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Rebel Podcast: Life and Work on Your Terms

Welcome to Rebel, Life and Work on Your Terms, the podcast where conformity isn't an option and the only rule is to make your own. Each episode, we'll dive deep into the art of living and working authentically. Here's what's in store for you:The essence of living life and approaching work on your own termsStrategies for crafting your unique path in life and careerDefying Conventions: We discuss how to break free from societal and corporate expectations to carve out a fulfilling life and career.Psychological Principles of Success: Learn how to apply cutting-edge psychological tactics to revolutionize your approach to success.Cultural Disruption: Discover actionable steps to drive cultural improvement in the workplace and at home, fostering environments where creativity and authenticity thrive.System Change: We tackle the big picture, exploring how to initiate systemic change that paves the way for more individual freedom and innovation."Rebel. Life and Work on Your Terms" isn't just a podcast – it's your soundtrack to a life less ordinary. Tune in, get inspired, and start living and working like the rebel you are.Attention HR professionals and leaders! Are you looking for an engaging and informative podcast that covers a range of topics related to human resources and leadership? Look no further than the Rebel HR Podcast! Hosted by Kyle Roed and various industry experts, this podcast features insightful discussions on subjects like diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, and leadership development. Each episode is packed with practical tips and advice that you can apply to your organization right away. Don't miss out on this valuable resource! Check out the Rebel Podcast today:  


Forge an Unstoppable Mindset with Alden Mills
Unlock the power of self-leadership with the wisdom of Alden Mills, former Navy SEAL and celebrated author, in our latest Rebel HR podcast. Alden brings the firepower of his new book "Unstoppable Mindset" to the fore, providing invaluable insights on the impact of leading oneself to lead others effectively. As we explore this concept together, expect to discover how to harness an unstoppable mindset, vital for thriving in HR roles and beyond. Our conversation dives into the potent ripples self-leadership creates within team dynamics and the broader organizational culture, emphasizing the profound effect our thoughts, focus, and beliefs have on our capacity to shape not only our futures but also those of the companies we serve.Perfection is a pursuit that can paralyze, and Alden Mills knows this all too well. With a fresh perspective that challenges the traditional approach to perfectionism, he guides us through the labyrinth of leadership beyond the boundaries of titles. Throughout this episode, we share strategies for those struggling with the pursuit of perfection, advocating progress over an unattainable ideal, and granting you the permission to embrace imperfection. By redefining perfectionism and emphasizing the need for prioritizing tasks, Alden helps lift the weight of unrealistic expectations, freeing leaders to act decisively and improve continuously.Lastly, we tackle the transformative power of positive focus, equating the need for multiple positive affirmations to neutralize a single negative thought. This positively charged discussion underscores the importance of HR professionals as organizational leaders and the revolutionary role they play in cultivating successful mindsets and challenging outdated practices. By aligning our gut, heart, and head, Alden Mills propels us towards congruent decision-making, encouraging a leadership stance that is as bold as it is effective. Tune in for a thought-provoking session that invites you to rebel against the conventional, and instead, become an unstoppable force within your domain.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
35:10 5/15/24
Evolving HR's Role: Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Dr. Ana Maria Lopez Caldwell
Discover how to navigate the complex landscape of diversity and inclusion in the workplace as Dr. Ana Maria Lopez Caldwell joins me, Kyle Roed, to share her transformative insights on HR's dynamic role. Drawing on her extensive background in education and philosophy, Dr. Ana Maria reveals the nuances of balancing compliance with a humanistic approach to employee relations. Together, we discuss the historical perspective of HR as a compliance-driven entity and why it's essential for HR to evolve beyond being the sole torchbearer for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives.Listen in as we delve into the power dynamics that shape organizational culture and decision-making. We tackle the reality that truly effective diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts must be interwoven with the core business strategy, not tacked on as an afterthought. I share personal reflections on the significance of power-sharing and boundary-setting as catalysts for innovation and trust within companies, while Dr. Caldwell stresses the importance of courageous leadership in creating psychologically safe spaces for all employees.Finally, we examine the importance of fostering mutual understanding and respect among diverse teams. From the power of appreciative inquiry to embracing the enrichment of multilingualism, our conversation sheds light on the critical role HR plays as cultural stewards in the workplace. As Dr. Caldwell offers guidance on supporting employee resource groups and cultivating inclusive environments, our discussion serves as a beacon for HR professionals and leaders seeking to drive meaningful change and champion cultural competence. Join us for an episode that promises to equip you with valuable perspectives on creating a more inclusive world of work. the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
36:40 5/8/24
Empowering Teams for Peak Performance: Bill Lennan's Insights
