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In Meet the Expats you will hear stories from expats all over the world as they share their motivations, challenges and unique experiences in the new place they have decided to call home, for a few years, months or a lifetime. 🌍 From making new friends, and dating, to kids and looking for a new job, these expats will share how they got through the challenges of moving their lives to a new country, their top secret addresses and favorite spots we all wish we had when we settled into a new city. ✈️ Tune in every second wednesday to discover a new portrait, interview and city ❤️ Follow on insta: @meettheexpats Enquiries at


Meet Jennifer: Zimbabwean ballet teacher 29:18 07/13/2022
Meet Sam: the struggle to find work in the USA 31:15 05/25/2022
Meet Christine: moving with intention and purpose 38:43 04/06/2022
Meet the Italians: Italy in three words 30:59 01/26/2022
Meet Florence: Expat Wife, Happy Life! 37:32 01/12/2022
Meet Nifer: European and Mutlicultural 48:03 12/08/2021
Meet Raul: Digital Nomad 32:09 09/29/2021
Meet Karissa: Battle of the Cultures Quebec vs United States 43:06 09/15/2021
Meet Marcie: Em's awful good fortune 40:56 08/18/2021
Meet Heather: passionate for the Middle East 29:58 07/14/2021
Meet Linda: Serial repatriate 35:38 06/30/2021
Meet Kyle: moving to Paris on his terms 32:34 06/16/2021
Meet Sondre: building a safety net for digital nomads 38:51 06/02/2021
Meet Ann: moving to Nepal with voluntary work 38:05 05/19/2021
Meet Matt: from solo backpacking to teaching in South Korea 40:26 04/28/2021
Meet Thomas: relocating to Hamburg, twice! 34:25 04/14/2021
Meet Cristina: determined to move abroad, no matter what family thinks 30:54 03/31/2021
Meet Pamela: an American in Paris 39:24 03/17/2021
Meet Cinthya: Au Pair from one end of the world to the other. 41:01 03/03/2021
Meet Sarah: from student to working life in London, a rollercoaster ride ! 45:50 02/10/2021
Meet David: making his dreams of Japan come true 48:15 01/27/2021
Meet Dorit : from Kibbutz life to reverse culture shock 44:40 01/13/2021
Meet Carlos: when wine makes you a french citizen ! 34:20 12/16/2020
4/4 Meet Emily in Paris - Locations 12:10 12/05/2020
Meet Lara: moving to Germany in the midst of the Covid pandemic 31:26 12/02/2020
3/4 Meet Emily in Paris: Love & Relationships 08:04 11/28/2020
2/4 Meet Emily in Paris - Work 12:47 11/21/2020
Meet Julie: Love Story made in Sevilla 38:39 11/18/2020
1/4 Meet Emily in Paris - Lifestyle 11:23 11/14/2020
Meet Nicole: author of China Blonde 44:49 11/04/2020