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Pooky Ponders – Big Questions with Brilliant People

Informal but informative.... Dr Pooky Knightsmith explore big questions with brilliant people each week with a wide range of topics related to education and mental health. Sometimes it's deep, sometimes it's funny, it will always make you think. Tweet @PookyH with feedback or suggestions for future guests or questions.


Why do children need to feel they belong and how can adults support? | Sarah Dove 41:47 07/19/2021
How can we build bridges between home and school for children with additional needs? | Ginny Bootman 45:34 07/04/2021
What can adults do to make the pain a child feels after losing a parent a little more bearable? | Ian & Phoebe Gilbert 53:31 06/20/2021
Why would knowing more about dying be good for us all? | Kathryn Mannix 54:23 06/13/2021
How can we ensure children are happy, safe and engaged? | Paul Hodgkinson 47:55 06/06/2021
To what extent could gaps in learning affect chances in later life? | Victoria Carr 39:06 05/30/2021
How can students look after their mental health at University? | Nic Hooper 59:00 05/23/2021
How can we build effective learning relationships with every student? | Kevin Hewitson 56:43 05/16/2021
Why is it so hard to talk about feelings with the people we love? | Jen Dunning & Mark Baker 46:29 05/09/2021
How can we enable teenagers to make sense of an uncertain world? | Clare Ward & James Galpin 52:47 05/02/2021
Why does loneliness matter and how can we build connection, community and belonging? | Iona Lawrence 63:16 04/25/2021
Why does touch have so many benefits when combined with story? | Mary Atkinson 50:05 04/18/2021
Autism & ADHD: should special interests be encouraged? | Richard Semmens 48:42 04/11/2021
Why do teenagers grunt (and how can we engage them in learning?) | Adele Bates 55:22 04/04/2021
How can we engage learners who lack confidence and motivation? | Rachel Thynne 41:54 03/28/2021
How important is creativity for wellness? | Zohab Zee Khan 52:08 03/21/2021
How do things change when we define a child by their strengths? | Amber Sadiq 46:17 03/14/2021
How can we maximise our breathing to help our anxiety and emotions? | Mel Holliday 60:09 03/07/2021
What outcomes most matter for Looked After Children? | Krysta Parsons 53:40 02/28/2021
Why might letting go be the secret to better student behaviour? | MarkGoodwin 50:53 02/21/2021
When it comes to disability and chronic illness, is peer support risky? | Amy Dickinson 58:26 02/14/2021
What should be our parenting priorities right now? | Nerys Hughes 58:10 02/07/2021
How can we tackle the negative culture around sleep? | Vicki Dawson 49:17 01/31/2021
How can Transactional Analysis help improve behaviour and wellbeing? | Steve Russell 47:55 01/24/2021
Is there really always a reason behind bad behaviour? | Suzie Hayman 54:09 01/17/2021
How can we create a world in which no one is held back by mental health problems? | Miranda wolpert 48:46 01/10/2021
How is a trauma informed relational approach supporting schools? | Molly MacLeod & Anna Gregory 57:03 01/03/2021
How can adults help to build emotional wellbeing and confidence in children | Sarah Gilbert 44:52 12/27/2020
What is solutions focused coaching and how could it drive down exclusions? | Geoff James 45:36 12/20/2020
How does Western education impact on the mental health of our young people? | Val Bolam 49:18 12/14/2020