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La Valentina, with Vale n' Tina, is a podcast about queer friendship that celebrates latinx artists and our accomplices! We are two queer Latinx artists who are exploring the world around us and trying to make sense of it all! In this podcast we will have sticky conversations, choques (clashes), and breakthroughs all at once! Our independent queer podcast is based in Washington, DC and Tulsa, OK and is produced by Zeos Greene, Stephanie Mercedes, and Hoesy Corona. Follow us on instagram at @lavalentinapodcast and visit us at


Pilot Episode : Meet Vale n' Tina!
After two years in the making hoy nace La Valentina Podcast!!!! Meet our fierce hosts Vale n' Tina and join us as we launch into the sonic gayverse!! PREMIERES JUNE 24th, 2020! 
04:00 6/10/20
Episode 1: Artist Relief Funding during COVID-19
During this episode Miss Tina and Mr Vale discuss applying to grants and relief funds for creatives during COVID-19. -------------------------------------- comprehensive crowd sourced resources: Artist Relief Grant $5k: Foundation for Contemporary Art - COVID19 emergency grant: DC based Wherewithal Grants:  
68:01 6/24/20
Episode 2: Gun Violence During the Pandemic
Miss Tina had a terrifying experience with a ride-share driver in Tulsa and Mr Vale discusses her work: destroying weapons. 
61:35 6/24/20
Episode 3: Mourning in the Age of Corona
Both Mr Vale and Miss Tina fall in love with the work of Mexican artist Teresa Margolles (who btw, Miss Tina didn't even know before this episode!) and discuss how her work relates to rituals of mourning during our current pandemic.
59:36 6/24/20
Episode 4: How to be an effective BLM accomplice
Mr Vale and Miss Tina discuss how to be a respectful and effective accomplice during the BLM movement.
66:29 6/24/20
Episode 5: Mr. Vale Gets COVID-19
In this episode Mr Vale gets Covid19 on a boat. Miss Tina experiences a FAILED cheeto rally. We congratulate our queen Jaida Essense Hall and remember the life of Egyptian LGBTQA activist Sara Hegazy.   SHOW NOTES:
46:00 7/1/20
Episode 6: The First Pride Was a Riot (Part 1of 2)
Mr. Vale and Miss Tina recall the first pride, the Stonewall Riots.   Links:
27:38 7/9/20
Episode 7: The First Pride Was a Riot Part 2 of 2
Mr. Vale and Miss Tina recall the first pride, the Stonewall Riots. Part 2 of 2    Links:  Miss Tina’s Sondheim Art Prize Finalist Virtual Exhibition:
37:31 7/15/20
Episode 8: We're Going Bi-Monthly!
In this episode we talk about our “new normal”, shout out The GLB Memorial Fund and The Foundation for Contemporary Art, share some helpful grant writing tips, and officially announce we are going bi-monthly after next week’s episode! LINKS:
23:22 7/22/20
We Have a Patreon!
Guess What!? We started a Patreon! You can support La Valentina Podcast by becoming a patron! To show our gratitude you will get access to exclusive episodes, shout outs, free merch and more!  JOIN US TODAY AT
02:23 7/24/20
Episode 9: Mucho Mucho Amor & Interview with Edgar Fabian Frias
In this episode we dissect the documentary ‘Mucho Mucho Amor, the legend of Walter Mercado’. We dive into his life, his significance in brown communities, his flamboyant queerness, his "artist look", and go on a rant about artists and contracts! In our second half we interview our first guest the fabulous artist Edgar Fabian Frias who talks about the influence Walter Mercado had on their creative practices! (the interview starts at 38:55)   Links:  website: Edgar Fabian Frias Energy Practice: Edgar Fabian Frias instagram: Edgar Fabian Frias Mucho Mucho Amor, the Legend of Walter Mercado Support our podcast! Become a Patreon supporter today!
58:13 7/29/20
Episode 10: Ya Te Dije! Artists and Contracts!
