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Lost Rhetoric is a haven for tellers of strange tales. Non-Expert host Jason Dinges converses with his Non-Expert friends to bring you stories & ideas from the realm of the weird.


LR076 - Slaying The Succubus Part 2 w/ Paul Barfo from GODSTOMPER
Paul returns to delve deeper into his 2 year fight with a succubus!LISTEN TO GODSTOMPER: OUT THE MORMOM MINCERS VIDEO PAUL DIRECTED: TO:Twin Temple - God Is DeadOne Day As A Lion - S/T EP 2008Daniel Romano - Too Hot To SleepHurray For The Riff Raff - The Past Is Still AlivePissed Jeans - Half DivorcedGo Ahead & Die - Unhealthy MechanismsThee Sacred Souls - S/T 2022Jalen Ngonda - Come Around & Love MeIdles - TangkBob Marley & The Wailers - SurvivalGeddy Lee - My Effin' LifeVISIT THE WEBSITE/STORE: ON INSTAGRAM: FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINTRO & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGES
143:08 3/20/24
LR075 - Slaying the Succubus Part 1 w/ Paul Barfo from GODSTOMPER
Paul Barfo from the almighty GODSTOMPER is back!  This time he starts to tell the story of his ongoing battle with a Succubus, which is as wild as it sounds &  he hopes it's over but time will tell.  Strap in for this one cause it's a doozy & it's only Part 1!  CHECK OUT GODSTOMPER! OUT PAUL'S YOUTUBE PAGE! TO:Bill WithersGreen Day - SaviorsAndre 3000 - New Blue SunKurt Vile - Back To Moon BeachDanny Brown - QuarantaXibalba - AztlanHouse of Harm - PlaygroundAmerican Analog Set Home FrontDying Fetus - Make them Beg for DeathLemon Twigs - Everything HarmonyLeather LungMirrormaker - Diminished Capacaties - WORD OF THE NITE:des·ul·to·ry/ˈdesəlˌtôrē,dəˈsəltərē/adjectivelacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasmCONTACT FOR SOURCE INFO OR JUST TO CHAT:lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.com & OUTRO MUSIC by LEE DANIEL DINGES
135:22 1/22/24
LR074 - The Beast Of Busco & Other Indiana Cryptids w/ Sarah Crosley
Sarah Crosley is back! This time we discuss some of the most intriguing Cryptids from her home state of Indiana.  We focus mainly on the story of Oscar AKA The Beast Of Busco who, in the late 1940's caused a farmer so much grief that he went bankrupt trying to capture him & eventually sold his farm as a result of his fruitless efforts.  We also dig a bit into the aptly named Crosley Monster, who is also known as Indiana's Bigfoot & we dip our toes into the creepy waters of Puckwudgie lore.  Enjoy!CHECK THIS SITE THAT HAS A COOL DOCUMENTARY ABOUT OSCAR: TO:Black Pumas: Chronicles of a DiamondGel: Only ConstantChris Stapleton: HigherThe Rolling Stones: Hackney DiamondsTyler Childers: Rustin' in the RainTanya Tucker: While I'm Livin'Miles Miller: Solid GoldZach Bryan: s/t & Boys of FaithTristeza: Dream Signals in Full CirclesGeneracion Suicida: RegeneracionBlondshell: s/tNation Of Language: A Way Forward & Strange DiscipleHigh Vis: BlendingSoft Kill: Metta World PeaceNEW WORD OF THE NITE:leptosome. / (ˈlɛptəˌsəʊm) / noun. a person with a small bodily frame and a slender physique.WRITE ME: lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAM: & OUTRO MUSIC BY Lee Daniel Dinges
127:38 11/14/23
LR073 - Tribute to The Old Man w/ JPX, Stuntman Mike & Diamond Zeb Wever
The Old Man's family of friends join me to discuss my hero.  R.I.P.  EMAIL: lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAM:
101:09 8/31/23
LR072 - Jeffrey Alan Lash w/ Dave Angiolini (QUIVERING LIP)
Dave is back but this time he joined me IN PERSON, LIVE in the studio!  Enjoy our spirited & spirit soaked conversation (squeaky chair be damned) about the music we're listening to (the 1st 30 minutes or so is all music talk...) and the wild story of Jeffrey Alan Lash.  Was he working for the government? Was he an Alien Hybrid here to save the planet? Was he a drug dealer? An arms dealer?  Or was he just a very gifted Con Man?  We give our 2 cents & we hope you enjoy!LISTEN TO...JASON's PICKS:NICK WATERHOUSE: & DANNY BROWN: - SUMDAY:'s PICKS:THE HIRS COLLECTIVE: VIS: & SARA: RUIN: WORD OF THE NITE: felicificadjectivefe·​li·​cif·​ic ˌfē-lə-ˈsi-fik : causing or intended to cause happinessEMAIL FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT: lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comTHE WEBSITE/STORE: & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGES
