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Community Hall is our weekly interactive live show that is multi-streamed to Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope. The show is a mixture of our regular co-hosts, featured guests, and members of the My DVC Points Community. If you cannot join the live show, we hope that you enjoy the podcast syndication.


Villas at Disneyland Hotel Trip Report-1st Visit
Ron Schammert joins the show to discuss purchasing Villas at Disneyland Hotel and his first trip home as a VDH Owner.
51:18 3/25/24
Beyond the Disney Bubble-Visiting SeaWorld
Gina and Chad both have passes to SeaWorld. It's 20 minutes from DisneyWorld in Orlando and just over an hour away from Disneyland. In today's show we're discussing why you need to visit SeaWorld.
35:02 3/18/24
Authentic Member-to-Member Discussion About Buying Direct in Q1 2024
Buying DVC Direct from Disney is getting even more expensive as the gap between resale and direct widens. Direct is getting more complex as we will soon have five active resorts for sale with different incentives and resale restrictions. If you have questions about buying directly, we'll share our honest opinions as one DVC member trying to help another. (See your direct guide for official answers).
65:06 2/19/24
DVC Moonlight Magic Review Disney’s California Adventure 2024
Free Mickey Bars, Rare Character Meets, and Best Food Vouchers - Disneyland's Moonlight Magic Events are the best. Join Chad, Gina, and Andy Berry from DVC Resale Market as we review this year's event at DCA.
40:35 2/5/24
WDW Recent Dining Reviews
We went to Jiko, Toledo, Eet, Chefs de France, and many more recently; tune in for our dining reviews and recommendations. Hosted by Chad, Dave and Rye.
49:26 1/22/24
Friends Don’t Let Friends Spend on Disney Visa
We're fighting an uphill battle tonight and convincing Disney fans NOT to use the co-branded Disney Visa card. Other cards earn more rewards and have much better redemption opportunities. We'll cover why you should use a Disney Debit card to unlock perks and suggest a few better alternatives. I've recruited help from some credit card content creators to help evaluate the Disney options and suggest some alternatives. Special Guests Anthony Venture and Chad's Money Minutes.
55:59 12/11/23
Ask Us Anything About Disney, DVC or Travel
This week's community hall will be very informal. Chad and Sandy will be hosting and ask us anything about Disney, DVC, or Travel.
55:10 12/4/23
The DVC Points Challenge: Plan Mary Anne’s Trip!
Calling all Disney Vacation Club fans! Join My DVC Points Community Hall in this episode where the guests have planned two vacations for Mary Anne and her family.  They have a budget of 300 DVC points and $3,000 for parks/tickets/activities for her family of 5.  So join the fun and let us know which trip you would choose or what changes you would make!
42:06 11/20/23
Disney Jollywood Nights Review: A DVC Newscast Special
Join Shannon, Peter, and special guest Gina to discuss the good, the bad, and the weird of the first ever Disney's Jollywood Nights. This special hard ticket event debuted at Disney's Hollywood Studios on November 11, 2023, and each of our guests attended the event from 8:30 pm to to 12:30 am.
89:33 11/16/23
How Would You Make Dining Reservations Easy?
Food is a significant part of a Disney Vacation. Digital Entrepreneurs have been offering third-party services to help find hard-to-get reservations. What if Disney created a reservation finder within MDE? What features would you want? Would you pay extra for this? How should openings be prioritized? We're hosting a grass-roots Blue-Sky discussion about enhancing Disney's Advance Dining Reservation Experience.
40:14 11/8/23
Disney Halloween Magic: A Spooktacular Experience!
Oogie Boogie Bash, Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and Disney Halloween on the High Seas: three unique Halloween events that people plan trips just to attend! Join us as we share what makes them so special!
40:46 10/30/23
Moonlight Magic Fan Favorites and Member Review
Disney Vacation Club Moonlight Magic events - a beloved DVC Membership benefit - is also a widely discussed topic in our community. Tonight we'll debate the best snack options, ride advantage, and entertainment. We'll also share our personal experiences and insights from attending these events.
64:32 10/23/23
Villas at Disneyland Hotel-Member Review
We formed a review committee of DVC Members who stayed at the Villas at Disneyland Hotel during opening weekend. What did we like? What did we love? What was a disappointment? Join the conversation for authentic member reviews of the newest DVC Resort!
57:07 10/9/23
Using your DVC Points for Dream Vacation: Anna Maria Island
Being a Disney Vacation Club member lets your family experience years of magical Disney vacations. But what if you want to go to a new destination? Join us for this episode of My DVC Points Community Hall Live and learn all about enjoying Anna Maria Island through the DVC Rental Store Point Swap Program!
41:42 9/25/23
DVC Points Challenge: EPCOT
Calling all Disney Vacation Club fans! Join My DVC Points Community Hall where this episode guests will “have” the cash to purchase 300 points worth of DVC points. They must choose between Beach Club, Boardwalk, and Riviera DVC resorts and tell us which one they Love, Like, or Never Stay There Again. So join the fun and let us know how you will rate these DVC resorts!
