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A podcast for Blerds and all BIPOC Nerds that covers movies, shows, comics, and gaming from OUR perspective. Join your hosts Maria, Eric, and Muneerah as they dive into the topics that interest them and provide insight from their combined lifetimes of fandom. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @concentratedpod


Cup & Saucer Episode 119 - Culprits: Part 1
We hope you weren't expecting more romance just because it's February, because we're back with the new Hulu/Disney+ crime drama, Culprits. Join us as Courtney begins our coverage of this heist gone wrong and the comeuppance that follows, featuring some big name folks from across the pond including Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Gemma Arterton, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste.Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
61:15 2/13/24
Cup & Saucer Episode 118 - Rye Lane (2023)
We're back with a movie review! It's February and that means two things, Black History Month and Valentine's Day, so why not kick off both with a black romcom from across the pond (say that five times fast). We're checking out Rye Lane, a 2023 Sundance film festival pick that's now available on Hulu and Disney+ in the USA. Join us as we breakdown this unique and charming film from first time director Raine Allen-Miller, and come back next week as we begin our coverage of Hulu's Culprits. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
49:01 2/2/24
Cup & Saucer Episode 117 - Our Flag Means Death Season 2: Part 4
Welcome back to Cup & Saucer with a very poorly timed episode. We're wrapping up our coverage of HBO Max's Our Flag Means Death, but if you didn't know, we just got the news right before taping that HBO has canceled the show. So Eric is going to wrap up what ended up not only being the final two episodes of the season, but the final two episodes of the show period. We're all sad, but we're gonna break down how we felt about the ending and why we're okay with it while pretending we're not still crying. Give it a listen as we bid an untimely farewell to the crew of the Revenge and let us know how you're coping with the loss. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
60:12 1/12/24
Cup & Saucer Episode 116 - Our Flag Means Death Season 2: Part 3
Yo ho ho, we're back to talk about episodes 5 & 6 of HBO Max's Our Flag Means Death season 2. This week Ed tries to make amends for his actions against the crew of the Revenge while also learning a thing about forgiveness and the value of just shutting up, meanwhile the crew decides to blow off some steam by creating an imaginary holiday as an excuse to throw a party. Join us as we break it all down. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
53:24 1/5/24
Cup & Saucer Episode 115 - Our Flag Means Death Season 2: Part 2
We're back to the pirate's life aboard the Revenge. Episodes 3 & 4 of Our Flag Means Death cover a ton of things including infidelity, trust, chaotic couples, death, disability, and safe spaces. Join us as we break it all down. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
44:21 12/23/23
Cup & Saucer Episode 114 - Our Flag Means Death Season 2: Part 1
Ahoy mates! We're back after the holiday to talk about Stede, Ed, Jim, and the rest of our favorite band of pirates and new friends. We're breaking down all the love, heartbreak, violence, and comedy that comes along with them. Join us as Eric begins our coverage of HBO Max's Our Flag Means Death season 2Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
61:53 12/9/23
Cup & Saucer Episode 113 - British Spookies 2023
We didn't forget what month it was, and in the spirit of Halloween and keeping it on brand for our show, we're once again bringing you some spooky films from across the pond. Eric picked the depressing zombie movie Cargo (Netflix), Courtney went for a lighter ghost romp in Blithe Spirit (AMC+), and Muneerah decided to get proper spooky in the Swedish forests with The Ritual (Netflix). Join us as we break them down and ask the hard hitting questions, like who would get left in the woods in a hiking situation and which one of us would be the pettiest ghost. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
59:32 10/30/23
Cup & Saucer Episode 112 - Netflix's Heartstopper Season 2: Part 4
It's Prom time for our Heartstopper babies, but before we get there some folks have some stuff to get off their chest. Charlie and family head to Nick's for a very awkward meal, we finally learn about Darcy's unfortunate home life, Elle gets into her dream school while Tao worries that his newfound happiness may be short lived, Ben pops up one more time to make waves, Nick makes it official on Instagram, and Isaac goes on a journey of self discovery. There's a lot to cover in the final two episodes, so join us as we break it all down. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
67:16 10/25/23
Cup & Saucer Episode 111 - Netflix's Heartstopper Season 2: Part 3
Love and very public displays of affection are in the air on this week's episode. We've got more character confirmations, some new questions about a fan favorite, some smooching in public, we meet Nick's papa, and of course maybe Tao didn't screw things up as bad as he thought with Elle. Join us as we break it all down.Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
47:12 10/20/23
Cup & Saucer Episode 110 - Netflix's Heartstopper Season 2: Part 2
