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Community Hall Podcast by My DVC Points

Every Sunday Night at 9 PM we host an interactive DVC Community Hall live show. We cover a variety of topics, discussions, and issues pertaining to our Disney Vacation Member lifestyles. This podcast was created for fans that cannot participate during recording and would like to listen from their favorite podcatcher. Feel free to join us live Sundays at 9 PM Eastern on,, and Periscope.


What I Wish I Knew Before Buying DVC
Buying into DVC is a big purchase. If you were able to do it all over again, what would you wish you knew before buying DVC? Join members of our My DVC Points Community who share what they wish they knew before buying DVC with you!
64:43 10/04/2022
Disneyland vs. Walt Disney World
A vacation to Walt Disney World or Disneyland is always fantastic, but which would you choose if you had to decide to go to one or the other? Join members of our fabulous My DVC Points Community that have been to both the World and Land as they discuss the pros and cons of each park.
45:53 09/26/2022
Forced Choices: Resort Transportation
Transportation is a big part of your time when you are at Walt Disney World. On this episode we play Forced Choices in which we review the various transportation options available. So join the fun as we rate the various modes of transportation getting to and from Disney Springs or the parks
47:52 09/19/2022
DVC and D23
It has been 3 years since the last D23 Expo and the excitement and expectations were high! What would be announced for Disneyland and Walt Disney World? On this episode of My DVC Points Community Hall Live we discuss all the announcements from this year's D23 Expo!
67:32 09/12/2022
Are DVC Members An Unfavorable Attendance Mix?
In the Q3 Earnings Call, Disneyland AP holders were called an "Unfavorable Attendance Mix." DVC Members still cannot buy Annual Passes. Are we now considered unfavorable?
57:56 08/29/2022
Impact of Point Borrowing Restrictions?
100% Point Borrowing is Back! Did you buy more points because of the restrictions? Did you change your habits? Do you find it harder or easier to book vacations?
32:49 08/15/2022
Meet Noah from Austin Family Adventures
Have you ever wanted to start your own YouTube Channel? The Austin Family did just that! We are excited to have 8-year-old Noah Austin from “Austin Family Adventures 6” join us tonight on My DVC Points Community Hall Live for an exclusive interview!
31:57 08/08/2022
DVC Members Set Sail On The Disney Wish
The Disney Wish set sail on her maiden voyage this month, Disney’s fifth ship in its cruise line's fleet. Tonight Brian Flock of DCLDuo will be hosting our Community Hall Live show along with fellow My DVC Points community members Sam Kanner and Rebecca Ransom to tell us about their recent voyages on the Disney […]
53:14 08/01/2022
Secret Spots To View Disney Fireworks Shows
What's your secret spot for viewing Disney fireworks shows? Tonight on Community Hall Live we will be sharing the best places to watch Disney World’s Nighttime Spectaculars - Enchantment and Harmonious.
53:32 07/25/2022
Best Pools At DVC Resorts
Do you love a non-park day and spending it by the Disney resort pool? Do you make a point to pool hop as a DVC member? Join our members on tonight's Community Hall as we play Forced Choices based on DVC resort pools. Whenever we play “Forced Choices” it is a participation game! So please join us and share your thoughts on these favorite places and be a part of the fun!
71:23 07/18/2022
Community Meet Up 2022
Trip Reports! The meetup is over, we are all home! What happened? Highlights? Snafus? The My DVC points team tells all!
47:00 06/27/2022
How To Get Difficult Disney Dining Reservations
Planning that next Disney vacation and wanting to score that much-desired dining reservation to make it even better?! Since the Advance Dining Reservation window went down to 60 days in advance it is more challenging, especially for a holiday trip. Tonight we have a veteran panel sharing their knowledge on the most difficult dining spots to reserve, differences in reserving dining at Disneyland versus Disney World, and strategies for getting the reservations you seek.
47:21 06/13/2022
Manliest Things To Do At Disney
With Father’s Day approaching, My DVC Points turns the spotlight on our families and our fathers.  Our panel of dads share some awesome ideas on the “manliest” things you can do at Disney and discuss how they would celebrate Father’s Day if they were at Disney.  So join us as we share ideas of what are the “Manliest Things Dads Do At Disney”!
49:51 06/06/2022
Ranking DVC Dining: Top 3/Bottom 3 Quick Service
Continuing the discussion from last week, the team discusses the best and worst Quick Service on DVC properties.
49:04 05/23/2022
Ranking DVC Dining: Top 3 / Bottom 3 Table Service
Change Our Minds About DVC Dining - We're ranking our Top 3 and Bottom 3 table and quick service restaurants at DVC Resorts! What are your top pics? What are the worst dining options in DVC?
51:30 05/16/2022
Run, Don’t Walk: Why We runDisney
Run through the Magic with us as we talk all things runDisney! We will cover: • What do you need ready for the day registration opens? • What are the race weekends? • Changes to runDisney since the pandemic? On this episode of Community Hall Live join Brian, Rebecca and Jake as they tell us why “Every Mile Is Magic”!
