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Developer Weekly

A weekly show for developers and technologists that are interested in technology, life-long learning, and the people behind the tech. This is not an ordinary technology show as it goes beyond the latest tools and frameworks and shines a spotlight on the humans that create and use it.


Lessons learned from running a cloud ‘devteam as a service’ with Marilag Dimatulac 33:29 12/02/2020
Microservices with Roland Guijt 34:11 11/25/2020
Scaling Agile with Cesario Ramos 34:43 11/18/2020
The Next Decade of Software Development with Richard Campbell 41:16 11/11/2020
Containers are cool with Elton Stoneman 37:50 11/04/2020
GraphQL with Maarten Louage 33:35 10/28/2020
ASP.NET: Dependency injection, Configuration, Background workers, Testing and more with Steve Gordon 41:33 10/20/2020
Neurodiversity in tech with Elizabeth Schneider 34:44 10/14/2020
AMA #1 About Learning, Teaching, Career and more with Barry Luijbregts 38:23 10/07/2020
A lot of Xamarin and a bit of MAUI with Gerald Versluis 40:06 09/30/2020
What does a Project Manager do with Emily Luijbregts 34:28 09/23/2020
RavenDB with Oren Eini 60:56 09/16/2020
A Data Science Primer with Megan Bloemsma 32:23 09/09/2020
.NET 5 with Scott Hunter 44:11 09/02/2020
Building a Personal Brand and a Bit About SQL with Pinal Dave 47:37 08/26/2020
Running Techorama with Gill Cleeren 41:01 08/19/2020
SOLID Principles with Steve Smith 35:04 08/12/2020
Getting Started with AWS with David Tucker 34:12 08/05/2020
Identity in Azure with Christos Matskas 43:20 07/29/2020
Take Charge of Your Technology Career with Dan Appleman 37:01 07/22/2020
Teaching Kids how to Code with Caleb Ndaka 32:25 07/15/2020
Keeping up With Microsoft Azure With Tim Warner 37:05 07/08/2020
Managing a Successful Open-source Project With Dennis Doomen 35:46 07/01/2020
How to Troubleshoot Like a Pro with Don Jones 34:37 06/23/2020
Welcome to Developer Weekly! 02:03 06/23/2020