Unlock the secret to skyrocketing productivity through employee engagement as we sit down with the insightful Bill Lennan, founder of 40% Better. Bill brings to the table his wealth of knowledge on leading software teams, drawing an undeniable link between workplace satisfaction and professional performance. Our enlightening conversation reveals his unique approach to nurturing team dynamics, such as implementing agenda-free weekly one-on-one sessions that offer genuine support to team members. Discover the transformative power of flexibility in work arrangements and learn why being the smartest in the room isn't always an advantage. Bill's philosophy invites a culture of shared problem-solving and empowers individuals to voice their ideas, reshaping the way we perceive leadership and teamwork.Have you ever wondered how to coax the best out of your quieter team members? Bill generously shares innovative techniques that invite reserved voices to the forefront, creating a more balanced and collaborative team environment. We delve into the strategy of asking more vocal participants to step back, which not only amplifies diverse perspectives but also fosters a psychologically safe space for all. This chapter is a testament to the untapped potential within teams and the collective intelligence that, when harnessed, can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Prepare to be inspired by the stories of transformation and the profound impact that patience and a supportive atmosphere can have on the quiet powerhouses of your team.As we bring our conversation with Bill to a close, he shares critical strategies for cultivating the leaders of tomorrow. We discuss the importance of preemptive leadership training, offering practice opportunities, and the freedom to opt-out, ensuring that individuals are fully prepared for their roles before stepping up. Learn from Bill's own experiences with leadership and career progression, and understand the crucial role HR plays in transcending legal concerns to truly optimize human resources. If Bill's insights resonate with you, he extends an invitation to continue the dialogue through his platform, 40% Better. Join us for a dose of actionable advice and innovative strategies that promise to boost workplace happiness and drive team success to new heights.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
37:00 5/1/24
Journey to Authentic Living Beyond Conformity and Regret
Ever felt trapped by your own thoughts or wondered how to step into a more genuine version of yourself? Dr. Anna Marie Frank, a seasoned naturopathy doctor and natural medicine expert, joins us to share her transformative techniques for rewiring the brain, fostering a life brimming with authenticity and joy. From her personal evolution from medication to mental mastery, Dr. Frank illustrates how our thoughts can shape our biochemistry and overall happiness, offering strategies that can turn even the simplest moments of gratitude into powerful catalysts for well-being.This episode isn't just about self-reflection; it's an expedition through the external factors that shape our personal growth. Delve into how nature, sunlight, and our social interactions can dramatically bolster our quest for authenticity. Dr. Frank and I discuss the vitality of stepping outside comfort zones, the art of absorbing wisdom from mentors, and the crucial role of communication styles in nurturing healthy relationships. We tackle the challenge of shedding old programming to unveil the core of who we are, providing a blueprint for those eager to leave behind a life of conformity and regrets.Wrapping up, we embrace the rebellious spirit that paves the way to a passionate and fulfilling career. Dr. Frank encourages listeners to entertain the radical notion of a life without problems and to listen to the inner witness that guides us toward our true selves. Discover how connecting with Dr. Frank can offer you the tools for self-empowerment and learn about her invaluable insights found in her book "Stop Bullying Yourself." This conversation is your invitation to a revolutionary approach to personal development, one where authenticity isn't just a dream—it's a lifestyle.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
31:27 4/24/24
A Journey to Self-Enlightenment in HR with Dr. Teri Baydar
Ever found yourself yearning for a deeper understanding of what ignites that spark within you? Dr. Teri Baydar, a beacon in the world of consciousness and author of "Flip Your Switch: A User's Guide to a Whole New Mind," joins us to shed light on the transformative power of love consciousness over war consciousness in both our personal lives and corporate environments. Through her health adversities and her rich experience as a leadership coach, Dr. Teri implores us to pivot from cutthroat competition to embracing connectivity and mutual growth. We embark on a mental voyage, navigating the complexities of our own consciousness and the societal constructs that often dictate our happiness and success.Imagine a workplace where productivity doesn't come at the cost of joy, where HR professionals are the torchbearers of a cultural revolution. That's the vision Dr. Teri paints as we discuss the critical role of love consciousness in transforming organizational structures. Delicately balancing our professional, personal, and private personas, we explore strategies to invite our full humanity into our workspaces. This episode is a rallying cry for leaders and HR mavens to embrace servant leadership, backed by research showing the undeniable benefits of such a shift towards engagement and organizational triumph.To cap off our exploration, we're reminded of the importance of listening to our higher self—the 'Damon'—for wisdom that often transcends logic. Dr. Teri's insights serve as a compass for those in HR to initiate vital changes, promoting well-being and efficiency. As a final takeaway, we offer you direct access to transformative knowledge with Dr. Teri's book, and we encourage you to reach out and connect on this journey to a fuller, more enlightened self. Don't miss the chance to elevate your life's narrative through the wisdom shared in today's episode.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
44:13 4/17/24
Holy Shift! Moving Your Company Forward to the Future of Work with Dan Michelson
Have you ever wondered what it takes to catapult your company into the future of work? That's exactly what we're unpacking with Dan Michelson, a visionary leader who's redefining the role of HR in the modern workplace. In his transformative new book "Holy Shift," Dan unveils the game-changing strategies that propelled his high-growth company to the top echelons of Glassdoor amid the turbulence of COVID-19 and the great resignation. Through the lens of his extensive experience, we dissect the CORE elements crucial to employee engagement – Community, Opportunity, Relationships, and Experiences – and how these play a pivotal role in shaping a company's culture and workforce productivity.Picture a workplace where every employee feels an indelible sense of belonging and opportunity for growth. I had a profound conversation with Dan about the strategic importance of these elements, not just for HR professionals but for every manager and CEO committed to nurturing a vibrant company culture. We reflected on the transformative power of genuine relationships and the daily experiences that can be the deciding factor between an employee's loyalty or departure. Dan's insights elevate the conversation from theory to practice, offering a practical toolkit that any listener can apply to foster a workplace that thrives on the collective success of its people.And for a light-hearted finish, Dan and I riff on a musical note, sharing a chuckle over my son's drum set and the whimsical idea of a family band collaboration. This episode is more than a guide; it's an inspiration for HR leaders and managers alike to embrace the evolution of their roles and to become the conductors of change, orchestrating a workplace symphony that's harmonious with the future of work. So tune in and let's harmonize your company's culture with the rhythm of innovation and engagement. the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