142:04 4/16/23
LR071 - Clifford Stone & The Encounter In Vietnam w/ The Old Man
This week The Old Man is back to discuss Clifford Stone.  Stone was well known in the Ufology circuit before his death in 2021 & he had many experiences with cleaning up UFO crash sites for the Army.  He wrote an article for UFO Magazine & Phenomena Report in October of 1998 called "Encounter In Vietnam".  I have a personal copy of this issue & the story was too good to not tell to The Old Man.  I naturally dove a bit into Stone's background & we discuss his life in a nutshell as well, so enjoy!CLIFFORD STONE INTERVIEW w/ Paola Harris in 2011: ABOUT CLIFF WITH VIDEOS: TO:The War & Treaty - "Lover's Game" Leg - "Passionate Horse" - "Ours Is Chrome" Blind - "Feel It All Around" Me The Body - "Trouble The Water" Tigers - "Time In The Lighthouse" Glo - "Diaspora Problems" Truck - "Terrer Demo" Elliptical Path - "Resonant Topography" Axis - "The Inalienable Dreamless" Bridgers - "Stranger In The Alps" - "Bacdafucup" WORD OF THE NITE:FERITY[ fer-i-tee ]nouna wild, untamed, or uncultivated state.savagery; ferocity.THE 1 STOP SHOP: FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:  lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAM: & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGES
125:14 3/13/23
LR070 - We've Never Been to the Moon w/ Chris Tucker from B.W.O.
Chris Tucker from the Brothers With Opinions Podcast joins me to discuss a passion of his...the belief that man has never once stepped foot on the Moon!  We discuss his personal thoughts on the matter but we also dig into the Apollo mission history, some conspiracy theories orbiting the topic & of course we end up discussing aliens.  Get out there with us.BROTHERS WITH OPINIONS: FOR HOPE (Winchester, VA): TV FOOTAGE OF APOLLO 11 LANDING IN 1969: ALDRIN PUNCHES A CONSPIRACY THEORIST: HYPE VIDEO FROM NASA: TO:Charley Crockett - The Man From Waco: Lips - Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party: Step Closer - This Place You Know: To Spill - When The Wind Forgets Your Name: - Everything Will Be Alright In The End: Appleseed Cast - Low Level Owl Volumes I & II: WORD OF THE NITE:lu·cu·bra·tion/ˌlo͞ok(y)əˈbrāSHən/nounARCHAICstudy; meditation."after sixteen years' lucubration he produced this account"a piece of writing, typically a pedantic or overelaborate one.CONTACT FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:  lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAM: WEBSITE & STORE: & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGES
83:08 9/12/22
LR069 - Cattle Mutilations w/ Kevin Spafford from HONDURAN
Kevin Spafford is back!  This time we discuss Cattle Mutilations & have a good time speculating why this tried & true phenomenon keeps happening...especially in our beloved state of Oregon.  LISTEN TO:Chat PileThe War & TreatyHollywood BurnsJohn BalicantaFlo MilliMegan Thee StallionFugaziHONDURAN: A STRANGE HARVEST FULL MOVIE: FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:  lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAM: OFFICIAL WEBSITE/STORE: WORD OF THE NITE:  smaze noun\ ˈsmāz \plural -sDefinition of smaze: a combination of haze and smoke similar to smog in appearance but less damp in consistency
123:18 8/25/22
Exhumed Excerpts Exclusive: 1973 Pascagoula Abduction
Welcome to a new installment of Lost Rhetoric Triple E! This episode I tell the story of Charles Hickson & Calvin Parker, 2 men who claim to have been abducted by aliens on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi in the Fall of 1973.  Known as  "The 2nd Most Famous Abduction Story In History", their story has an air of truthiness to it that is hard to shake.  Listen up & check the links below.THE 1973 POLICE INTERVIEW THAT SURFACED IN 2020: TV SPOT WITH CHARLES HICKSON: Contact: The Pascagoula UFO Encounter(FULL MOVIE): UFO FLAP DOC: PARKER'S BOOK: HICKSON'S BOOK: WEBSITE & STORE:
