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The Erica James Travel Show is hosted by travel agent/blogger Erica James. She shares her passion for travel with podcast listeners. This is the best travel podcast for the everyday traveler, the casual traveler and the beginner traveler. Rather than encouraging you to quit your day job and travel full time, the free travel podcast encourages practical travel that makes sense in the real world. From tips about how to pack, reviews of destinations and interviews with experts, Erica James aims to help new travelers as they ease from guided trips and cruises to exploring on their own.


#84: I'm back
I took some time off, and I really felt like I needed to address this.Many people told me not to bring attention to my hiatus and to just continue releasing episodes from where I left off, but things have happened in the last few months and I feel that I need to talk about how travel has helped me get back to where I want to be.Support the show
14:05 09/12/2022
#83: Sex and Travel
Welcome to episode 83! Today, I’m joined by writer and body image advocate, Laura Delarato.Today, we’re getting into all things self-love, sex, and travel. Being comfortable with has a big influence on both your sex life and your travel, and we are going to dive deep and talk about ways that you can become more comfortable with yourself so that you can live your best sex and travel life.Support the show
63:35 09/05/2022
#82: Music Festival Travel with Johnny McLean
Today, I have a good friend of mine, podcaster, music festival connoisseur, traveller, Johnny Mclean.This episode is going to be so good. For the past few episodes, we’ve dedicated them to specific niches of travel, and today, we’re getting into Music Festival Travel.Everybody loves music. If you love music AND travel, you may want to merge the two, and music festival travel is the perfect way to do that.Support the show
57:17 04/18/2022
#81: Bleisure Travel
Do you remember when we would travel somewhere and we would always get the question, “business or pleasure?”When I first graduated college, I would travel for my first job, and that was business travel. We didn’t have social media, so no one was taking advantage of all the opportunities that we now know exist. If I knew about bleisure travel, believe me, I would’ve been living my best travel life a long time ago.Today, if I get asked the question, “business or pleasure?”, I’m saying both business AND pleasure, which is what we’re going to talk about today, and it’s known as Bleisure Travel.Support the show
24:09 04/04/2022
#80: Marijuana Tourism: How You Can Center Your Travel Around Weed
It’s episode 80, y’all!I feel like we know each other well enough now, right?Today’s episode is going to be all about cannabis tourism, and because we know each other so well, I’m going to be calling it weed as well.It is March 28th, which is National Weed Appreciation Day (not the kind of weed we’re talking about today), and that gave me the idea to find out everything I could about cannabis and tourism, and let me tell you - it’s been enlightening!Support the show (
21:57 03/28/2022
#79: Wellness Travel
Today, we’re taking a few deep breaths and talking about wellness travel.According to the Wellness Tourism Association, wellness travel is “travel that allows the traveler to maintain, enhance, or kickstart a healthy lifestyle, and support or increase one’s sense of wellbeing.”It is so important to live inward, find ourselves, and experience true wellbeing, and if you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, you know how many guests have said that travel is the best way to discover who you are, down to your core.Support the show
25:57 03/21/2022
#78: How to Center Your Travel Around Sports
People go on vacations for all sorts of reasons.From people who like history to people who like going on wellness vacations, ski vacations, and beach vacations, there is a vacation to cater to anyone’s interests.That includes sports. This is a theme that not many people talk about, so I’m going to talk about it today.Support the show (
20:25 03/16/2022
#77: Plan B Tips for Traveling During a Pandemic
It’s been two years since the Covid pandemic shut down the entire planet.When you’re traveling, you need to have a Plan B. Especially during these times when everything could change in an instant and cause problems for your Plan A.No one wants to have to think about bad stuff when traveling. We all just want to travel and have a good time and enjoy our vacations.That’s great and all, but you also don’t want to be having a great vacation and be unprepared for that one time that something bad goes down.Support the show (
20:01 03/07/2022
#76: Black History Themed Travel
It is finally here!Black History Month has arrived, and I am so excited!Today’s episode is about black history and travel, and I wanted to reflect on the fact that I have the freedom to actually travel to wherever I want to spend my vacation.So, today’s episode is celebrating black history and I’m going to give you some ways that you can add a little bit of black history into your trip, no matter where you go.Support the show (
22:44 02/21/2022
#75: How to Incorporate Romance into Travel
Happy Valentine’s Day!Today’s episode is all about romance, and because this is a travel podcast, I’m talking about spicing up your travels with some romance.There are the usual romantic trips, such as the weddings, honeymoons, babymoons, anniversaries, vow renewals, or whichever milestone you want to celebrate.Support the show
