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Join Alison Rothman MA CYT (@embody_life) for a monthly dive into the real and raw conversations around health, healing, empowerment, spiritual practice, relationship, service, and holistic wellness. Interviews are with powerful women and men from all over the world who offer wisdom, inspiration, practices, meaningful stories, and heart-full sharing in support of our collective connection and rising. Alison is passionate about opening up authentic dialogue so as to break down the barriers of our shared humanity. **New episodes will be launched the first Wednesday of every month at noon (MT)!


JENNIFER PARKER: On Trauma and Nervous System Regulation
We never really know another human's story unless we ask. I have had many interactions with my guest this month on various virtual channels, yet had never fully heard her powerful story. Jennifer is a courageous hero who has transcended extreme trauma and is learning, moment-by-moment to unwind it from a lifetime of CPTSD. I was so deeply moved by her story and profound resilience, I know that you will be too.  It's moments like these when I know exactly what the purpose of this podcast share the real and raw conversations of this wild human life and break down the barriers of our collective existence.  ABOUT OUR GUEST Jennifer Parker is an intuitive writer, dancer, and space holder who is passionate about helping complex trauma survivors reclaim their most authentic embodied life. She is the author of the book Secrets of the Resilient Empath and co-creator of Connecting Feeling Healing, a supportive community for healers and creatives. You're most likely to find Jennifer hiking in the woods, blasting dance music in the kitchen, or laughing her head off with family and friends.  Learn more about Jennifer at Follow Jennifer on Instagram.
45:39 10/4/23
MISSY TOY OZEAS: On the Power of Energy Healing
My guest this month is Missy Toy Ozeas, an energy healer, guide, and teacher based in California. We had a beautiful and resonant conversation about energy healing and clearing, and how she works with clients. This episode will hopefully provide the inspiration to seek this level of work on oneself, especially if you have felt blocked in any arena of your life. I even got a little taste of her work as she gives me a mini-session!  ABOUT OUR GUEST: MISSY TOY OZEAS Missy Toy Ozeas is an Energy Healer, Guide & Teacher. She did not set out to be an energy healer; in fact, for most of her life, she hid her unusual gifts of being able to see energy and energetic patterns because it was too “woo woo” and “out there."  After finally accepting her life’s purpose, Missy became certified as an Advanced Intuitive Healer, Emotion Code & Body Code practitioner, Reiki II Practitioner, Quantum Human Design Level 1 Specialist, Soul Purpose Coach, Spiritual Life Coach, and a graduate of SIGH's Spiritual Leaders & Teachers Apprentice Program.  Today, she works with empathic souls all over the world to clear their limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, and other energy blocks so they can show up authentically as their whole, radiant, and worthy selves. Visit Missy's website to join one of her small group healings, her energy empowerment membership The Whole Soul Journey, or to work with her 1:1 in her signature program, Expansion, to help empathic visionaries step into their next level by banishing self-doubt to emerge as leaders in their field. Learn more about Missy's work at Follow Missy on: Instagram TikTok YouTube  
42:39 9/6/23
Awakening in Midlife
Midlife does not need to be a time of crisis but rather can provide the platform for incredible awakening on many levels. There are so many layers of the midlife realm of evolving including: body changes, soul purpose and meaning, relationships, parenting teens and budding adults, grief and loss, self-acceptance ....   This month's episode is a solo one and is a deep dive into the waters of being a midlife woman and the opportunity to uncover that deep well of authentic power and aligned integrity during this chapter of life.    Bio:    Alison Rothman is passionate about supporting women in stepping fully into who they are while releasing the stories and imprints of who they "should" be. As a fellow woman in midlife, she is on a mission to empower women in this journey of midlife to dig deep into themselves and open to new possibilities of living from a place of authentic and embodied alignment and integrity.    She works 1:1 with women through navigating 10 Core Layers of her unique body of work (3-month minimum commitment) and runs circles and groups for women of all ages including the virtual Acceptance Circle and the Awakening in Midlife Circle and Therapeutic Coaching Program (beginning in September with both virtual and in person options).    Links:   Awakening in Midlife Program ~ In Person and Virtual Groups and 1:1 Coaching    Acceptance Circle ~ Virtual for Women of all ages    Work 1:1 with Alison    Instagram
25:20 7/5/23
SARA FLETCHER: On Loving Yourself, Your Home, and Your Unique Life
My guest this episode is Sara Fletcher, an incredible woman with a heroic story of healing and transformation from a brain tumor. Sara and I found each other through, yes, social media! I consider our connection to be very genuine and heart-full and was so thrilled to have the opportunity to drop in with her and hear her story.  I had chills through my body and tears in my eyes many times during our conversation. Sara is a force of nature and her story is incredibly inspiring. She is not only a survivor but a warrior in my eyes and has truly created MAGIC from what could have been a life sentence of struggle and pain.  Sara is based out of Santa Cruz, California and is an intuitive healer, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, and founded the business Love Home Life birthed from her own powerful journey.  I promise you that you will not only be inspired to clear out the gunk of your home but, more importantly, the gunk of your mind and body.  ABOUT OUR GUEST Sara Fletcher is an Intuitive Healer, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Founder of Love Home Life. Blending ancient wisdom, natural skills and her own experience recovering from a brain tumor, she offers a spiritual, energetics-based approach to supporting individuals and families with wellness and self-actualization through the lens of home & lifestyle. When she's not out in nature camping, backpacking, beachcombing or exploring a tropical island, Sara can be found in the mountains of Santa Cruz, CA, where she lives with her husband and two teenage kids. For more information, visit Sara's website,, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook @lovehomelifecenter.