50:23 8/5/22
LR068 - Psychic & Prophet Propaganda w/ Jenny from HEADSPIN
Jenny from Headspin returns to talk about some of her favorite Psychics & Prophets!  It kicks off with me telling her about my recent & absolutely bonkers UFO sighting  & we then discuss some predictions & prophecies that have actually come true plus a lot of other things because yours truly was in a delirious, sleep deprived state. A one of a kind episode that no one of this Earth could have ever predicted! LISTEN TO HEADSPIN: YOU! BLACK EMPEROR - DEAD FLAG BLUES...did they predict 9/11?!?!?!: I'VE BEEN LISTENING TO:1st OFF, CHECK OUT THE RECENT BWO EPISODE I WAS ON DISCUSSING MY TOP 25 HIP HOP ALBUMS: THAT LED TO ME LISTENING TO:Heltah Skeltah - Nocturnal: - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx: Lo: Uptown Saturday Night: The Machine & Big Ghost Ltd. - What Has Been Blessed Cannot Be Cursed: WORD OF THE NITE:  schli·ma·zel/SHləˈmäzəl/nouna consistently unlucky or accident-prone person.HIT THE SHOP: FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:  lostrhetoricpodcast.comINSTAGRAM: & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGES
157:28 7/10/22
LR067 - Fluxliner: Alien Reproduction Vehicle w/ Jeff Bugbee from FILM CHURCH
Back in 1988, a friend of technical illustrator Mark McCandlish claimed to have witnessed a secret exhibit of 3 crafts displaying anti-gravity capabilities.  Based on his experience & other witness recollections, McCandlish drew up the now infamous drawing of the Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV), also known as the Fluxliner.  Jeff Bugbee & I discuss the origins of where these crafts may have come from & the methods & means McCandlish explored to come up with such a precise diagram of what is supposedly an alien craft that the military & private corporations have been trying to replicate for decades.  ZERO POINT: a documentary by JAMES ALLEN WITH A BRIEF HISTORY, VIDEOS  & PHOTOS: CHURCH PODCAST HOSTED BY JEFF BUGBEE: RHETORIC PODCAST: DR. DONUT & THE DINGUS: LISTEN TO:LUKE COMBS: TOADIES: WORD OF THE NITE: pawk·y/ˈpôkē/adjectiveSCOTTISHhaving a mocking or cynical sense of humour."a gentle man with a pawky wit"shrewd."she shakes her head with a look of pawky, knowing skepticism"EMAIL FOR CONTACT LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:  lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAM: WEBSITE & STORE: & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGES
114:39 6/24/22
LR066 - The Somerton Man w/ Raven Riot
A mysterious, well dressed man ends up dead on an Australian beach in 1948 & to this very day no one knows who he is or exactly how he died.  There are pictures of his body, his fingerprints are on file, his belongings were found & analyzed, his DNA has even been tested but still...his identity remains a mystery.  Who was The Somerton Man?A GOOD ARTICLE WITH PHOTOS: VIDEO I HAVEN'T WATCHED BUT I'M SURE IS EXCELLENT: OUT THE NIGHT: I'M LISTENING TO YOUTUBE EDITION:KENDRICK LAMAR - LANE - - - TRUJILLO - WORD OF THE NITE:lanuginous adjectivela·​nu·​gi·​nous | \ lə-ˈnü-jə-nəs  , -ˈnyü- \Definition of lanuginous: covered with down or fine soft hair : DOWNYEMAIL FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT: lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAM: WEBSITE & STORE: & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGES
116:28 5/23/22
LR065 - Project Serpo w/ The Old Man