24:07 02/14/2022
#74: Travel Talk with Will Hollingworth
Today, I’m talking to William Hollingworth. He is the author of All 48: Drive Your Dreams, a true story about him and his wife, Jessica, as they navigate young parenthood, William’s deployment in the army, and into the spontaneous road trip that sparked their desire to see more of the world.In this episode, you will hear about their journey, how to plan for a road trip, how to get double the experience in one trip, and how they travel with full-time jobs (at one point they had 2 jobs each).Support the show (
52:15 02/08/2022
#73: RIU Palace Costa Rica
Support the show (
30:37 01/31/2022
#72: Planet Hollywood Costa Rica
Welcome back to another episode about Costa Rica!This time, I’ll be telling you about Planet Hollywood, the all-inclusive resort where I stayed for two whole weeks in Costa Rica.There are many reviews online about every resort and experience, and sometimes you can’t tell if they’re reliable or not, so I went to experience Planet Hollywood and Riu Palace Costa Rica so that I could give you my recommendations as a travel agent for when you decide to visit Costa Rica.Support the show (
31:53 01/24/2022
#71: I'm Back from Costa Rica
After the ordeal that I spoke about in the previous episode, I finally had my vacation in Costa Rica.Despite the flight cancellation that delayed my trip by one day, I still managed to spend around 21 days in Costa Rica, and it was amazing.If you ever get the opportunity to go to Costa Rica, there are a few things that you need to know, and a few experiences that you need to have in order to make it the most memorable vacation you could possibly take.Support the show (
24:12 01/17/2022
#70: A Delay is Not a Denial
Welcome to 2022!I’m sure many of you are familiar with the message of “a delay is not a denial.” Today, I’m putting it into the context of travel.A delayed flight is not the end of a vacation. Even a cancelled flight doesn’t have to cancel your trip.Most of you probably know that I recently travelled to Costa Rica, and on the way there, my flight was cancelled.I could’ve cancelled my entire trip and gone home, but I decided to take it as a slight delay to the start of what ended up being a great vacation.Support the show (
21:30 01/10/2022
#69: Are You a Member of the No Vacation Nation?
Did you know that in 2018 there were 768 million days of vacation that were just not taken in the US alone? 236 million of those days didn’t carry over to 2019.That’s $65.5 Billion in benefits just thrown away.This is what the No Vacation Nation looks like – just giving away vacation days, and for what? Are you expecting an award for perfect attendance?Do you live in the No Vacation Nation?Support the show (
23:43 11/22/2021
#68: My Atlanta Birthday
It was my birthday recently. #VirgoFTWFor my birthday, I went to Atlanta with a few friends.Atlanta is where I would go twice a year for my travels, before I did any of my international trips, so going back there for my birthday was pure nostalgia.I was invited to Atlanta for a bachelorette party, and because it was my birthday, we decided to take that weekend and turn up all over Atlanta.Support the show (
13:29 11/15/2021
#67: Be Intentional with Your Life
Let me just ask you: are you living your best life?It might seem like a straightforward question, but have you really thought about the answer?Today’s episode is going to be some more travel motivation, but you can really apply these tips to any part of your life.Whatever your best life looks like, whether it’s traveling the world, skydiving, climbing mountains, or searching for the greatest French fries in the world, you need to ask yourself the right questions to get you started on that journey, and then you need to make it happen intentionally – without excuses.Support the show (
11:08 11/08/2021
#66: How to Manage Expectations when Traveling
I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but we’re in the middle of a pandemic.Destinations have restrictions on travel, and these restrictions are constantly changing.If you’re expecting a smooth travel experience, now is not the time to look for it. You can, however, take whichever situation you’re in, lower your expectations, and find happiness in the parts that are going well.Today, I have some tips on how to manage that expectation when you’re on a vacation.Support the show
15:47 11/01/2021
#65: You Are Responsible for Your Own Happiness
Like the last episode, today’s episode is about happiness. More specifically, it’s about being responsible for your own happiness.Are you taking responsibility for your happiness? When was the last time someone gave you a look that you didn’t appreciate, and did you get upset about it?If you did, you’ve given that person control over your happiness.Today, I’m going to give you the things that you can do in order to reclaim your power over your own happiness on vacation, and in your life.Support the show (
31:12 10/25/2021
#64: Being Happy is a Choice
Today, I need to talk about happiness.I just came back from a group trip, and having to adjust to different people’s personalities, moods, needs, and wants can sometimes be a bit tiring, especially when there are people with a permanent bad vibe.If you are a naturally happy, fun-loving person, you know that you don’t want those negative vibes to rub off on you. Neither do I. No one wants it.So, today’s episode is going to be about finding your happiness if you’re one of those people who always find something wrong going on around you, whether it’s the weather or a waiter looked at you funny.If you find yourself at a luxury location, and you’ve got a stank look on your face 24/7, you need help.Support the show
