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Tim Burningham from the The Center for Company Culture reveals all of his strategies for creating a strong organizational culture that will transform your company’s results. Discover how you can create a culture within your organization and among the teams you lead that will make your life as a leader so much easier! Tim’s practical and straight forward advise will help you create an organization that people love working for. Improved employee retention, engagement, productivity, alignment, trust, teamwork, leadership, and results are all in store for those who listen and choose to implement Tim’s sound advice. Never miss an episode as you help your team and organization reach its potential through creating a strong company culture.


On A Mission
There are three building blocks that establish a solid foundation for a healthy organizational culture.  In this episode we will reveal and talk about the first building block which is your Mission. Writing and establishing a Mission Statement can be a little tricky.  In this episode we will discuss three things you must do to make sure your Mission will have the greatest impact on your organization.  And what if you aren't in a position to change the Mission for your organization?  I have some special advice for you. too!
10:54 10/11/2018
What Do You Value?
There are three building blocks that establish a solid foundation for a healthy organizational culture.  In this episode we will reveal and talk about the second building block which is your Core Values. There are common mistakes that people make when creating their core values.  In this episode learn what those mistakes are and how to avoid them.  Understand also why values are important and how they can help you create a healthy organizational culture.  And what if you aren't in a position to change the core Values for your organization?  I have good advice for you too!  
12:28 10/18/2018
Have A Vision
There are three building blocks that establish a solid foundation for a healthy organizational culture.  In this episode we will reveal and discuss the 3rd building block which is a Vision. A vision keeps us grounded and reminds us why we do what we do day in and day out.  A vision can inspire a team to contribute to something bigger than themselves.  Learn why a vision is so important and how it can help you in your organization.
08:47 10/25/2018
Could You Be A Superhero?
It's not always easy being a leader and often you may underestimate how impactful you really are.  The truth is, your impact as a leader is real and very significant.  Learn what super power you have as a leader and how to better understand and utilize your influence for good.   
08:19 11/01/2018
How To Create A Healthy Organization
It's time to get down to business!  In today's episode I will introduce a model that helps create a healthy organization.  This model has been proven overtime and has been instrumental in my success throughout my career.  I've seen the model help all different kinds of teams produce incredible results.  I'm now on a mission to share this model with as many leaders and organizations as I possibly can  The model is called the 4Cs Model To A Healthy Organizational Culture.  Find out what it is all about!
10:46 11/10/2018
Clarity – The Base of the Model
Clarity is at the base of the 4Cs model to creating a healthy organizational culture and is perhaps the most important of the 4Cs. In this episode we dive more in-depth into the model. I discuss why clarity is at the bottom of the model and why it is so important to success within in an organization. We also discuss what the most important items are that a leader must make clear if they hope to have a healthy culture.
12:32 11/15/2018
Consistency Is The Glue
Consistency is the middle section of our 4Cs model to creating a healthy organizational culture, and in a lot of ways it’s like the glue that holds things together. In this episode we dive into this portion of the model and talk about what consistency means and why it is so important to your organization. We also talk about how clarity and consistency complement each other and how they can help all leaders build a very healthy organizational culture. Finally, we discuss traditions and how they can help reinforce consistency. You don’t want to miss this one!
12:32 11/22/2018
Celebration—The Icing on the Cake
Can or should work be fun?! I think so. Celebration is the top of the pyramid of the 4Cs Model to Create a Healthy Organizational Culture. In this episode we discuss what celebration is, why it matters, why great leaders find ways to celebrate, and how it plays an important part in the model. We will also discuss why celebration is an important element in the model and how in a lot of ways is the icing on top of a cake.
10:01 11/29/2018
The Multiplying Effect of Charity
In this episode we discuss the final C in our model to help you establish a super strong and healthy organizational culture. This final C is charity and is perhaps the most important. Charity is different than any other element in the model as it has a multiplying effect on the other 3 Cs. Learn how charity works in the model, how you know if you have it or not as a leader, and also how to establish it in your organization. No leader can afford to miss this episode!
