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In life we have two choices: experience or exist. Every week each of us make that choice: To seek a way to live or to simply get by. Walk alongside me each week on strive seek find as we continue seeking our own Brilliant Future.


Ten Questions: Legal Education with Professor Tenielle Fordyce-Ruff
Today  we are joined by Professor Tenielle Fordyce-Ruff,  a professor of Legal writing at ASU's Sandra Day O'Conor College of Law  as she shares her passion for Legal education with us.  She shares not only her passion for Legal education, but also offers advice and paths to mentorship for those who want to enter the field.   Contact Chance/ Support the ShowContact Professsor Fordyce-RuffSupport the show
33:49 09/26/2022
Forgotten History or Fraud: The Nampa Figurine
In this episode we will be learning about the orgins of an Idaho mystery :  The Nampa Figurine.  We will briefly describe the history of the figurine and try to discover whether it is fraud or forgotten history:  Support the Show/contact Chance the show
10:40 09/19/2022
Get out of your Lane!
In today's episode  we talk about the importance to continuing to try new things as we age. How our reactions and expectations as adults to new learning are far different than those we have as children and how  to fight it.   Contact the ShowStrive Seek Find on Chancewhitmore.comSupport the show
07:54 09/12/2022
Bonus episode: Adventure Interrupted
Lessons learned from  a  #huckleberry picking #adventure gone wrong.  Support the show
07:50 08/07/2022
Bonus Episode: Grief Lives Here.
This week Strive Seek Find addressed grief under the guise of an unexpected trip and undealt with emotion.   Contact Chance/Support the ShowSupport the show
12:15 07/07/2022
Bonus: A Fireside Reflection
Last week we were unexpectedly kid free for two nights.  initiallly  we had big plans  and then reality set in:  we learned we are not effienct when used to living in ineffiency.    So  this weekend over fire I reflect and enjoy the situation.  Support the show
07:36 06/28/2022
Let's Talk about Bruno
Today we are discussion  avoiding hard conversations both personally and professionally and the impact they can have on our life.   Email Chance/Support the showSupport the show
10:05 06/20/2022
Rebroadcast: Dad's Life Lesson
As we turn turn the corner towards father's day next week it seems important to reflect on what we have learned from our fathers or those who fill that role for us.  This takes me back to episode 25 of season 2:   Dad's Life Lessons.  Contact Chance/Support the ShowSupport the show
09:56 06/13/2022
It's a Strange World
After being inspired by the comic book Planetary  we hed down the rabbit hole to prove that our world is more strange and amazing than we usually think about.  Lead SarcophagusInterstellar VisitorSalem Witch Trials PardonContact ChanceSupport the show
09:12 06/06/2022
Reformatting Relationships
This week on Strive Seek Find we touch  on the damage that Covid did to professional and some personal relationships  and how to fix them.  And later  A Finish brewery shows support for Finland joining NATO in a truly appropriate fashion.  Finish BrewerySupport the show/Contact ChanceSupport the show
09:29 05/30/2022
Bonus episode: Seeking the Right Failure
Here's the deal.   I have some incredible kids.   And tonight they reminded me  that I have been closed off and thinking of failure incorrectly.   As an end rather than an opportunity.   This is the result.  Contact Chance/Support the showSupport the show
06:11 05/28/2022
Wineries with the Whitmores: KIndered Vineryards
Today we explore an Idaho hidden gem:   Kindred Winery.   A  small winery on Idaho's Sunnyslope region.  Join us as  we enjoy some amazing hospitality along side a great flight of local wines.   Contact ChanceSupport the show
23:08 05/23/2022
Boredom verus distraction
Welcome to Episode 103 of the Strive Seek Find Podcast.  Today we will be discussing the benefits of boredom and what it can do for us in this time of thoughtless distraction.Worth mentioning dealing with the value of NFL football teamsSuppport the podcast/contact ChanceSupport the show
10:15 05/17/2022
The Blame Game
In today’s episode I thought I’d  touch on the ever present Blame Game.   What it does to you and where it might come from.  Also we will be touching on an issue that should have  American’s concerned regarding the treatment of sailors in the U.S. Navy   and   History Podcast that a friend introduced me to.Contact Chance or support the programIf you are not paying attentionBroadly UnderestimatedSupport the show
09:10 05/09/2022
Coachable Moment
For tonight's episode I reflect on my changing relationship with my oldest daughter as she  moves into  new phase of life.Contact ChanceSupport the show (
08:23 04/25/2022
Episode 100! What I have learned.
