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The CEO Story

Learning from the best in the business leads to success, and all successful people have mentors in their lives. Each Tuesday and Thursday, join Kc Chohan, the CEO and Founder of Together CFO, as he interviews guests who are at the top of their fields and sharing the stories that enable their success. If you have a business, side hustle, or just want to hear some great career advice, this is the podcast for you.


From 9 - 5 Career to Real Estate Investor With Lane Kawaoka 22:53 08/12/2021
Utilizing Trust And Transparency To Build Relationships With Scott Buss 17:26 08/05/2021
Overnight Learning Not Overnight Success With Pejman Ghadimi 33:34 07/29/2021
From Law School To Sex Toy Innovator With Brian Sloan 26:12 07/22/2021
Finding Your Niche and Going For It With Richard C. Wilson 26:30 07/15/2021
Paddling The Waters of Entrepreneurship With Stephan Aarstol 28:44 07/01/2021
The Power Of Gratitude With CHAD GOBEL 24:36 05/13/2021
Executing Million Dollar Ideas With CALLYE KEEN 23:40 05/06/2021
The Accidental Entrepreneur With TYLER SULLLIVAN 35:04 04/29/2021
Building A Team And Finding Investors With VANESSA BENAVIDES 30:04 04/22/2021
Creating a Business Not a Job With ANTHONY SARANDREA 35:12 04/15/2021
Outworking The Competition With RYAN STEWMAN 33:46 04/08/2021
The Power of Mentors With MATT GILLIS 27:01 04/01/2021
From Trash Man to Cash Man With Myron Golden 44:05 03/25/2021
Building An Empire With JT Foxx 28:23 03/18/2021
Building A Home Based Business With Ryan Bell 22:26 03/11/2021
Providing Value To Others With Jay Connor 23:35 12/17/2020
Trusting Your Gut With Talia Goldstein 18:44 12/10/2020
Succeeding With Your Strengths With Lev Gottlieb 28:04 12/03/2020
Finding Your Inspired Purpose With Tony Martignetti 22:23 11/26/2020
Telling Your Story With Michael Ashley 21:15 11/19/2020
Startups, SEO, & Building Your Brand with Bruce Clay 19:43 11/12/2020
Doing What You Love & Working For Yourself with Marc Scalfani & Robert Raimondi 28:44 11/05/2020
Resilience through a Global Pandemic with Brady Morgan 20:46 10/29/2020
Social Media and Global Growth with James Creech 25:15 10/22/2020
39: Building businesses through valuable assets with Stephen Halasnik 27:41 10/16/2020
38: The King of Story Telling & Animation with Mike Young 35:32 10/08/2020
37: From the Navy to CEO with Robert Moeck 20:56 10/01/2020
36: Auditioning to Creating a Food Business with Brett Harman 20:58 09/24/2020
35: Creating a Platform with Patricia Porter 15:29 09/22/2020