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The Way We Roll

A seriously funny take on life from the disability driven duo... Simon Minty and Phil Friend.


The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Laughs 41:08 08/05/2022
Television and Disability Special - with Allan MacKillop and Nichola Garde 51:22 06/10/2022
Nothing About Us Without Us! 50:19 04/01/2022
Don't You, Forget About Me. Immunocompromised people and Covid restrictions 53:49 02/25/2022
Review of 2021. What’s ahead in 2022? 39:21 01/28/2022
Oh Bristol, so much to answer for - Getting paid for disability advocacy & creating a safe place or exclusion? 48:17 12/23/2021
Agree to disagree? Assisted Suicide, Disability on Television 53:06 11/26/2021
Chronic illness and Disability, intersection and separation 58:53 10/22/2021
Get Up, Stand Up for Your Rights (and micro-aggressions) 44:43 09/24/2021
Ableism doesn’t mean what you think it means. 57:33 08/27/2021
Disability and ability coexist 58:35 07/23/2021
Struggling or Floundering? When do you help a disabled person? 46:56 07/09/2021
Missed it by half a second! 50:28 06/14/2021
Say the Word 48:04 05/21/2021
A few good interpreters - sign language and Deaf jurors, poor transport customer service, drugs and AI 39:09 04/23/2021
One giant leap for disabled people and two steps back. 50:19 03/26/2021
“There’s no such thing as a single-issue struggle, we don't live single-issue lives” 41:52 02/26/2021
Affirmative model, vaccinations and problematic parakeets (again!) 39:43 02/12/2021
Nikki Fox - The lost weekend in a hotel in lockdown 46:13 01/29/2021
When I said, ‘Stop the world, I want to get off' I didn’t mean this! 35:32 12/24/2020
Alex Brooker:Defined 50:34 12/11/2020
The Man in the Hat Comes Back 43:44 11/27/2020
Is becoming disabled desirable? Telethon's back. Now I find, I've changed my mind and opened up the doors, Help me! 40:01 11/13/2020
Drug Research, Language, Stress, Cycle Lanes and Whitstable High Street? 44:33 10/26/2020
Water Off a Swimmer's Back - Ellie Simmonds 50:04 10/12/2020
Do you want to be cured? 47:29 10/02/2020
If you fall don't bawl! 48:50 09/14/2020
Go out? Or not go out? That is the Question 41:14 08/25/2020
Jazz Trumpet, Maya Angelou and Inclusive Design - John Corcoran explains. 37:28 08/11/2020
Brooker, Cancel culture, pride and the last iron lung 36:17 07/28/2020