Debunking the Childless Woman Archetype, Israel and the current antisemitism on college campuses
Melanie Notkin is the founder of SAVVY AUNTIE: A Celebration of Modern Aunthood - a multiplatform lifestyle brand for cool aunts, great-aunts, godmothers and all women who love kids.00:00 - Intro4:36 - Israel vs Hamas7:46  Anti-Semitism19:45-  Source of Courage21:41 Silent Majority 26:53 Gender Dysphoria35:00 Ignored Men40:11  Boss babe51:56 Childless Women58:22  Patriarchy 1:05:40 - Man-hating women1:11:02 - EndingMelanie is a foremost expert on the emerging demographic of childless, often single, women. Her data and insights on the PANK (Professional Aunts No Kids) – the influential and growing female cohort she uncovered and coined in 2008 – have been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, CNN and more.In this conversation, Savvy Auntie, author and advocate Melanie Notkin and Candice, explore a range of topics, starting with reflections on the Israel-Palestine conflict and perspectives on transgender issues. The dialogue then delves into the complexities of modern relationships, including the evolving roles of women, societal expectations, and the impact of career choices on family planning. Notkin critiques certain feminist ideologies and emphasizes the importance of open communication in relationships. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion that spans contemporary global issues and the intricacies of love, marriage, and societal norms.Melanie Notkin’s website:’s socials: Ballers Trailer: ⚠DISCLAIMER⚠ Under no circumstances does the cast of Chatting With Candice endorse, support, or condone all views and opinions presented by guests on the show. The cast of Chatting With Candice is here to provide balanced discussion about a variety of hot-button topics and encourage all viewers to do their own due diligence before purchasing, supporting, sharing, or promoting anything mentioned by our hosts or guests. The Chatting With Candice platform is for informed discourse on a variety of topics and designed to provide a balanced view of current events, sensitive subjects, and relevant matters that permeate our current culture. Listen responsibly and do your due diligence accordingly.Support the show
71:06 12/11/23
#106 Solo Cast- My Issue with the Spiritual Community
In this solocast, Candice weighs in on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war and what it has to do with one of the biggest issues in the spiritual community: this so-called “spiritual bypassing”.00:00:00 00:00:58 “Platforming” 00:03:04 What’s Wrong With the Spiritual Community  00:06:51 Thoughts on “Spiritual Bypassing” and the Israel-Hamas Conflict 00:11:07 Final ThoughtsSupport the show
12:44 11/27/23
#105 Kute Blackson - What if by Surrendering you could have it all?
Kute Blackson is an inspirational speaker, transformational teacher, and author of the best-selling book “The Magic of Surrender”. In this episode, he digs deep into what “surrender” truly means, how his experiences shaped his career, and how one can truly surrender in life.00:00:00 00:01:21 Introducing Kute 00:02:24 The Topic of Surrender 00:12:51 Fighting Expectations and Living Authentically 00:20:37 A Mother’s Love 00:25:52 Trauma and Surrender 00:29:17 Surrender in Romantic Love 00:42:17 Getting Down to the “I Am” 00:57:24 Where to Find KuteWhat Does “Surrender” Mean?Kute decided to write about the topic of surrender for two reasons: one was because this was the idea that spoke to him after narrowing it down from 75 topics that he deemed “best-seller” worthy and two, his mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2016. However, in the face of real and raw mortality, she was at peace. He saw that she wasn’t attached to living and only viewed her body as a vessel for her soul; she was surrendered. From Jesus to Buddha to Gandhi to Bruce Lee, figures he looked up to, he noticed that they have in their own way surrendered themselves to life, the divine, the infinite, their soul, and the deeper impulse of what life was seeking to express through them. In their surrender, they let go of their idea of how they thought their life should look and in that letting go, they tapped into another dimension of life, potential, grace and through that, life was able to use them in ways that was far beyond their own human capacity and capability.Misconceptions of “Surrender”There are many misconceptions of surrender and the idea that it is weak, passive, and a sign of giving up, sitting there and doing nothing, being a doormat, being taken advantage of, being left behind, and not being able to manifest your goals, dreams, and desires. However, the true essence of surrender as an active, powerful process is getting more than you could have projected with the limitation of your conscious mind and own personal willpower. Links and ResourcesJoin Kute’s 12-day retreat at Boundless Bliss Bali here.Official WebsiteFacebookInstagramPodcast: Soul Talk with Kute BlacksonMeta-DescriptionSpeaker, teacher, and author Kute Blackson talks about the magic of surrender.Support the show
60:03 11/15/23
#104 Adam Lane Smith - Is your attachment style ruining your relationships?
Adam Lane Smith is a licensed psychotherapist working in the attachment, relationship, and transformative personal development space. In this episode, we talk about attachment theory, attachment styles, raising emotionally-well children, and how men know they found The One.00:00:00 00:01:21 Introducing Adam 00:02:10 What is Attachment Theory and Attachment Styles? 00:04:29 Healthy Attachment in Families and Romantic Partners 00:08:50 Does Spanking Work? 00:18:33 Men With Working Mothers 00:23:19 Does Pressure Really Forge Diamonds? 00:28:25 Lost and Exhausted Parents and Unmet Needs 00:37:34 Novelty in Relationships and Conscious Sex 00:43:49 Outsourcing Orgasms, Chakras, and Kegels 00:48:36 Men in Fear and Fixing Attachments 00:54:31 Working on Personal Development 01:02:08 How Men Know It’s The One 01:03:34 Where to Find AdamAttachment Theory and Attachment StylesAttachment theory is the way that we learn to give and receive love with other human beings when we were a child. It is drawn from our experiences with our parents and our understanding of those experiences. If we don’t get our needs met, are not taken seriously, don’t feel safe opening up to other people, are afraid of asking for help, or trusting people because we got hurt, pushed away, ignored or saw that something always consistently went wrong, we learn that we have to play games to try to make other people either not abandon us make them do what we want them to do so we can live our life. This is also called avoidant style, which is avoiding intimate connections and being vulnerable because you don’t want to get hurt.What Does Healthy Attachment Look Like?Only 35% of adults have secure attachment and when it comes to healthy attachment between parents and their kids, it’s as simple as kids coming up to their dad and telling them what they want. A secure relationship is all about cooperation, context, listening, taking each other seriously, and getting to the root of their needs. No drama, just helping each other out.Links and ResourcesWebsiteInstagramTwitterYouTubeMeta-DescriptionPsychotherapist Adam Lane Smith talks about attachment theory and styles in families and romantic relationships.Support the show
65:02 11/8/23
#103 Ana Lorena Fabrega - The Learning Game, Give your kids the education they deserve, How does Elon Musk's Program Synthesis work?
