Show cover of Community Hall Podcast by My DVC Points

Community Hall Podcast by My DVC Points

Every Sunday Night at 9 PM we host an interactive DVC Community Hall live show. We cover a variety of topics, discussions, and issues pertaining to our Disney Vacation Member lifestyles. This podcast was created for fans that cannot participate during recording and would like to listen from their favorite podcatcher. Feel free to join us live Sundays at 9 PM Eastern on,, and Periscope.


C046 Thoughts on The Villas at the Grand Floridian Expansion? 56:03 05/24/2021
C045 Booking the DVC Exclusive Cruise on the Disney Wish 40:19 05/18/2021
C044 Disney War Stories: How to Recover When Things Go Bad at Walt Disney World 53:04 05/17/2021
C043 Best Disney Vacation Club Pools and Slides 49:05 05/12/2021
C042 What Entertainment Do You Want to Return to WDW? 45:43 05/03/2021
C041 Top 10 Things We Love About Beach Club 72:54 04/26/2021
C040 What DVC Perks Do You Want? 32:10 04/18/2021
C039 Post Pandemic Perks – Is DVC Still Worth it? 55:51 04/12/2021
C038 Disney Attractions: Talk it Up, Fix it Up or Rip it Up? 61:13 04/05/2021
C037 Top 10 Reasons to Stay at Riviera Resort 48:26 03/29/2021
C036 What Are the Best DVC Resort Activities? 56:23 03/22/2021
C035 The Mighty Ducks Movie Revisited by The Plus Platoon 43:35 03/15/2021
C034 What Is the Best Signature Dining Meal? 46:13 03/08/2021
C033 Top 10 Reasons to Stay at Grand Floridian 54:43 03/01/2021
C032 What Are the Best DVC Resort Lounges? 49:42 02/22/2021
C031 Design Disney Dates: A Valentine’s Day Game Show 33:30 02/15/2021
C030 Forced Choices Game: Valentine’s Day Edition 55:28 02/09/2021
C029 How Does Your Family Do DVC? 59:01 02/01/2021
C028 What is the Best Epcot Festival? 47:15 01/25/2021
C027 Top 10 Things We Love About Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort 66:22 01/18/2021
C026 Best Practices for DVC & runDisney Races 53:13 01/11/2021
C025 What Are Your Disney New Years Resolutions? 51:59 01/04/2021
C024 Talk It Up? Tune It Up? or Tear It Up? Forced Choices Game – The Holiday Edition 65:18 12/29/2020
C023 Why is Christmas The Most Wonderful Time at Disney? 69:28 12/20/2020
C022 The Best & Worst 3-Bedroom Villas & Stand Alone Units 60:13 12/14/2020
C021 The Best & Worst DVC 1-Bedroom & 2-Bedroom Villas 61:03 12/07/2020
C020 The Best & Worst DVC Studios 60:59 11/30/2020
C019 Why We Love the Disney Quick Service from Last Week’s Majority Rules 44:52 11/23/2020
C018 Alicia & Peter’s Insights from October 2020 Trips to WDW 49:58 11/02/2020
C017 DCA Opens Buena Vista Street & Carthay Circle 39:22 10/26/2020