47:27 6/7/23
MAGGIE GENTRY: On Mindful Entrepreneurship
My guest this month is Maggie Gentry, founder of Own Your Why, a woman on a mission to humanize the wild world of marketing for entrepreneurs.  She is a thought partner to her clients and works to craft sustainable marketing plans that honor their work and elevate their message.   This conversation was refreshing and humanizing in the realm of entrepreneurship and marketing from a place of authenticity and from the heart. I loved connecting with Maggie and she is truly one of those women who is walking her talk, remaining humble and real, and genuinely wants to support fellow women on the path of entrepreneurship and business to do the same!   If you are an entrepreneur committed to keeping heart and soul alive in your business, this episode is rich with inspiration.    Maggie Gentry (she/her) believes that heart and intuition are the keys to an impactful business. As the owner of and founder of Own Your Why®, Maggie supports high-conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to scale but don't want to lose their humanity along the way. Maggie aims to become a thought partner to her clients as she helps to craft effective yet sustainable marketing plans that elevate their message and allow their businesses to be a meaningful expression of their gifts and service to the world. Maggie lives in Austin, TX with her cat Waffles and loves a good night in with a library book and a bar of dark chocolate with sea salt.    Website: Virtual Office Hours -  Newsletter Sign-up with Mindful Marketing Resources - 
44:49 5/3/23
STACEY LYNN: On Living From the Heart
After a short hiatus, I am thrilled to resume Embodied and Awake with a wonderful first guest: Stacey Lynn, a yoga and meditation teacher originally from New York, who relocated to the Boulder area in the height of COVID times.    Stacey shares a powerful story of dying from cardiac arrest while with her son and his girlfriend, and the impact that this near-death experience has had on her life. This is a heart-full, real, vulnerable, and inspiring conversation, brimming with much wisdom and inspiration for us all. It will leave you hungry to live your life to the fullest.   ABOUT OUR GUEST Stacey Lynn is the founder & facilitator of SHINE Wellness: a Supportive Healing Inspirational Nurturing Energizing program for children & adults. This project contains tools for self regulation & the highest form of self love. The implementation of SHINE started at a children's hospital in the metro New York area & is now growing in Boulder County, Colorado. Contact Stacey via email, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.
42:20 4/5/23
Trusting Your Process
Trusting who we are and our unique process of life is an empowering and growth enhancing way of living. Yet, so many find themselves disconnected from that truth, turning outward for approval or validation, and comparing oneself to those around them. This short and sweet episode is a deep dive into these rocky waters, providing opportunity to self-reflect and tools to create new pathways around truly trusting one's uniquely beautiful and divinely timed process of life.  PLEASE NOTE: Embodied and Awake will be on a short recording hiatus but will return early 2023 with more juicy and inspiring episodes!! ABOUT ALISON ROTHMAN Alison Rothman MA CYT, is a Body-Centered Holistic Empowerment Coach and Transformational Group Facilitator with 25+ years of study and experiences in somatic healing arts and therapy, yoga and meditation, authentic embodiment, and holistic healing. Through her extensive studies, practices, and experiences she provides clients and students with the ability to tap into their innate inner resource and release debilitating life patterns in order to access their truth, power, and reclaim their body, mind, heart, and soul connection. In addition to her one-on-one work she facilitates retreats, runs women’s groups, writes, speaks, and is the host of the podcast "Embodied and Awake." She lives in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with her 13-year old son, Kai, and partner, Michael.  Alison is currently accepting 1:1 clients and runs monthly drop-in, in-person women's circles (IN POWER WOMEN'S CIRCLES) as well as a virtual Women's Circle and Coaching Program (THE ACCEPTANCE CIRCLE — re-launching this Fall; join from anywhere!). Follow Alison on Instagram and Facebook, and learn more about her work on her website.
23:20 10/5/22
BRANDON ZIRULNIKOFF: On Living a Life of Love, Faith, and Possibility
My guest this month is Brandon Zirulnikoff, a 23-year old survivor. Brandon has an incredible story to share about his journey through years of depression and suicidal tendencies, into a true awakening to his true self and the essence of pure Universal Love. He is a light in this world and it is my deepest honor to hear his journey and share it widely. What the world needs more than ever are those who are transcending their limited belief systems and outdated storyline and are stepping into their lives with open hearts and upright spine in exactly who they are.  randon is a beautiful example of just that in a generation who need this example.   Tune in to be moved and inspired to live a life of love, faith, and possibility!  ABOUT OUR GUEST: BRANDON ZIRULNIKOFF "When I was 19, a UCLA sophomore, I admitted myself to the psychiatric ward because of depression, anxiety, OCD, and suicidal ideation. I was on-track to failing out of college at the time. During my first day in the hospital, I had a spiritual awakening. Today, I am a coach, transformational speaker, and author for people around the world. To say I'm grateful for what God helped me to create is an understatement!" Follow Brandon on Instagram and Twitter @vibeManLove Order Brandon's book, realizing my Self in the psychiatric ward  
42:53 8/3/22
CASEY STEVENS: On Consciousness, Quantum Healing, and Energetic Alignment