Ana Lorena Fabrega is a former teacher and now author of “The Learning Game”, a book that explains the flaws in the traditional schooling has gone wrong, and a series of ways we can change the educational system to make it better for kids. In this episode, we talk about just that and share our views on our kids and how we can make them thrive in an environment that supports them.00:00:00 00:01:23 Introducing Ana 00:14:22 The Traditional School 00:25:48 The Synthesis Model 00:41:04 Digital Devices and AI in Education 00:46:46 Benefits in Using Technology 00:49:49 Alternative Paths for College Admissions 00:56:29 A Need For A New Kind of Education 01:00:37 Ana’s Biggest Un-Learning 01:02:36 Where to Find AnaA New Education SystemWhen it comes to education, there’s no one perfect approach and even the traditional model of education works for some kids. Ana embraces technology and innovation in a new educational system where we are currently headed into and we have to figure out the best way to guide our kids in navigating this new era of education. On the different models of our current education systems, Ana doesn’t necessarily agree with the democratic schools because of how much autonomy the kid is given with little room for adults. During the pandemic, students, teachers, and parents also struggled with online learning and how it was not made to keep students’ attention for long.The Synthesis Model started with simulations that taught kids the soft skills that they’re not learning in school. She learned from online schools that kids crave challenge and want to be challenged, which is why they like video games. When they come with the appropriate feedback,  know how to improve, and are not penalized for failing, this reinforces the things that kids need the most that they are not getting in school. The Synthesis Model puts kids in simulations where they have to figure out how to play games, collaborate with kids from all over the world, and when to lead, sit back, and make decisions.Links and ResourcesThe Learning Game on AmazonTwitterInstagramYouTubeMeta-DescriptionAuthor Ana Lorena Fabrega of “The Learning Game” talks about traditional school, the synthesis model, technology, and AI in learning.Support the show
64:06 11/2/23
#102 Stephen Shaw - Birth Gap with How unplanned childlessness could lead to the crumbling of civilization and our infrastructure, why are there so many childless women?
Stephen Shaw is a computer engineer, data scientist, and director of the documentary “Birthgap”. In this episode, we talk about the “myth” surrounding overpopulation, women’s fertility, and whether it’s still worth it to have babies or not.00:00:00 00:01:05 Introducing Stephen 00:02:55 The Population Bomb 00:06:29 Japan Being Forward and Backward 00:09:46 What Happened in the 1970’s 00:14:41 Lies Being Told to Women and Their Fertility 00:27:00 Not Accommodating Children 00:32:44 Women Prioritizing Pleasure and Not Wanting Children 00:45:06 How To Find a Mate More Effectively 00:52:14 “The Pod Generation” and Are Babies Worth It? 00:59:00 Where to Find StephenWhat is the “birth gap” or the population bomb?Stephen’s documentary "Birthgap - Childless World" is about his documentary in discovering why birthrates are falling worldwide for decades. Europe is currently experiencing falling birthrates, which makes him question whether the world is experiencing overpopulation. While looking at data, people who control the narrative make it seem like there’s too many people and babies and the same narrative hasn’t changed since the 70’s, making him believe that this concept has turned into an ideology.Lies Being Told to WomenFor the longest time, women have been told that their career should be the most important thing in their life and that choosing to be a mother, or a stay-at-home mother, is something to be ashamed of our counter to the progress that’s being going on for women. However, women’s fertility has a deadline and the risk of having children increases as they get older. Also contrary to popular belief is how having babies is no longer worth it given the alleged “overpopulation” happening worldwide.Links and ResourcesBirthGap.orgCandice's LinkTreeMeta-DescriptionData scientist and “Birthgap” director Stephen J. Shaw talks about population bomb, women’s fertility, and how we need more babies worldwide.Support the show
61:42 10/25/23
#101 Matt Bateman - Montessori, Broken Education, Screen Time, Empowering Children
Matt Bateman is an educator and part of the founding team of Higher Ground Education, a Montessori startup, specifically the Montessorium, and his work revolves around the philosophy of education. In this episode, he explains the Montessori program, raising kids in the of social media and technology, and the best kind of school system for our young ones.00:00:00 00:02:31 Introducing Matt 00:03:36 What is Montessori? 00:09:46 The Montessori Program 00:12:18 Is Technology and Social Media Bad for Kids? 00:23:35 Being Present With Your Child 00:28:26 Sleep Training and Attachment Styles 00:36:42 When Do You Start Entering A Montessori Program? 00:41:09 Why Do Public Schools Fail Us? 00:49:35 Kids’ Autonomy and Sovereignty 00:54:51 Dealing With Screaming Kids and Complaining Adults 01:03:45 The Swiss Model and European Models of Education 01:09:37 Where to Find MattWhat is a Montessori school?A Montessori school is an educational approach that focuses on allowing children to learn at their own pace and explore their interests independently. In a Montessori classroom, students typically have freedom to choose from a variety of activities and materials, which are designed to be hands-on and engaging. Teachers serve as guides and facilitators rather than traditional lecturers, helping students discover knowledge through self-directed exploration. Montessori education emphasizes fostering a child's natural curiosity, independence, and love for learning while promoting social and emotional development alongside academic skills.Is Technology Really Bad For Kids?In the Montessori world, you will often find people who are very technology-shy. It’s not that they’re anti-technology, but rather, Matt thinks that technology, the internet, and television is good for children. He does not want his children to grow up with adults who are cynical about it. That doesn’t make it risk free, but rather, it’s all about managing risks like a lot of things in the real world. “Screentime” should not be a concept, as scrolling through TikTok and talking to a relative in the phone are two completely different things.  Links and ResourcesTwitterCandice's LinkTreeMeta-DescriptionEducator and Montessori startup founder Matt Bateman talks about the Montessori program, raising your kids in the digital age, and why traditional school setups fails us. Support the show
70:54 10/14/23
#100 Nick Dimondi - Prepared not Paranoid
