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After decades of adventure, indulgence, and 'spiritual questing', award-winning creator Brooke Burgess (DADBOD, The Cat's Maw, Broken Saints, ) finally grows the f**k up thanks to his very own mini Buddha! As a new Dad, he'll continue sharing his raw and REAL storytelling - tales of travel, romance, spirituality, and psychedelics - that'll hit ya square in the heart-bone


Daddy gets lovingly schooled by the Buddha-boy, who ends up delivering a LONG overdue zen masterclass in self-esteem. Feat. ONE & ONLY from the new album DADBOD, plus tunes from Stillness 3.
23:08 1/30/22
MY FAVOURITE THING — A Bedtime Story for All Ages
How Lord of the Rings, Psychic Dreams, and Fatherhood combine to (retroactively) give birth to a treasured children's story. Oh...and cats :) Feat. and original story written and performed by yours truly, w/ music by Stillness3 and Owl Cave Dreams.
28:44 12/29/21
THE BEST FRIEND QUEST — Searching for Deeper Connection
The irony when you search and dream and pretty much BEG for profound connection with others...but that same intensity of longing only pushes people away. Uggh. As a middle-aged male in a society that puts little value on men's need for deeper bonds and friendships, is it any wonder there's a troubling loneliness and mental health epidemic?  All I ever wanted was a 'best friend'. And maybe, just maybe, my prayers were answered...
27:55 10/30/21
I GOT CAST ON SURVIVOR! (Be Careful What You Wish For...)
Yes, it's true: I WAS cast on Survivor.   But, as is often the cast in my Charlie Brown football-kicking history..? CBS execs changed the format plan last minute, and I got the call to UNpack my bags   With the new season 41 out now after a LONG pandemic hiatus, it feels like the right time to dish on this crazy dream (almost) come true = 90MIN of dirt dishing on the whole wacky process, from audition tape right through to finals week.   Buckle up, children - THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN!
104:57 9/23/21
SEASON 3: A New Era for Love...and Other Contagions
A heartfelt 25MIN Pre-Covid Revelation heralds the surprise premiere of SEASON 3! New art + tweaked title = new Daddy! Finally, it's crystal clear who's the Buddha...and who's the S**t =) HUGE thanks to all you amazing listeners for keeping the show in the Top 5% of podcasts globally, even in my absence
25:05 8/31/21
FATHERS ON FIRE: A BatS Album Release Special! — my new DADBOD album is on FIRE, so we're doing a shameless nod to Sean Evans' interview high-bar HOT ONES to celebrate! From Best Friend funk to Little Guy folk to hip-hop autobiography in BUMPY w/ Chrystal Leigh (Sons of Daughters), co-composer extraordinaire TOBIAS TINKER is in the house from Berlin to conquer 8 wings from Hell and share tales of creating this massive 20 song and 20 video epic for my young prince. And we finish off with a HUGE video preview for 80's homage ONE & ONLY in full Genesis/Gabriel style. Get your swoon on! - for album samplers, the BEST FRIEND video, and links to Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Tidal, Amazon, and more! Wanna skip straight to the good stuff? Wing 1 - 3:00 Aardvark Habanero Wing 2 - 5:30 Heartbeat Hot Sauce Wing 3 - 9:00 Christian's Cherry Bomb Wing 4 - 14:00 Dawson's Hot Sauce Wing 5 - 15:00 Christian's Tomato Haste Wing 6 - 17:30 Bravado Black Garlic Reaper DA BOMB! - 21:00 WE'RE GONNA DIE!!! Wing 8 - 26:12 Burn After Eating MUSIC VIDEO PREVIEW — 29:30 ONE&ONLY BUY THE ALBUM w. TONS OF EXTRAS:
31:28 7/26/21
Masks VS Walls: What Does YOURS Look Like?
A bite-sized ep where I harness a creative technique to ask a timely question:  if MASKS are the modern symbol for our social and emotional WALLS...then what does YOUR 'wall' look like?
06:23 2/28/21
A VERY CORONA CHRISTMAS -- Your 2020 Doom Antidote Has Arrived!!
