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After decades of adventure, indulgence, and 'spiritual questing', award-winning creator Brooke Burgess (DADBOD) finally grows the f**k up w/ the aid of his own personal Buddha! And now as a new Dad, he'll continue to share his singular brand of insanity and inspiration. If you're looking for raw, raunchy, and REAL storytelling? Make it BUDDHA and the S**T!


THE BEST FRIEND QUEST — Searching for Deeper Connection 27:55 10/30/2021
I GOT CAST ON SURVIVOR! (Be Careful What You Wish For...) 104:57 09/23/2021
SEASON 3: A New Era for Love...and Other Contagions 25:05 08/31/2021
FATHERS ON FIRE: A BatS Album Release Special! 31:28 07/26/2021
Masks VS Walls: What Does YOURS Look Like? 06:23 02/28/2021
A VERY CORONA CHRISTMAS -- Your 2020 Doom Antidote Has Arrived!! 16:01 12/20/2020
DREAMTIME 4 20:35 10/30/2020
GAME WRITER HUSTLE: The Writing Test (IE: How Studios Get You Doing Free Dev Work) 18:19 09/26/2020
LASTCAST: It's the End...and the Beginning 16:33 08/27/2020
DREAMTIME 3: Demon at the Edge of Sleep! 22:13 07/03/2020
DREAMTIME 2: Of Cat Tragedy, Super-Gods, and the Prison at the End of Time 15:19 06/08/2020
DEEP FAKE IMMORTALS: AI, Artistry, and the Dark Future of Entertainment Tech (SNYDER CUT-inspired) 11:13 05/26/2020
50 for 50: The Shameless Birthday Begging Special! 19:36 05/10/2020
LOCKDOWN GIVEAWAY: It's Free Audiobook Time! (The Shadowland Saga) 45:18 04/22/2020
THE BUCKET LIST: 10 Things I MUST Do Before I Die 16:57 03/15/2020
DOUCHEBAGS IN THE WILD: A 'Bad Traveller' Q&A Special 19:42 02/28/2020
WHEN I LOVE YOU: A Valentine's Podcast Special 11:56 02/11/2020
Rock Opera Reveal: BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA (6 Original tracks) 52:19 01/28/2020
THE MUSIC MEN MEET AGAIN: End of a Decade 74:04 12/31/2019
CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: How a Comic Taught Me Epic Storytelling 39:28 11/30/2019
CREATIVE LIFE REGRETS: What Would You Change..? 18:45 11/14/2019
THE MESSENGER: A True Halloween Horror Story 23:58 10/31/2019
WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE..? 22:09 10/13/2019
SHADOWLOGUE: A Teaser From the New Book 16:28 09/27/2019
CONFRONTING YOURSELF: A Q&A Bonus Ep 09:51 09/12/2019
DREAMS OF REVENGE 22:48 08/29/2019
ONE NIGHT STAND 21:26 07/30/2019
How DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Revealed My True Character 17:56 06/28/2019
WALK THIS WAY: How Hiking the Camino de Santiago Changed My Life 38:56 05/29/2019
THE DEATH OF EMPATHY (An Easter Essay) 24:09 04/18/2019