Nick Dimondi is a WGA screenwriter, director, and producer and in this episode, him and Candice talk about a vastly wide range of topics, from bitcoin and cryptocurrency, decentralization of banks, and the best schools for kids to be raised in a safe environment.00:00:00 00:02:21 Introducing Nick 00:02:53 Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency 00:11:20 Big Institutions and Bitcoin 00:17:20 Bitcoin and Ethereum 00:19:01 Knowing Where to Put Your Money and Self-Sovereignty 00:27:37 Russell Brand, Protecting Yourself From Banks, and Decentralization 00:34:37 The British Parliament and Being Called a “Trumper” 00:44:44 The Church of Gender, Politics, and Hollywood 00:49:46 Kids Transitioning and Living in California 00:57:53 Public School and Franchise Schools For Kids 01:05:04 Where to Find NickKeeping and Storing Money and Self-Sovereignty with MoneyHaving Alex Mashinsky as a previous guest, he talks about how he went tow to tow with banks and Celcius, his cryptocurrency lending platform. Nick is a big proponent of self-sovereignty, and the idea of buying $80,000 worth of 1’s and 0’s and that being protected by a password terrifies him. Meanwhile, a bunch of guys from Wall Street are just playing games with your money and will leverage that. The financial crisis is proof of that, and there is risk no matter what. After losing Celsius to bankruptcy, Nick believes that the founder Mashinsky and FTX are not evil, but rather, were enticed by power which led to the eventual downfall of his company and the continuous struggle of bitcoin and cryptocurrency to find its way to mainstream banking methods.Trans Kids and De-TransitioningNick shares his stance on kids who decide to transition at an early age. They can potentially face multiple issues such as social stigma, lack of understanding from parents, adults, and authority figures, medical concerns, and bullying from other kids. There’s also the possibility that once they grow older, they regret their decision and decide to de-transition. It’s a difficult journey to go through, and it helps to be surrounded by a good support system, and Nick shares how he has lost friends over his fight on kids who transition early, as well as those who eventually detransition. Links and ResourcesTwitterMeta-DescriptionWGA screenwriter, director, and producer Nick Dimondi shares his experience with bitcoin, cryptocurrency as well as Hollywood, gender, politics, and life in California.Support the show
68:05 10/4/23
#99 Alison Armstrong - The Queen's Code - Stop Emasculating Men
Alison Armstrong is a well-known author, speaker, and educator specializing in personal and professional development, particularly in the realm of relationships. She is renowned for her insights into understanding and improving communication between men and women. Armstrong has written books and delivered workshops and seminars that aim to foster better understanding, empathy, and connection between the sexes. We talk about how her book “The Queen’s Code” has changed my life and my marriage, as well as her new learnings after she released her best-selling book.00:00:00 00:02:21 Introducing Alison Armstrong 00:06:02 Emasculating Men 00:18:00 Single Focus VS Diffused Awareness 00:30:00 How to Spot a Queen 00:41:34 Sex and Masturbation For Men 00:50:43 Nesting and Crystalizing 00:55:31 Alison’s Advice 00:59:20 Where to Find AlisonHow Are We Emasculating Men Without Realizing It?“Why did you do that?”, “Why didn’t you do that?”; women often ask men this question when they get upset with them or when they don’t meet their expectations. But turns out, the root cause of why women ask these questions, and in turn emasculate men, is because of fear and frustration. Women get frustrated with men because of how they can’t get what they need from them, coupled with the fear of how big and strong they are, none of which men really understand very well. Some combination of fear and frustration will cause women to diminish men, and even when women don’t know how much it diminishes them, they still try to change their behavior by criticizing them. It’s this critical edge calling them to account, and women do precisely that because women don’t know how to change men and would rather change them the way they would change a woman.Being Single Focused VS Having Diffused AwarenessOn two opposite ends of the spectrum we have people who are single focused and people who have diffused awareness. People who are single focused and are on the autism spectrum make for perfect TSA agents, while people with diffused awareness make for great hunters and gatherers with their increased survival skills and ability to scan the area thoroughly. So many women are in hunting mode, for good reason, while men who are committed to a “get it done” state of mind, which causes us to admire them. However, a man in an open state of mind is when women fall in love with them. It's when men’s lack of a result to produce has been made available to connect, see, and notice women, and women need to be seen. When men share parts of themselves that they would never tell fellow hunters, this enables women to be even more attracted to men.Links and ResourcesOfficial websiteFreedom From Being Ordinary - Live in L.A. (Oct. 27-29)Meta-DescriptionSpeaker, educator, and author of bestselling book “The Queen’s Code” Alison Armstrong bares her thoughts on men, women, and everything in between.Support the show
61:15 9/27/23
#98 Dr. Peter McCullough
Dr. Peter A. McCullough is an American cardiologist, former vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center and a professor at Texas A&M University. He became widely popular during the COVID-19 pandemic through his controversial views on vaccines, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode, he talks about the algorithm working against him, shifting narratives in the medical community, and the true meaning of misinformation and being “anti-science”.00:00:00 00:02:00 Introducing Dr. Peter A. McCullough 00:03:27 Interview with Joe Rogan 00:08:13 Dr. McCullough VS Google 00:13:42 The Shifting Narrative 00:15:26 Vaccines with Jamie Foxx, Ice Cube, and Justin Bieber 00:19:15 Conscious Medical Consent and Being Pregnant in the Pandemic 00:36:04 History of Getting Vaccinated 00:40:08 Is There Such Thing as Misinformation and Anti-Science? 00:44:25 Vivek Ramaswamy, The FDA, and Politics in Healthcare 00:50:22 Where to Find Dr. Peter A. McCulloughThe Shifting NarrativeDr. Peter A. McCullough is one of the most published people in COVID-19 and can be easily found in the National Library of Medicine, but not in Google. He argues how agencies, health systems, the media, and big industries took money worth 13 billion dollars from HHS and the Biden administration and called it the “COVID Community Court”. These organizations that took the money feel obligated to push the vaccine, with some colleges in the US pushing their students, but not their faculty, to take the vaccine. Being pregnant during the pandemic, refusing to get vaccinated, and facing judgement from physicians was also one of the biggest frustrations that Candice went through. When you don’t have medical freedom, you suffer the risks and consequences of institutions that refuse to respect personal decision.Is There Such Thing as Misinformation?For Dr. McCullough, data has multiple points of view. There’s no such thing as information and misinformation, and science and anti-science. Those are weaponized terms and anybody that uses these terms should be accused of propaganda; creating injury, disparaging individuals, and attempting to gain some type of superiority of one over the other. Misinformation was extensively used in Nazi Germany, and large medical institutions use this to claim that they hold information and if people don’t espouse their views, they’re spreading misinformation. These terms are propaganda and is dangerous to society. Links and ResourcesOfficial website: Foundation: Meta-DescriptionAmerican cardiologist and America’s most controversial MD Dr. Peter A. McCullough shares his thoughts on the medical community, vaccines, and what “misinformation” and “anti-science” really mean.Support the show
52:06 9/14/23
#97 Rebecca Rosen - Are Psychics Real? I got a reading to find out.