36:19 4/10/24
Radical Kindness and Transformative Recruiting with Lori Wallace
Imagine stepping into a job interview where the vibe isn't about ticking boxes or rattling off achievements, but instead about genuine human connection. This episode of Rebel HR is precisely that breath of fresh air, as we welcome Lori Wallace from Career Ecology to the stage. Lori shares her vision of recruitment as a deeply personal journey, celebrating radical kindness and a Sherpa-like support system for those navigating the precarious paths of career transitions. It's a conversation that will leave you rethinking the way we approach the delicate dance of hiring and getting hired.Ever walked into an office that boasted a 'family-like atmosphere' and found yourself in a cutthroat corporate Hunger Games instead? We've all seen companies where the gap between their polished values and the daily grind is wider than the Grand Canyon. In this session, I recount a tale of a wolf in sheep's clothing—a company that talked a big game about mindfulness but dropped the ball when it mattered most. Contrast that with the Cleveland Clinic's approach, where servant leadership isn't just a buzzword but the golden thread woven into their culture, and the difference is staggering. It's a deep dive into the essence of organizational integrity and how staying true to one's values can be a magnet for lasting talent.To close, we focus on revolutionizing the job interview, transforming it from a stage of high stakes to a space of heartfelt service. Lori walks us through mindful interviewing, offering solace to those who've felt the sting of rejection and practical mantras to shift perspectives from ego-driven to heart-led. We wrap up pondering HR's potential to not just fill positions but to fulfill human potential, urging a move away from seeing people as capital and towards recognizing them as the beating heart of every organization. So, if you're ready to see HR in a whole new light, this is one conversation you won't want to miss.Website: www.careerecology.comListeners Link w/ 10% Discount for the Masterclass: the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
39:07 4/3/24
Transforming Human Tactics for the Modern Workforce with Adam Gordon
Discover the cutting-edge strategies transforming the recruitment industry as we chat with Adam Gordon, co-founder of Poetry, about the invaluable lessons HR can learn from sales and marketing. As an agency recruiter-turned-tech entrepreneur, Adam draws on his rich experience to show us how the right tools can supercharge talent acquisition. This episode peels back the layers of what it takes to connect with top talent in an increasingly digital world, highlighting the significance of marketing savvy and streamlined processes in the development of a strong employer brand.Imagine a world where recruiters no longer wrestle with the "toggle tax" of juggling multiple platforms, but instead navigate a unified workspace that amplifies their efficiency. This episode traverses that very terrain, examining the digital evolution of the recruiter's role and the pressing need for cohesive resources. We probe the idea of a potentially recruiterless future, contemplating the shifting recruitment landscape and how recruiters must adapt to stay relevant. With a focus on reducing stress and enhancing connection, we exchange thoughts on how the human touch remains irreplaceable despite advancing technology.Join us as we envision the future of recruiting and HR, where design thinking meets talent acquisition to craft exceptional employee experiences. Breaking away from antiquated HR methods, we explore how cross-functional workshops can lead to innovative strategies that attract the right fit for companies. We tackle the challenge of distinguishing genuine human interactions in an automated world and discuss how scarcity in specialized sectors underscores the need for human engagement in recruitment. This episode is a treasure trove for anyone looking to future-proof their recruitment tactics and weave meaningful connections in the tapestry of the modern job market.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
44:20 3/27/24
Revitalized Human Resources Identity with Deb Muller
Unlock the secrets to navigating the complexities of employee relations with Deb Muller, the trailblazing founder and CEO of HR Acuity, who joins us with her wealth of experience in marrying HR expertise and technology. Deb takes us through the maze of 'yellow light' issues, those subtle yet critical early warnings in the workplace that can spiral into crises if ignored. She enlightens us on the instrumental role managers play in identifying and mitigating these issues, and emphasizes the importance of fostering an open culture where employees feel safe to voice concerns. By leaning into these conversations, we learn how to preemptively smooth out the wrinkles before they become tears in the fabric of our organizations.This episode isn't just about avoiding disaster; it's about redefining the very soul of HR. With Deb's insights, we uncover how trust and support are the cornerstones of a transformed HR identity, one that's aligned with the heartbeat of an organization—its people. We examine the ripple effect of positive HR interactions and how they can catapult an organization's reputation from dreaded necessity to trusted confidant. Deb also reveals how simple yet powerful tools, like ENPS surveys following HR interventions, can provide a pulse check on employee sentiment, turning feedback into a catalyst for growth and improvement.Finally, we navigate the tightrope of transparency within HR, discussing how this trend is reshaping expectations in the modern workplace. From open discussions about salary to the ethics of confidentiality agreements, we dissect the implications of an open-door policy. HR's role as the moral compass of a company comes to the forefront, especially in the wake of misconduct, and we explore the importance of not just hearing but truly listening to employees. All this and more await in this episode of the Rebel HR Podcast, where Deb and I stir the pot on traditional HR practices and offer a fresh perspective on the challenges and victories of those committed to shaping the future of work.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
