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Rebel Human Resources Podcast

This podcast is about what HR can be. If you are a professional looking for innovative, thought provoking information in the world of human resources, come join us! Human Resources is such a dynamic role, that if we don't constantly adapt and change, we will be left behind. This podcast explores the new world of work, and how HR can drive change for the better. In this podcast, Kyle Roed covers various topics with other business leaders disrupting the world of work. This podcast will focus on the ever-changing aspect of any organization: People. We discuss topics ranging from managing performance, building culture, engagement, inclusion, people analytics, and driving business results through others. We will answer questions like: How has HR evolved? How does HR add value? What does the future of HR look like? What if HR isn't working? (Hint: It probably isn't) The world is changing, and those who aren't ready to change with it will be left behind. Rebel on, HR Rebels!


Episode 99: Culture Development Marketing with Kelly Keenan 39:09 05/18/2022
Episode 98: Corporate Explorers with Andy Binns 49:46 05/11/2022
Episode 97: The Future of Work with Ben Waber, Ph.D. 48:49 05/04/2022
Episode 96: IN/ACTION: Rethinking the Path to Results with Jinny Uppal 38:46 04/27/2022
Episode 95: Equitable Workplace Policies with Ericka Gonzalez-Smith 43:02 04/20/2022
Episode 94: Becoming Purpose-Driven with Katie Burkhart 41:04 04/13/2022
Bonus Episode: Reinventing Healthcare with Erik Wallace 45:56 04/09/2022
Episode 93: Healing HR with Samm Smeltzer 46:15 04/06/2022
Episode 92: Employee Financial Wellness with Will Peng 42:04 03/30/2022
Episode 91: HR Must Think Like Marketers with Thad Price 37:15 03/23/2022
Episode 90: Leading on the Edge with Pete Zaccagnino 40:47 03/16/2022
Episode 89: Personalized Employee Perks with Amy Spurling 49:39 03/09/2022
Episode 88: 30 Day Leadership Playbook with Nils Vinje 49:21 03/02/2022
Episode 87: Conversations Worth Having with Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres 49:27 02/23/2022
Episode 86: Larry Dunivan, CEO of Namely 40:27 02/18/2022
Episode 85: Success From Anywhere with Karen Mangia 45:26 02/16/2022
Episode 84: Hiring Revolution With Alfonso Wenker and Trina Olson 41:31 02/09/2022
Episode 83: Value-Driven Recognition with Steve Sonnenberg, CEO of Awardco 46:13 02/02/2022
Episode 82: How to Generate Loyalty with Elena Armijo 46:31 01/26/2022
Episode 81: Engage Employees with Stories - Gabrielle Dolan 45:06 01/19/2022
Episode 80: Who Will A Candidate Become? With Joe Mullings 47:43 01/12/2022
Episode 79: Riding the Recruiting Storm out with Bert Miller, CEO of Protis Global 50:41 01/05/2022
Episode 78: Transform your Organization with "Unfear" Tactics 50:25 12/29/2021
Episode 77: Recruiting for the Future with Michael Yinger 43:48 12/22/2021
Episode 76: Making Virtual Work WORK with Dr. Betty Johnson 51:56 12/15/2021
Episode 75: Innovative Retention Strategies with Yair Riemer 40:45 12/08/2021
Episode 74: Humanity Works Better with Debbie Cohen and Kate Roeske Zummer 40:59 12/01/2021
Episode 73: Compassion, Not Empathy with Dr. Nate Regier 38:42 11/24/2021
Episode 72: Human Design with Kasia Jakarsezian 27:57 11/19/2021
Episode 71: Keeping "Human" In HR with Patricia Karam 42:08 11/17/2021