When a good friend pulled me aside to share that they were Googling 'most painless ways to kill self'...? WelI...that triggered a powerful revelation about the trials and tribulations of the past year. 2020, people. We're all in it together. And there IS a way out
16:01 12/20/20
Take a DEEP dream-dive with me for 20MIN! Featuring music by OWL CAVE DREAMS:   Happy Halloween one and all! It's the season of the witch, so I'm bringing you a fresh DREAMTIME journey — this is where I walk you (and myself, let's be honest) through the strange symbols and trippy moments and flickers of lucidity to try to get at the root of what a particular dream was trying to communicate. If you've got any hunches, inklings, or ideas, please pass 'em on! (And yes - I DO believe that dreams are important messages from the subconscious...and that the ones we remember upon waking are remembered for a REASON)
20:35 10/30/20
GAME WRITER HUSTLE: The Writing Test (IE: How Studios Get You Doing Free Dev Work)
I've been a game writer and interactive narrative guy, in some capacity or another, since 1997.  23 YEARS. Let that sink in for a minute. And even with all of that storytelling experience, heaps of professional accolades, high-level game writer recommendations, and some acclaimed self-created indie projects? I still get asked, more often than not these days, to do a test story or provide an exclusive 'sample' for game writer gigs. Seriously.  In this age of Covid-19 and the (re)rise of remote work? I've been batting .500 on these 'auditions', which ain't bad. Especially when said gig ends up being fun, creatively challenging, and networking boon, and wallet steroids. But that still means that there were a handful of game writer jobs I applied for and didn't hit the bullseye. Ones where — after the headhunter or studio HR got my CV and reviewed my past work samples and learned of my (modest but fair?) salary expectations — I was asked to spend 1-2 weeks on a game writer 'assessment'. A test that would most certainly be based, at the very least tangentially, on the design parameters for an upcoming title they had in development.  And they'd expect it for FREE. And, like a schmuck, I'd deliver. Buyer's market, and all that. But consider the math for a second; they knew my salary range and industry history, which made them painfully aware of the real-world value of my time. (at least 2K per week, being frank...or...well...Brooke). And yet, even after delivering more than expected and ahead of schedule and always with a thank-you note peppered with gratitude and genuine interest in their project moving forward, whatever their choice..? I'd get a three-line form letter rejection. At best. Which is kinda shitty, especially in these uncertain and heavy-hearted times. For everyone. But since I tend not to sign NDAs until there's real contract tact, I'm more than comfortable sharing a recent example with you here. Embedded audio, too! I've taken the liberty of omitting some potentially incriminating chunks of design-related stuff; that's probably why I'm not posting from the massive game writer test I sank two weeks of my life into for that now-infamous IP that rhymes with SHMARY SMOTTER). Instead, this is one I whipped up for a AAA Chinese developer back in July. And after weeks of badgering their headhunter for any post-submission feedback whatsoever? 'Sorry, but you were overqualified.'   Thanks for the ass-smoke, lady...I hope you enjoy the freebie.
18:19 9/26/20
LASTCAST: It's the End...and the Beginning
Closing time Time for you to go back to the places you will be from. Closing time This room won't be open 'til your brothers or you sisters come. So gather up your jackets, and move it to the exits I hope you have found a Friend. Closing time Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's End, yeah.   YouTube Channel, Yo. Facebook Page, homie. Instagrammin', slammin'.
16:33 8/27/20
DREAMTIME 3: Demon at the Edge of Sleep!
  4 sleepless nights in 1991 = a chilling 'encounter' + an impossible revelation. It's DREAMTIME 3 😮👽💀👻   (Feat. another hypnotic track from psychedelic-ambient duo Owl Cave Dreams:
22:13 7/3/20
DREAMTIME 2: Of Cat Tragedy, Super-Gods, and the Prison at the End of Time
This is # 2 in a 'DREAMTIME' series I've been recording live and unfiltered, where I share profound 'visions' downloaded in sleep. Prophecies? Well...that's for YOU to decide. You can find VIDEO of the first—a super emotional symbol dream on the eve' of my 50th— over on my FB and Youtube pages (5000 FB views and counting!)  Featuring hypnotic new tunes by OWL CAVE DREAMS.