39:08 3/20/24
Revolutionizing HR and Emphasizing Diversity: A Conversation with Rick Hammell
Meet Rick Hammell, CEO and Founder of Helios, an innovator who's shaken up the HR space. As the author of "Getting Shit Done, the Millennial CEO" and the mind behind a revolutionary HR technology company, Rick is a force to be reckoned with. He takes us through his trajectory from writer to HR powerhouse, revealing how he identified a crucial gap for managing global workforces. Fascinatingly enough, this insight led him to kick-start his own company. Rick's commitment to supporting employees and bringing innovation to the table is truly inspiring. In the realm of the workplace, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a topic we just can't ignore. We share our experiences and perspectives, highlighting the importance of understanding diversity at a grassroots level and building an inclusive environment. As we navigate these essential themes, we underline the role of HR professionals in leading DEI initiatives, and the necessity of fostering open dialogue and accountability in organizations. We also delve into the power of diverse thoughts and experiences in propelling business success. As we shift our focus to the value HR professionals bring to organizations, the conversation takes an interesting turn. We're joined by a guest who's worn both the HR and CEO hats, giving him a unique perspective on the matter. We underscore the need for HR to demonstrate tangible ROI for the company, and the art of communicating ideas effectively, making them digestible for the audience. This discussion solidifies the critical role HR plays in organizations, and offers a wealth of insight for HR pros. Be prepared for a captivating and enlightening conversation about the world of HR.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
36:23 3/13/24
Rebelling Against Command and Control: Championing Trust and Inspiration with Stephen MR Covey
Leadership, whether it's in a small team or a multinational corporation, is evolving. Today's episode, featuring the respected author of "Trust and Inspire" and "The Speed of Trust", Stephen MR Covey, is an insightful exploration into the changing dynamics of leadership. We are leaving behind the old "command and control" style and welcoming a new paradigm of "trust and inspire". We dive into the urgent need for a more humane, empathetic approach that taps into the untapped potential within employees. Stephen MR Covey shares his insights on how we can rebel against the conventional and transform our workplaces into havens of productivity and innovation.We delve deeper into the responsibilities of leadership stewardship - modeling, trusting, and inspiring. The journey isn't easy, but Stephen reassures listeners that the payoff is worth the journey. We learn from successful leaders like Cheryl Batchelder at Popeyes and Sacha Nadella at Microsoft, who have turned organizations around with these core principles. We shed light on the power of inspiration, its impact on workplace culture and how it fosters a sense of purpose and contribution within employees. The episode concludes on a revolutionary note - challenging traditional leadership styles that emphasize control over collaboration. We explore how HR professionals can be the catalysts in this transformative journey, discussing tools and resources available to them. From building agreements and expectations to fostering trust and inspiration, it’s time we rebelled against the command and control leadership model. So, are you ready to join this leadership revolution with Stephen MR Covey and us?Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
48:30 3/6/24
Empowering Employees Through Empathy with Danielle Troxel
Step into the crucial world of HR as we sit down with Danielle Troxel, the managing director of Kind Souls Foundation. We promise, by the end of this episode, you'll gain new insights into the human element that is often overlooked in the corporate world - offering support to employees dealing with health-related crises. Danielle takes us through the transformative work Kind Souls Foundation is doing; lending emotional support and resource connections to employees displaced from work due to health events. This is not just a conversation about HR; it's a deep dive into empathy, understanding and the art of empowerment in the midst of unexpected realities. On a similar note, we tackle the elephant in the room - mental health in the workplace. We share our thoughts on the challenges HR professionals often face in addressing mental health issues and introduce Kind Souls, a resource that is changing the game. We underline the important role HR can play in breaking the stigma around mental health and how resources like Kind Souls can help. This episode is a call-to-action for all HR professionals to acknowledge mental health, to facilitate somatic awareness and to prioritize employee well-being. So, tune in and let's break the stigma together! Let this episode be the catalyst for creating a compassionate and understanding workplace.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
28:24 2/28/24
How to Hold Power with Somatic Leadership with Pavini Moray, PhD
Ever wondered how your body can guide you to become a more effective leader? If yes, then prepare to embark on an intriguing exploration of leadership through a somatic lens with our insightful guest, Pavini Moray, PhD. Paveni, a proponent of somatic leadership, takes us on her personal journey, unraveling the wisdom hidden within our bodies. Together, we delve into how body signals can be an untapped resource in making decisions, leading empathetically, and maintaining a genuine presence.We tread deeper waters as Pavini and I navigate the complex notion of power - its fluidity, its implications, and its inextricable connection to leadership. As we untangle the link between somatic awareness and neuroscience, we uncover how our physical reality can enhance our understanding and management of power. From discussing power dynamics in the workplace to the essential skill of effective listening, we underline the significance of HR professionals wielding their influence justly and for the collective good.Finally, we share our personal strategies for handling a flood of information at work, spotlighting authenticity and vulnerability as vital elements to forge deeper human connections. We circle back to Pavini's unique perspective on leadership, power dynamics, and the importance of empathy and communication. This episode winds down with Pavini sharing pivotal elements of her book, "How to Hold Power: A Somatic Approach to Becoming a Leader." Tune in, be inspired, and don't forget to check out our show notes for more information on her work.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