In this episode we debut "Ya Te Dije!" our once-in-a-while advice column where we respond to listener letters! This week's topic is Artists and Contracts!   What do you do when the gallery doesn’t give you a contract? What if you only have a verbal agreement? Is donating art a scam? Ya Te Dije! Ask Mr. Vale and Miss Tina! Remember to slide into our DM’s @lavalentinapodcast with your burning listener questions!  Links:  - Beirut Relief Fund  - Washington area lawyer for the arts 
37:13 8/12/20
Episode 11: Art School
In this special episode Mr. Vale and Miss Tina talk about all things Art School! As we tackle the age-old question: is art school worth it?! We also consider the roles residencies and fellowships play in providing peer-to-peer art world insight. And we update you on our own artistic journeys. What’s your take? Let us know by sliding into our DM’s at @lavalentinapodcast
57:00 8/26/20
Episode 12: The Sexual Problem: Sodomy, Sexual Inversion and the Nature of Male Sexuality in Modern Chile, 1900-1960 with Melanie Peinado (Part 1 of 2)
In this week’s episode we have a very special guest in this 2 part episode! We are handing off the mic to scholar Melanie Peinado who is going to give us a inside scoop on her PHD dissertation: The Sexual Problem: Sodomy, Sexual Inversion and the Nature of Male Sexuality in Modern Chile, 1900-1960, which investigates the conceptual shift from sodomy to homosexuality in Chilean contemplations of male same-sex desire. Melanie Peinado is a PhD candidate in Latin American History at the University of California, Davis where she works on the history of science and medicine and gender and sexuality in 20th century Chile. Her dissertation, looks at how doctors and scientists challenged colonial concepts of gender and sexuality in order to establish a modern social order in Chile that was secular and scientific in nature. Outside of her work at UC  Davis, Melanie is a researcher at the American Historical Association in Washington DC where she works on research projects that are part of the NEH CARES grant-funded initiative “Confronting a Pandemic: Historians and COVID-19.” Look out for part two of this episode! For our next episode we will sit down with Melanie for cocktails to discuss her juicy dissertation. Slide into our DM's @lavalentinapodcast with any questions you'd like us to ask Melanie! 
34:19 9/9/20
Episode 13: Interview with Melanie Peinado [ The Sexual Problem: Sodomy, Sexual Inversion and the Nature of Male Sexuality in Modern Chile, 1900-1960] (Part 2 of 2)
In part two of The Sexual Problem: Sodomy, Sexual Inversion and the Nature of Male Sexuality in Modern Chile, 1900-1960 , we interview historian Melanie Peinado.    Follow Melanie on instagram at @melanay or email her at melaniepeinado (a) gmail . com 
45:40 9/23/20
Episode 14: Interview with Artist Imogen-Blue Hinojosa
This week we bring you a super fun interview with the wonderful photographer and performance artist Imogen-Blue Hinojosa! We talk about their recent travels all over the world, their MFA experience in London, and what made them come back to the states in the middle of a pandemic!  LINKS: Imogen-Blue’s FFS & Legal Name change Fund:  Website: instagram: 
56:33 10/7/20
Episode 15: VOTE!
In this kiki episode Mr. Vale and Miss Tina catch up, discuss current events, and remind us to VOTE!
22:22 10/21/20
Episode 16: I Want a Dyke for President!
In this episode we hit record in the middle of night on election day as we all try to make sense of the inconclusive presidential election results thus far.  We talk about election day anxiety and ultimately decide to read Zoe Leonard's 1992 landmark poem "I Want a Dyke for President" to gain some perspective. 
09:45 11/4/20
Episode 17: Post-Election Self Care
In this episode Mr. Vale and Miss Tina reflect on the election results and consider ways in which artists practice self care both in their daily lives and in their studio practice. 