Did the Roswell crash provide the US Military with access to a live alien known as EBE #1 who lived for a few years after but before he passed he put us in touch with his home planet of Serpo & that resulted in an eventual meet & greet/exchange program in the early 60's & also probably influenced the whole "Close Encounters Of the 3rd Kind" thing?!?!  Listen to find out!THIS IS WHERE ALL THE INFO IS: WROTE A BOOK ABOUT IT: LISTEN TO THESE BANDS & SOLO ARTISTS:Soul GloJoshua Ray Walker200 Stab WoundsVince StaplesFather John MistyPusha TPupAngel Du$tONYXKurt VileTommy KeeneMachinist!Plague GodKlonnsThe ReplacementsRod StewartPlosivsNEW WORD OF THE NITE:ep·i·stax·is/ˌepəˈstaksəs/nounMEDICINEbleeding from the nose.CONTACT FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:  lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comOFFICIAL WEBSITE & STORE: & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGES
121:32 5/4/22
LR064 - Murderous Magic w/ Nick Parks from GAYTHEIST
This week Nick Parks from heavy heartthrobs, GAYTHEIST, joins me to discuss magic.  Some left hand path, some right hand path...but we mainly focus on how an individual can get so wrapped up in their own journey that they lose sight of reality.  Adolfo De Jesus Constanzo was a magical serial killer that had ties to & high stakes in Mexican drug cartels.  It's an unreal & violent story that ends the only way it could end...with lots of violence.GAYTHEIST:facebook:                           ADOLFO CONSTANZO: TO:IGGY POPVEIN.FM NEW WORD OF THE NITE:FLINDERS plural nounflin·​ders | \ ˈflin-dərz  \Definition of flinders: SPLINTERS, FRAGMENTSCONTACT FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAM: WEBSITE & SHOP: & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGES
120:48 3/17/22
LR063 - Dead On LSD w/ JPX from POST RHETORIC
In the early days of LSD experimentation, there were quite a few deaths in the scene & a lot of rumors surrounding those deaths.  LSD may have caused some of them but maybe, just maybe, the hype & fear surrounding the drug was used as a scapegoat. JPX from Post Rhetoric & The Degenerate Life Podcast joins me to talk about some baffling historical cases.  Grace Bigler also joins me to tell a ghost story in CALL ME CRAZY.  POST RHETORIC  (i forgot they deleted all the episodes, so you can't listen even though i said you could. Sorry.) Bug them here:                                                    and here: DEGENERATE LIFE PODCAST: TO:Conway The Machine: For The Riff Raff: Collins Kids: Sadies: Henry Remembrance from Kelly Haliburton: WORD OF THE NITE:mizzle verb miz·​zle | \ ˈmi-zəl  \mizzled; mizzling\ ˈmi-​zə-​liŋ  , ˈmiz-​liŋ \intransitive verb: to rain in very fine drops : DRIZZLEmizzle verb (2)mizzled; mizzlingintransitive verbchiefly British: to depart suddenlyCONTACT ME FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAM: WEBSITE & STORE: & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGES
132:50 2/28/22
LR062 - Coral Castle w/ Johnny Brooke from COFFIN APARTMENT
Edward Leedskalnin, we've determined, was probably not a good guy.  He had some sketchy personal ideals (which he wrote about) and by today's standards he was a love spurned pedophile obsessing psychotically over losing the chance to marry a child 10 years his junior.  He took all of his bitterness, moved from Latvia to the USA & eventually built a modern marvel of a shrine to his "sweet sixteen".  He plainly says he built it by himself just because he knew what he was doing.  This could very well be the basic, boring truth.  But what kind of story is that to tell? All sorts of weirdness could've been afoot while carving, then erecting massive oolite limestone blocks under cover of night all by his lonesome in South Florida.  You be the judge.  Johnny Brooke from Coffin Apartment joins me to discuss all of it.COFFIN APARTMENT: CASTLE OFFICIAL SITE: WITH SOME MORE INFO ON THE 9 TON GATE (not sure if any of it is valid but it's still interesting): TO...MELISSA: PECK: GASLIGHT ANTHEM "The '59 Sound": TO THESE PODCASTS WHEREVER YOU LISTEN TO PODCASTS:The AgentThe OpportunistAlligator CandySports WarsThe Yellow CarNEW WORD OF THE NITE:cop·ro·la·li·a/ˌkäprəˈlālēə,ˈkäprəˌlālyə/nounthe involuntary and repetitive use of obscene language, as a symptom of mental illness or organic brain disease.CONTACT ME FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAM: WEBSITE & STORE: & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGES
107:14 2/14/22
LR061 - Simulation Theory w/ Justin Stimson AKA Mustin Douch from NASALROD
Justin Stimson, I mean...Mustin Douch, from Nasalrod & M.A.R.C. & The Horsejerks joins me to discuss whether or not we are living in a simulation. That's pretty much all I can say.  I love this conversation & it was a pleasure catching up with an old friend.  NASALROD: & THE HORSEJERKS: RECORDS: WE LIVING IN A COMPUTER SIMULATION? by Nick Bostrom: episode with Nick Bostrom: GLITCH IN THE MATRIX: TO:Elliptical Path: Nikki & The Corvettes: Holylight: WORD OF THE NITE:scansorial adjectivescan·​so·​ri·​al | \ skanˈsōrēəl, -ˈsȯr- \Definition of scansorial1: relating to, capable of, or adapted for climbingCONTACT ME FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAM: & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGES
139:55 1/30/22
LR060 - The Khamar-Daban Incident w/ Pony
Pony & I discuss the mega strange Russian hiking story that isn't Dyatlov Pass but had the same ending...a bunch of people dead under mysterious circumstances.  Also, Emily Donat joins me for CALL ME CRAZY! to tell her story of manifesting her 90210 heartthrob into existence.  DOMEREZZA ROSEA YOUTUBE EXPLANATION OF THE INCIDENTMEDIUM ARTICLE WITH PICTURESCREEPY VIDEO OF THE AFTERMATHLISTEN TO:TurnstileKrueltyHeroinThe WeekndSPOTIFY PLAYLIST: ME FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAMTWITTERLOSTRHETORIC.COMNEW WORD OF THE NITE:flibbertigibbet nounflib·​ber·​ti·​gib·​bet | \ ˌfli-bər-tē-ˈji-bət  \Definition of flibbertigibbet: a silly flighty personINTRO & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGES
140:23 1/16/22
LR059 - Dinges Family Holiday Special!
I tell my Mom a Bigfoot story, I try to tell The Old Man a story but we just start chattin' UFOs, My brother & I watched Santa Claus Conquers The Martians & do some trivia.  It's amazing. WATCH THE FULL MOVIE THEN TRY THE TRIVIA: OF THE YEAR:TURNSTILE - GLOW ON OF THE YEAR:RUBBERBAND BY SHOW ME THE BODY: lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAMTWITTERLOSTRHETORIC.COMINTRO & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGES
124:28 1/2/22
LR058 - Silverton Is Not What It Seems w/ Micah Kassell from THE MISTONS
Artist & Musician Micah Kassell joins me to discuss the weird history of my current place of residence & his hometown...Silverton, Oregon.  There's a lot of high strangeness 'round here & Micah has a wealth of wild tales to share.  Strange vibes, UFOs, mauled animals, Bigfoot, Ghosts walking the highway, church fires, teenage drug use & the injuries that follow, a frigid locker, beautiful art, beautiful people & so much more...Mateo Sarria also joins me in the 2nd installment of CALL ME CRAZY!Check out Micah's band THE MISTONS & buy their new record!Find them on INSTAGRAM tooCheck out Micah's art  & design on his WEBSITELISTEN TO:BO JACKSONPINKSHIFTTHE PINK STONESMARGARITAS PODRIDASTHE SPOTIFY PLAYLISTNEW WORD OF THE NITE:cir·cum·lo·cu·tion/ˌsərkəmˌləˈkyo͞oSH(ə)n/nounthe use of many words where fewer would do, especially in a deliberate attempt to be vague or evasive.CONTACT ME FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comLOSTRHETORIC.COMINSTAGRAMTWITTERINTRO & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGES
134:32 12/19/21
LR057 - Time Travel Is Hard w/ Jesse Gee