My guest this month is Casey Stevens, a Licensed Psychotherapist, Master Certified Consciousness Coach and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist based out of Seattle, Washington.    Casey and I crossed paths in the wild world of social media and I was immediately drawn to her grounded and authentic presence, her aligned and very clear wisdom, and her ability to articulate the human experience through her words. It was a privilege and honor to talk with her about many amazing topics including: Consciousness, Ancient Energy Medicine and Healing, Quantum Healing, Organizing Energy Patterns, and Integrative Psychology.   We had a beautiful and fascinating conversation, rich with valuable and applicable gems of insight and wisdom for all of humanity.     ABOUT OUR GUEST: CASEY STEVENS Casey Stevens has over a decade of clinical practice working with thousands of clients worldwide. She is a Licensed Psychotherapist, a Master Certified Consciousness Coach and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Beyond that, her intuition and healing abilities allow her to feel client’s unique energy patterns and adapt tools and techniques to support optimal organization for the precise needs of each soul. Casey offers a unique combination of behavioral sciences, psycho-education, quantum physics, clinical psychotherapy, intuitive energy practices, ancient medicine techniques and mystical studies to not only help, but to guide her clients to true somatic embodied healing. Casey uses a blend of traditional and holistic psychologies to restructure non-productive patterns honoring the complex and multidimensional layers of the human experience, helping clients to make radical transformations through conscious awakening. Her specialized organic process includes: Invitation, Presence, Attunement, Release, Restructuring, Initiation, Activation and Fortification. Over the span of Casey’s career she sweetly integrated being clinically trained and mystically guided, blending her practical psychology studies and her intuitive ability, listening deeply to the unseen to find equilibrium in all systems. Casey bridges the worlds of science and spirituality in the realm of human behavior and consciousness. Her vision for transformation and expansion guides luminous Divine intelligence and the pathway to wholeness. Through her holistic and clinical interdisciplinary approach, Casey works to guide clients towards cultivating a deep connection with their sacred inner wisdom so they may lead an awakened, meaningful life. Currently, Casey is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in Seattle. She's a Consultant, Mentor and Coach working with individuals, couples, families, organizations and businesses throughout the world. Her clients include those individuals and groups who seek to shift deep unconscious patterns limiting their highest potential. Her clients are deeply invested in understanding the multidimensional consciousness within Self, relational frameworks, and larger community systems to heal organically. Some of her favorite work comes from immersive sessions where time and space don’t limit healing; instead clients can access their unlimited potential by deepening into the complex framework of their psyche and soul’s blueprint. Casey also offers quantum channeled guided meditations accessing and transforming the subconscious.  Learn more about Casey's work on her website,, schedule a free appointment with her, and follow her on Instagram.
44:19 7/6/22
HEDVIKA TICHA: On Undoing the Tensions of Humanity
My guest this month is Hedvika Ticha, a yoga teacher and embodiment facilitator from Berlin, Germany. She is the founder of UNDO YOGA and is passionate about helping people slow down and drop into their truest selves.  We dive into a beautiful conversation about undoing mainstream yoga, the benefits and magic of a restorative yoga practice, and how we can undo, unlearn, and deprogram societal pressures of busyness and distraction.     Hedvika and I found each other through the wild world of social media and I am inspired by her work, her mission, and the light she brings to the world. It was an absolute pleasure interviewing her -- filled with laughter and smiles.    ABOUT OUR GUEST Hedvika Ticha is a yoga teacher, embodiment facilitator, and founder of 𝐔𝐍𝐃𝐎 𝐘𝐎𝐆𝐀. She's passionate about undoing busyness and layers of stress, limiting beliefs, tension, and trauma and that leave us feeling disconnected from our own gifts, as well as from other people. She combines restorative yoga and coaching to guide people into feeling whole and enough just as they are. She believes that radical self-acceptance and loving-kindness are the ultimate sources of healing and skills we need in order to build healthy relationships and thriving communities. Learn more about Hedvika's work on her website, and follow her on Instagram @UndoYoga.
49:16 6/1/22
CHARISSA SIMS: On Embracing the Healer Within
This month’s guest is Charissa Sims: a healer, author, spiritual life coach, mom, teacher, and corporate consultant. Charissa shares, with great vulnerability, her journey through cancer and healing herself naturally. It is a profound and inspiring journey to hear and feel. We also dive into the realm of energy clearing and specific techniques to use in the manifestation and co-creation process of this precious life we are living. Charissa holds such beautiful space for others, and her spirit, love, devotion, and joy exude from her being in our conversation. If you are struggling with any physical sickness or dis-ease, I am positive that you will find great solace in this episode.  ABOUT OUR GUEST Charissa Sims is the host of the international podcast, “You, Inspired”, #1 bestselling author of Change Your Energy Change Your Life, a bestselling children’s book author, entrepreneur, mom, teacher, corporate consultant, and spiritual healer. She has studied meditation and spiritual healing, and has learned to master her own healing abilities. For over ten years, she has worked as a spiritual healer and has changed people’s lives by getting to the root of their pain and releasing it. Whatever it is: Relationships, Pain, Success, Charissa can help.  While working with the top Fortune 100 companies for the past 20 years, she discovered the root of pain in the body is not always physical. There may be spiritual and/or psychological issues present that are blocking that person’s ability to heal. In the past, she has been a professor at the University of Southern California. Ms. Sims has worked with Amazon, Google, FOX and many more thousands of companies, non-profits and schools. Learn more about Charissa and her work at and Follow Charissa on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Clubhouse.