52:20 11/18/20
We are back back back again!! We are so excited to announce our upcoming fall interview series: Latin-x-equis a series of interviews that explores LATINX Contemporary Art in the USA, with a focus in the DMV area. Leading up to the release of Latin-X-Equis in October, we have partnered with The Corner & Whitman Walker gallery and  where we have an installation that invites viewers to voice their own opinions about LATINX ART. call our office at 202 - 670 - 9739 and leave us a voicemail -  we want to know, what does Latinx Art mean to you? Your responses will be included in our upcoming series!  This series is generously supported by the GLB memorial fund.
03:19 8/20/21
S2 Ep1 - Latin(X)Equis Introduction
Series 2 is here! In this first episode Mr. Vale and Miss Tina introduce Latin(X)Equis and give us a bit of context for the series as a whole. They consider their personal relationship to the “X” and get us grounded in some art historical moments that lay the groundwork for the episodes to follow. Tune in every Friday for new episodes!  call our office at 202 - 670 - 9739 and leave us a voicemail -  we want to know, what does Latinx Art mean to you? Your responses may be included in our upcoming episodes!  This series is generously supported by the GLB memorial fund.
41:52 11/19/21
S2 Ep2 - Latin(X)Equis | Maria Del Carmen Montoya
In this episode Miss Tina and Mr. Vale have the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful Latinx artist Maria Del Carmen Montoya!!!! Maria Del Carmen Montoya operates in the contested ground between art and social activism. Her primary medium is the communal process of making meaning. As an artist, she seeks ways to catalyze this natural social phenomenon with situations that insist on the power of human-scale intervention in the presumed inevitability of everyday life. Her methodology is dialogic and collaborative. She believes that art can be a potent crucible for social change. Thus, her work is often about resistance and challenging norms, inverting power hierarchies and breaking rules, but she also traffics in beauty, memory, humor and other potentially radical forces for activating communities.  She has lived and worked throughout Latin America where she served as the sole interpreter for an assembly of rural farms in San Salvador, an advocate for battered women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and an English teacher for a craft cooperative in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Her work has been shown at SIGGRAPH, PERFORMA, New Museum Festival of Ideas, ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art, Venice Biennial of Architecture and Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras, in Morelia, Mexico, where she co-founded an artist residency for multimedia performance art. She is a core member of Ghana ThinkTank, an international artist collective that “develops the first world” by flipping traditional power dynamics, asking people living in the “third world” to intervene into the lives of the people living in the so-called “developed” world. Their innovative approach to public art reveals blind spots between otherwise disconnected cultures, challenges assumptions about who is “needy,” and turns the idea of expertise on its head. Their ongoing project, "The American Riad," transforms abandoned buildings and empty lots into an Islamic Riad: communal housing surrounding an elaborate and beautifully designed courtyard. Rather than demonizing Muslims and immigrants as a threat to American culture and safety, this project instead looks at how we can adopt elements of Islamic and African Culture to solve American problems. She is the current Director of Graduate Studies, M.F.A. in Fine Arts and Social Practice, Studio Arts Program at the GW Corcoran School of the Arts and Design in Washington, DC.  Find out more about her work at follow her on instagram at: @mariadelcarmen.montoya + @ghanathinktank reach out to Carmen at :      
41:23 11/26/21
S2 Ep3 - Latin(X)equis | Fabiola R. Delgado
