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The Pastor's Heart with Dominic Steele

Aussie Christian leaders join Dominic Steele for a deep end conversation about our hearts and different aspects of Christian ministry each Tuesday at 2pm. We share personally, pastorally and professionally about how we can best fulfill Jesus' mission to save the lost and serve the saints. The discussion is broadcast live on Facebook then available in audio and video on our website, on podcast and on our youtube channel (


Humility, ambition and leadership - with Paul Harrington 26:00 05/23/2022
A perilous moment - with Kanishka Raffel, Richard Condie and Jennifer Hercott 31:24 05/15/2022
How to support and guide the kids ministry in your church - with Bruce Linton 32:15 05/10/2022
Processing disappointment in ministry - with Hans Kristensen 33:30 05/03/2022
Navigating change management in church - with Raj Gupta 33:17 04/25/2022
Weakness is good for you - with Matt Fuller 34:21 04/19/2022
Best practice Mother’s Day - with Phillip Jensen and Kate Stace 27:59 04/12/2022
How to publicly apologise | Bruce Burgess on the apologies of Will Smith and Brian Houston 38:48 04/05/2022
Gary Millar on Brian Houston | Keith Condie on The Pastor’s Marriage 36:03 03/28/2022
"Honour the Lord, Take a stand" - Michael Youssef on contemporary challenges of sexuality 33:15 03/22/2022
How to navigate a messy pastoral transition - with Hugh Isaacs 31:07 03/15/2022
Effective Leadership and Ministry Blindspots - with Valerie Ling and Sarah Hindle 33:17 03/08/2022
Australian Anglicans and Sexuality - with David Bennett 38:39 02/27/2022
Future Mission In Sydney - with Sydney Archbishop Kanishka Raffel 26:14 02/20/2022
Exvangelicals: Who are they and how do we love them? - with Jeri Jones Sparks 25:03 02/14/2022
The loneliest generation are the under 25s - with Patrick Parkinson 26:59 02/08/2022
A Small Step Forward For Religious Freedom In Australia - with Michael Stead 18:35 02/06/2022
‘Red Light Ministry Conversations’ - discerning who should enter professional ministry - with Rowan Kemp and Paul Grimmond 31:54 02/01/2022
Performance & Conflict Management and Servant Leadership - with Vikki Napier 34:45 01/24/2022
Our complex world and preaching topically - with Sam Chan 37:34 01/17/2022
Supporting Ministry Trainees in 2022 - with Charles Gajus and James Warren 30:28 01/14/2022
BEST OF: The Vulnerable Pastor - with Peter Adam 28:13 01/04/2022
Preserving preaching Christ - with Michael Stead 28:16 12/27/2021
BEST OF: Making the most of January - with Andy Hobbs and Dave Allen 34:07 12/20/2021
What is worth measuring in church life - with Mike Hastie? 31:44 12/13/2021
Heart lessons from Mars Hill - with Ryan Williams 33:58 12/07/2021
Multi-campus churches and mission effectiveness - with Antony Barraclough 29:03 11/30/2021
Jesus goes to the beach - with Rich Wenden 31:39 11/21/2021
'Find life that lasts' down under - with Jodie McNeill, Tom Melbourne & Elliot Temple 28:21 11/15/2021
Recruiting women for vocational Christian ministry - with Kara Hartley and Jane Tooher 36:22 11/09/2021