47:21 5/4/22
KATE HEARTSONG: On Hope for Humanity
My guest this month is Kate Heartsong, an author, coach, facilitator, speaker, and Reiki Master/Teacher with an empowering message to share with the world around this pivotal and transformative time of human evolution. It was a pleasure to dive in with her to discuss many important subjects including: the importance of doing our personal work during these times on behalf of the collective, raising our vibration, the power of our interconnection, and the change process in humans.  Kate is a lovely and positive woman and it was a joy to connect with her. I hope that you receive some inspirational juice to keep moving forward on your own path as the wheels of change continue to turn.   ABOUT OUR GUEST Kate Heartsong is the empowering and life-enhancing author of two books, Humanity’s Cry for Change - Actions You Can Take to Create a New Earth and Deeply We Are One. She is also the “Confidence Coach”, a workshop facilitator, coauthor, public speaker and Reiki Master/Teacher. For over 20 years, Kate has been receiving profound insights while meditating.  She is passionate about supporting her clients, audiences and readers with these insights, along with the wisdom from her vast life experiences and education. Kate empowers people to realize that as they better themselves and create inner peace, they also support creating peace worldwide. Her quote says it best: “Peace within, peace on earth.” Learn more about Kate's work on her website, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and GoodReads.
47:19 4/6/22
DR. JAY UECKER: On Pain as the Gateway to Human Evolution
  This month's interview is with Dr. Jay Uecker, a healer, intuitive coach, and author. He specializes in transforming his clients' lives lives by meeting their pain and cycling it through their system. He has spent the past two decades in service to humanity through his body of work, BioSoul Integration.  It was a pleasure and honor to converse with Jay as we definitely speak the same language around the body-mind connection. Jay offers wisdom and inspiration in the realm of truly meeting oneself and using our human pain to transform, heal, and grow into our fullest potential.   ABOUT OUR GUEST: DR. JAY UECKER Dr. Jay Uecker is a healer, intuitive life coach and author. For two decades, he has worked intimately with nearly 3000 people in the Boulder / Louisville area, helping them navigate the ups and downs of their healing journeys. Those who seem to be most drawn to Dr. Jay and BioSoul Integration tend to be those who have felt the strong calling to do the work of consciously leaning into their growth and evolution as human beings, in order to integrate their Soul’s gifts into their physical bodies. Learn more on Dr. Jay's website, and follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube , and Pinterest
47:36 3/2/22
DEB RUBIN: On Real Talk About Sex
This month's guest is Deb Rubin, a therapist based in Boulder, Colorado. I have known Deb for 19 years yet we have never had the opportunity to rap about our work in the world. We dive into all things SEX and offer vulnerable and real talk about many facets of this incredibly important topic, shedding light in the crevices around pleasure, low libido, orgasms, self-exploration, relationships, lifelong practices, the impacts of sexual trauma, and much more.   It is important to note that this conversation is catered to those identifying as heterosexual women and holds tremendous value for women in all cycles of life.  Deb offers practical and tangible wisdom and steps in the direction of truly turning towards oneself in the enlightenment of one's sexuality.   This conversation literally could have gone on for another hour and we covered a lot! There will definitely be a followup interview focused on orgasm coming out this Summer 2022!   ABOUT OUR GUEST Deb Rubin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker residing in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and two daughters. She has worked with adults and adolescents for 20+ years in numerous therapeutic job settings as well as sexual health education. Having completed undergraduate work at Naropa University and graduate education at Denver University, her academic and professional training blends the best in Eastern and Western theory and therapeutic practice.  Deb's widespread path of service has allowed her to work with people in a variety of settings including; wilderness group work (Colorado Outward Bound School and Women’s Wilderness Institute), Planned Parenthood, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital, Colorado University's Psychological and Psychiatry Department and eventually landing in her private practice in 2006.  Her interests include self-esteem, sexuality, life transitions, attachment styles, parenting, anxiety and depression, couples work, premarital work, preparing for motherhood, grief and loss (specifically ending relationships) and trauma work (specifically when it manifests in the body). She works with couples of all kinds and life phases, adults and young adults. Deb Rubin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker residing in Boulder, Colorado with my husband and two daughters. She has worked with adults and adolescents for 20+ years in numerous therapeutic job settings as well as sexual health education. Having completed undergraduate work at Naropa University and graduate education at Denver University, her academic and professional training blends the best in Eastern and Western theory and therapeutic practice.  Deb's widespread path of service has allowed her to work with people in a variety of settings including; wilderness group work (Colorado Outward Bound School and Women’s Wilderness Institute), Planned Parenthood, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital, Colorado University's Psychological and Psychiatry Department and eventually landing in her private practice in 2006.  Her interests include self-esteem, sexuality, life transitions, attachment styles, parenting, anxiety and depression, couples work, premarital work, preparing for motherhood, grief and loss (specifically ending relationships) and trauma work (specifically when it manifests in the body). She works with couples of all kinds and life phases, adults and young adults.  Learn more about Deb's work on her website.
63:55 2/2/22
HOPE KLEIST & GRACE RAGAN: On Collaboration, Connection, and Creating Community
These times have certainly shed light on what's important, what our priorities are, what we are grateful for, and who our tribe really is. This episode is a fun and uplifting chat with two wise women, Grace Ragan and Hope Kleist, who behind the scenes are beautifying and inspiring my business as well as several others. Coming from two different generational experiences in navigating this time of pandemic, while working, going to school, raising a young child, and showing up every day while "leaning into" the opportunities that this time has offered, the wisdom shared in our chat is palpable, real, and relevant.   I am excited to introduce these two women to you, our listeners, and it feels like a perfect launching pad for this new year to come!  ABOUT OUR GUESTS Hope Kleist is a born-and-raised Wisconsinite who moved to Colorado in the summer of 2013. She is a professional artist/maker based out of Fort Collins, with over a decade’s experience in graphic design, illustration, and photography. She loves working with small businesses to develop and build their visual brands with warm personalities and eye-catching elements. Hope is also a mother and wife whose heart is fueled by slow family living, community, and nourishment. For her, nothing is better than savoring quality time to cook a homemade meal from wholesome ingredients and serving it to the ones you love — providing a space for connection and conversation has always been a passion.  Learn more about Hope and her work here. Follow Hope on Instagram @hopekleiststudio. Grace Ragan is the founder of social media agency, Passion Pursuit Marketing, based out of Boulder, Colorado. She has actively worked with clients over the past three years to create brand and marketing strategy that converts, primarily through the use of content creation and leveraging analytics from social media platforms. She has worked with clients across the United States and is eager to continue growing the agency and assisting businesses to achieve their desired growth through the use of smart digital marketing. Additionally, Grace is a third year student at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder, with anticipated graduation in Spring 2023. She will receive a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Marketing, with a minor in Creative Technology and Design.  Learn more about Passion Pursuit Marketing, and follow Grace on Instagram @passionpursuitmarketing.