I'm no Sky-intist but Jesse Gee might be! The Co-host of the SCHOOL'S OUT FOREVER PODCAST schools me on some time travel theories, shares his favorite time travel movies & other time travel related shit.   Paul Barfo from GODSTOMPER re-joins the show in the 1st installment of "Call Me Crazy!" & my music recommendations change the world.TIME TRAVELLING HIPSTERLADY TALKING ON CELL PHONE IN 1928 CHAPLIN FILMEAR TRUMPET?THE CHRONOVISORLISTEN TO:It's Always Sunny PodcastSubhumans - The Day the Country DiedBruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - The Legendary 1979 No Nukes ConcertsBillie Eilish - Happier Than EverAdele - 30Robin Trower - Long Misty DaysCulture Abuse - PeachGary Clark, Jr. - This LandZulu - Our Day will Come & My People...Hold on EP'sSPOTIFY PLAYLIST: WORD OF THE NITE:INDICIA plural nounin·​di·​cia | \ in-ˈdi-sh(ē-)ə  \Definition of indicia1: distinctive marks : INDICATIONS2: postal markings often imprinted on mail or on labels to be affixed to mailINTRO & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGESCONTACT ME FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:INSTAGRAMTWITTERLOSTRHETORIC.COMEMAIL:
142:33 12/5/21
LR056 - Sci-Fi Changed the World w/ Willy Dee McKenzie
Science Fiction has helped the world advance in countless ways but it has also predicted, or perhaps ushered in, a lot of dystopian ideas of a bleak future.  Willy Dee & I discuss some of the technological advances that were inspired by science fiction & the darker side of sci-fi that seems to be coming true before our eyes."Extravagant fiction today...cold fact tomorrow!"THE SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: WORD OF THE NITE:sagacious adjectivesa·​ga·​cious | \ sə-ˈgā-shəs  , si- \Definition of sagacious1a: of keen and farsighted penetration and judgment : DISCERNINGsagacious judge of characterb: caused by or indicating acute discernmentsagacious purchase of stockobsolete : keen in sense perceptionINTRO & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGESINSTAGRAMTWITTEREMAIL: lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comBUY MERCH 
103:34 11/22/21
LR055 - The Fountain Of Youth w/ The Old Man
In this, the LAST episode to be produced in Portland, The Old Man & I discuss aging & The Fountain of Youth.  Is it just water in general & not a physical place you can find on google maps? Probably. Most likely. Yes.LISTEN TO POST RHETORIC!SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: new word of the nite this time. Sorry!INTRO & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL
79:39 10/24/21
LR054 - Squawkin' bout 'Squatch w/ Jon Campos from PRIMITIVE MAN
This week Jon Campos from PRIMITIVE MAN & BLACK CURSE joins me to talk all things Sasquatch. It's a good time with an old friend just throwing out all sorts of wild ideas about what the hell Sasquatch/Bigfoot is & where they come from.  We don't solve the mystery. Nope. Not at all. "THE LIFER" PEDAL FROM FOWL SOUNDS: BIGFOOT ALIEN CONNECTION REVEALED: EXCERPT FULL STORY WITH PICS: MUSEUM IN COLORADO: ALTERNATE ROUTE PODCAST EPISODE WITH RON MOREHEAD & COOL RECORDINGS OF SASQUATCH SOUNDS: SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGESNEW WORD OF THE NITE:ig·​nis fat·​u·​us | \ ˈig-nəs-ˈfa-chə-wəs  , -ˈfach-wəs \plural ignes fatui\ ˈig-​ˌnēz-​ˈfa-​chə-​ˌwī  \Definition of ignis fatuus1: a light that sometimes appears in the night over marshy ground and is often attributable to the combustion of gas from decomposed organic matter2: a deceptive goal or hopeEMAIL: lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAM: SOME
120:28 9/30/21
LR053 - Gettin' High as an Elf w/ Freiburger from SATANIK ROYALTY RECORDS
This week, Freiburger from Seattle Doom band deathCAVE joins me to discuss his experiences with Tree Spirits or Tree Elves or whatever you want to call them...while under the influence of psychedelics.  Encountering these entities is not uncommon &  we discuss his unique experiences & what it could mean for them to be a constant presence in the outer realms of reality. SATANIK ROYALTY RECORDSA GOOD ARTICLE ABOUT DOING MUSHROOMS & SEEING ELVESDMT & ELVESMACHINE ELVESLISTEN TO:TurnstileRose City BandAmyl & The SniffersHalseyLordeSturgill SimpsonLegends of the Old West PodcastSPOTIFY PLAYLIST: & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL
119:24 9/16/21
Exhumed Excerpts Exclusive: Herbert Schirmer
TRIPLE E #1! I'm not dead, I'm alive. I talk about myself & Herbert Schirmer. More Soon...
