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Welcome to the ADGRODcast! We are ADGROD, the world’s only podcasting improv band, and we hail from Richmond, VA. Each week we ad-lib songs and stories and go on improvised journeys of epic proportions with our listeners. Everything we do is created on the spot, so join in, give us an idea, and prepare to have your reality blasted to bits.


9/30/22 Adgrodcast: Gen Z Slang terms, Ripped Van Winkle/Hugh-Vee-Lights, Sisyphisted, Punks And Metalheads
THIS WEEK!! Graham quizzes us (elder millennial middle aged balding cis-male dudes) about Gen Z slang terms, then a song with lots of abuse of the English language, a song about Hell, and finally a tune that tries to insult metalheads and punk rockers all at once, but merely ends up insulting Adam because he won't pick up a guitar. (fuck you, Graham -A)  Any ADGROD stans out there? Anyone? *crickets* 
22:57 09/30/2022
9/23/22 Adgrodcast: The ADGRODVERSE (feat. BabyGod)
THIS WEEK! With all the multiverse shenanigans happening in pop culture (we're here for it, btw) we take a step into introducing you all to our little slice of fictional world-building, and it's all brought to you by one of our beloved characters, BabyGod himself.  Oh, we also do a song about the Jetsons and Flintstones being concurrent timeline occurrences in the same dimension and reality, which is totally plausible. TOTALLY. Kindly, f*** off, Mr. Spacely. 
22:12 09/23/2022
9/16/22 Adgrodcast: Palpatine's harmony, Heavy Metal Clown Band, Yes And the Dolphin
THIS WEEK! We ponder whether or not ole' Palps was just trying to sing with his subordinates, we brow beat our listeners (again) about our very simple but understandably not easily digestible band name, and finish with an epic tune about Yes And the dolphin, AKA the Flipper you know and love, and his journey into cocaine-fueled shark murder.  Jimmy Stuart guest stars in this episode! Dive, dive, dive! Corkscrew attack! (all these things are relevant, trust)
21:15 09/16/2022
9/9/22 Adgrodcast: The CHILL episode
THIS WEEK!! We are definitely the chillest guys on earth in this episode. DEFINITELY. There's a song about Mickey Rourke--also a chill dude--and meta verse crypto shit--definitely super chill--plus some other stuff. Cool out. SERIOUSLY, CHILL.  (we recorded this in July, it was hot af outside, so that's why we reference it being July in Richmond)(have we only done 15 episodes this season?? Jesus, what a bunch of slackers)(seriously, chill tf out) 
19:49 09/09/2022
9/2/22 Adgrodcast: One Opportunity/Parent Talent Agent, Disparaging News, Razzies
THIS WEEK!!! What happens when your parent is your talent agent and is also ruthless about what you should do? No, not one of the sub-plots of The Boys or Umbrella Academy, but our opening song this week! Then "Disparaging News", wherein we report the news of all the unfortunate losers everywhere, and finally EVERYONE gets a Razzie for something stupid in their stupid movie that might be good but always has that one stupid thing.  Twenty Tons of upside down pineapples for everyone that hears a grown up word in our episode this week!!
21:57 09/02/2022
8/5/22 Adgrodcast Feat. JOE, PART 2!!!
THIS WEEK!! We are pleased as punch to have our buddy and compadre and all around excellent dude-a-rino Joe back with us for the second half of "The Joe Episode 2022". Yeah. Anyhow, we had a blast and recorded some super sweet jams, and also had technical difficulties and some censuring for the first time ever. WHOA!  We're putting the booty back in buddhism in this one baby! Hang onnnnnnnnn!!!!!  