Rebecca Rosen is an international spiritual medium. For the past two decades, she has served as an ambassador between the spirit world and our day-to-day lives. In this episode, we talk about real-life relationships, trauma, compassion, and the people around us, as well as everything “woo”: the superego, spirituality, stillness, and psychedelics.00:00:00 00:00:31 Rebecca’s Reading of Candice 00:16:25 Asking For Guidance 00:18:20 Spiritual Experiences 00:20:36 Struggling With Stillness 00:28:23 Jamie Wheal’s “The Superego” 00:32:45 The Role of Compassion 00:37:05 Outgrowing People and The Life Review  00:44:40 Intergenerational Trauma 00:48:58 Why Do We Forget? 00:50:48 Renegotiating Contracts 00:54:25 Ayahuasca, Psychedelics, Downloads, and Divinity 00:58:46 Dark Energy Magnets 01:05:54 Rebecca’s Biggest Learnings 01:09:45 Where to Find RebeccaThe Role of CompassionSometimes, compassion can be mercy killing and doing the right thing even though it’s not easy. Nowadays, compassion is being weaponized; too much enabling and coddling and not enough brutal honesty. For Rebecca, people have to take accountability for their life and not be a be a victim especially for people going through pain, low-T traumas, and difficult experiences. Life is messy and sometimes we have to do the hard things, and that’s where our brilliance, growth, and evolution comes from. It’s all about finding the courage to take accountability for our choices, showing up, and doing the work. It’s not about “Why is this happening to me?” but should be more all about “Why is this happening to me and what is it trying to teach me?”. Being accountable also means taking our power back and doing the work, whatever that may be.Auditing RelationshipsLife is all about growing, and sometimes we outgrow a lot of people in our life especially those who don’t put in the same amount of work that we do. People change and sometimes others don’t, and we don’t always have to shrink down to match them. We have to rise up and shine with the example of being the light and the example for those around us. Whether they fall out of our lives or not, the universe decides for us. It’s a scary and uncomfortable thought, but the law of attraction rings true in this scenario. We will all find our people and the universe will bring those new relationships that match the frequency we’re in. It might be uncomfortable to the ego; an ego death of releasing people and situations, but if your consciousness is in the abundance consciousness versus the scarcity consciousness, these are two completely different wavelengths and it’s OK to just give it to God, send these people love, and let it be. We have to allow ourselves to grow and expand in order to fly and soar.Links and ResourcesOfficial WebsiteInstagramPodcastWhat's Your Heaven?: 7 Lessons to Heal the Past and Live Fully NowMeta-DescriptionPsychic medium Rebecca Rosen shares how we can deal with our day-to-day lives as well as the “woo”: spirituality, divinity, and even psychedelics.Support the show
73:26 9/5/23
#96 Show Nemoto - Awakening the Soul, Eastern Spirituality meets Western Lifestyle
Show Nemoto is a mentor, life coach, model, and content creator known for his viral yet insightful videos online. In this episode, we talk about his journey into the person he is today and the lessons he’s learned along the way on philosophy, alignment, ego, and “karoshi”.00:00:00 00:01:27 Introducing Show and How He Keeps Going 00:04:56 Growing From Being the Most Negative Person 00:06:52 Meditation Into Modelling 00:07:33 Stigmas in Modelling 00:12:56 Wasting Your 20’s 00:16:34 East and West Crossover 00:19:05 Favorite Samurai Philosophies 00:24:25 Life Without Alignment 00:28:07 Stop Chasing, Start Attracting 00:34:34 Animals and the Heart Electromagnetic Field 00:37:46 What is Ego? 00:41:48 Consciousness and Intelligence with Lex Fridman with Yuval Noah Harari 00:43:22 AI and Yelling at Siri, and ChatGPT 00:46:40 Tapping Into Creative Energy 00:54:04 Being Comfortable With Receiving Compliments 00:59:19 Japan: Being Busy, “Karoshi”, and 30-Year Old Virgins 01:21:02 Having No Father Figure: Aubrey Marcus VS Andrew Tate 01:22:42 Where to Find ShowEast Versus WestShow believes that every Eastern and Western philosophy, and even religion, sends the same message but with different approaches. The paths, perspectives, and languages are different, but everyone is working towards the same destination of love, unity, fulfillment, service, and connection. We all want to get to the same place with zen Buddhism and stoicism guided by similar principles.Stop Chasing, Start AttractingPeople have been commenting the same thing on Show’s video on chasing versus attracting: if you’re not chasing, how are you going to connect? Show gets it, but attracting is more active than chasing. Like the lion and the deer, chasing after someone or something only makes that thing run farther away from you. If you’re attracting, it’s like the cheese in the trap. It’s active action that leads you to getting what you want with the least amount of effort. There’s certain time, energy, and effort that you have to put on to prepare for this attraction. It’s not about doing nothing, but attracting something through the energies and vibrations you give out. Attracting is understanding powerful, although invisible, things around you and being able to utilize it rather than chasing around and getting tired and burnt out over something that isn’t meant to be yours. If you surrender to the world, you are preparing that trap and the whole system to attract something that comes into your life.“Karoshi”The extremity of the concept of “busy” found in Japan is through a phenomenon called “karoshi” or death by overwork. This collective belief has become a moral and cultural code in the country towards respect. When you break down the word “busy” in Japanese, which is also derived from the Chinese language, it means “heart” and “ nothing”, or simply put, “you lose your heart”. When we are too busy with work, you forget the most important thing which is to just be present in the moment. Marriages fail, toxic behaviors and bad patterns prevail because of this. Everyone is always in search of something, but the meaning of life is to just be present and simply be. Links and ResourcesYouTubeInstagramTikTokMeta-DescriptionMentor, life coach, model, and content creator Show Nemoto talks about his journey from being the most negative person in the world into the man that he is today.Support the show
85:17 8/16/23
#95 Christopher Ryan - Love, Lust, and Evolution
Christopher Ryan is an American author, psychologist, and speaker best known for his groundbreaking work in the field of human sexuality and evolutionary psychology. He is the author of “Sex at Dawn”, a book that challenges conventional perspectives on human sexual evolution and monogamy, arguing that early human societies were more likely characterized by a non-monogamous, communal mating structure. In this episode, we talk about exactly that: love, sex, jealousy, monogamy VS polygamy, and even chimps and bonobos.00:00:00 00:02:07 Are We Not Wired For Monogamy? 00:07:28 Reframing Jealousy 00:10:38 What Does It Mean When They Say “I Love You?” 00:15:26 Loving Women Too Much and What They Really Want 00:21:00 Alpha and Beta Men 00:25:23 Chimp Empire 00:32:41 Watching Mass Violence and Gore Films 00:40:13 The US’ Control Over Sexual Pleasure and the War on Masturbation 00:49:50 Chris’ Best “Non-Sex Performance” AVN Award 00:54:02 Men and Women in Monogamy and Non-Monogamy 01:08:43 Biggest Misunderstandings Debunked 01:16:41 Listening to Your Body 01:20:00 Carl Jung VS Jordan Peterson 01:23:47 Where to Find ChrisReframing JealousyA lot of people think that if they let their partner be attracted to other people and express this openly, they might lose them. This couldn’t be further from the truth. For Chris, you might lose them anyway, so it’s best to start with the reality that nobody can control anybody else; if your partner wants to leave you, they’re going to leave you unless you’ve got them in a cage in the basement. Beyond that, there’s no way that you can control another human being’s decisions. There’s always a risk that your partner’s going to leave you, so what are you then going to do? Is it safer, smarter, and more ethical to acknowledge the reality of your partner’s consciousness, autonomy, and biological reality and start from that, or is it a smarter strategy to just pretend that none of this is happening and ignore the problem?Chimp EmpireIn Chimp Empire, Chris explains the many errors in the show. The show declares that chimps are our closest primate ancestors, but they are definitely not! Although chimps and bonobos are our closest primate relatives and are equidistant from humans, chimps are violent and aggressive while bonobos are just chill—they don’t hurt or abuse other beings. They are highly sexualized but are not trying to control each other’s behaviors. This agenda promotes a vision of human behavior that the roots of human violence lie millions of years in our revolutionary past.The Biggest Misunderstanding Between Men and WomenChris notes the “sweaty t-shirt study” by Claus Wedekind wherein a woman meets a man, she could go on to list down their positive qualities only to say in the end that they “don’t smell right”. A man would rarely ever say that. According to Wedekind, women have a sense of smell much more acute than men’s and it makes sense for them to become more attuned to smells than men are. But why? The conventional view is that when women get pregnant, they need to be careful of the food they eat, but what about all the time? This is tied into mate selection and his hypothesis was that maybe women pick up information about men’s immune systems from their smell. Links and ResourcesSubstackWebsiteMeta-Description“Sex at Dawn” author, psychologist, and speaker Chris Ryan debunks myths about men and women, as well as overcoming jealousy and the miseducation on humans and our closest primate relatives.Support the show
87:33 8/9/23
#94 Justin Breen - Are you a Visionary?