In this episode we interview Latinx arts organizer Fabiola R. Delgado!! We dive deep into her multifaceted work as a self professed art-pusher. We talk about starting an art collection, becoming a curator, pushing and resting, manifest-dismantling, and the benefits of standing still!  Fabiola may wear a badge as an Experience Developer at the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum but she wears many hats as an independent curator, creative consultant, writer, and performer. Originally from Venezuela with a background in International Human Rights Law, she set headquarters in Washington DC, where she turned her career and now strives for justice through art and cultural experiences. Recognizing storytelling as the essence of her practice, Fabiola works on thought-provoking and imaginative projects that push the boundaries of perspectives and encourage intergenerational creative learning. Fabiola has worked with institutions such as the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, National Museum of American History, Times Square Arts, the National Museum of Asian Art, the Embassy of Spain, the Museum of Food and Drink, Latela Curatorial, No Kings Collective, the Eaton Hotel, and The Fundred Project with MacArthur Fellow Mel Chin, and The Obama White House. She’s a co-founder of KAMA-DC, a community-building platform for immigrant-led cultural experiences, and a member of the Curatorial Selection Committee of the GLB Memorial Fund for the Arts, an annual award supporting woman artists and curators in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. She also serves as a Communications and Engagement Advisory Committee member for S.O.U.R.C.E Studio, an artist-centered and action-oriented studio focused on artistic approaches that connect people while addressing human challenges in bold, beautiful and poetic ways. Learn More about Fabiola at Follow her on instagram at 
60:10 12/3/21
S2 Ep4 - Latin(X)equis | Armando Lopez-Bircann
This week we interview Armando Lopez-Bircann!! We talk about what it's like to go from the club, to the gallery, to the museum— existing between spaces, and not seeing a difference between the real and the virtual.  Armando Lopez-Bircann is a Latinx artist that engineers wearable sculptures, digital media and performances. Their practice is framed by immigrant narratives, genderfluid expression and digital native sensibilities. They design works in collaboration with dancers, circus performers, photographers, videographers, musicians and other artists. Currently living in Washington DC, Lopez-Bircann is a former DC Commission of Arts and Humanities fellow, Concordia University and Corcoran College of Art + Design alumni.   website: Instagram: @arma.dura 
43:35 12/10/21
S2 Ep5 - Latin(X)equis | Karen Vidangos
Karen Vidangos, known as “Latina in Museums” online, is a digital strategist and Latinx art advocate. Founder of the first nationwide digital collective exclusively for U.S. Latinx artists, Latinx Art Collective, Karen uses social media to highlight the Latinx community in the art world.  As social media strategist for the Smithsonian, Karen has led campaigns at the National Portrait Gallery, such as the 2019 American Portrait Gala, the Obama Portraits National Tour, and Votes for Women: A Portrait of Persistence. She was recently appointed as the lead social strategist for the Smitshonian’s new Our Shared Future: Reckoning with Our Racial Past initiative, convening national conversations about race and community. She's written for A Woman's Thing and Remezcla, and been featured in Bust Magazine, Bustle, Remezcla, and The Art Gorgeous. She has been an invited speaker at Tufts University, the University of Maryland, and George Washington University.  Karen received her undergraduate degree in art history and criticism from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a master's degree in museum studies from George Washington University, with a concentration in museum management. Learn more about her by visiting
57:40 12/17/21
S2 Ep6 - Latin(X)equis | Justin Favela
In this week's episode we bring you a super upbeat interview with rising Latinx artist Justin Favela! Some of you may know him as FavyFav from the popular podcasts Latinos Who Lunch, and The Art People Podcast. In this episode we get real about wedging ourselves into spaces of power, we dissect a piñata mosaic, discuss the qualifications of taco experts, get into Latinx art history, and we find out how the Favela Family Fiestas come into being in museums across the United States.  Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and known for large-scale installations and sculptures that manifest his interactions with American pop culture and the Latinx experience, Justin Favela has exhibited his work both internationally and across the United States. His installations have been commissioned by museums including the Denver Art Museum in Colorado and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas. He is the recipient of the 2018 Alan Turing LGTBIQ Award for International Artist and is a current Joan Mitchell Fellow, 2021. He holds a BFA in fine art from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.   Follow Favy on instagram
63:44 1/14/22
S2 Ep7 - Latin(X)equis | The House of Abundance