23:37 08/05/2022
7/22/22 Adgrodcast feat. JOE RETURNS!!! Pt. 1
THIS WEEK! In a spectacular ball of blazing glory, Joe returns to our loving arms and kissy kissy lips for a beautiful session of musical love making. And maybe some real love making too. No spoilers this week in the description, ladies and gentlemen...ya just gotta hear it...gotta hear
20:43 07/23/2022
7/8/22 Adgrodcast: Millennium Old Baby, I Keep My Things In Jars, God Complex Railroad Set
THIS WEEK!! We've got a tune about a baby that is 7,000 years old, and that's only PART of the gag! HYUCK. Then, Rodney keeps his "things" in Jars, and finally a song about a man who wants to be part of his train set. Why? Because...I don't know, listen to what Rodney sings. There is also more banter than usual, if you're into that sort of thing.  The rails! They're off the rails! Spoiler alert: the rails never existed.
21:57 07/09/2022
6/17/22 Adgrodcast: Golden Showers for your Gardens, Growing up Baby, The Penguin Brothers Obtuse
THIS WEEK!!! Peeing on the garden for mega vegetable growth, because that's TOTALLY how it works. Then, a really sour topic that just sort of becomes a song about life, because IMPROV, BABY. Baby. You'll get that reference when you listen to the episode. And finally, the tale of two penguin brothers who dream of flight, and their epic epoch of taking wing.  HOW MANY ANGLES HAVE NAMES, RIGHT? HOW MUCH NITROGEN DO YOUR VEGGIES NEED?!?! GAHHH!!!!
19:01 06/17/2022
5/13/22 Adgrodcast: The Defense Of Pepe Le Pew, Swingin' Cul-De-Sac, Gastroenterology But Make It Sexy
THIS WEEK!! We examine and potentially defend the case of the alleged sexual predator known as Pepe Le Pew, Rodney delves into the sexiest Cul-De-Sac in all the land, and finally, a song about (unsurprisingly, for us anyhow) bathroom problems, and music that is way, way too sensual for the subject. IT'S SEXYTIME, AND ADGROD IS WEARING THE LEGGINGS! (side note: we are fucking furious about the supreme court leak in regards to Roe v Wade. We are and will always be staunch allies to all women everywhere and their right to choose what to do with their bodies! Fuck the patriarchy--including us!)
20:17 05/13/2022
4/29/22 Adgrodcast: Norwegian Prison, Harrison Ford and The Magic School Bus, Character Assassin, Orc-in-man
THIS WEEK!!! Graham thinks being in prison might be better than being at work, We speculate about a wild ride on the Magic School Bus with the enigma known as Harrison Ford. Then, a tune and tale about a man named Adolf who couldn't succeed as an actor in 1950's Europe because, well, ya know, and instead decided to become the first Paparazzi or Character Assassin. Then finally we do a song about the Uruk-Hai/LOTR via Gremlins.  Shit's weird in Southside, y'all. REAL weird. 
27:27 04/29/2022
4/22/22 Adgrodcast: Family Anniversary, Don't Think About Water For Elephants, This Argument Is A Tribute, Not Blissful And Not Ignorant
THIS WEEK!! Like an undercooked kielbasa we're hitting long, stiff, heavy, and sweaty, and we're talking HOW. About HOW Family Anniversaries work, psychology related to the classic novel and movie "Water For Elephants", HOW "the moment" passes you by in so many situations, and finally HOW NOT blissful it is to be informed.  HoooOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!??!!!?
26:47 04/23/2022
4/16/22 Adgrodcast: Seven Minutes In Heaven, Wild Card, Trucks, Leon Libido Lansing
SURPRISE MOTHER FORKERS!!! THIS WEEK!! Seven minutes in heaven is NOT what you think it is, Adam is ACTUALLY the wild card of the group, Trucks, a technical hiccup, and Leon Libido Lansing: the man who fought the large hadron collider.  Begin the sequences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   !!!!!!!!!!!!!
25:09 04/16/2022
2/18/21 Adgrodcast: Feat. Dylan Lawson
THIS WEEK!!! We have a very special guest: Dylan Lawson. Who is Dylan, you ask? As far as we can tell he is a mysterious and handsome guitar player with flowing, glorious hair, magical fingertips, and a plethora of bands and projects of which he is a participant and headmaster of. With his help we make songs about stupid college courses, Russian Jazz, and Disney Corporation.  Check our social media accounts for information regarding Dylan's various projects, and, to quote Tom Araya from Slayer's World Painted Blood Tour: "ARE YOU ENJOYING YOUR LIVES" We hope so (Graham probably doesn't).
