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The Ontic Protective Intelligence Podcast

On the Ontic Protective Intelligence Podcast, you will hear from safety, security and protection professionals on a range of topics from real-life security incidents including acts of mass violence and high-profile kidnappings to what it takes to break the bias as a woman in the industry. Our episodes uncover the lesser-known details of pivotal events in the past, as well as stories from leaders and their counterparts that shape how we view the future of the industry.


Blend In or Stand Out: Lesser-Known Security Strategies with Mónica Duperon Rodriguez 53:00 05/24/2022
Private Sector Intelligence: On the Long Path of Professionalization 20:45 05/18/2022
Former Army Apache Pilot Don Bentley Discusses his Latest Matt Drake Thriller - Hostile Intent 20:23 05/04/2022
The Art of Helping Clients Find Lifestyle Appropriate Security with Kate Bright 42:04 04/27/2022
What Security Teams Neglect to Consider When Protecting Executives Abroad 21:09 04/20/2022
A Seven-Year Journey of Persistence and Grit to Publish The Body Man — A Political Thriller 23:50 04/13/2022
Announcing the Women Who Protect Podcast Series 18:09 03/30/2022
Moving from Competition to Cooperation in Corporate Security from a Former Homicide Detective and S.W.A.T. Team Sniper 24:49 03/30/2022
Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Scenario Planning with a Leading Expert in Mobile Security Deployments 23:34 03/07/2022
The Pioneer Behind the Security Industry’s Cyber-Physical Convergence 22:06 03/02/2022
The Inspiration Behind behind Mark Greaney’s 11th Gray Man Novel, Sierra Six 24:41 02/16/2022
The Story Behind The WAVR-21 — Assessing Targeted Workplace Violence (Protective Intelligence Honors) 35:18 02/15/2022
The Creation of the First 24x7 Global Watch Operations Center with Bruce McIndoe (Protective Intelligence Honors) 22:17 02/15/2022
Identifying Operational Risk to Empower a Risk-Taking Culture (Protective Intelligence Honors) 17:01 02/15/2022
What Does it Mean to be Prepared? The Evolution of Emergency Readiness from Ethos Preparedness’ Founder Charles Mullenger 22:00 02/02/2022
When Dogs are More Than Pets — Tactical K9 Service Dog Training from Devine K9s Founder 24:46 01/19/2022
Brad Taylor Provides an Insider View into the 16th Pike Logan Thriller, End of Days 21:51 01/12/2022
Leading in High-Stress Circumstances from a Former CIA Operations Officer 27:55 01/05/2022
How COVID-19 Has Changed Dell Technologies' Executive Protection Mindset 24:56 12/15/2021
A Glimpse into the Latest Alex Hawke Spy Novel 20:14 12/07/2021
The Presidential Daily Brief - One of the Country's Most Controlled and Confidential Documents 31:15 12/01/2021
A Private Investigator’s View into Managing a Targeted Threat 26:00 11/03/2021
A Leading Research Analyst’s View on the Transformation of Digital Intelligence 19:52 10/21/2021
Former Female Secret Service Agent Tackles Some of the World's Most Challenging Investigative Missions 27:15 10/06/2021
A Conversation with Kristin Lendardson (Protective Intelligence Honors Pioneer) 13:21 09/27/2021
A Conversation with Keith White (Protective Intelligence Honors Pioneer) 23:13 09/27/2021
Ontic Acquires SIGMA, Advances Physical Threat Management Standard 14:55 09/14/2021
Combating Extremism, Terrorism and Hate from Anti-Defimation League’s Oren Segal 22:59 09/08/2021
Preventing the Next Attack: Implications of Returning to In-Person Activity 26:15 08/25/2021
A Glimpse into Opening a Professional Sports Stadium from Austin FC’s Director of Safety and Security 23:07 08/11/2021