45:19 1/12/22
Remembering, Reflecting, and the Power of the Mind
As we round out another wild and tumultuous calendar year we have the opportunity to remember the power of working with the mind, to reflect on our journey, resource ourselves in our bodies and hearts, and to glean insight and inspiration moving into this year ahead. This episode is an invitation, an offering, and hopefully a respite of connection in this uncertain human terrain.  Alison opens up dialogue about the crucial nature of working with our minds, how to do so, and poses questions of reflection to dive in to ourselves. Next year, the podcast will open with three months of interviews on relationships. There is no better time than to turn towards ourselves and work within the framework of our relationship to our own selves before turning to another. Thank you for tuning in month-after-month!  We genuinely hope that our conversations touch you on a deeper and more meaningful level and are supportive in your unique unfolding of this human existence. ABOUT ALISON ROTHMAN Alison Rothman MA CYT is a Body-Centered Holistic Wellness coach committed to supporting women in tapping into their own inner well of strength and power so that they may navigate life from that place of alignment and integrity in the truth of exactly who they are. She works 1:1 with women both via Zoom and in person, runs an ongoing women's group (via Zoom), and leads unique and empowering Women's Wellness Retreats. Her next IN PERSON retreat is in April 2022 at Joyful Journey Hot Springs (REGISTER HERE) and her women's group will open to new women beginning in March 2022. To book a 20-minute Clarity Call with her to see if you are ready for this work please go HERE.  Learn more about Alison's body-centered holistic coaching services on her website. Follow Alison on Facebook and Instagram.
20:41 12/8/21
PAM MOORE: On Taking Risks and Being Yourself
I loved my conversation with Pam Moore, a brilliant and inspiring woman. She brings so much juice, experience, authenticity, and humor to the world of women's empowerment. Pam is published author, health and fitness writer, podcast host, health coach, and mother of 2 girls. Our conversation is vast and rich, encompassing subjects of body image, food and diet, exercise, the world of female athletes and their struggles, how to take the leap and make a pitch for your writing, her journey through Bell’s Palsey, and much more.     Prepare to be uplifted, inspired, validated, and humbled by our lovely conversation.  ABOUT OUR GUEST: PAM MOORE Pam Moore is an occupational therapist-turned-award-winning health and fitness freelance writer, speaker, and podcaster.  A regular contributor to the Washington Post and the author of There's No Room for Fear in a Burley Trailer, Pam's writing has been published in The Guardian, Time, Runner's World, Outside, SELF, and Forbes, among others.  A body-positive health coach, certified personal trainer, six-time marathoner, and two-time Ironman finisher, Pam is also the host of the Real Fit podcast, featuring real conversations with women athletes about body image, confidence, and more. Her mission is to let women know they are already enough. She lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband and two daughters. Sign up for Pam's newsletter from her website and get a FREE GIFT, a quick and dirty guide to beating Impostor Syndrome. Want to know Pam's secrets for getting published in top publications? They’re all in her e-book, 7 Pitches That Sold. Use the code realfit50 to get half off. Connect with Pam via LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.
47:49 11/3/21
TARA HARBERT: On Self-Love as the Portal
You know those people who simply emanate love? Those whom you can feel are absolutely living in their passion, their purpose, and their most authentic selves? Those women that you are drawn to and are juiced in their presence? My guest today is absolutely one of those women and shares her light so brightly in the world.   Tara Harbert, aka The Tender Hearted Healer, actress turned Spiritual Empowerment Coach and Tarot reader, is making waves in the world after just one year in business, supporting so many women to turn towards themselves with love and create empowering changes in their lives. I loved our interview as it was a taste of her heartful message and medicine. I was left humming with positive energy, inspired, and open and I have no doubt you will as well.   ABOUT OUR GUEST: TARA HARBERT Tara is a spiritual empowerment coach and tarot reader based in Sacramento, California. She connects clients to their own inner strength to live connected, spiritually grounded and self-empowered lives with a focus on the heart chakra. As a theater-based actress-turned-healer, Tara launched her healing practice in September 2020 and has provided connection and community to over 80 clients nationwide. Tara guides clients to move into a sense of ease using her intuitive healing abilities, tarot, and the self-investigator method to give those who encounter her a renewed sense of self. Follow Tara on Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok, and learn more on her website,
45:28 10/6/21
Navigating Transitions
When I started this podcast I really had no idea what direction I was moving in with my offering. All I knew was that I wanted to speak with guests who could inspire, enliven, and really shed light in the crevices of humanity during this time of being alive while navigating this pandemic.  I did not expect to love podcasting as much as I do. I am committed to continuously creating powerful episodes as I believe that more and more we need to be having conversations that are edgy, that challenge us in our ways of thinking and being, and that give us some juice to living life embodied and awake.  While behind the scenes I begin to churn, explore, and do my own research about who I want to bring in and what topics I want to continue to explore, the episodes that are being produced will be a little bit less frequent than normal.  Please stay tuned! I am excited and hopeful for what is to come in this podcast. In the meantime, I wanted to offer you some tidbits around transitions and doing so embodied and connected. ABOUT ALISON ROTHMAN Alison Rothman has spent over 2 decades in exploration of Self through an array of holistic and body-centered modalities. She has a depth of understanding of how to navigate transitions and passages of life with presence and connection that is aligned and embodied. She works 1:1 with clients and is a group and retreat facilitator. To learn more about Alison and her work, please visit her website.   Do you need support in navigating this massive transition that we are in coming out of the pandemic? I have a few spots open in my Body-Centered Holistic Coaching practice. Sign up for a free 20-minute clarity call and let's see if we are a good fit!
