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Fascinating Facts. Adorable Dog Stories. Science Guests that will blow your mind. Brighten your day with a listen, you won't regret it.The Science Pawdcast brings the essence of Dog Twitter to the Podcast format with feedback from Bunsen, the Twitter Science Dog. Knowledge, Intelligence, Silliness and Heartwarming stories, just like Dog Twitter.For Science, Empathy and Cuteness!


Season 3 Episode 28: Death Stars, Pawsitive Training and Dr. Clare Gibson on Science Storytelling! 81:52 09/16/2021
RERUN: Matt from We Rate Dogs 65:45 09/10/2021
Season 3 Episode 27: Humble Hummingbirds, Cat Genetics and Dr. Jan Scholtz on Galaxy Formation and Black Holes! 78:19 09/03/2021
Season 3 Episode 26: Sports vs COVID, Wolf vs Puppy and Dagmar der Weduwen on the Archer Fish! 75:09 08/27/2021
Season 3 Episode 25: Fusion, Cats Be Murdering and Beth Fitzpatrick on Environmental Consulting! 76:28 08/20/2021
Season 3 Episode 24: PARKOUR, Dogs vs Misinformation and Puppy Pointing with Dr. Emily Bray 82:21 08/12/2021
Season 3: Episode 23 Scuba Anoles, Super high Peeing and Dr. Cooley on Cooley Chemistry 74:59 08/05/2021
Season 3 Episode 22: Marsquakes, Grain Free and Emory Colvin on Nuclear Science! 68:08 07/30/2021
Season 3 Episode 21: Fractals, Pay it Forward and Dr. Sandra Rehan on BEES! 74:37 07/22/2021
Season 3 Episode 20 Heat Wave vs Climate Change, Wolves and Dr. Protopopova on Shelter Dog Science! 80:22 07/15/2021
Season 3 Episode 19: Cave Fires, Wiggly Cats and Monique Udell on the Human, Animal Bond! 74:24 07/08/2021
Season 3 Episode 18: Dragon Man, Cancer Detection and Adrianne Wilson on the Lane Snapper! 64:36 07/01/2021
Season 3 Episode 17: Morals, Foods and AstroToya on Space and Wonder! 59:18 06/24/2021
Season 3 Episode 16: Northern Lights, Dog Aggression and Dr. David Rand and Gordon Pennycook on why people spread misinformation 68:08 06/17/2021
Season 3 Episode 15: Venus Away!, Dogs and Paws and Jade Simon on Dinosaurs and Accessibility in Science 86:39 06/10/2021
Season 3 Episode 14: Porcupines, Otters and Dr. Tanya Harrison on Roving Mars 69:36 06/03/2021
Season 3 Episode 13: China is on Mars, Dog's Smellovision and Joseph Vaughn on Georgia Timber 82:48 05/27/2021
Season 3 Episode 12: Brain Texts, Therapy Dogs in College and Carmen Chinery on Dinosaurs and Rocks 89:09 05/20/2021
Season 3 Episode 11: Mangrove Forests, If I fits, I sits and Dorothee Tell on cooling things to nearly absolute zero! 71:56 05/13/2021
Season 3 Episode 10: Radiation, Big Mouths and Nuclear Engineer Mairead Montague on Nuclear Energy 84:23 05/06/2021
Season 3 Episode 9: Oxygen on Mars, Bacteria and Dr. Katie Mack on the End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking) 89:55 04/29/2021
Season 3 Episode 8: Muon Madness, Puppy Power and Michael Norton, Forestry Director General 97:32 04/22/2021
Season 3 Episode 7: Vaccine Updates, Jealous Dogs and Dr. George Komatsoulis on using the data used to heal 79:08 04/15/2021
Season 3 Episode 6: Invasive Species, Dating Apps vs Cats and Dr. Taylor Szyszka on Nano-compartments 74:14 04/09/2021
Season 3 Episode 5: Bird Death's Solved, Dog Feet and Dr. Charlie Rolsky on Killer Whales and Sustainable Plastics 68:25 03/31/2021
Season 3 Episode 4: Eye Color Genetics Puppy Pointing and Jen Stone/Stefanie Bergkren on Laboratory Science! 82:02 03/25/2021
Season 3 Episode 3: Radioactive Dust, Dogs and Endangered Species and Donna Craig on Food Safety! 73:53 03/18/2021
Season 3 Episode 2: Greenland Dinosaurs, Catnip and Halan Mohamed on chemical engineering 66:16 03/11/2021
Season 3 Episode 1: Mars Landing, Dogs and Kids and Timothy Caulfield on Fighting Misinformation 71:28 03/04/2021
Season 2 Episode 54 Diamond Science, Cold Dog Noses and Chantel Chizen on the importance of Marshes 69:32 02/04/2021