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Developer Weekly

A weekly show for developers and technologists that are interested in technology, life-long learning, and the people behind the tech. This is not an ordinary technology show as it goes beyond the latest tools and frameworks and shines a spotlight on the humans that create and use it.


Final episode : Improve Your Sleep and Eat to Reduce Stress 32:33 06/16/2021
Open Source with Tom Kerkhove 30:49 06/09/2021
Career and Azure IoT with Jurgen Kevelaers 29:33 06/02/2021
Instrumenting your .NET Core based cloud applications with Alex Thissen 36:31 05/26/2021
Burnout and Health with Barry Luijbregts 49:32 05/19/2021
Career, life, entrepreneurship and teaching with Roland Guijt 32:12 05/12/2021
AR, VR, and Azure Mixed Realty with René Schulte 41:39 05/05/2021
The IDesign Architecture method with Koen Mannaerts 39:35 04/28/2021
Quantum Computing with Richard Versluis 35:33 04/21/2021
Banish your inner critic with Denise Jacobs 35:43 04/14/2021
Virtual Reality with Justin Barnett 41:17 04/07/2021
Personal branding with Jason Alba 36:44 03/31/2021
Teaching with Simon Allardice 38:16 03/24/2021
Dapr with Edwin van Wijk and Sander Molenkamp 28:12 03/17/2021
React explained with Maurice de Beijer 35:08 03/10/2021
DevOps with Abel Wang 37:31 03/03/2021
Security With Troy hunt 30:18 02/24/2021
Teaching cloud computing with Scott Duffy 30:51 02/17/2021
Career, life, learning, teaching, writing and burnout with Josh Duffney 25:12 02/10/2021
What does a solution architect do with Mike Martin 46:24 02/03/2021
Entity Framework with Julie Lerman 38:52 01/27/2021
Azure and more with Alex Mang 43:53 01/20/2021
Ethical Hacking with Dale Meredith 38:54 01/13/2021
C# 9 and beyond with Mads Torgersen 30:34 01/06/2021
Teaching, Presenting, Reach and Impact with Scott Hanselman 33:03 12/30/2020
The Future of Technology with Steven van Belleghem 34:44 12/23/2020
Live coding on Twitch with Michael Crump 38:41 12/16/2020
Hello World film with Shawn Wildermuth 34:22 12/09/2020
Lessons learned from running a cloud ‘devteam as a service’ with Marilag Dimatulac 33:26 12/02/2020
Microservices with Roland Guijt 34:08 11/25/2020