Today’s guest has one of the most fascinating brains I’ve ever encountered. Justin Breen is a successful entrepreneur and CEO of BrEpic Communications LLC, a public relations firm based in Chicago. He is known for his expertise in storytelling and building relationships, which has helped him connect clients with media outlets and enhance their brand presence. Breen has an extensive background in journalism and is recognized for making visionaries’ ideas come to life.00:00:00 00:01:19 Introducing Justin 00:02:58 “Outwitting the Devil”00:04:13 Technology and AI Creating More Fear00:07:33 The “Resilience Gene”00:09:57 Great Men Are Rarely Great Fathers00:16:00 Gratitude Journals and “Woo”00:17:55 What Makes Relationship Dynamics Work00:20:57 Has Justin Ever Been Wrong?00:22:47 Characteristics of a Visionary00:25:37 A Visionary VS A Businessowner00:28:37 Four Types of Visionaries00:29:43 ADD, ADHD, and “Scattered Minds”00:34:07 IQ and EQ Tests, Hunter and Farmer Brain 00:43:43 Fight or Flight00:49:27 Introduce Calculated Stress and Risk-Taking00:54:09 How to Navigate Business Relationships01:02:41 What Inspires Justin01:04:28 Putting Ego Aside01:05:53 What About Politics?01:08:34 Elon Musk: The Alien Amongst Humans With Zero Empathy01:17:12 Where to Find JustinWhat Makes a Visionary?In terms of the Kolbe Assessment, an overwhelming number of visionaries have an 8-10 score for Quick Start. Most visionaries also have little to no follow-through or have ADD or ADHD, which is not a disorder but a sign of genius mislabeled by humans. In Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinders, most visionaries have a mix of ideation and are futuristic, and a mix of activator, maximizer, and/or achiever. Lastly for the Enneagram, most visionaries have at least an 8 (strong and self-reliant) or 3 (to succeed and achieve). A true visionary will take action, see what happens with the idea, and maybe it’s the right time or maybe it isn’t, but they will do it. The businessowner will wane on it for a long period of time but never take action. There are four types of qualities that visionaries have that Justin was able to pick up through patterns— ADD/ADHD, minor Asperger’s syndrome, dyslexia, and exceptionally high IQ.Links and ResourcesGet a copy of Epic Life on Amazon and any bookstore onlineBrEpic Communications, LLC.Meta-DescriptionAuthor, CEO, and entrepreneur Justin Breen breaks down what makes people (and himself) visionaries and how he might know you better than you know yourself.Support the show
78:34 8/2/23
#93 Gad Saad - The Saad Truth of Happiness
 Born in Beirut, Lebanon and emigrated to Montreal, Canada after the Lebanese Civil War, Gad Saad is a renowned evolutionary psychologist, author, and professor, known for being an insightful academic contributor to the fields of consumer behavior, marketing, and evolutionary psychology. In this episode, he talks all about how to be happy and what makes life happy: wholeness, gratitude, honesty, serendipity, variety, and spirituality.00:00:00 00:00:53 Introducing Gad 00:03:58 The Lighter Side of Happiness 00:06:25 How To Not Things Personally 00:10:18 What is Happiness? 00:12:09 Feeling Wholeness 00:15:46 How Much Truth is Too Much Truth? 00:18:10 Authentic Expression 00:21:40 Choosing the Right Mate 00:30:25 Being Open in Serendipity 00:32:39 Ego and Critical Thinking VS God and Spirituality 00:35:00 The James Webb Space Telescope and “Variety is the Spice of Life” 00:44:22 Changes in Education 00:46:19 Gad and Regrets 00:54:00 Where to Find GadWhat is Happiness?According to the academic literature, there are all kinds of debates on the difference between happiness, contentment, wellbeing, and even some people confusing pleasure and dopamine hits as happiness. We conflate pleasure with happiness and the external rush that comes with it, but that’s not what it truly means. In the endocrinological framework, it’s all about the serotonin system: feeling contentment and existential happiness that defines true happiness. Do you find yourself waking up and saying, “I have a great life?” or “Am I at a place where I am happy?”. If the answer is yes, then that’s where the grand existential sense of the meaning of happiness can be truly found. How Much Truth is Too Much Truth?There are two ethical systems when it comes to telling the truth, the ontological ethics versus consequentialist ethics. The way that Gad is able to gauge truth-telling is whether it’s ontological or consequentialist. Consequentialist ethics is when you massage the truth because the consequences of telling the truth are not necessarily worth it. On the other hand, ontological ethics is all about the pursuit of science where there is no such thing as “I believe in free speech, but…”. This automatically violates the ontological principle, or the absolute truth and for the pursuit of science, a person should always be in pursuit of the truth.Links and ResourcesPre-order Gad’s upcoming book “The Saad Truth About Happiness” at AmazonOfficial WebsiteCatch him at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco at August 8 plus many more dates and venues to come!Meta-DescriptionPsychologist, author, and professor Gad Saad beams on about how to live a life of happiness, wholeness, and gratitude.Support the show
56:48 7/26/23
#92 Gabrielle Stone - Navigating Betrayal: A marital affair
Gabrielle is a woman wearing many hats: author, actress, dancer, and director. But more notably, you might know her from her viral TikTok where she recalls the many traumas she’s been (dancing) through, from her father’s sudden death, to her divorce, and her “Eat, Pray, Love”-esque journey. In this episode there’s no dancing involved, but she tells her whole life story from the heartbreaks to the healing process, as well as how she manages to keep her heart open despite everything she’s been through.00:00:00 00:01:21 Introducing Gabrielle 00:01:51 Gabrielle’s Fucked Up Netflix Story 00:05:04 Finding Trust Instead of Wallowing 00:07:36 The Greater Heartbreak 00:09:27 Eat, Pray… FML? 00:15:06 Patterns in Attraction and Teaching Moments 00:20:32 Relinquishing Fear 00:25:08 “Healing” and Being “Whole” 00:33:54 The Tortured Artist 00:38:48 The Role of Forgiveness 00:50:57 Self-Acceptance in Pregnancy and Body Love 01:02:33Where to Find GabrielleA Fucked-Up Netflix StoryGabrielle’s story is one you might only find on a Netflix show. At a young age, she witnessed her father’s death. At eighteen, she lost her high school sweetheart to a car accident. During her two-year marriage, her now ex-husband had an affair with a 19-year old for six months, and the man she dated after that left her just a few days before their trip to Europe. Devastated and alone, she decided to push through with the trip by herself that eventually turned into a self-love healing journey that would change her life and get her a best-selling book.Her Healing JourneyDespite everything she’s been through, Gabrielle credits her mom for being a role model in her healing amidst the trauma in her life. Even with the fear of abandonment, she was left with two options: eventually she can either choose victimhood and let the tragedy define her, or use it as a springboard to grow, learn, and become a better human being. At the end of the day, what was wallowing all day going to do for her? She knew at that moment that whatever the trip was going to bring was going to be a huge healing journey for her, thus her healing journey began and paved the way for good things to come to her lifeThe Road to ForgivenessGabrielle believes that you don’t have to forgive anyone if you don’t want to, but she believes that not forgiving someone only hurts you more. When you’re going around with a certain type of energy, you’re going to attract that energy into your life. You don’t forgive people for them—doesn’t matter if they deserve it or how long it’s been, but you forgive people because you want to elevate yourself and vibrate on a higher level to attract and manifest good things in your life.Links and ResourcesInstagramTikTokAmazon: "Eat, Pray, #FML"Amazon: "Fuck Off, I'm Healing"EatPrayFML.comApple Podcast: FML TalkMeta-DescriptionAuthor, actress, dancer, and director Gabrielle Stone spills the tea on her life story that got her viral on TikTok and her journey towards self-healing and self love.Support the show
