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Stories of Impact

Featuring stories of new scientific research on human flourishing that translate these basic discoveries into practical tools. Bringing a mix of curiosity, compassion, and creativity that will appeal to all ages, host Richard Sergay and producer Tavia Gilbert shine a spotlight on the human impact at the heart of a cutting-edge social and scientific research project. This project was made possible through the generous support of a grant from Templeton World Charity Foundation.


The Science of Spiritual Exercises with Rev. Sue Phillips and Casper ter Kuile 43:08 09/21/2021
Innovations for Human Flourishing with Dr. Andrew Serazin 28:29 09/07/2021
Beginning September 7: Stories of Impact Season 5 01:00 08/26/2021
The Power and Meaning of Forgiveness with Dr. Everett Worthington 45:34 03/09/2021
Ubuntu & Youth Radio Reporters with Nina Callaghan 50:19 02/23/2021
A Case for Spiritually Informed Democratic Capitalism with Dr. Arthur C. Brooks 52:10 02/09/2021
Investing in Human Flourishing with Dr. Andrew Serazin 34:39 01/26/2021
Beginning Next Week: Stories of Impact Season 4 01:00 01/19/2021
Listening as an Antidote to a Zero-Sum Outlook with Dr. Filippo Trevisan 35:54 01/05/2021
Upholding Democratic Values in the Internet Age with Dr. David O’Brien 36:50 12/22/2020
The Politics of Social Cohesion with Dr. Colin Mayer 37:18 12/08/2020
The Ethics of Communication with Dr. Onora O’Neill 35:13 11/24/2020
Building Common Purpose with Sir Paul Collier 36:03 11/10/2020
Citizenship in a Networked Age with Vint Cerf, Nuala O’Connor, & Michael Wear 51:33 10/27/2020
An Agenda for Rebuilding Our Civic Ideals with Dr. Andrew Briggs and Dr. Dominic Burbidge 52:59 10/13/2020
Beginning Next Week: Stories of Impact Season 3 01:00 10/06/2020
Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute with Dr. Erica Cartmill, Dr. Jacob Foster, and Dr. Kensy Cooperrider 40:58 09/29/2020
Machine Morality with Dr. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Dr. Jana Schaich Borg & Dr. Vincent Conitzer 31:07 09/23/2020
Cracking the Code: Searching for Language in Dolphins with Dr. Denise Herzing 31:39 09/16/2020
Social Cognition in Autism with Dr. Sue Fletcher-Watson and Dr. Catherine Crompton 42:01 09/08/2020
Animal Cognition with Dr. Brian Hare 29:05 09/01/2020
The Honeybee Brain with Dr. Andrew Barron and Dr. James Marshall 35:05 08/25/2020
Whale Song & Alien Intelligence with Dr. Laurance Doyle and Dr. Fred Sharpe 34:26 08/18/2020
What are Diverse Intelligences? with Dr. Pranab Das 36:11 08/11/2020
Beginning Next Week: Stories of Impact Season 2 01:00 08/04/2020
The Core Principles of Cooperation with Dr. David Sloan Wilson 29:15 07/28/2020
Spirituality, Belonging, & the Pandemic Response with Dr. Joseph Bulbulia 29:08 07/21/2020
Cooperation Amidst Catastrophe with Dr. Athena Aktipis 26:00 07/14/2020
Encouraging Altruism During a Pandemic with Dr. Erez Yoeli 33:23 07/07/2020
The Power of Positivity in a Pandemic with Dr. Barbara Fredrickson 27:30 06/30/2020