12:06 12/06/2018
The #1 Reason Why We Don’t Accomplish New Year’s Resolutions
New Year’s Resolutions are popular this time of year, and in this final episode of season one we will tackle the #1 reason why so many of us fail to achieve them. I’ll also discuss why goals are so important to establishing a strong organizational culture, and how you can achieve goals at work! Finally, I’ll talk about how goals fit into our 4Cs Model to creating a super healthy organizational culture that transforms results. You won’t want to miss it!
12:48 12/13/2018
Happy at Work
How would the world change if every leader had a goal to make their team happier at work each day? Today we will talk about this and how it fits into the 4Cs model to creating an amazing organizational culture. We will also talk about upcoming topics for future podcasts in season 2. Get ready for another great season of The Culture Guide Podcast! 
11:02 01/17/2019
People Systems - Your Key to Clarity
Have you ever wondered how to establish or strengthen clarity within your orgainization?  This poodcast has the answer. Learn what people systems are and how they can help any leadercreate and reinforce clarity around those things that matter most throughout their entire organization. The information shared in this podcast is critical to establishing a strong company culture, and without it, any hope to develop a strong culture will be futile.  This is a must listen to episode.
11:16 01/24/2019
Revive Your Meetings
Do you love meetings? Do you want your people to love your meetings at work? Learn two great ways to significantly enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your meetings. By following these two tips your meetings will be more inspirational and engaging. Rather than dreading meetings, your people just might look forward to them. Also, learn how meetings fit in to the 4Cs model and why they play an important role in strengthening your culture. This is a podcast you won’t want to miss!
12:44 01/31/2019
What You May Not Know About Organizational Culture
What is a healthy organizational culture and how can it help your company? In this podcast episode Tim breaks down what a healthy organizational culture is, two reasons why it is so important, how you can know if you have one, and what to do about it if you don’t. If you are serious about creating a strong organizational culture within your company, then this is a podcast you can’t miss! Learn now how to create a healthy culture in any organization! 
12:55 02/07/2019
5 Tips for Terminating Employees
It's time to talk about one of the most dreaded things all leaders of organizations have to do--terminate someone's employment.  Learn five tips to help you effectively conduct a termination.  Also learn why the way you terminate an employee matters and learn how it can impact the health of your organization's culture. Finally, find out what the goal should be  for a termation meetin. If you are a leader who has to let people go, then this podcast is for you! 
11:03 02/14/2019
Unleash the Power of Collective Goals
There is huge power in collective goals! Unfortunately, few organizations and leaders tap into this tremendous force to improve alignment and minimize infighting and silos. In this episode, learn why individual goals at work are extremely dangerous. Also discover what collective goals are and how they can help improve the strength of your culture and your results. If your team isn't as cohesive as you'd' like them to be or if individuals and departments in your organization do not  seem to work together as well as you'd like them to, this podcast is for you!
10:57 02/21/2019
What Winning Looks Like
Does your team or organization know if they're winning at work or not?  Everyone wants to belong to a great team.  Everyone wants contribute and add value.  In this podcast learn how to make sure your team knows what winning looks like and how making this super clear can really strengthen your culture.  This is a podcast, you won't want to miss!
10:09 02/28/2019
What Matters Most Right Now?
How does an organization actually make progress toward achieving their vision? By deciding what matters most right now! In this podcast, organizations who are serious about achieving results and improving as a company will learn how developing company themes can help them. But what is a company theme? And how can creating clarity around them make your organization’s culture stronger? Tune in now to find out more!
11:21 03/07/2019
Keep It Simple
What’s the best way to improve your culture? Through small and simple things. Much like the seeds of a great redwood tree that start out small, consistently doing small and simple things over time will add up and grow your organization’s culture until it becomes a powerful force. Simple things done consistently over time have always proven to be the most effective way to have a lasting impact on culture. In this episode learn to never devalue small and simple things!
