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The Ontic Protective Intelligence Podcast

The world we live in today is shaped in large part by the security incidents and terrorist attacks of the past... some we know about, and some still hidden in the shadows. As a counterterrorism agent with the U.S. State Department, Fred Burton was involved in many high-profile investigations including the search for and arrest of Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing as well as directing multiple proactive protective intelligence efforts for visiting dignitaries like Yassir Arafat and Princess Diana. In the Ontic Protective Intelligence Podcast, Fred speaks with experts about real-life incidents ranging from the 1966 University of Texas shooting, to high profile kidnappings and workplace violence incidents, to name a few. Join us as we dig into the world of physical security and protective intelligence—the past, the present and the future.


Behind the Scenes of the JonBenét Ramsey Investigation 24:57 05/05/2021
The Unmatched Value of Crisis and Contingency Planning for Situations You Least Expect 23:47 04/21/2021
A Conversation with Scott Stewart (Protective Intelligence Honors Pioneer) 09:10 04/20/2021
Jack Carr’s Path from Former Navy SEAL to New York Times Bestselling Author 27:13 04/07/2021
A Conversation with Cynthia Hetherington (Protective Intelligence Honors Pioneer) 15:22 03/29/2021
Taking Back Control of Online Reputation and Privacy 19:55 03/24/2021
Introducing Protective Intelligence Honors 01:52 03/18/2021
A Conversation with Meredith Wilson (Protective Intelligence Honors Pioneer) 11:34 03/18/2021
Who’s Watching? The Role of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures in Corporate Security 20:16 03/10/2021
Investigative Journalist Spotlights Failure in Supply Chain Security 24:36 02/24/2021
The JFK Assassination: When Protection Changed Forever 25:16 02/10/2021
How to Quantify Risk with Global Crisis Management Expert Scott McHugh 27:39 01/27/2021
Supervisory Special Agent Wendy Bashnan on the Three Factors That Shape Human Capital 29:50 01/18/2021
Scott Stewart and Fred Burton Discuss the Attack Cycle and Pre-Operational Surveillance 24:26 01/15/2021
How the U.S. Capitol Riots Forever Changed the Value of a Proactive Security Approach 23:51 01/13/2021
Fred Burton’s Commentary on the 2021 State of Protective Intelligence Report [Bonus Episode] 12:37 01/07/2021
The Risk Profile and Motivation Behind Fully Armored Vehicles 29:13 01/06/2021
What makes someone predisposed to stalking and the shifting threat landscape with Dr. Reid Meloy 24:56 12/16/2020
Situational Awareness: What an Attacker is Looking For with Kelly Sayre 31:43 12/02/2020
Former CIA Special Agent Shares Perspective on the Timeless Practice of Executive Protection 28:51 11/18/2020
The Patterns Behind Mass Shootings and the Creation of The Violence Project 24:39 11/04/2020
Why Protection Officers Should Read Fiction 28:02 10/21/2020
Seeing Around Corners with Walmart's Former General Counsel 29:41 10/15/2020
How the Kidnapping of Exxon’s President Forever Changed Executive Protection 26:39 10/07/2020
The Fifth Third Bank Shooting and the Rise of Whitney/Strong 19:50 09/23/2020
Understanding the Hostile Planning Process to Establish a More Powerful Security Position 26:17 09/09/2020
Cognitive Traps and the Mindset of a Successful Protective Intelligence Analyst 27:06 08/26/2020
A Dark Night in Aurora: Inside James Holmes and the Colorado Mass Shootings 30:22 08/12/2020
Behind the Wheel: Secure Transportation in Executive Protection 27:38 07/29/2020
A Sniper in the Tower 32:38 07/15/2020