15:19 6/8/20
DEEP FAKE IMMORTALS: AI, Artistry, and the Dark Future of Entertainment Tech (SNYDER CUT-inspired)
With all the buzz surrounding the Snyder Cut, 'deep fakes', the spectre of advanced AI, and the entertainment industry leaning on animation to survive the Covid-19 pandemic? I had a thought.  Or two ;-) Feat. original music by Tobias Tinker and Owl Cave Dreams.
11:13 5/26/20
50 for 50: The Shameless Birthday Begging Special!
Jesus H's true...I'm turning 50.  And with just a few weeks left to brace before the 'oldometer' rolls me into flattened obsolescence? I wanted to reach out to my most loyal and loving listeners with a request. You see...after 3 years of giving this show away for zip, nada, bupkis, nothing, FREE...I figured it was fair time to hit you up for some sweet b-day charity. Fiscal love. Cash-cash-money, y'all. And if just 5% of you send me a little somethin-somethin'? Then this Southeast Asian Lockdown mid-life nightmare might just transform into this storyteller's creative dream...
19:36 5/10/20
LOCKDOWN GIVEAWAY: It's Free Audiobook Time! (The Shadowland Saga)
It's FREE AUDIOBOOK BINGE TIME, folks! For the next 30 DAYS I'm giving away copies of our HD deluxe bells-and-whistles #audiobook extravaganza The Cat's Maw to any and all who want it — that's 8+ HOURS of award-winning storytelling, FREE! Listen to the latest ep for how to snag it (of course there's a catch, but it's mere minutes of effort) — if you're still on the fence, I've included THE pivotal chapter in the story for your listening pleasure! So spread the good word, get those headphones ready, and be sure to set your Audible account to HD Downloads — I promise you are in for a feline-lovin' trip
45:18 4/22/20
THE BUCKET LIST: 10 Things I MUST Do Before I Die
You want it? You got it! No razzle dazzle required, my friends — by popular request, here's my TOP 10 BUCKET LIST, in honour of 2020 and the painful birthday milestone I'm destined to hit, coronavirus permitting =))) Feat. original music by STILLNESS 3
16:57 3/15/20
DOUCHEBAGS IN THE WILD: A 'Bad Traveller' Q&A Special
This month's 20min Q&A edition asks: WHO ARE THE WORST KIND OF TRAVELLERS YOU'VE MET, WITNESSED, OR PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED? Whooooo-boy. Fasten those safety belts, kidlets. It's about to get nasty. (FEATURING MUSIC FROM STILLNESS3)
19:42 2/28/20
WHEN I LOVE YOU: A Valentine's Podcast Special
If there’s anything I've learned in my near 5-decades wandering the plains and crags of this waterlogged rock spinning in the deep, deep dark, for God Knows What Purpose before this soul of mine pops off like the last bubble in a dirty kid’s bathwater..? It’s this: though the essence underneath it is the same, the human act of LOVE represents something different to everyone. And here's what it means to me... (Featuring original music from OWL CAVE DREAMS)  
11:56 2/11/20
Rock Opera Reveal: BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA (6 Original tracks)
  I've been teasing it forever, and now the show is one step closer to reality — time for a deep dive into BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA: The Musical, with nearly half the original soundtrack for your listening pleasure! Wanna skip the yada-yada preamble and get straight to the goods? We got ya timecode covered, you sons o' bitches: 7:40 - (It's All In The) REFLEXES  16:00 - THE STORMS (Part 1) 18:00 - THE STORMS (Part 2) 19:00 - HE'S A DEMON! 23:20 - MAN'S WORLD 27:00 - GREEN EYES 35:30 - BURNING BLADE (Somebody to Love) 42:30 - EPIC RAP BATTLE (In Little China) 48:45 - ???    
