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"Rhode Island's Podcast of Record!" Bill Bartholomew goes in-depth with governors, senators, presidential candidates, local elected officials, media members, academics, innovators, scientists, activists and other thought leaders in his popular podcast. With a focus on Rhode Island, the podcast also presents issues and personalities that impact a national audience.Bill Bartholomew is a musician, broadcaster and journalist. He appears as a correspondent and political analyst for Rhode Island PBS, a recurring guest host on WPRO radio, provides daily digital reporting via social media and has performed and recorded his original music in New York and globally. He has appeared on NPR, MTV, Showtime Networks, Vice and many other platforms.


Reducing the Spread of Germs, with Envior-Master's Todd Rywalt 19:32 12/07/2021
Lylah Alphonse (Editor, Boston Globe RI) 29:03 12/03/2021
Attorney General Peter Neronha on His Office's Work in 2022 26:47 11/30/2021
Billy Gilman 62:12 11/23/2021
The Year in Space, with Bob Zimmerman (Behind the Black) 24:31 11/19/2021
A Report on Environmental Racism in Providence, with Julia Murphy 34:20 11/16/2021
Assessing the Value and Challenges of a Hybrid Workforce with CLA's Michael Pelletier 27:04 11/12/2021
Matt Brown and Cynthia Mendes are Running for Governor and Lt. Governor of Rhode Island 29:15 11/10/2021
Big Stories in Healthcare with Convergence RI's Richard Asinof 29:47 11/09/2021
Alex Ebert (Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros) on Establishing Personhood in the Face of Expanding Tech Influence 41:05 11/04/2021
Providence City Clerk Shawn Selleck Responds to Allegations of Creating a Toxic Work Environment 19:55 11/02/2021
On The Pushback Against a LGBTQ+ Graphic Novel and CRT, with North Kingstown, RI School Committee Member Jenni 24:40 10/29/2021
The Magic of Talk Radio with Jennifer Brien and Ron St. Pierre 31:03 10/26/2021
When Private Sector Bolsters Schools in Education: "Legends for Literacy" with Providence Rotary Club President Holly Applegate 23:00 10/22/2021
Seth Magaziner is Running For Governor of Rhode Island 22:26 10/20/2021
WPRO: Rent Relief in Rhode Island, with Michael Bilow, News Editor, Motif Magazine 17:05 10/19/2021
WPRO: South Water Street Bike Lane Fiasco with Liza Burkin (Providence Streets Coalition) 18:50 10/15/2021
Jennifer Rourke (Co-Chair, RI Political Coop) 26:45 10/13/2021
Assessing Longterm Care in Rhode Island with Kathleen Heren, Paul Jones and Nicole Majik 29:31 10/12/2021
Dr. Luis Daniel Munoz is running for Governor of Rhode Island 29:08 10/08/2021
Providence City Councilor and mayoral candidate Nirva LaFortune 19:12 10/04/2021
Providence Mayoral Candidate Gonzalo Cuervo 21:44 10/01/2021
WPRO: Convergence RI's Richard Asinof on RI Healthcare and the 10/1 Vaccine Mandate 18:04 09/30/2021
Senate District 3 Special Election Roundtable 58:18 09/28/2021
Bushwick Daily's Alec Meeker 46:27 09/24/2021
Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green On Back-To-School In RI 2021-2022 20:45 09/21/2021
Developments in RI's Gubernatorial Race, with Dan McGowan (The Boston Globe) 20:07 09/17/2021
Amy Russo (The Providence Journal) 25:12 09/14/2021
Previewing The Warren Folks Festival 18:00 08/13/2021
Leadership RI's Rhode Island Scavenger Hunt 14:55 08/10/2021