64:21 7/17/23
#91 Bibi Brzoka - Energetic Love Making
Bibi Brzozka is an international speaker on holistic sexuality and has spoken at Summit, the YPO Forum, and magazines such as Vogue and Elle. She teaches about energetic lovemaking and conscious sexuality. In this episode, we define these terms and deep dive into women’s sexuality and how one can fully embrace it.00:00:00 00:00:25 Introducing Bibi 00:01:29 Energetic Lovemaking 00:07:21 How to Start Energetic Lovemaking? 00:20:28 Can You Consciously Have Casual Sex? 00:26:04 Where is the Shame Coming From? 00:33:17 Talking to the Subconscious 00:38:58 Healing & Sexuality, Orgasm & Pleasure 00:44:55 Women Operating From the Masculine 00:49:21 Sex Magic 00:54:57 Having Zero Sex Drive 00:57:00 Where to Find BibiWhat is Energetic Lovemaking?According to research, sex only lasts for 5.4 minutes and more than half of men ejaculate within less than two minutes of penetration. The same way as any other area of our life, sex is fast, straight to the point, goal-oriented, and provides instant gratification. This doesn’t allow us to fully drop in, be fully present, and tap into the sexual energy that we all have access to.The thing with sexual energy is that it’s subtle, and in order to start perceiving the subtle sensation, energy, and movement, we have to slow down. We have to give ourselves time to become more sensitive, present, relaxed, and we are not doing that. Because of the lack of education around sexuality, or rather the presence of pornography, it’s not intended to educate but to entertain and are mainly done by men, for men. Masculine qualities which involve a lot of doing and eventually having an orgasm are brought to the bedroom, thinking that the only way to achieve an orgasm is the climactic, explosive, ejaculatory type. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. True sexual energy is not fast, tense, and efficient, it’s the tingling, warmth, and pleasure that is the true act of sex and energetic lovemaking.Sex MagicBibi credits Margot Anand, one of the pioneers of “sex magic”, and one of her teachers Layla Martin for this craft. This powerful sexual energy can be utilized with an intention and can bring you to a higher state of consciousness. According to a book by Osho called “Sex Matters: From Sex to Superconsciousness”, we are in those powerful and high frequency states. When you look at any manifestation protocols, they recommend that we use high frequency emotions like love, gratitude, and joy. Orgasmic bliss is definitely up there in par with high frequency states and when we tap into that, we connect to the frequency of the universe and the Creator, where we can powerfully call in what we want.Some other explanations state that when we move that sexual energy from our roots chakra or our genitalia all the way up to our crown chakra, the moment that we orgasm, we shoot that vision to the universe and bring that energy back. Moving the energy throughout all our energy centers activate our entire nervous system and parts of the brain, lighting up our whole being to be on board with that vision.  Links and ResourcesInstagramWebsite“Ladder to Bliss” Mentorship ProgramMeta-DescriptionInternational speaker Bibi Brzozka talks all about energetic lovemaking, conscious sexuality, and embracing your sexuality as a woman.Support the show
60:28 7/5/23
#90 Derek More Plates More Dates - Hormone Replacement Therapy and Birth Control
Derek is a Canadian amateur bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast, host of the “More Plates, More Dates” podcast, and co-founder of Marek Health, a telehealth platform on streamlining health optimization. In this episode, we discuss Derek’s goals with Marek Health, men’s health and testosterone, mental health, and self-love.00:00:00 00:01:12 What’s Up With Morning Wood? 00:03:49 Dopamine Abuse 00:07:13 Men and Self-Sabotaging Behaviors 00:09:41 Men’s Space in Feminism 00:12:14 Creepy Men IRL VS Online 00:17:51 Men’s Self-Love 00:23:42 Ozempic Spike 00:31:21 Firing Doctors Against Nutrition 00:33:54 Candice VS Her Thyroid 00:40:28 All About Marek Health 00:46:26 Blood Panels and Microbiome Tests 00:51:32 Hidden Agendas on NFTs, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency 00:55:17 “Fluffy Balls” 00:59:50 TRT and HRT VS Birth Control 01:07:15 Candice and Her Lack of Testosterone 1:16:20 Where to Find DerekAll About Marek Health and the Stigma on TRT ClinicsDerek’s biggest hang-up with the medical system in Canada is how hard it is to get blood tests done and patients would have to wait for serious cardiovascular issues to arise before they can get one. This is how Marek Health came about; a preventative medicine platform focusing on telehealth. However, the stigma around TRT clinics is negative but justified because a lot of the clinics that exist are cover-ups to prescribe testosterone or an array of “longevity”-enhancing compounds to men. However, Marek Health is all about preventative medicine and Derek connects clients to high-quality doctors who specialize in hormone-optimization and preventative medicine.Men’s Self-Sabotaging BehaviorsTo Derek, the cold plunge dopamine spike is a little overexaggerated especially with the comparisons to dark chocolate, sex, and cocaine. It’s a rodent study with unpublished data versus human data. To delineate between the dopamine you get from food versus “synthetically”-induced activities such as masturbation or porn, it’s like acclimating your body to different kind of stimuli to achieve that neurotransmitter release and this can be problematic. This can reinforce bad eating habits to those with troubled eating patterns as well as potentially a lower quality dating life, inhibiting the drive to meet a partner and get in the way of having a healthy sex life.TRT, HRT, and Birth ControlTestosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a medical treatment that involves supplementing or replacing testosterone in individuals who have low levels of this hormone. On the other hand, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a medical treatment that involves replacing or supplementing hormones in the body and is commonly used to alleviate symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances or deficiencies, particularly in menopausal or postmenopausal women. Derek explains the biggest difference between the two, especially with women who are taking birth control at a young age don’t need HR compared to the huge disparity between men who need it and those who just want to “optimize” their performance.Links and ResourcesMore Plates More Dates Official Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeMarek Health Official Website, Facebook, Twitter, InstagramSupport the show