20:39 5/4/21
REBECCA LUNA: On The People's Medicine
Herbal medicine, or "the people's medicine," is an empowering and accessible way of profoundly treating our bodies and systems. My guest today, Rebecca Luna of Rebecca's Herbal Apothecary here in Boulder, Colorado, says working with the plants and their medicine is "everyone's birthright." Rebecca is kind of a famous one in our community and I have personally been a customer at her beautiful shop probably since she opened. If you have ever met Rebecca you can feel her warmth, kindness, genuine care, and authenticity beaming from her. Going to Rebecca’s is an experience in and of itself and is so reflective of who Rebecca is as a person and a healer. This conversation talks about Rebecca's journey to becoming an herbalist, single motherhood, starting a brick and mortar business, the benefits of working with herbal medicine, perimenopause/menopause, and staying afloat as a business owner during the COVID times. Expect lots of laughter and a very informal and fluid conversation that will hopefully leave you inspired to explore the "people's medicine" yourself. ABOUT OUR GUEST: REBECCA LUNA Rebecca Luna is an herbalist and the proprietor of Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary & Supply, a bustling retail store with attached production and classroom space. Rebecca has been steeped in herbalism since the early 1990's, having worked as a community herbalist, post-partum doula and botanical medicine-making teacher. She opened the apothecary in 2004, with the aim of connecting the community with botanical medicine and providing a thriving work environment for herbalists. When she is not busy creating new products and improvements for the shop, Rebecca makes time for her many hobbies including cooking, gardening, dress design, wood-working and playing guitar. Learn more about Rebecca's Apothecary by visiting the website and following on Facebook and Instagram.
47:12 4/20/21
KATE KRIPKE: On Parenting in a Mental Health Pandemic
You may recognize this beautiful face and voice from a previous episode. I invited Kate Kripke back onto the podcast to dive even deeper into some crucial subjects as the evolution of these wild times continues. I have infinite respect and admiration for Kate and her work in the world and value our connection immensely.   Kate shares immense wisdom in the realm of mothering, mental health, nervous system regulation, how to feel our feelings, the root causes of depression and anxiety, and much more. Our work is so complimentary and I am grateful to bring her voice back onto the podcast again and in the future as well. We hope this impromptu and fluid conversation provides some value to all who are navigating being a human and a mother during these days of upheaval. ABOUT OUR GUEST: KATE KRIPKE Kate Kripke, LCSW, PMH-C, is the Founder and Director of the Postpartum Wellness Center/Boulder as well as a senior therapist on the PWCB clinical team. She has been working with mothers and families as an educator, therapist, consultant, and coach for over 20 years. Kate supports the process of the transition to parenthood for both men and women, with a specific focus on emotional and psychological health during reproduction, pregnancy, postpartum, and on-going motherhood. Kate has trained educators, doctors, therapists, and community members both locally and globally, and has been featured in numerous media outlets including the Huffington Post and Denver Parent Magazine. Learn more about Kate's work on her website, and by following her on Facebook.
52:06 4/12/21
ALEXANDRE JODUN & ALYONA KOBEVKA: On Partnership as a Path to Enlightenment
Bridging the gap between men and women feels as though it is a mission of mine. Having conversations that are not necessarily comfortable about the wounding and dysfunction that so often shows up in intimate and romantic relationships is a topic that needs to be spoken about.  Today’s episode is a beautiful conversation about soul partnership, true love, the path of intimacy, the essentialness of individual inner connection, and the messy and less-than-sexy truth of enlightened partnership.  I feel that I can boldly state that everyone wants to be in a loving relationship. When we begin to enter into adulthood there is a picture that we are presented of what that is "supposed" to look like. The work that it requires to co-create that deeply loving partnership is left out of the conversation. Things inevitably become challenging, our patterns and wounding emerges, and one or both flee the scene (hence the skyrocketing number of divorces).  Spending an hour in conversation with this beautiful couple in their authentic vulnerability touched me deeply. The depth that they were able to share in their own experiences of soul partnership, love and relationship, as well as their incredible awareness and ability to articulate the ingrained patterning that so many men and women struggle with was a gift to my heart, and I hope to yours as well.   ABOUT OUR GUESTS: ALEXANDRE JODUN AND ALYONA KOBEVKA Alexandre Jodun and Alyona Kobevka are a married couple and the voices behind A Healing Bridge. They are holistic therapists and facilitators who offer experiential therapies for seekers and sensitive individuals who are yearning to go deeper on their path of psychospiritual healing and development. Their approach bridges process-oriented and transpersonal psychology, with earth-based spirituality and animist perspectives - providing an integrative framework when working with the unfolding of the soul. In practice, they support and guide individuals to reclaim their body as a home of wisdom, retrieve their personal power that has been lost due to trauma and abuse, and cultivate their internal capacities that are needed to embody their authentic, soul-rooted path. Follow A Healing Bridge on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Soundcloud
59:14 4/5/21
In the Aftermath of a Shooting
I never imagined that I would ever record a podcast about the aftermath of a shooting, in my small, contained, and safe town of Boulder, Colorado. But, here we are. I felt moved to use this platform to connect. To perhaps support one person in resourcing themselves, in feeling less alone in this extreme trauma, grief, and utter shock.   This episode is a combination of a personal share relating my experiences surviving a shooting, to some guided meditation, to some palpable and embodied suggestions to support oneself, to a bit of a rant about this unbelievable situation that our country is living with. A situation that has landed in my backyard, in a community that I have lived in for 18 years, in a store that I am in often, with people that I know.   Expect some tears and emotion, some cursing and passionate words, and also some solace for our weary hearts.   ABOUT ALISON ROTHMAN To learn more about Alison please visit her website and follow her on Instagram @embody_life.   You can work with her 1:1 in her Body-Centered Coaching Practice or in her group program The Acceptance Circle. Embody My Life on Instagram