21:41 02/18/2022
THIS WEEK!! We are going into the dusty bins of our long history and pulling out a classic Adgrod tune about plants eating all of us. This is one of our very first tunes recorded in Studio B, and proves that our bullshit really hasn't changed much and WILL NEVER END. EAT YOUR VEGETABLES OR BE EATEN BY YOUR VEGETABLES. ENJOY.
12:17 02/04/2022
1/28/22 Adgrodcast: The News (off the rails), Pronouns, Get On Your Knees And Hit These Keys, Accept Your Regrets
THIS WEEK!!! It's a week of proposals. We propose that The News is constantly changing, we propose that you get your shit together and just use people's goddamn pronouns you insensitive FUCKS, we propose to do the Random Number Generator, and finally Rodney proposes that you just accept all those regrets you have. NO RAGRETS. NO PROPOSALS. OTHER THAN OUR PROPOSALS.  
21:23 01/28/2022
1/21/22 Adgrodcast: Season 5 welcome back packet THE SECOND
THIS WEEK!! We continue our rent free grand tour back into your heads and continue on with the Season Five festivities. Because you're all such good friends I will describe some of what happens, and those things are: Body Fluids, Master Consumer, Meat Hooks, and Loose Skin Sticky Ricky. Yeah.  Come hang on the meat hooks with us. COME ONE, COME ALL. ew.
20:29 01/21/2022
1/14/22 Adgrodcast: WELCOME TO SEASON FIVE!!!!!!!!!
OH. MY. GOD. We are indeed BACK!! Despite the government and our mental health facilities' best efforts, we have RETURNED like a giant omega turd in the porcelain bowl after an all night Taco Bell feasting session. No spoilers about the content of this one, you just gotta listen. That's literally the point. That's why you subscribe.  This fifth season is gonna be a DOOZIE.   
27:07 01/14/2022
12/17/21 Adgrodcast: Spite Santa, The Arrakis Shuffle, God Loves Oceans (Oops!)
THIS WEEK!! Santa doesn't give the kids coal, but he sure does give them shit they don't need. Then! The Arrakis Shuffle and how those rascals in the desert avoid those pesky sandworms. And finally, a pseudo epic about how The Lord accidentally flooded the world. Not because he hates us but because, dude, oceans and ocean animals are SO COOL.  NOAH! GET THE BOAT! ADGROD IS AT IT AGAIN!!!
21:47 12/18/2021
12/10/21 Adgrodcast: Balding, Is There A Subreddit For That, Auntie Amber, Are We Cringe?
THIS WEEK!! We contemplate male pattern baldness, which is a thing all three of us are dealing with. Then, a question about if there is a Subreddit for, well, anything. Then, a visit from Auntie Amber, and finally we ask what everyone is thinking: Is ADGROD just a big experiment in cringe?  YOU DECIDE! DECIDE! DECIDE! DECIDE! 
20:53 12/10/2021
12/3/21 Adgrodcast Feat. TJ EZ TREETZ!
THIS WEEK!! Kitty cat hype man TJ EZ TREETZ joins us as we spin tails (TALES, lmao) about the orginal discovery of the human rectum and Reindeer Cyclones. Also, this week the Random Number Generator gives us a prompt about vaccines and magic and them not being necessarily exclusive. Well, kinda. MLEM! MLEM! MLEM, I SAY!!!  
20:05 12/03/2021
11/26/21 Adgrodcast: No Metallica Songs, Lava Mouth, Crack Cocaine, Have You Ever Looked in a Mirror
THIS WEEK!!! To begin, we're not doing a Metallica song, Rodney is angry like a volcano, and a tune about crack cocaine and it's joys (whoa). Then, Flash Bob and his singular glorious flash mob, and finally a song about rampant narcissism, which is fine, gosh darn it.  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Oh, and we're glad to be back (Graham isn't).  