Today we are celebrating and learning.   After 100 episodes  I wanted to share gratitude and what I have learned along the way.   Quick Access to all the episodes mentioned in this programContact ChanceSupport the show (
21:19 04/18/2022
San Diego Travelogue #3: Sometimes the Destination Changes
When traveling expectations do not always meet reality.   The  magic in travel is in the unexpected; the gems that become our most treasured memories.   Today on Strive Seek Find we wil be discussing these opportunities in the form of the San Diego Zoo.Time TravelContact Chance or support the showSupport the show
13:35 04/11/2022
Ten Questions with Ian McGlynn: A Career of Service
Today on Strive Seek Find we will be interviewing Ian McGlynn about his 21 year military career and his impending retirement.  Along the way we will enjoy some good scotch  and talk podcasting.  Ian's podcastsWhy WhiskeyTavern in QuestionContact Chance and previous episodesSupport the show (
38:22 04/04/2022
San Diego Travelogue #2: A Trip of Firsts
And just like that the vaction is over and we are home.   It was a wonderful if short trip.   My theory of travel  is always that you are going to learn something along the way.   San Diego proved that  true in spades. To provide feedback, contact Chance or to support the program click on the link below. the show (
12:11 03/28/2022
San Diego Travelogue 1: Travel and Anxiety
Bonus Episode!On a quick vacation for part of this week it seemed like to a good time discuss traveling with kids and the anxiety that comes with it.   So from my hotel room in Mission Beach a special on location episode. the show
09:39 03/25/2022
A Little Fun with Space Drive
This week I'm discussing the posiblity of a more efficent Space Drive and Hope for the Future.Along with:Heart of the Sea (2015)and a brief Programing Note the show (
09:19 03/22/2022
Taking things for Granted
It was another beautiful night in my truck waiting for practice to get over.   It gave me the opporutnity to process how life experience impacts your reactions as well as your ability to deal with others who do not share those life experiences. the show (
09:05 03/11/2022
Defending her Thoughts: Black Panther Edition
Today  I invited my daughter Katrina to defend her favorite movie on the podcast.   Call it  a new challenge for a young person.   We discuss her favorite Marvel  Movie Black Panther, touch on the flowing  locks of "Mermaid" Jason Momoa and generally have a good time. the show (
11:23 03/07/2022
The Hustle and Bustle of Modern Life *Bonus Episode*
*Bonus Episode*Tonight as I was sitting outside of one of the many practices that part and parcel of evenings right now, I found myself reflecting on how to find peace even as the world continues to accelerate.  Support the show (
08:47 03/04/2022
Those who can Learn.
In today's episode we look at the impact that teaching someone a skill can have on the teacher.  With  a shout out to Raye of Not Before Coffee for allowing my daughter and I to visit with here about Brandon Sanerson's  SkywardIF youare not paying attentionWorth mentioning :  Sanctions and Swift via the BBC the show (
09:29 02/28/2022
Kicking my own A**
 I’m on the road this week.   Off in the wilds of Eastern Idaho helping out  and letting my kids play in the snow for a weekend.  It’s been pleasant.   The stress of day to day has dropped aside temporarily and the girls have relaxed.   And its given me enough time to to breath… and consider.  And of course that has lead to a little different approach to recording tonight.   I’m sitting here recording  with my portable microphone as the wind howling  and snow on the wayBetween helping and card games with the girls I had more time to process than I have had in a long long timeSo tonight isn’t going to be what I had originally planned for last week… and then this week..  Those episodes will come..InsteadI thought I’d share some things  that have been on my mind the last couple of days.    And perhaps… just perhaps call myself out publicly a bitWith an update to Beer in Front MentioningSupport the show (
11:16 02/21/2022
When is an Expert Not?
Today on Strive Seek Find we are taking a look at  expertise and experts.   What sort of factors impact their confidence and competence ?  Plus: A news story you might have missed, but shouldn't have,A review of ReacherShoutouts and general weirdnessSupport the show (
15:11 02/07/2022
In God We Trust, All others Pay Cash
Today  we will be discussing  instutional and cultural memory through the lens of  the addition of "In God  We Trust " on our currency.   We will look at historical context  and  asking questions of the world  around us.  Also included : Shout outs Worth Mention the show
11:00 01/31/2022
Oh the Places We Will Go
In this week's episode  of Strive Seek Find  I'm joined by my wife Amy as we talk about the different types of travel we have enjoyed in the last 20 years.  from solo trips to family  we talk about the strengths and challenges of each type of travel. link to  Travel Style's Episode : the show
31:11 01/24/2022
So you Want to Hear about Education
Special Bonus Episode!People have been asking about education as of late.   Here are their questions and my answers. the show
12:48 01/20/2022