48:20 9/18/23
Must Do Disney: Parent-Child Solo Trips
Parent-child solo trips are a natural evolution of DVC Membership. We've gathered a panel of parents to discuss: What prompted this special vacation? What made this trip unique? What tips and best practices can you share?
44:47 9/11/23
Celebrating At Disney- Birthday Edition
There are many ways you can celebrate your birthday, but what if you were lucky enough to celebrate your birthday at Walt Disney World? Join My DVC Points Community Hall Live as we give ideas and plan a most magical birthday!
40:13 8/21/23
The DVC Points Challenge: Which Resort Will You Choose?
Calling all Disney Vacation Club fans! Join us for a special My DVC Points Community Hall live stream where guests will “have” the cash to purchase 200 DVC points. They will be given 3 DVC resorts to choose from and tell us which one they will Love, Like, or Dump. So tune in to join the fun and let us know which DVC resort you would Love, Like, or Dump!
53:47 8/14/23
Aulani – A Disney Resort For All Ages
Disney’s Aulani Resort is like no other. The resort is located on Oahu’s beautiful North Shore and has many family-friendly amenities, such as Waikolohe Stream, Ko Olina Beach Club, and the Makihiki-Character Breakfast. We will discuss where to eat on and off the property and must-do activities while visiting. Join My DVC Points Community Hall Live as we talk about Aulani, a resort for all ages, as experienced by members of our community who have recently visited.
54:45 7/31/23
Disney Snack Showdown!
Walt Disney World has some of the best snacks - many of which we must have when we go to the parks.  Tonight we will be giving 3 snacks at each Walt Disney World park and our panel will need to rate them to either Keep, Toss or Share.  So join in the fun on My DVC Points Community Hall and let us know how you rate the snacks!
51:38 7/24/23
Best Tips for Disney Dining Plan
The Disney Dining Plan is coming back! Is it a good deal? Best Table Service? Best Quick Service? Best Snack Credit? Brush up on your snack credit options for Moonlight Magic.
50:24 7/17/23
How Would a Former Imagineer Revamp Star Wars Hotel?
C. McNair Wilson joins Derek from Rope Drop Radio for an innovative review of the Galactic Star Cruiser. What went well? What would you change? What would you like to see going forward? Episode C129
59:57 7/10/23
My DVC Points June 2023 Meetup Recap
The My DVC Points June meetup is over, but what happened? Join us on My DVC Points Community Hall Live and learn about new things we tried, snafus and our favorite moments!
35:00 6/26/23
Building a DVC Portfolio – Buying Where You Want To Stay?
DVC Members have a lot of advice to share about picking a home resort and buying a contract. Since 93% of DVC members addon more points, we're discussing building a DVC Portfolio of points custom-tailored to your family's needs. Which of these strategies have you used when buying more points?
43:40 6/5/23
Tips for Disneylanders Visiting Walt Disney World?
What Tips Would You Give a Disneyland Family Coming to the World? The Martinez family is attending an 8-day work conference in Orlando. Sons 17 and 4. Daughters 14 and 8. Rented Points at Saratoga Springs. 2 Golf Days - 3 Park Days. No Hoppers. What parks? What attractions? Where to Dine?
44:37 5/22/23
Disney Moms Game Show – The Best and Worst Disney Moms
From classic Disney films to modern favorites, Disney moms have inspired and shaped the stories we love. During this fun and exciting game, we’ll ask our guests which of the mothers in the group you would like to hang out with, which ones you’d call when you need Mom, and which Mom scares you! Join My DVC Points Community Hall Live as we celebrate some of the fantastic mothers that Disney has brought to life on the screen, both movie and television.
46:19 5/8/23
Disneyland Trip With The Austin Family
Join us on this edition of My DVC Points Community Hall Live as the Austin family discuss their travel tips and fun at the Disneyland Resort!
58:14 5/1/23
Discover the “Must Do’s” for New Disney Vacation Club Members!
Join My DVC Points Community Hall as we reveal the "must do's" for new Disney Vacation Club members. After purchasing your first DVC contract, you'll want to make sure you're fully prepared for your visit "Home"! We'll cover everything you need to know to have the perfect trip as a Disney Vacation Club member. Whether you're a first-time DVC member or a seasoned owner, this episode is a must!
54:52 4/24/23
Best Resort Day Ever – The Resorts of Last Resort – Disney’s Saratoga Springs vs. Old Key West
Welcome Home!” Disney Vacation Club members love to hear those words when we arrive at our resort. And because there is so much to do at the DVC Resorts we often plan a “resort-only” day during our stay. In this episode we have community members pitch their perfect resort day at two of Disney’s most charming resorts: Old Key West and Saratoga Springs. They are sure to cover everything from relaxing at the spa to indulging in delicious dining options. So join us on the latest My DVC Points Community Hall Live and don’t miss out on the fun of finding out why these resorts should not be Resorts of Last Resort!
47:09 4/17/23
Annual Passes Return to Walt Disney World
Annual passes are going back on sale at Walt Disney World. DVC Members can login on April 13th to purchase an annual pass online. Here's the official email from DVC. Eligible Disney Vacation Club Members* may purchase the DVC Disney Sorcerer Pass starting tomorrow, April 13 – a full week before sales of all Annual Passes […]
45:53 4/7/23

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