10:58 03/14/2019
Questions - Answers
I’ve received some really good questions during season two of the podcast. Today on our last episode of season two I will take time to answer some of the really important ones that can help you implement what we’ve discussed during this season and ultimately strengthen your organization’s culture. You won’t want to miss this last episode of season two! 
18:14 03/21/2019
Breaking Down The Four C's Model to a Strong Workplace Culture
In this episode Tim takes a deeper dive into The Four C’s Model for Strong and Healthy Organizational Cultures by talking about what each C in the model is not. By learning what they are not, it will help you understand what they are and how to more effectively establish a strong culture that will transform results within your organization. This first episode of season three of the podcast is one you can’t miss!
18:06 04/25/2019
The 4 Essential Meetings
Today I discuss the four essential meetings that every organization should hold. I give a breakdown of each meeting including the primary purpose, who should attend, and how frequently they should happen. I also share why each is so important and how meetings influence workplace culture. If you have meetings in your company, then you can’t miss this episode!
17:35 05/02/2019
Leadership to Create a Strong Workplace Culture
Let’s talk leadership. The kind of leadership that helps create a strong workplace culture that transforms results within an organization. There are a lot of different leadership ideas and concepts out there, but in this episode I share my favorite leadership concept and talk about how it correlates or helps reinforce the four C’s model to creating a strong workplace culture. If you’re a leader or interested in leadership, this podcast is for you!  
14:23 05/09/2019
The Way to Show You Care at Work
In this episode I reveal what was discovered about long-term company success from a recent Gallup global study on work. The result is shocking… I also get to the heart of establishing the fourth C in our model to successful leadership and strong organizational cultures. Learn what the one thing is you must do to dramatically raise the levels of charity that exists in your company which will drastically improve your workplace culture and results.
11:15 05/16/2019
Why Start Here?
Today I talk about where you should start in establishing a strong culture and why you start there. I explain what the building blocks of a strong culture are and how they can help you with every challenge, every obstacle, and every situation you may face. I also share some real examples from organizations I’ve recently helped. If you’re serious about having a strong workplace culture and want superb results in every aspect of your company, then you can’t miss this one!
15:18 05/23/2019
The Power of One on One
One on one meetings with your direct reports is one of the most important ways you can spend time as a leader. In this episode I talk about why it is so important and how to make sure they are effective. I also discuss what the primary objective of these meetings should be and how to use them to improve your organizational culture and transform your results. If you lead people, you won’t want to miss this episode!
13:09 05/30/2019
How to Effectively Give Tough Feedback
Sharing tough feedback is something every leader must do. In this episode I talk about why giving tough feedback as a leader is so important. I also share the six steps to follow to make sure you are providing tough feedback in a way that strengthens your culture and most helps results in your organization. This podcast is a good one!
11:54 06/05/2019
This Mission is Personal
Today I discuss how having a personal mission statement can benefit your life as a leader and how it can give you direction and help guide the decision making in your life when faced with tough choices. I also share how a personal mission statement of a friend helped him make the correct choice when facing a tough decision. This is a podcast that can help any leader or any person within any organization. Don’t miss it!
10:09 06/13/2019
The Start of a Tradition
In this episode I talk about traditions in the workplace and how they can really strengthen your organization’s culture. I also share a few traditions from companies that are leveraging traditions to impact their culture. Finally, learn how traditions relate to the four C’s model and how they can help you in establishing some of the critical four C’s to creating a strong organizational culture. It’s tradition time! This is one you won’t want to miss!
10:45 06/20/2019
Season 3 Questions and Answers
In this final episode of season three I answer some important questions I received from listeners throughout the season and provide more clarification on some of the topics discussed in earlier episodes such as how to more successfully give tough feedback and how to effectively lead the four essential meetings. There is great insight in this podcast on how to develop and strengthen your organization’s culture and be a better leader. This podcast will help, tune in now!
17:56 06/27/2019