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Welcome to the Renovating Australia Podcast - where we’ll take you on site with industry leaders, experts and every day people who’ve mastered DIY or are just giving it a go. If you’re starting a renovation, building a new house or just looking for some Inspo we’ve got you covered. Join us in our Facebook group or on the gram @


Leaving a corporate job to work full time styling spaces 📏, working with celebrity clients ✨and Ikea hacks to revamp a space 💸 with Nicole Rosenberg from Liberty Interiors 32:20 08/28/2021
Everything you need to know about a knockdown rebuild - From making the decision 🤷🏼‍♀️Designing an entire house from scratch ✏️ and sticking to a budget 💰with Brooke Simmonds from Burleigh Bungalow 46:49 08/07/2021
Zephyr & Stone - Where it all started ✨ Spatial Planning 101 📏 & The MUST HAVE for every home 🙌🏼 47:47 07/24/2021
Real Life Renovator - Creating incredible garden spaces 🌳 Adapting plans to be able to host airbnb guests ⛱ & Being Featured on the FRONT COVER of a magazine with Jamie & Dave from Bay Beach House 47:29 07/10/2021
Designing your dream home 🏡- Making the most of your block ✨, balancing design and functionality 🎨and how an architect can help you realise it all with Tim Stewart 43:40 06/26/2021
Working with A Buyers Agent 💰 - How can they help? 🙏🏼 Insider tips to save you thousands, secure your dream property AND negotiate like a pro with Jordan Navybox from Cohen Handler. 36:55 06/12/2021
Real Life Renovator - Building a dream extension with a very tight timeline 🤰🏼Working with Builders and Tips to create an incredible outdoor oasis with @Hawneyhousereno 37:31 05/29/2021
Sarah & George from The Block 🏡 - Behind the Cameras from Audition to Now 📷 What life was like before the block 🛠... And what's next ✨ 64:23 05/15/2021
Kelle Howard - Everyone's favourite interior designer 😍, Creating Bajo El Sol 🏡, Using your house as a photo shoot location 📸and How to design beautiful spaces even when you're on a budget 50:26 05/01/2021
The House That Jess Built - How the page Started 📸 Painting 101 🎨 Upcoming Projects and a Top Secret Haul 43:48 04/18/2021
Inside the Property Boom: Get the latest on the Australian property market🏡, the impact of COVID-19 and where we're heading in the future 💰 with Eliza Owen, Core Logic's Head of Australian Research 44:20 04/04/2021
Simone Mathews - 🏝 How to create a sold out holiday house, Filming a mini-series whilst building and all things HPO 🏡 45:06 03/21/2021
WE'RE BACK!! Season Two Kickoff 🙌🏼 Where we've been hiding, some HUGE news and what's in store for 2021!! 31:44 03/08/2021
Solaire Properties - Building Australia's largest Passive House 🌳 How to reduce your environmental impact 🍏 and the future of sustainability 👩🏼‍💻 37:15 11/07/2020
Orton Haus - What to ask when finding your builder 👷🏼‍♂️ All about Orton Haus One 🥰and What's in Store Next 🤫 31:23 10/25/2020
Real Life Renovator - Defining a space with layered lighting💡, The Kitchen Reveal 😍and negotiating on a house from another state 🤩with Timber & White 36:33 10/10/2020
Real Estate Chats - Maximising your ROI 💰, Top Tip when choosing an Agent 🏡 and we talk about the most unique house in Australia 🤯 with Drew Davies & Pat McKinnon From Place Ascot. 48:38 09/27/2020
Real Life Renovator - Flipping with 6 figure returns🤯, Selling your property without an agent & DIY pendants & Vanities to save thousands💰. 36:04 08/29/2020
Real life Renovator - Building one of Australia's most loved bathrooms 🥰, how to deal with an asbestos castle 😅 and making the most of DIY projects with @geebungalow 36:45 08/14/2020
Real Life Renovator - Flipping to secure your dream home 🏡 Styling for Profit and What to do when you've made an offer ... and the house isn't what you think 🤯 with @reno.diary 32:22 08/02/2020
Town Planning 101. What is the difference between a DA and BA? And how to use the COVID19 Stimulus to your advantage with Urban Planners Queensland 29:26 07/19/2020
Your Money Matters 💰- How to build a property portfolio and what impact has COVID-19 had on the market so far? 24:28 07/05/2020
What is Renovating Australia? 🛠 Where did we meet? What are we doing? 14:45 06/20/2020