It's the end of the semester and there's a lot going on with our favorite british babies. Nick is hiding his anxiety about coming out, Tao and Elle go on a proper date (spoilers: it does not go well), Charlie is slacking on his schoolwork, Tara and Darcy are sending mixed signals, and Isaac has made a new friend that isn't a book. All that on top of the Paris trip! There's a lot to unpack so join us as we try to break it all down. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
76:48 10/17/23
Cup & Saucer Episode 109 - Netflix's Heartstopper Season 2: Part 1
The Witcher may have left us all wanting more, so we're diving back into the modern world of teenage dating in Netflix's Heartstopper. When we last saw Nick and Charlie, everything was looking up, but nothing stays perfect for long. Join us as we discuss episodes 1 & 2 of the new season and decide who we need to fight to protect our favorite characters. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
56:28 10/6/23
Cup & Saucer Episode 108
Well, we're back and we're here to finish up our last entry of Netflix's The Witcher for season 3, but also our final time with Henry Cavill in the role and we've got some thoughts. Join us as we try to break down the last two episodes of season 3 and where we think season 4 will go, but more importantly, will we still care?Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
61:13 10/2/23
Cup & Saucer Episode 107
Holy shit you guys, this week's episode covering The Witcher Season 3 episodes 5 & 6 is packed! So much happened in these two episodes, lots of people died (some in extremely gory ways), some folks switched sides, some folks had their hearts broken. Like we said, its a lot. So join Eric and crew as he tries to explain it all before Muneerah wraps up this season next week and we say goodbye to Henry Cavill as our Witcher. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
77:31 9/8/23
Cup & Saucer Episode 106
The Witcher family is almost all back together, but first there's more deception happening in the realm and the Mages have a plan to sort things out, a Conclave. Plus, Jaskier has a crush, and a rival to deal with. Join us as Courtney tries to keep up with all the secrets making their way through Aretuza.Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
88:41 8/31/23
Cup & Saucer Episode 105
Rejoice! We have not abandoned you! We're back after a much needed break, lets call it a summer vacation filled with fun, adventure, and everyone's favorite recurring guest star, COVID (life happens). But we've returned and we're jumping back into things feet first, so join us as we begin our coverage of Netflix's latest (and final Cavill starring) season of The Witcher. Muneerah is leading the way as we try to remember everyone's names and if we think they'll survive the season.  Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
50:15 8/11/23
Cup & Saucer Episode 104
We've returned to talk about all the tea spilling at the palace as we wrap up Netflix's Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. There's a lot to talk about in these last two episodes and Eric is going to try his best to make sure no detail gets overlooked. Some of the big things include multiple pregnancies, shotgun weddings, speed courting, and some scandalous dealings between neighbors. Join us as we break it all down. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
96:34 6/13/23
Cup & Saucer Episode 103
All is not right with King George as Charlotte is starting to discover. There's a lot of behind the scenes drama as the "Great Experiment" continues, there's also a lot of math being solved as we find out where George has been hiding and why he was distancing himself from Charlotte all this time. Join us as Courtney breaks it all down. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
73:06 5/19/23
Cup & Saucer Episode 102
We're back after a mini vacation, just in time for the release of Netflix's new Bridgerton spin-off Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. The story is both a prequel and a side story in the main Bridgerton universe, so there's a lot to take in. Join us as Muneerah tries to break it all down. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
82:04 5/12/23
Episode 176 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 Review
James Gunn is off to save the DC Universe from itself, but before he does, he's giving Peter Quill and the Guardians of the Galaxy the send off they deserve. After being controversially fired and rehired, he's back to give us an ending we never knew we needed and the emotional gut punch we wanted for our favorite intergalactic found family after nealy a decade. Join us as we break it all down and try to hold back the tears. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
85:47 5/11/23
Episode 175 - Oh Funk-No
It's hard to talk about pop culture these days without discussing the meteoric rise of Funko and their Pop figures. This week we're talking about the good, the bad, and the very very bad of the brand that everyone knows, as well as their recent acquisitions of smaller brands. Love them or hate them, you probably own at least 5 of them, but are they good as an investment, good from an artistic standpoint, good for the environment, or simply targeted nostalgia? Join us as we break it all down. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
71:00 4/19/23
Episode 174 - John Wick: Chapter 4 Review