37:51 2/21/24
Unleashing Innovative Coaching Practices with Dr. Janet Polach
Imagine stepping into the boots of a leadership coach, piercing the veil of conventional managerial development, and sparking powerful transformations within your team. This episode promises to bridge that gap, as we sit down with the insightful Janet Polach, PhD, revered author, coach, and leadership developer. Her wisdom, largely drawn from her experience in small group coaching, unveils effective solutions to leadership development challenges and paints a compelling picture of how shared challenges can birth collective solutions.We then embark on an exploration of the uncharted territories of cohort coaching. This innovative model puts emphasis on psychological safety, fostering a robust support network within organizations, and promises an efficient and cost-effective alternative for HR professionals. The conversation doesn't shy away from addressing the vulnerabilities and challenges that come with it, underscoring the importance of confidentiality and the fitting use of assessments to identify areas of development. Breathe a sigh of relief as we debunk the myth of the 'perfect assessment,' and learn to value the process over the tool.As the conversation progresses, we delve into the nuances of career development, critiquing the traditional dichotomy of coaching and performance management. We challenge the notion that coaching is just for fixing substandard skills, instead painting it as a powerful resource for helping individuals excel in their roles. So, tune in to get a head start on the future of HR and management, and discover how your coaching skills can foster growth and development within your organization.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
35:17 2/14/24
Challenging the Status Quo: Deep Collaboration and Its Role in Team Performance with Dr. Tanvi Gautam
Hey there, Rebels! Are you ready to challenge conventional thinking? This week, we have the luminary Dr. Tanvi Gautam, author of Deep Collaboration: Five Crucial Conversations to Accelerate Team Performance Across Silos, accompanying us on our journey. Prepare to blow the lid off the dusty idea of silos and unravel the true potential of a deeply collaborative team.Our conversation with Dr. Tanvi Gautam strikes right at the heart of an age-old issue: lack of effective collaboration. We dissect how we, as HR professionals, may unknowingly be the architects of these silos. Ever referred to your workplace as a "family"? We'll talk about why this could be doing more harm than good. Then we go deep into the world of collaboration and explore how it can catalyze exceptional success in your organization. We'll steer away from traditional metrics and set our sails towards ones that value collaboration, learning, and future opportunities. Dr. Gotem will even share practical steps to foster deep collaboration, starting with cultivating an interdependent mindset.Now, if you think collaboration is all about playing nice and agreeing with each other, hold on to your seats, Rebels. Dr. Tanvi deftly navigates the role of vulnerability in fostering a culture of inclusion and collaboration. We’ll ruminate on the five dimensions of collaboration and how trust and openness are the bricks that construct an interdependent team. No Rebel HR podcast would be complete without addressing some hard truths. We'll discuss the harsh realities of layoffs and why respectful and humane practices are non-negotiable. Finally, we'll tackle diversity and inclusion, dig into the trenches of unconscious bias, and discuss how to combat it. Trust us; this is a conversation that will change the way you see your workplace.Join us, Rebels. Buckle up, and let's challenge the status quo together! the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
29:40 2/7/24
Remarkable Organizational Cultures: Axiology and its Role
Get ready for an enlightening conversation with bestselling author and esteemed communicator, Dr. Randy Ross. Get a taste of his profound wisdom on axiology, the philosophical study of value, and its relevance to corporate culture and customer service. We dive into the crux of his book, Remarkable, uncovering how investing in people, particularly during challenging times, can yield extraordinary outcomes. You'll also discover the power of trust, connection, and accountability in creating a productive workplace environment.We're shifting gears from self-esteem issues to fostering a setting where employees feel truly valued. Prepare to decode how a dash of hope can inspire teams and build resilience. Dr. Ross shares his insights on how extraordinary organizations magnetize top-notch talent by aligning their values and priorities. Be prepared to walk away with invaluable insights on nurturing a positive culture and empowering employees to reach their zenith. You wouldn't want to miss out on this intellectual feast!Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
32:04 1/31/24
Standing Up Talent Acquisition: Storytelling, Vulnerability, and AI with Jim D'Amico
Ready to revolutionize your approach to talent acquisition? Our guest today, Jim D'Amico, a remarkable talent innovator and director of talent acquisition at Holland America Group, is here to shake things up. A stand-up comedian turned talent expert, Jim's 30-year career journey, fueled by his inherent curiosity and a knack for being efficient, is a testament to the fact that innovation often stems from the most unconventional places.Join us as we dive into the art of storytelling in recruitment. Jim shares his wisdom on tailoring narratives to resonate with candidates and hiring managers alike. Utilizing diagnostic interviewing techniques, Jim illustrates the transition from talent attraction to talent seduction, a shift that involves fostering deep and engaging relationships with potential candidates. It's a paradigm shift that's redefining the recruitment process, and you certainly don't want to miss out on these insights!To wrap things up, we get real about vulnerability in HR professions and the transformative impact of AI on talent acquisition. Jim opens up about the importance of admitting mistakes and even being the butt of your own jokes, a refreshing perspective that's bound to inspire HR professionals. From leveraging AI to liberate recruiters from mundane tasks to unique offerings that make organizations stand out in the talent acquisition process, this episode is packed with invaluable insights. So tune in, embrace the rebel spirit, and let's redefine HR together!Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