79:07 6/28/23
#89 Sara Grynberg - Why Your Prayers Aren't Being Answered
Sarah Grynberg is a Keynote Speaker, Writer, and Host of A Life Of Greatness Podcast. Through her teachings, audiences worldwide have learned the proven habits and strategies they can use to manifest their best lives. In this episode, we discuss the practices and habits that cultivate greatness, the benefits of having unshakable trust in yourself, and the first step in the journey to greatness.00:00 Introducing Sarah Grynberg01:25 Leading Through Inspiration04:32 Manifestation and Creating Your Own Reality08:03 The One Change That Transformed Sarah's Life Forever12:13 Why You Need to Have Unshakable Trust in Yourself14:46 Understanding the Energy of Prayer18:39 Change Your Personality to Change Your Reality 23:22 How to Shed Your False Identities and Become Your Best Self29:35 When Should You Start Getting Kids?33:03 Ways to Connect Your Mind and Heart35:00 The First Step on the Road to Greatness40:25 Sarah's Definition of Self Love45:42 Things to Do Instead of Comparing Yourself to Others50:17 Why You Need to Ignore The Voice That Tells You You Can't Do It 51:43 Gut Feeling and Knowing When to Pivot54:52 Where to Find SarahManifesting Health and WellnessWhatever we want to create in our lives, it's always better when it comes to us with ease. And the best way of manifesting this ease is to pray as if it has already happened. Sarah believes that the whole idea behind manifestation needs to be built around being thankful as if your desires are already within reach. For instance, if you yearn for good health, don't see it as a distant future that never arrives. Instead, pray for a healthy body as though you already possess one. Immerse yourself spiritually in the essence of a well person. Picture your old body fading away, replaced by a new, vibrant self. Remember, you can't be the same person in a new life. You actually have to change your personality to change your reality.What is Self Love?What is your definition of self-love? When you go on social media, self-love is a bubble bath, candles, a box of chocolate, or a Thai massage. And while those things are pleasant and very necessary, that is the most superficial way to look at self-love. At its core, self-love is about loving yourself, embracing your flaws, quirks, and imperfections like badges of honor. It's that magnetic force that draws you towards your true, authentic self. When you nurture self-love within, it's like a contagious wildfire that spreads to everyone around you. Suddenly, your energy becomes infectious, inspiring others to embark on their own self-love journey. However, self-love isn't all sunshine and rainbows. It takes courage, vulnerability, and a whole lot of inner work. Links and ResourcesSarah's LinkedInSarahgrynberg.comConnect with Sarah on Facebook A Life of Greatness PodcastOutwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success by Napoleon HillIf you like daily inspirational nuggets, you can join our free texting community at 917-6343-796 and text the word "Candice".Meta-DescriptionKeynote Speaker, Writer, and podcast host Sarah Grynberg talks about the proven habits and strategies you can use to elevate your very best life, cultivate greatness, and connect with a deeper sense of self.  Support the show
63:29 6/21/23
#88 Craig Seigel - Self Worth and Inner Fullfillment
 Chatting with Candice Craig Siegel Episode Run Time: 1:10:07Craig Siegel is a motivational speaker, thought leader, and founder of Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS). He is known for his energetic and engaging speaking style, aiming to inspire individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. In this episode, we talk about his journey into becoming the iconic and inspiring person that he is today.00:00:00 00:01:08 Introducing Craig 00:01:52 Mindset Change: From Wall Street to Key Note Speaker 00:03:37 Craig’s Biggest Pain Point 00:07:53 Fulfillment Without Love (and Monetization) 00:10:50 Getting Down to Your Essence 00:14:04 Money as an Energetic Exchange 00:17:10 Power in Affirmations 00:19:39 Commitment 00:22:22 Upward Spiral and Puppies 00:24:33 Navigating Relationships with Older People 00:30:44 Healthy Framing and Narcissistic Traps 00:35:10 Getting Caught in the Comparison Trap 00:39:54 Deflecting Positivity and Inherent Unworthiness 00:43:17 Moving Meditations and Ziva Meditations 00:46:16 The Art of Living a Happy Life 00:48:35 Spotting Your Own Bullshit 00:51:39 Self-Sabotage and Unworthiness 00:55:14 Eulogy Exercise 00:59:16 Reinventing Your Life and Cancelling Your Netflix Subscription 01:01:02 Craig’s Journey to Spirituality 01:05:13 “The Reinvention Formula” 01:08:40 Where to Find CraigGetting Caught in the Comparison TrapComparison is one of the worst things you can get yourself into. It leads to unworthiness and is a dangerous trap to fall into especially with social media. For Craig, he has a very intentional relationship with social media. He knew it was a great vehicle to extend reach, make an impact, and share content. Throughout his journey, he would see people a little bit further ahead and it made him feel some type of way for a second. But ultimately, he realized that these people are on Chapter 9 while he’s on Chapter 2. Now, he’s only competing with who he was yesterday. In his words, “marry the process, divorce the outcome”.Eulogy ExerciseThe eulogy exercise is where you pretend that two weeks for now, you’ll be gone from this world and people are gathering around at your funeral. You have to ask yourself two questions: who would be there and what would be said about you? Did you leave a legacy, an impact, or a contribution? This is where you can collect honest inventory and do a deep dive on your life.Links and ResourcesThe CLS ExperienceFacebook, Twitter, InstagramIf you like daily inspirational nuggets, you can join our free texting community at 917-6343-796 and text the word “Candice”.Meta-DescriptionMotivational speaker, thought leader, and founder of the organization Cultivate Lasting Symphony Craig Siegel talks about his journey from Wall Street to speaker to business owner.Support the show
12:25 6/12/23