27:12 3/29/21
MARI REISBERG: On Creativity as a Way of Life
My guest today is Mari Reisberg, a therapist, performer, podcast host, and creativity cultivator. I initially connected with Mari through Instagram and immediately felt her creative spirit emanating from her being. Mari has lived a creative life beginning as a child. At 3 years of age, she entered trapeze school and never looked back! Mari believes that everyone is creative and that life is a lot more fun when we are tapped into our creativity. We dive into a lively and inspired conversation around the accessibility of creativity for every single person. This was such a fun interview with lots of laughter. I have no doubt that Mari's words will ignite some creative fire in your life. ABOUT OUR GUEST: MARI REISBERG Mari Reisberg, LPC, is a therapist, performer, host of the Sustaining Creativity podcast and creativity cultivator. She holds a BFA in Acting from the University of Hartford’s Hartt School and an MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology and Dance/Movement Therapy from Naropa University. She currently splits time between the traditional 9-5 world as the director of utilization review and internship programming for a substance abuse treatment center, and her own Sustaining Creativity business where she works 1:1 with performers and non-performers to spark, grow, sustain, share and transform creativity in their lives. She has shared her Sustaining Creativity work at conferences, universities and in workshops across the country. Mari believes we are all creative and life is way more fun when we can tap into our own creativity. Learn more about Mari's work at and by listening to the Sustaining Creativity podcast. Follow her on Instagram @sustainingcreativity. 
34:15 3/23/21
BEX BURTON: On Love and the Independent Woman
Today’s guest is Bex Burton, a love coach who specializes in working with fiercely independent women to create lasting love and deeply connected partnership. I felt an immediate draw to Bex and her work as the language she speaks is so resonant in the world of dating and relationship for women in later chapters of life looking for that mutually loving partnership. We dive into some fun, real, and empowering conversation around a wide array of topics in this realm including the difference between being independent vs. sovereign, self-love, emotional availability, and -- my favorite part of our chat -- the “buttpucker zone." I left this conversation feeling enlivened, inspired, and eager for more! I hope that you will as well. A Note: I will be bringing both Bex and her hubby, Nicholas Whitaker (Episode 27) back together to share their collective wisdom for a deep dive into the realm of relationship in a few weeks! Stay tuned. ABOUT OUR GUEST: BEX BURTON Bex Burton helps fiercely independent women attract and grow lasting love, without sacrificing who they are or what they want out of life. Over the last decade, Bex has committed to the study and growth of lasting love within herself, and within her Union with her Beloved. Through her signature programs: Your Majesty, and Core Joy Living, she helps other fiercely independent women do the same. Bex inspires deeply transformational experiences through movement, mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation tools, via live and online programs, spectacle dance performances, and nature-immersive glamping retreats. Visit her website,, and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.
59:54 3/8/21
NICHOLAS WHITAKER: On Turning Inward In Order to Turn Outward
This week's guest is Nicholas Whitaker, an incredible man with whom I feel blessed to have connected. Nicholas is a Google executive, a coach, a longtime meditator, and a partner creating ripples in all arenas of his life. His vast impact is felt through educating, guiding, and supporting men to come into themselves through mindfulness and meditation practices, self-awareness and self-reflection, and safe dialogue in community, both on the personal level as well as in the workplace.    Nicholas opens up some crucially important conversations in the realm of relationship between men and women, the father wound in men, vulnerability as strength, and repairing and making amends for past harm in relationships.    Nicholas offers ground, ease, and a beautiful articulation of where he feels the gaps are between men and women, and how to come together and mend, heal, and grow.    A NOTE FROM ALISON: The conversation around men, women, and relationships is a growing and awkward edge for me. Diving into these conscious dialogues feels so crucial and is also not comfortable for me as the host. I fumble in my questioning, become tongue-tied in moments and yet it feels important to not edit out my own humanness and the humanness of this conversation on the whole. It feels to be my mission to bridge these awkward and important dialogues so as to bring us together in harmony.   ABOUT OUR GUEST: NICHOLAS WHITAKER For the past decade, Nicholas has leveraged the scale and resources of Google to build high impact educational products, programs, and strategic partnerships, reaching over half a million journalists worldwide. As a lead on the People Development team, Nicholas supports individuals and teams with career and personal development programs, and as a gPause volunteer Nicholas offers meditations, workshops, and a podcast on mindfulness, resilience and mental health awareness.  Outside of his day job, Nicholas supports people struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, distraction, and lack of direction with a mindfulness based coaching program - where clients discover their ability to harness the power of their attention to improve their happiness, productivity, and to make more conscious choices. Learn more at, and follow Nicholas on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
52:37 2/23/21
HEATHER BAIR: On Sexuality, Gender Identity, and Holding the Space for Everyone to Be Exactly Who They Are
This week’s guest is Heather Bair, someone I have been blessed to know for many years in various capacities. Heather and I met while I was leading a retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center and I was immediately drawn to their warmth, sensitivity, and deep connection to themself and the natural world. ABOUT OUR GUEST: HEATHER BAIR Heather is a wilderness-based therapist working primarily with adults, teenage boys, and families. They also teach Naropa's wilderness therapy program for both incoming students and 3rd year students in internship. Heather is so articulate and well-versed in a wealth of topics and our conversation was deep, meaningful, and rich with inspiration.   We had such a rich conversation about sexuality, gender identity, diversity, relationships, connection, and the role of the natural world in navigating this human existence.   Learn more about Heather's work at Healing Bear Wellness, and follow them on Facebook.