33:42 1/24/24
Breaking the Traditional Recruiting Mold with Steven Rothberg
What happens when an accidental entrepreneur enters the world of college recruiting? Steven Rothberg, founder of College Recruiter and host of the High Volume Hiring Podcast, joins us to explore this question. He takes us through the evolution of his venture, from its humble beginnings as a physical campus map distributor to a renowned online platform serving millions of students and recent graduates annually. In a landscape where gut-based decisions once reigned, Stephen highlights the revolutionary transition to a data-driven approach.We dive deep into the rising cost of higher education, discussing the impacts not just on individuals, but on organizations as well. Steven, along with our guest Patrick Moran, scrutinize the recruitment processes of organizations. Together, they pose the question—if a bachelor's degree is indeed a necessity for certain roles. We also hear from Kyle, who shares his personal experience of moving away from campus recruiting and explores the benefits of collaborating with groups within campuses. As we navigate the complexities of HR, Steven shares his journey from campus recruiter to manufacturing, indicating the importance of data and networking. We stress the significance of realistic job previews and the need for constant testing of innovative strategies to attract talent. Echoing similarities between recruitment and consumer marketing, we urge listeners to challenge traditional recruitment methods. As we bid adieu, Steven reflects on his experiences, the escalating cost of higher education, and discusses ways organizations can bridge the gap to make higher education more accessible. Buckle up, you're in for an insightful journey. Connect with us on social media and explore our website for more information!Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
36:53 1/17/24
Shaping Cultures Through Authenticity: An Unconventional Journey
Ever pondered the transformative power of authenticity in shaping corporate cultures? Get ready to be inspired as Alex Atwood, an entrepreneur, coach, and change-maker in the emerging field of psychedelics, unfolds his journey in our conversation. We explore unconventional career paths, self-growth, and the essence of leadership through the lens of self-awareness.In the evolving landscape of corporate ethos, transparency and authenticity are no longer mere buzzwords; they are key defining pillars. Harnessing tools like the Predictive Index, we delve into setting intentional culture guidelines, with a keen eye on the potential pitfalls of miscommunication during this shift. Tune in as we dissect the need for establishing guardrails to ensure authenticity doesn't backfire, transforming workplaces into breeding grounds for negativity.Our conversation takes a deeper turn as we delve into the realms of relationships and self-discovery. Alex shares insights on how these elements can be catalysts for growth and change, especially during challenging times. We further reflect on the shift from judgement to curiosity in team interactions, a crucial pivot fostering collaboration and growth. As we say our goodbyes, we leave you with a nugget of wisdom on the power of inquiry over judgment. Dwell on that, and you may just find the key to fostering a thriving collaborative environment. Join us on this enriching journey with Alex Atwood; there's a wealth of insights to uncover.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
38:45 1/10/24
The HR Tech Revolution: A Deep Dive with Tim Sackett
Meet Tim Sackett, one of the world’s top ten HR influencers and a true pioneer of HR technology. Tim shares his insights into how cutting-edge tech is transforming HR, from high-volume hourly hiring based on conversational AI to automation in talent acquisition. You'll learn how defined parameters and AI tools are saving time and enhancing efficiency. This episode takes you on a journey to the future of HR and talent acquisition, spotlighting how technology is an enabler that can make HR professionals 10 times more effective. Tim shares his valuable advice on leveraging tech whilst maintaining that unique human touch AI cannot replicate. Discover how important it is to recognize where humanity adds value, and when it's more practical to automate and systemize the tactical work of HR. We also delve into the potential of AI to revolutionize the employee experience, providing personal assistance in all aspects of an employee's life. Listen as we discuss the importance of aligning with forward-thinking vendors to stay competitive, and how you can harness technology to stand out in your role. Finally, Tim shares his journey of becoming a micro-influencer and how you too can leverage online branding. This is not just a podcast episode, it's a masterclass on HR technology. Tune in for an enlightening and thought-provoking conversation.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
38:39 1/3/24
Understanding Balance and Fulfilment with the Happy Engineer
What if work-life balance isn't a balancing act at all? Join us as we enter the enlightening world of Zach White, the brains behind Oasis of Courage and the Happy Engineer Podcast. Zach's personal journey from traditional engineering to a more fulfilled lifestyle as an entrepreneur is nothing short of inspiring. He confronted the harsh reality of work-life imbalance, navigating through burnout, a failed marriage, and eventual self-discovery. Through coaching and personal development, he found a new way to view life, which led him to create Oasis of Courage.Want a recipe for true life balance? It's not about dividing your life into work and personal like two sides of a scale or slices of a pie. Instead, Zach urges us to view life in its entirety. Forget the common misconceptions about segmenting your life into parts. Instead, focus on living a life that's aligned with your core values and vision in each moment. Along with dissecting work-life balance, we also touch on the empowering concept of radical responsibility. It's all about seizing control of your life and finding your own source of joy.Dive into the power of confidence with Zach as he shares his insights on how to harness this essential emotion. He uncovers the astonishing truth that our minds can't distinguish between real experiences and intensely imagined ones. This episode wraps up with a discussion on Zach's projects - Oasis of Courage and the Happy Engineer Podcast - and the profound impact they're making on people's perception of work-life balance and holistic fulfillment. This episode is a beautiful reminder that your journey to happiness in work and life requires courage, confidence, and a fresh perspective on balance. Join us and discover the keys to your balance and fulfilment.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