# 87 Ben Azadi - Biological Optimization, How to Burn Fat, Why Breast is Best
 Chatting with Candice Ben Azadi Episode Run Time: 58:41Ben Azadi is a holistic health expert, author, and speaker, and host of “Keto Kamp” who specializes in the field of ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting. In this episode, we talk about fasting, diet culture, and Ben’s journey to the fitness hero that he is now.00:00:00 00:01:47 Inflammation Issues and the ELISA Blood Test 00:07:23 Gut Microbiome, Weight Loss, and the Carnivore Diet 00:12:57 Ben’s Raynaud’s Disease 00:17:25 The Carnivore Diet and Bile Bear from Japan 00:22:42 Intermittent Fasting and Carnivore Aurelius 00:28:30 Working Out for Women 00:29:53 Ben’s Shift from Veganism to Keto 00:37:20 There’s Nothing Better Than the Boob! 00:42:33 Brain Health, Type 3 Diabetes, and Sirtuins 00:47:40 Negative Self-Talk, Telomeres, and The Biggest Loser 00:55:07 All About Cholesterol 00:57:44 Where to Find BenThe Lazy Way For Weight LossThere’s this very lazy way to argue about weight loss and that it’s just calories in and calories out. However, there’s so many other things that affect weight loss, an example being gut microbiome and leaky gut. Most people have leaky gut or some form of gut dysbiosis, with leaky gut leading to autoimmune diseases which usually goes undiagnosed for 15-20 years. In the meantime, there are people with digestive issues thinking that it’s normal when it’s not. Gas, acid reflux, and bloating are all good things in the sense that this is our innate intelligence is giving you clues that something is out of homeostasis.There’s Nothing Better Than the Boob!Candice will die on this hill: there is nothing better than breast milk. Breast milk and formula milk have distinct differences, and while both can provide adequate nutrition for infants, breast milk is generally considered the optimal choice for several reasons: nutritional ingredients, immunity protection, digestibility, and reduced risk of infection. It’s also important for bonding and emotional connection. Breastfeeding promotes a close bond between the mother and baby and the skin-to-skin contact, eye contact, and physical closeness during breastfeeding can enhance emotional bonding and contribute to the baby's emotional well-being.Links and ResourcesELISA Blood TestMilkifyThe Keto Kamp PodcastBen's Official WebsiteMeta-DescriptionHolistic health expert and Keto Kamp host Ben Azadi talks fasting, diet culture, breast milk, bile bear from Japan, and The Biggest Loser.Support the show
63:45 6/1/23
#86 Nick Onken - The Future Belongs to Artists
Nick Onken is a world-renowned photographer, host of ONKEN radio podcast, and a creative entrepreneur devoted to inspiring the world to create their moments. He has photographed personalities such as Justin Bieber, Tom Hanks, and Jessica Alba, with his work being featured in Fast Company, Huffington Post, and MTV. In this episode, we discuss how to find your identity Alchemy, Nick’s thoughts on Masculinity dynamics, and ways to stay ahead as a creative.00:00 Introduction01:08 The Future Belongs to the Creatives 03:37 Discipline and Extreme Accountability as a Creative06:36 Approaching Art with a Curiosity Mindset09:16 What to Do When You Feel Stuck10:34 Try Something New to Find Inspiration13:24 Understanding the Alchemy of Identity17:09 Nick’s Thoughts on Masculinity Dynamics19:45 Pleasure Prayers and Sexual Sacredness22:35 Learning to Take Risks28:26 How to Become Supernatural30:45 You Have the Power to Heal Yourself33:50 Breathwork Benefits, Uses, and Effectiveness38:45 Understanding the Dark Knight of the Soul44:45 Self-actualization and the Integration of Psychedelic Experiences48:52 The First Step to Creation53:54 Where to Find NickUnderstanding the Alchemy of IdentityIdentity alchemy can be summed up by this three-step process: Deconstruct-Curate-Become. This is the deconstruction of the self, the curation of the new version of yourself, and then becoming who that is, becoming your authentic self. But why is this important? Well, because people love authenticity, and that’s what keeps them coming back to you. The good news is that everybody is an Alchemist. The Future Belongs to the CreativesThe future belongs to the creatives. We live in a fast-evolving world where everybody is trying to come up with something new. And as technological advancements continue to automate repetitive tasks, it is the imaginative minds who will shape and redefine our world. Creatives bring fresh ideas, innovative solutions, and unique perspectives that transcend traditional boundaries. They possess the ability to envision possibilities and inspire others to embrace change. With their artistic talents and visionary thinking, creatives will unlock the true potential of emerging technologies, foster meaningful connections, and create immersive experiences. Links and ResourcesNick on Instagram and TwitterNick’s Website - Onken.coThe Alchemist by Paulo CoelhoThe 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Timothy FerrissBecoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon by Adam Boyce and Dr. Joe DispenzaYou Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter by Adam Boyce and Dr. Joe DispenzaSupport the show
56:54 5/25/23
#85 Emily Fletcher - Pleasure Prayer, Amplify Manifestation
Emily is a leading expert in meditation for high performance and the founder of Ziva Meditation, where she developed the world meditation training program. She talks about heart and mind coherence, emotional alchemy, purging, and meditation practices to help live a more mindful life.00:00:00 00:02:58 Activation and Breathing Exercises 00:04:39 Heart and Mind Coherence 00:09:38 Disconnected Women, “The Hug Factory”, and “The Hidden Messages” 00:14:07 Accepting, Processing, Enabling Emotional States 00:17:13 What is Emotional Alchemy? 00:20:56 Purging and Is Energy All the Same? 00:24:45 Vivid Dreams, Extraction, and an Orgasmic State 00:32:53 Punishment of Pleasure 00:35:27 Practicing Pleasure Prayer 00:38:51 Masculine Wounds and Trauma Responses 00:46:22 Sexually Charging Yourself Up 00:54:39 Measuring Frequencies 00:57:50 Meditation Practices 01:03:36 Inherent Shame Around Pleasure and Sexuality 01:08:27 Where to Find EmilyWhat is Emotional Alchemy?The emotional alchemy process is a way to purge emotion and express yourself. It’s tapping into anything repressed, stuck, or wants to be witnessed anytime. Usually for a lot of people it’s anger, frustration, grief, or sadness, and through emotional alchemy, it’s lletting these emotions move through the body and letting yourself feel through somatic experience or expression such as dancing, punching, or sounding. Once you see and feel it in its entirety, it transmutes. However, the more we ignore these emotions, the louder they get. If we witness these feelings in their entirety, then these emotions are more likely to take a backseat instead of taking control of your life.The Purge and Energy WorkWe are communal beings by nature and there is power in that. Showing our emotions among ourselves has become so antithetical to the way that we’ve been socialized and conditioned, even more so in other cultures. To be witnessed and given permission to let our emotions rip, there is so much power in that. Vulnerability and safety can equal to trauma healing, while vulnerability and fear can equal re-traumatization. Links and ResourcesZivaMeditation.comZiva’s Free Masterclass: How to reduce your stress, overcome anxiety, and improve your sleep in 15 daysMeta-DescriptionTeacher and emotional alchemist Emily Fletcher talks about our dreams, pleasures, emotional states, and meditation practices to help us heal and ease into mindfulness.Support the show
73:03 5/17/23

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