43:20 2/16/21
Embodying Life with Authenticity and Acceptance
Embodiment has become an overused term in the world of wellness, movement, yoga, women's work, and even men's work. When we live a life of embodiment, we are choosing to live from a place of authenticity and acceptance. Life becomes our platform for growth and empowerment.   No matter what has unfolded in our lives, what the current events are, we can choose to drop deeply into who we are and build that inner muscle of strength. We can choose to embody who we are from our truth and live life in alignment with that truth.   This episode is a candid conversation about my journey through single motherhood, raising a special needs child alone, creating an impactful and empowering career, the comparison trap, and embracing the whole of life through embodying exactly who I am.   ABOUT ALISON ROTHMAN Alison Rothman MA CYT, is a Body-Centered Coach utilizing her extensive studies, experience, and first-hand knowledge of the capacity within the human body and spirit to heal. Alison provides clients with the ability to access their inner resources and release debilitating life patterns in order to reclaim their body, mind, and heart connection. In addition to her one-on-one work she speaks, writes, guides, and hosts this lovely podcast. She is a single mama of Kai and lives in Boulder, CO.  Learn more at and follow Alison on Instagram and Facebook @embodylife.
20:41 2/9/21
DAVID GAINES: On The Advocacy of Women
This week's guest is a very special man and true champion and advocate for women, David Gaines. David joins us from my hometown of Cincinnati. We were connected last year through a mutual friend around the International Women’s Day event that David was organizing. David has been called a "bonus woman" throughout his life, is a social entrepreneur, business owner, podcast host, father of 2 boys, and a husband and partner. He is a wealth of knowledge and information and shares from his heart about why he chooses to advocate for women and what other men can do to meet women in their truth. ABOUT OUR GUEST: DAVID GAINES David Gaines is the CEO and Chief Visionary for La Terza Coffee, a full service coffee resource that provides the highest quality coffee for consumers, and equipment and education for restaurants and coffee shops. Nearly everyone who comes to La Terza who wants to open a coffee shop has a love for coffee, but the driving passion behind why they want to start a coffee shop is this idea of a community. Most owners are asking, “How do I create safe spaces where people can actually have healthy dialogue with one another?” We don’t have to look very hard to see that as a society, there are so many hard conversations we need to have but we do not have the tools to have them. Community minded businesses are needed now, more than ever! However, encouraging people to gather around for a drink and stay for healthy conversations can be a difficult business model. Providing business support has been the heart of La Terza Coffee, and now, it is the catalyst for why David wanted to launch the Third Place podcast. There are so many ways all businesses can participate in helping bring conversational and communal health to those we interact with - from our customers, to our communities, our employees and even with our competition. David can’t wait to explore how we can all use our businesses to improve our social health! David lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife Beth, and their two young sons, Parker and Lincoln. Follow David on Instagram: @iamdavidgaines • @thirdplacepodcast • @laterzacoffee
49:00 2/2/21
LIZ BYRNE: On Changing Your Life By Clearing Your Space
This week's guest is Liz Byrne aka “The Gentle Minimalist." Liz has been a professional organizer for 10 years, is a mom of 2 boys, and overall is a bright, beaming light in this wild world.     I invited Liz on the podcast to talk about our home environments, which most of us are spending an immense amount of time in these days, and the "why" and "how" to clear our clutter as a spiritual practice.   Liz shares inspiration and wisdom around this process of clearing our homes so as to change our lives. She shares her own journey of moving through depression by simply getting rid of the excessive stuff in her home. Liz talks about shifting our vibration through the practice of decluttering and reminds us that our “home is the body for our family." I loved our chat and know that you will get the juice for your own home clearing. Here's the image referenced by Liz in our conversation. As Liz says, "this diagram walks anyone through 20 spaces of decluttering - thoughtfully laid out easy-to-hard. Start easy and move to harder. Lived-in spaces are easier; storage spaces are harder. Paper is HARD! Memorabilia is HARD! ABOUT OUR GUEST: LIZ BYRNE Liz Byrne is a professional organizer-turned-gentle minimalist. Her interest in minimalism started when organizing was too exhausting and the stuff was too overwhelming. Oddly enough, minimalism seemed easier than organizing. Living with less was easier than managing it all.  Her background is in professional organizing, working elbow-to-elbow with her clients for 10 years before transitioning to become a minimalist coach. She now coaches clients through a 12-week, online, self-guided program, called “the CLEAR circle."  Liz knows that minimalism seems extreme and strict, so she named her business, The Gentle Minimalist. Grace, self-compassion, ease, and micro-decluttering projects are the foundation of her work.  Besides minimalism, her interests include hiking with her two young boys, playing tennis with her competitive husband, and reading amazing books.  Follow Liz on Instagram and Facebook, and learn more at
43:09 1/26/21