16:38 10/18/2021
#63: You Got This Girl: A Tale of Triumph
I have an amazing story about one of my clients that I have to share with you all today.She thought she couldn’t travel by herself. She was determined not to get on the plane on her own. This is the story of so many travellers who reach the gate and panic, and then decide to ditch their plans because of their fears.In the end, she went on her trip. She got on that plane and she went on her vacation, and I could not be more proud of someone for overcoming her fears. Support the show (
35:53 10/11/2021
#62: How to Work with a Travel Agent
Today’s episode is all about how to work with a travel agent.Planning a vacation can be stressful, and you shouldn’t have to try to do it on your own. Travel agents are the solution – we can ensure that you have the perfect vacation while keeping your pockets satisfied.As a travel agent myself, there are a few pointers that I can give you to ensure that the travel planning, and eventually the traveling itself, goes as smoothly as possible, and that you end up exactly where you never knew you wanted to go.Support the show (
15:08 10/04/2021
#61: How to Budget for Vacation
In today’s episode, I need to talk about vacation budgets.If you don’t know how to budget properly, it can have serious consequences on your finances. Not everyone’s money has no limits, and the thought of a more-than-average vacation could seem out of reach for many people.As a travel agent, I start things off by asking about my clients’ budgets. Why? So that I can make that budget work for the kind of vacation that you want to have. I’m not here to max out your budget, trust me.But it’s also about being realistic. You need to know your money.Today, I’m going to give you the tips and tricks that you need to implement in your vacation planning so that you can have that luxury beach hotel vacation in a room with a sea view.Support the show (
15:09 09/27/2021
#60: Travel Talk with Karen Gershowitz
Today, I’m talking to Karen Gershowitz. She’s a recently-retired successful businesswoman, author, and mentor. Plus, while holding down a full-time job, she traveled to over 90 countries.If you ever need an example of what is possible, Karen’s whole life is that example.In this episode, you will get to hear about her fascinating life of travel, career, and adventure, and she will show you how you can take advantage of every opportunity to have the kinds of experiences that most will only dream of.Support the show (
56:09 09/20/2021
#59: The Psychological Benefits of Vacationing with Dr. Leo Flanagan
Today is a bit of a different episode.We’re going to talk about the importance of taking a vacation.Yes, taking vacations are not just for having fun once a year. They’re also there for your health. Now, they’re only good for your health if you properly prepare yourself beforehand.In this episode, I have Dr Leo Flanagan, psychologist and trauma expert, and he is going to tell us exactly why vacations are so important, how we can transform our vacations to get the most health benefits from our time off, and why we need to be more conscious of our work-life balance.Support the show (
56:09 09/13/2021
#58: Villas of Distinction
Have you ever thought about renting out a villa for your vacation?It probably sounds too expensive, so you’d rather go to an all-inclusive resort, right?Well, Steve from Villas of Distinction is here today to talk about the benefits of staying at a vacation home rather than at a resort.Support the show (
47:32 09/06/2021
#57: When The Seat Belt Sign Goes Off with Nicole L. Davis
Today, I get to talk to Nicole L. Davis. Nicole’s career was on its way to her becoming an international businesswoman when she decided to make a change and become a flight attendant for a major airline. In this episode, she will be getting into the details about her life as a flight attendant - it’s not the lifestyle that you’re imagining it is, but she does get to travel the world. She also talks about her book, When TheSeatbelt Sign Goes Off, and there are a few things that she wants travellers to know about flight etiquette.Support the show (
56:03 09/03/2021
#56: Pros and Cons of Travel Insurance with Laura Adams
Today, I am talking to Laura Adams, finance analyst, and insurance expert. She has been in over 2000 interviews, featured on major networks such as ABC World News, NBC, CBS, and FOX. She knows what she’s talking about.We’re going to talk about all things travel insurance. This is one of my favourite topics, and it’s also extremely important for those who want to travel.Support the show (
53:49 08/23/2021
#55: I'm Back! Hideaway at Royalton Negril
For this episode, I am going to be telling you about my experience staying at The Hideaway at Royalton Negril in Jamaica.The previous time I stayed in Jamaica, I spent 2 weeks at the Royalton Negril. Both the Royalton Negril and the Hideaway are on the same property, but are separate resorts - the Hideaway is the adult-only side of the property.Today, I’ll be giving you my tips, tricks, and suggestions for when you decide to take a vacation to Negril, Jamaica.Support the show (
26:21 08/16/2021