41:57 12/27/23
Redefining Language for Inclusive Communication with Dr. Suzanne Wertheim, PhD
Prepare to have your perception of language redefined as we journey through a rich discussion with our guest, Dr. Suzanne Wertheim, a linguistic anthropologist. Dr. Wertheim, renowned for her deep understanding of the power of language as a social tool, shares enlightening insights from her recently released book, The Inclusive Language Field Guide. She draws our attention to the often overlooked aspect of our communication - the underlying meanings we unintentionally encode - and initiates a call to action: pause, evaluate and adapt our words to create respectful and inclusive environments.We unearth six research-backed principles for effective communication in the workplace, which Dr. Wertheim believes are the keys to fostering productive conversations. These principles are not just another set of rules but a guide that infuses respect, acknowledges other perspectives, and maintains sensitivity towards the pains of others. She further elaborates on the need to consider neurodiverse communication styles, shedding light on how language, when used carelessly, can inadvertently hurt others. In the final part of this engaging chat, we concentrate on enhancing inclusivity in our language and conversations. Dr. Wertheim emphasizes the importance of language that is universally comfortable and applicable, suggesting behavior as an organizing framework for inclusive language. The discussion also highlights the role of adaptability and attentiveness in defining organizational culture. We uncover the significance of HR leaders advocating for diversity initiatives and resources, and using language that aligns with the organisation's commitment to inclusivity. This conversation with Dr. Suzanne Wertheim is not just a fascinating exploration of language but a roadmap to inclusivity, respect, and understanding in our communication.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
43:32 12/20/23
Redefining HR Norms with Madison Buzynski and Kara Harris
What if you found yourself at a crossroads in your career, having to navigate complex situations such as laying off a co-worker? Welcome Madison Buzynski and Kara Harris, two HR generalists from VGM, who shed light on the emotionally charged side of HR that often goes unnoticed. They also discuss their journeys, striking a balance between the high-pressure requirements of their roles and the emotional toll it can sometimes take.This conversation takes a deeper turn as we, along with Madison and Kara, question the norms and challenge the status quo in the HR industry, particularly in the face of a global pandemic. We also explore how VGM is leading the way in emphasizing mental health and emergency response preparedness as integral aspects of their HR policies. With a wealth of insights drawn from real-world experiences, this episode is sure to leave HR professionals and curious listeners with a newfound perspective on the HR landscape. Tune in for an eye-opening discussion that will challenge your preconceived notions about human resources.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
10:09 12/15/23
Shaking Up Leadership: Building Empowered Teams with Tania Luna
Let's shake up the world of leadership together with Tania Luna, author of "Lead it Together: Stop Squirreling Away Power and Build a Better Team". Luna uses the colourful tale of Sam Squirrel, a branch manager in a recession-threatened company, to highlight the pitfalls of 'power over' leadership and incite a shift towards a 'power with' approach.This episode won’t tell you how to lead; it will show you how. Luna shares enlightening insights into fostering collective power within your team, turning a once rigid and fearful crowd into an agile, flexible, and engaged community. We chat about how to make roles clear, reduce stifling policies, and motivate employees to take risks, share their views, and be more involved in their work. By the end of our discussion, you'll have a new perspective on power and leadership. We delve into strategies for cultivating an environment that encourages employees to feel like they’re a part of the solution, not just a cog in the machine. As we wrap up, Luna shares how you can reach out to her and get your hands on her transformative book. Are you ready to change the way you lead and build a stronger, more empowered team? Join us for this compelling conversation.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
42:38 12/13/23
Fostering Innovation and Belonging: Insights with Chad Greenlee and Sailu Timbo on Cultivating a Thriving Workplace Culture
Get ready to unlock the secrets of fostering a thriving culture of innovation and belonging in your workplace with our guests, Chad Greenlee and Sailu Timbo from Creative Planning. We promise you'll walk away with powerful insights and practical strategies to build a work environment that empowers every employee to contribute to the growth and success of your organization. Chad and Sailu emphasize the importance of building trust, sharing ideas, and ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion goals are met to not only boost productivity but also safeguard the intellectual assets and client relationships of your company.In the second half of our conversation, we explore the secret recipe for happiness and productivity, even amidst challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. You'll hear Chad and Sailu's perspectives on the instrumental role of the younger generation in driving innovation and the value of making informed investments to save money and time in the future. Discover how tools like the Six Types of Working Genius can be leveraged to create a conducive environment that promotes innovation and happiness. Join us on this insightful journey and redefine the way you envision workplace culture.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
15:41 12/8/23
Navigating Business Transformation with Lisa Carlin