54:43 05/02/2022
Budgeting for Disney
With inflation soaring, as DVC members, it's more important than ever to budget for Disney.  Join the conversation as we discuss:  What do you include in the Budget?  How do you set aside Cash?  Tips for Travel Expenses?  Tips for Food and Groceries?
57:31 04/25/2022
Golfing Disney Courses & DVC Membership Discounts
Do you love to golf? Did you know Disney has four magnificent courses: Palm, Magnolia, Lake Buena Vista and Oak Trail. Disney also offers FootGolf and Miniature Golf on property. On this episode of Community Hall Live we have a few of our Community’s top golfers discussing the courses and memberships, discounts for DVC and Annual Pass holders as well as Disney’s FootGolf and Miniature Golf.
52:07 04/11/2022
Tips for Traveling to Walt Disney World with Children
Traveling to Walt Disney World with little ones takes planning and preparation.  Like planning your transportation to the parks to make it as easy as possible, stashing some “magic” in your park bag for tots, and navigating the Theme Parks with small ones. We’re talking with Mary Anne, Holly, and Sandy, veterans of traveling with young children, on tonight’s Community Hall Live and will be sharing the tips we receive via chat during the live stream!
60:33 04/04/2022
Forced Choices-Crescent Lake-Epcot Area
Do you love the DVC resorts around Crescent Lake-EPCOT area: Boardwalk, Beach Club, and Riviera? If you had to choose between Beaches & Cream, Trattoria al Forno, and Topolino's Terrace – which would you pick to keep as is, fix it up and tear it down and why?  Join Mary Anne, Brad, Caleb, and Roxanne […]
52:53 03/28/2022
Moonlight Magic Returns and New DVC Polynesian Tower
After a two-year hiatus, Moonlight Magic is back! We're going to do a trip report; however, we're willing to bet DVC makes some enhancements going forward. We're also discussing member thoughts and reactions to the new DVC Polynesian Tower! Episode C078 After a two-year hiatus, Moonlight Magic is back! Join Chad, Caleb, Sandy and Thomas […]
55:22 03/21/2022
Beyond The Bubble Series-Rent Points & Explore Central Florida
We're starting a new monthly series on going beyond the Disney bubble.  Central Florida has a plethora of vacation options.  In today's episode join Aaron, Kerri and Chad as they dive into DVC Point Rental for the purpose of alternative vacation options.
46:55 03/14/2022
Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Experience
Got Galactic Starcruiser Questions? Join Special Guests Richard and Sarah Woloski, from Skywalking Through Neverland, and Chad for an interactive trip report. Richard and Sarah share their thoughts, opinions, and recommendations on how we can decide if this $6,000 experience is right for us. Episode C076.
68:40 03/07/2022
Villas at the Grand Floridian-Resort Studio Tour
Join Chad for a tour of the new Resort Studio model at the Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian C075 Chad pops over to check out the the new Resort Studio at the Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian. How does it look and what does it contain as compared to the other Deluxe Studio?
08:40 03/04/2022
Grand Floridian Speculation Show
Do you love Grand Floridian? Are you interested in purchasing an add on contract? Listen to our experts as they speculate the pricing, the restrictions, and all things Grand. Episode C074 Pete, Sam and Matt get together on My DVC Points Community Hall Live and have a lively time sharing their speculation about the new […]
56:20 02/28/2022
Adventure By Disney Antarctica Trip Report with Andy Berry
Chad, Andy and Jolie get together on My DVC Points Community Hall and discuss the Berry Family’s latest Adventure By Disney Antarctica trip.  Andy and Jolie discuss·         Highlights of their Antarctica Trip·         Their experiences with Adventure By Disney over the many trips they have taken.·         The fantastic service Adventure by Disney provides to all their […]
35:11 02/21/2022
Overcoming Disney Blues
Has it been cold, gray and possibly snowy for the past month where you are? Does it seem as if all your friends are at Walt Disney World and it will be ages until your next trip?  Sounds like you got a case of Disney Blues.  So join our members on tonight's Community Hall and […]
44:46 02/07/2022
Triple D – Disney’s Dining Dish
Do you find yourself planning your Disney Dining with as much strategy as booking your DVC resort? Join our members on tonight's Community Hall as they share their thoughts on their favorite spots for table dining, quick service, snacks and Epcot’s Festival booths! Gather your favorite places and join in the fun!
56:02 01/31/2022
Mastering the Art of the Split Stay
Why would anyone switch hotels in the middle of a WDW vacation? What are the advantages of a split DVC stay? What are some of the pitfalls to avoid? How do you make “moving day” go smoothly? We’re talking with several split stay veterans tonight on Community Hall, but would love your tips and tricks as well! Come get in on the fun!
52:43 01/24/2022
Best Movie-Themed Resort?
If there is one thing Disney Resorts have is theming!  Contemporary has the new Incredibles re-theming and Polynesian has added Moana themed rooms! Derrick, Pete and Samantha from Plus Platoon host tonight’s Community Hall! Let's have fun discussing resort theming – the best and worst and which resort would you re-theme next! In the words […]
49:22 01/17/2022