Keanu Reeves is back in action as reluctant assassin, John Wick. We headed out to the theaters to check out the latest adventure of the Baba Yaga and friends, John Wick: Chapter 4. Join us as we break it all down and try to figure out where the story can go from here and how much more over the top they can go with the action. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
92:05 4/6/23
Cup & Saucer Episode 101
Eric is leading this episode to wrap up Hulu's ExtraOrdinary. We've got some romance, some crime fighting, a possible villain, and of course a cat talent show. Join us as we break down everything and give some theories on the newly confirmed Season 2!Come back next week as we begin out coverage of Amazon's new series, Jungle Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
53:15 3/3/23
Episode 173 - Art vs Artist
As we welcome more and more media into our lives (old and new) thanks to the internet, we also have to deal with the fact that some of the creators of the things we love might not be the best people. This week Courtney tries to peek into Scumbag Alley to see if there's a way we can enjoy the things that some of its residents have created, or if we can justify separating the person from the creation. Fair warning, its not an easy topic to approach, and some of our thoughts and opinions may not match your personal world views. Nevertheless, its an important discussion to have and as always, we welcome your input. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
73:45 3/2/23
Cup & Saucer Episode 100
Hulu/Disney+'s ExtraOrdinary is getting even more interesting. This week, Courtney is taking us through episodes 5&6 as Jen and Cassie head back to their high school and have to deal with their old bully, and some new revelations about their relationship. Meanwhile Kash has become an emotional wreck after his vigilante group imploded on its first night out. Jen meets a new friend with something in common, she's also powerless, while Kash tries to figure out what went wrong with his super squad, and Eric tries his best to make Top Notch Units a thing. Join us as we break it all down. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
51:10 2/24/23
Episode 172 - Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania Review
We're back to the theater for our review of Marvel's latest, Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania. Kang is the name in everyone's mouth lately, and they're setting him up to be the next major villain across the MCU. Can Disney keep up the momentum after Wakanda Forever, or is Phase 5 off to a rocky start? Join us as we break it all down. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
89:18 2/21/23
Concentrated Presents: Cup & Saucer Episode 99
We're back talking about Hulu/Disney+'s ExtraOrdinary. This week we see Kash's vigilante group finally form to help women, specifically women, Cassie has to decide if putting aside her morales are worth a lot of money (and her personal pleasure), and Jen helps Jizzlord try to uncover more about his past with the help of a vet who can talk to animals. Join us as we break it all down. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
40:46 2/20/23
Episode 171 - Finding the Comedy in Romance
Valentine's may have passed, but apparently you can watch romantic comedies all year long. Are they all cheesy Hallmark movies, or can they be elevated? Self proclaimed RomCom expert, Courtney is taking us through her dos and don't of the romantic comedy world and sharing all of our favorites. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
124:00 2/18/23
Episode 170 - The Ethics of Nepotism
Is talent more important than opportunity? That's the question we're asking this week as we let Courtney explore one of her favorite topics, Hollywood nepotism. Sparked by a recent article in New York Magazine exploring the internet's new favorite term "nepo babies", we're talking about the best and worst of the bunch and if we think there's any exception to the rule. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
130:27 2/8/23
Concentrated Presents: Cup & Saucer Episode 98
What if everyone on Earth had a superpower? ...except you. That's the premise of Hulu/Disney+'s new series Extraordinary. In a world where everyone gets a superpower when they turn 18, Jenn seems to be the only person without one. Join us as Eric kicks off the series that's filled with superpowers, but also lots of adult humor. We're talking everything from the possible physical stress of being a human Uber, to having a power that you dont understand, and proper terminology for complimenting your partners private bits. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
73:11 2/3/23
Episode 169 - Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Review
We're giving Cyberpunk another chance after the disasterous launch of the game, but much like the characters of the game, the world of Cyberpunk has repaired and enhanced itself. The game is stable and really good (you should check it out), and more media based on the world is coming out. This week we're diving into Netflix's Cyberpunk: Edgerunners from Studio Trigger, the 10 episode anime takes place a year before the events of Cyberpunk 2077 and is filled with all the crime, sex, and violence of the game. Join us as we decide if its worth adding to your queue. Twitter: @concentratedpodInstagram: @concentratedpodFacebook: 301-531-4393Email: concentratedpodcast@gmail.comBuyMeACoffee: Merch: Group:
78:10 1/31/23