52:19 1/28/20
Tobias Tinker He's the man behind the music behind the show. And we take this hour before ringing out the old and ringing in the new to chat everything under the sun, including his two new albums of jazz and ambient, OK BOOMER, and much much more!
74:04 12/31/19
CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: How a Comic Taught Me Epic Storytelling
When I look back at the stories that had a lasting effect on me — the ones that shaped, inspired, and frankly blew the roof off my basic storytelling sensibilities — I'd have to say that one of the defining tales was a 12-issue DC comics epic. For a hick kid with a second-rate movie theatre, a laughably small local library, and six channels on cable? My storytelling could pretty much be summed up as BC and AC: Before Crisis on Infinite Earths...and after it.  
39:28 11/30/19
CREATIVE LIFE REGRETS: What Would You Change..?
This month, a longtime listener asks: If you could turn back time in your creative career, what would you do differently? Do you have any regrets? I thought this'd be the SHORTEST Q&A yet...but free-styling is akin to public therapy, I reckon.
18:45 11/14/19
THE MESSENGER: A True Halloween Horror Story SUBSCRIBE, Review, and spread the good word! (25MIN) 27 Years Ago, this happened in an abandoned warehouse on Halloween night in Windsor, ON, Canada. Think Jacob's Ladder meets Twin Peaks w a dash of Twilight Zone on top. Oh...and strippers and weed. FOR MATURE LISTENERS.
23:58 10/31/19
I've been asked a lot of questions in my (nearly) half-century on this rock... But when I put the call out for fresh Q&A material, one listener hit me with the coolest Q imaginable... "If you could be asked anything that you've never been asked before, what would the question be, and what's the answer?" Time to get metaphysical, bitches. (Feat. new music from Tobias Tinker and Stillness3)
22:09 10/13/19
SHADOWLOGUE: A Teaser From the New Book
As I plunk away on the next volume in The Shadowland Saga during rare moments of 'free time' (HA!), I began to think: What if I narrated the audiobook edition myself? I was truly spoiled with the great David Kaye's contributions on The Cat's Maw, but let's face it — he's a busy (and expensive) man. And if I've learned anything during this podcast romp the past two years, it's that maybe, just maybe, my voice doesn't suck as much as I thought it did. Think of it being akin to body dysmorphia, but for vocal chords — I clearly can't trust my opinion, 'cause I have nearly five decades of bias. So here we are...the first draft prologue for Book 2 for your greedy little ears, and me behind the mic. Some classic TT tunes as well. And I honestly want to know what you think... SHOULD I DO THIS OR NOT?   
16:28 9/27/19
NEW MONTHLY FEATURE! One episode a month just ain't enough, my friends. But I just don't have the bandwidth to crank out 2+ original stories, edit them, and set it all to cool new music. The solution..?  FAN-SUBMITTED Q&A RETURNS! One question a month gets a 10-15 answer. Anything YOU want. Easy peasy. And the first Q from Michael Davis doesn't hold back: What's the hardest thing to confront about yourself?  
09:51 9/12/19
Ever been tempted to trash all your spiritual brownie points for one moment of gloriously justified VENGEANCE..? I was. And here's what happened. Featuring ALL NEW MUSIC from acclaimed jazz trio STILLNESS3
22:48 8/29/19
Exactly 30 years ago, there was a brash, foul-mouthed, overcompensating, girl-obsessed, and woefully immature version of yours truly spending his summer nights in Windsor, ON and Motor City Michigan doing stand...up...comedy. So, Chris Spirit Brown? This one’s for you, by special request. One night only. I'm coming out of retirement. And you're not gonna like it. 
21:26 7/30/19
How DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Revealed My True Character
The roots of creativity go deep, tangled around our formative years and adolescence. For me, one of those dark tendrils snaked its way into my pre-teen thoughts with a simple roll of the dice... Role-playing. Escapism. Power fantasies. Call it what you want. The rest of us called it...D&D. Dungeons & Dragons showed me something about myself that I still treasure (and struggle with) to this day. It also revealed how bogglingly deep the rabbit hole of my young mind could really go. And that's what this show is about.  
17:56 6/28/19