In this episiode we bring you The House of Abundance!!! Mr. Vale and Miss Tina bring us tons and tons of Latinx artist resources and goings-on in the art worlds. show notes below with everything that was mentioned!  Galleries:  Calderon (NY) opened late last year with the mission to exhibit Latinx artists and Latin American,  Ruiz-Healy Art (San Antonio, with a new location in  NY) has had a strong showing of Latinx artists  Kiara Cristina Ventura’s roving Processa arts space now has a permanent home in the Queens’s Ridgewood neighborhood in NY Museums: The Cheech! Joining the Riverside Art Museum family on May 8, 2022 is Marin Center for Chicano Art & Culture. Perez Art Museum De la Cruz Collection  The Molina Family Latino Gallery the Smithsonian’s first gallery dedicated to Latino contributions to the United States, the Molina Family Latino Gallery serves as the preview of the National Museum of the American Latino, currently in the works. The Smithsonian Latino Center will open the 4,500-square-foot gallery in the National Museum of American History in May 2022. El Museo del Barrio  relaunched La Trienal exhibition, curated by Rodrigo Moura, Susanna V. Temkin, and artist Elia Alba, and as Maximiliano Duron writes for art news “it felt like a rebirth for an institution roiled by protests over a lack of Latinx art at the museum during the past couple years. “ Organizations and Grants: NALAC:-Since 1989, the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures has delivered programs that stabilize and revitalize the US Latino arts and cultural sector via funding, leadership training, convenings, research, and advocacy. NALAC envisions a cultural landscape that fully values and integrates the essential contributions of an expanding Latino arts field and its dynamic workforce. The NALAC Fund for the Arts (NFA) grant program offers various funding opportunities to Latinx artists, arts administrators, ensembles and organizations in the United States and Puerto Rico. The grant program is undergoing evaluation after NALAC shifted focus to pandemic relief funding for artists in 2020-21 w their Actos de Confianza grants. LATINX PROJECT AT NYU - The Latinx Project was founded by Arlene Davila who serves as the founding director. The Latinx Project at New York University explores and promotes U.S. Latinx Art, Culture and Scholarship through creative and interdisciplinary programs. Founded in 2018, it serves as a platform to foster critical public programming and for hosting artists and scholars. We are especially committed to examining and highlighting the multitude of Latinx identities as central to developing a more inclusive and equitable vision of Latinx Studies. THE U.S. LATINX ART FORUM CHAMPIONS ARTISTS AND ARTS PROFESSIONALS ENGAGED IN RESEARCH, STUDIO PRACTIC, AND WRITING. They GENERATE AND SUPPORT INITIATIVES THAT ADVANCE THE VITALITY OF LATINX ART THROUGH AN INTERGENERATIONAL NETWORK THAT SPANS ACADEMIA, ART INSTITUTIONS, AND COLLECTIONS US Latinx Art Forum is also behind the monumental Latinx Artist Fellowship which over the next five years will award 75 Latinx artists with an unrestricted $50k fellowship.  Latinx Spaces : Latinx Spaces is at the intersection of Latinx art, politics, and culture. Our mission is to create engagement with the ideas and histories that make up diverse Latinx cultures. More than an identity project, we are the voice for the Latinx movement.  Latinx Art collective: is the first online digital platform for Latinx Arts, it is available for artists, cultural producers, curators and arts organizers. The platform exists so that museums and institutions will no longer have the excuse, that they “don’t know where all the Latinx Artists Are” – if you are a Latinx artists or curator or just interested in Latinx Art make your profile!  Books: WE ARE HERE Visionaries of Color Transforming the Art World by Jasmin Hernandez (founder of Gallery Gurls) —-> We Are Here presents the bold and nuanced work of queer Black and Brown visionaries transforming the art world. This winter, Aperture magazine released LATINX, a collection of dynamic visions of Latinx photography across the united states. We are SO EXCITED for this! Political resistance, family, community, the complexity of identity in American life are just a few of the subjects the issue touches on. Tompkins Rivas, noted: the issue is “creating a visual archive whose edges are yet to be defined.”  And of course there is our latin(x)equis bible! the Latinx Art: Artists, Markets, and PoliticsBook by Arlene M. Dávila SHOUT OUT: to get a snap-shot of all the goings-on with Latinx art in 2021 we recommend the recent article by Maximiliano Duron in ArtNews titled: “Latinx Art Got More Visibility Than Ever in 2021. What Will Change Going Forward?” 