Are you ready for a turbocharge? Unleash the power of transformation in a captivating conversation with Lisa Carlin, the co-founder and director of Future Builders Group. Lisa unveils her compelling journey from a mainframe coder to a transformative figure in project management. She reveals why the human element can often be the game-changer in project outcomes and why even the best-laid plans for digital transformation can go astray.Can you guess the secret sauce for successful business transformations? Hint: it starts with C and ends with e. That's right, it's Culture! We unravel the pivotal role of culture and the importance of incorporating people, process, business, and organization into project management. Our membership community, Turbo Charge Your Transformation, masterfully intertwines these aspects to create a robust framework for success. Imagine the power a cross-functional working group can wield if they're engaged right from the start of a project. Intriguing, right? Finally, we touch upon the flywheel effect and its profound impact on return on investment and innovation. We delve into the art of tailoring the pace of change to the organization's culture, creating a win-win-win scenario for organizations, individuals, and projects. Sounds like a dream come true? Well, it is! We conclude with a conversation about the power of collaboration and teamwork, and the importance of pausing to celebrate success. Lisa's invaluable insights are not to be missed! So tune in, and let's turbocharge your transformation journey!Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
30:44 12/6/23
Coaching and Credibility: Insights from Jamie Lewis Smith
Ready to revolutionize your management style and skyrocket employee engagement? Join us as we pick the brain of our esteemed guest, Jamie Lewis Smith, CEO of Pixel Leadership Group. Jamie brings a fresh perspective on the transformative power of coaching in organizations, highlighting how it’s a game-changer for organizations. We delve into the nitty-gritty of coaching versus mentoring, shedding light on how the term is often misused, and offer insights into making the process more comfortable and effective for all the HR professionals out there.As we venture further, we turn the spotlight on performance management and its correlation with coaching. With Jamie leading the charge, we uncover how these practices can aid organizations in creating a thriving workplace. As an added bonus, Jamie lends us her expertise on gaining credibility as an external coach in an organization and the perks that come with it. Before we wind up, we remind you to get social with us on Facebook and Twitter and keep the conversation going on our website for more engaging content. Don't miss out on this enriching conversation with Jamie Lewis Smith!Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
12:57 12/1/23
Unlocking Your Workforce's Hidden Potential with Retention Expert, Jeff Kortes
Ever feel like you're taken for granted at work? Do you wonder how your organization can better value and retain its people?" Our returning guest, Jeff Kortes, a seasoned headhunter and retention expert, joins us to unpack these pressing questions. Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge from his experiences, specifically focusing on the power of great bosses, teammates, and a positive culture in driving employee retention and productivity. We then shift gears, examining the significance of workplace culture in keeping people gainfully employed. Jeff shares his perspective on viewing employees not as a cost center, but as an investment center. The conversation takes an interesting turn as we discuss the pitfalls of the "churn and burn" approach, and the benefits of fostering an environment of respect, inclusivity, and fairness. Finally, we dive into the heart of any organization - its value system. Jeff provides invaluable insights into translating these values into positive behaviors, as well as potential conflicts between various stakeholders. We also address the dynamics of setting clear expectations in a remote work setting. Tune in to this revelatory episode and discover how you could unlock the hidden potential within your workforce. Don't miss it!Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
42:57 11/29/23
Revitalizing HR: Aleah Vaske's Approach to Adapting and Innovating
Get ready to shake up your perspective on HR practices with our vibrant guest, Aleah Vaske, a noteworthy HR professional who's carving a positive impact in the field. Aleah's unique experiences with Disrupt HR has led her to reshape her HR approach, and this episode promises to share these insightful nuggets with you. Adapting to the swiftly changing needs of Gen-Z interns is no easy feat, but through engaging discussions with Aleah, you'll learn to understand their varying interests and struggles. She emphasizes the importance of conducting stay and exit interviews, ensuring businesses stay true to their values and remain fluid to the emerging needs of the next generation.The conversation takes a riveting turn as we examine the pitfalls of strategic planning in large corporations, and how the perceptions of leaders might play a role. With the power of Gen Z becoming more apparent, it's clear that open-mindedness is crucial as we explore the role of technology and the challenges posed by the advancement of AI. Aliyah shines a light on the importance of learning from the new generation and staying on top of the changing trends. As we wrap up, we touch on the need for feedback and hyper-personalization in the workplace. So, press play and let Aleah's insights inspire your HR practices, shaping a better future for your organization.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
15:59 11/24/23
The Journey to Brave Spaces: A Chat with Dr. Joanna Pagonis
Unearth the true meanings behind the terms "safe space" and "brave space" with the help of our special guest, Dr Joanna Pagonis. Do you understand the real importance of psychological safety in your organization? Dr Pagonis unravels the answer to this critical question, and shares inspiring insights on how to lay the foundation for an atmosphere of trust and openness in your workplace, setting the stage for powerful and impactful communication.Who holds the power to mold the culture of an organization? That's right, it's you, the leaders. Dr Pagonis paints a vivid picture of the value of bravery in leadership and the necessity to question the status quo to create a comprehensive and fair environment. Learn how stepping up, speaking out, and pushing through, even in the face of exhaustion, can lead to positive transformations within your team. After all, taking risks can be the cornerstone of remarkable changes.We end the discussion with an essential message on the significance of fostering psychological safety and creating brave workplaces. Dr Pagonis's enlightening insights emphasize the role of self-awareness, empathy, and trust in human resources, and how leaders can contribute to the sense of inclusion, well-being, and safety in their teams. Ready to start creating brave spaces in your workplace? Tune in to this episode and let Dr Joanna Pagonis guide you on this transformative journey.Support the Show.Rebel HR is a podcast for HR professionals and leaders of people who are ready to make some disruption in the world of work. Please connect to continue the conversation!
40:54 11/22/23

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