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Resilience Agenda Radio

Resilience Agenda Radio is for people who want to go a step deeper in understanding mental health, well-being and the good life. Because we all have mental health, our aim is to make improving our Mental Fitness a daily, proud and commonplace ritual. We make you feel smart, challenged inspired, motivated and proud to talk about mental health in a totally new and approachable way. Each episode, we talk to experts and leaders from around the world to discover new ideas, strategies and tools for developing, improving and maintaining our Mental Fitness – the key life skill of the 21st century. Mental Health is a massive topic – so that too often it’s hard to understand, take action on and get excited about. Too often it’s framed by extremes and something to only worry about in a crisis. Resilience Agenda aims to change all that by making mental health more relevant, inspiring and engaging. We empower people to understand and develop their mental health through our inspiring idea of Mental Fitness – Just imagine if we could think about our Mental Fitness just like our physical fitness! Each episode we discover the most effective strategies for mental health & well-being and learn more about 10 steps of The Mental Fitness Toolkit. Things we cover include mindset, connection, optimism, gratitude, re-framing, perspective, connection, writing, movement, resilience, personal values, goal-setting, habit-formation, behaviour change and what self-care and stress recovery really mean. Resilience Agenda Radio is hosted by Resilience Agenda founder, best-selling author and sought-after keynote speaker Hadleigh Fischer. Hadleigh’s mission is to change the way people relate to mental health so that it’s more positive, proactive and preventative and to turn Mental Fitness into a global movement.