23:12 1/21/22
S2 Ep8 - Latin(X)equis | Dulcina Abreu
In this episode we bring you a great conversation with latinx curator Dulcina Abreu. We talk about how education leads to liberation. We dive into whether "Latinx Art" is a trend. Dulcina reminds us to respect our community elders. We discuss the problem with museum interpretations. And we consider how archive-keeping and archive-making is paramount in righting the wrongs of a “forgetful” art historical record.  Dulcina Abreu is a Dominican-born independent curator, artist, and museum advocate currently based in Baltimore, MD. She graduated with a MFA in Curatorial Practice from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and a BFA in Fine Arts and Media from Parsons, The New School. Prior to living in New York, Dulcina studied at The National School of Visual Arts and Altos de Chavon School of Design, both in the Dominican Republic. Abreu’s work explores 21st century visual and material culture from the Caribbean Diaspora in the US, immigration, community organizing, and mutactivism. She serves as the Consulting Curator for the September 11th,2001: An Evolving Legacy project at the National Museum of American History; and is the Co-founder of the International Coalition of Museum Professionals and Communities alongside Armando Perla. Abreu currently manages the NYC Latino 9-11 collecting initiative and NYC Latino COVID-19 project which aims to expand the national narrative with Latino/a new yorker stories and material culture; Dulcina  will also be joining the Latinx Youth Movements project this upcoming august to support lead curator Margaret Salazar-Porzio with a curatorial assistant position at the Molina Family Latino Gallery in collaboration with the Smithsonian Latino Center and the National Museum of American History.   Show Notes: Website: instagram:  
50:06 1/28/22
S2 Ep9 - Latin(X)equis | Francheska Alcantara
In this week's episode we are joined by the wonderful multidimensional artist Francheska Alcantara. We talk about the multiple uses of soap as a material. We consider how traveling leads to knowledge building. Highlight the importance of taking up public space. We learn what it takes to save a local park. And remind ourselves that community is a conduit for change. An Afro-Caribbean-Latinx-queer-woman raised-by-their-grandmother and hailing from The Bronx, Francheska Alcantara explores slippages in-between memories, fragmentations and longing. Their aim is to explore the specific social meaning within the realm of the domestic and public life of artifacts and interactions such as: hand-washing their underwear with cuaba soap while taking a shower, setting up buckets to catch rainwater to wash their hair, and peeling plátanos with the knife that has the right sharpness to follow the platano’s curve without cutting their hand. Francheska wants to use these subjective experiences to expand our capacity for pleasure, love and intra-connection. Francheska graduated with a MFA in Sculpture + Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University, a BFA in Painting from Hunter College, and a BA in Art History from Old Dominion University. Alcántara has shared their work at the Brooklyn Museum, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, the Queens Museum, La Mama Theater, Grace Exhibition Space, and BronxArtSpace. Website Instagram  New Latinx Art Collective  The North Bronx Collective
46:52 2/4/22
S2 Ep10 - Latin(X)equis | The Future of Latinx Art
In this final episode of Season 2: Latin(X)equis we take a look back at the series and look forward to the future. We hear from our guests on how they envision the future of Latinx Art. We swoon over our dynamic, expansive, complex, and vast Latinx community. We realize we are not alone. And we send a call to action to all of our listeners - Support Latinx Artists, Collect the art of Latinx Artists, and champion Latinx artists in your own sphere of influence no matter how big or small it may be. We are stronger when we are together and we are stronger when we uplift each other up!!   Stay tuned for Season 3!  Hasta Pronto!!!  -Vale n' Tina   
28:37 2/11/22

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