43:48 8/18/21
LR052 - The Hard Problem Of Consciousness w/ Jenny From HEADSPIN
It's the 1 Year Anniversary/Last Episode of Season 1 Blowout! This week, the boys from Post Rhetoric crash my Intro to commemorate their newly beloved holiday of 6/18 but I also had the privilege of once again speaking with Jenny from Headspin Podcast to make up for it. Jenny & I's 1st episode together (LR021) was THE MOST LISTENED TO  episode of the 1st year, so she's back to celebrate with me!  Our celebration is proper...a deep conversation about how we are all connected, what IT ALL could possibly mean, coincidences, synchronicities, past life dealings, love, laughter, soul searching &  we address a lot of big questions we have no answers for. It truly is a pleasure talking with Jenny at any time so I hope you enjoy it.  THAT'S A WRAP ON SEASON 1! HEADSPIN: RHETORIC: EDITED THE WHOLE TOP OF THE SHOW!LISTEN TO:Leon BridgesBlue Öyster CultJapanese BreakfastSPOTIFY PLAYLIST: FORGOT TO DO THE NEW WORD OF THE NITE! HOLY SHIT! I JUST REALIZED. OH WELL.INTRO & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGESCONTACT ME FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:EMAIL:  lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAM: TO instead of this buzzsprout page!
136:23 6/13/21
LR051 - Reclaiming Black Magic w/ Deena Barnwell
This week Deena Barnwell joins me to discuss Black Spiritualism, Black Magic & African Religions that were lost during Western colonization.  Throughout the world there seems to be a growing connection to African ancestors & an interest in reclaiming African spirituality, rituals & practices that were demonized by white, western culture.  Whether it's Hoodoo, Vodun, Haitian Vodou, New Orleans Voodoo, Ifa or Santeria the connection to historical, cultural roots has not seems to be getting stronger.GREAT LINKS WITH GREAT INFO: VIDEO IS AMAZING BUT CHECK THE DESCRIPTION FOR A LOT OF GOOD LINKS: ARTICLE ABOUT THE INFAMOUS BEYONCÉ GRAMMY PERFORMANCE: FULL PERFORMANCE: TO:Teenage HeadAll Pigs Must DieRed FangEnumclawTina TurnerSPOTIFY PLAYLIST: & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGESNEW WORD OF THE NITE:fa·​rouche | \ fə-ˈrüsh  \Definition of farouche1: WILDCONTACT FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:EMAIL: lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAM:
123:14 6/6/21
LR050 - A Leitch Family UFO History w/ Spit Stix from FEAR & NASALROD
Legendary Drummer, Producer, Teamster & Author Tim Leitch AKA Spit Stix from FEAR, NASALROD & a bunch of other projects joins me to talk about his family history of seeing things in the sky.  It's quite extensive & runs 3 generations deep.  This is guaranteed to be a unique side of the man you've never heard before.FEAR: OF USEFUL BEATS: UFO FILM FROM 1966: TO:The MistonsThe ScreamersDMXNathaniel Rateliff  & Willie NelsonHacked Apart: PLAYLIST: WORD OF THE NITE:a·lac·ri·ty  (ə-lăk′rĭ-tē)n.1. Cheerful willingness; eagerness.2. Speed or quickness; celerity.[Latin alacritās, from alacer, lively.]a·lac′ri·tous (-təs) adj.INTRO & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGESCONTACT ME FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:EMAIL: lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAM:
119:34 5/30/21
LR049 - Hermits w/ Adam Wilson from TRANSIENT
Adam Wilson from grindcore powerbabes TRANSIENT joins  me to discuss Hermits.  We get into the reasons why a person might decide to become one, some historical examples, some modern examples & the intentions behind their decisions.  Perhaps you've thought of becoming a Hermit...I assume we all have. The perception of Hermits has changed over time from a position of knowledge & wisdom that can be shared as a benefit to society to Hermits becoming societal pariah (especially in America).  There are many approaches to the endeavor & we have a well rounded discussion about the why's, the how's & the who's.  TRANSIENT: - this is the best Hermit resource in the world! All you need is here: TO:YautjaStorefront ChurchMdou MoctarSPOTIFY PLAYLIST: & OUTRO MUSIC BY LEE DANIEL DINGESNEW WORD OF THE NITE:pavid adjectivepav·​id | \ ˈpavə̇d \: showing fear : TIMIDCONTACT ME FOR SOURCE LIST OR JUST TO CHAT:EMAIL: lostrhetoricpodcast@gmail.comINSTAGRAM:
140:54 5/23/21

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