18:49 11/26/2021
11/5/21 Adgrodcast: Nothing To Share, Be Kind, Perception, The Afterlife (Humans, Heaven, Hell, Dogs and CATS ETERNAL), Ghosts life
THIS WEEK!! Rodney has nothing new to share (except a lot of stuff, apparently), Rodney tells you to be kind, there's a problem, and then Perception, a tale of the afterlife, and finally the life of a ghost. A sort of horny ghost? Graham is weird.  ENJOIIIIIIIII
19:41 11/05/2021
2021 Halloween Adgrodcast feat. Tricia Sofierce, Jason The Mediocre, and Scary Boodini
THIS WEEK! We proudly present our annual Halloween episode, and this year we are visited by Scary Boodini and his Traveling Tragic Magic Show, and his Finest Entertainers: Tricia Sofierce and Jason The Mediocre!! Haikus abound! Rodney disappears!! Adam is the straight guy--again!!! Graham probably shits his pants!!!! GET SPOOKY BITCHES 
22:31 10/29/2021
10/22/21 Adgrodcast: What'f, Ghost Of John Lennon, Nostaljuh, I'm terrible at metaphors
THIS WEEK!! We ask "what'f". We discuss horrible people in history who did awesome things. Rodney gets nostalgic and also suffers from some sort of memory loss, and finally we do a song about a man who is terrible at metaphors. Is that man Rodney? The world may never know. 
22:35 10/22/2021
10/15/21 Adgrodcast: Mr. Clickety Clack and Corporation Corporated Incorporated
THIS WEEK!!! We are SELLING OUT, BABY. Our new sponsors Corporation Corporated Incorporated sends it's representative Mr. Clickety Clack to square us up and, and Mr. Clack gets us to tell him about an amalgamation of our stories and characters. He also plays the drums! It's a white knuckle thrill ride. Trust us. Trust Corporate.  T_R_U_S_T
21:27 10/15/2021
10/8/21 Adgrodcast: Eye Drop Man, Science teacher, Stank Face, Jiminy Cricket's Legs
THIS WEEK!! We delve into, well, people. And you know hwat? That's what The Adgrodcast is really about. People. Like Eye Drop Man. Like the excited science teacher who can't get his goddamn students to get excited like he is. Like musicians that elicit that signature "stank face" from their audience (spoiler: not us). Like Jiminy Cricket and his creepy ass anthropomorphic legs.  Hug someone you don't know a little aggressively. With a mask. There's still a pandemic, goddammit!      
22:45 10/09/2021
9/24/21 Adgrodcast: Adam and Eve and that Snake, A Book In My Hand But Nothing In My Head, Gorillas are indeed superior, Cults or Colts...I thought this meeting was about young horses
THIS WEEK!! Adam and Eve and how bad they got screwed just because they like snakes. Then, being ignorant (basically) and also a tune about how superior gorillas really are to us. Finally, a mispronunciation causes a kerfuffle about a meeting about "Colts", or, uh, "Cults". But which?!? Tune in with those full hams!
24:31 09/24/2021
9/10/21 Adgrodcast: Smartest Guy In The Room, Pandemic Hobbies, Flip Flops: The World's Second Best All Inclusive Resort For Adults
THIS WEEK!! Graham asks us to write a song from his perspective about how everyone in the room (R+A) are not as smart as him. Basically. Then, wonderful pandemic hobbies, and finally a song from The Random Number Generator about Flip Flops, which...the name is in the title. Anyhow, it's a dirty place.  Get those sewing needles out and strrrrrap in!   
20:43 09/10/2021
9/3/21 Adgrodcast: Patriman, Two Turtles, Drunken Feng Shui Master
THIS WEEK!! We bring you the newest internet sensation: PATRIMAN! Then, a children's presentation about turtles goes awry when two turtles enter a battle arena, and finally Rodney fulfills his destiny and becomes a drunken Feng Shui Master.  Jiggle jiggle jiggle! 
20:39 09/03/2021