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World leading hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold presents Thrive, a new podcast that discusses mindfulness, positive thinking, meditation, self-hypnosis and how to create a happy and abundant life, tying in with the latest topical material. If you are having trouble with anxiety, sleeping or stress, let Glenn guide you into a state of relaxation and let your worries melt away. With over 25 years of experience Glenn will provide you with the latest, most effective self-help techniques that you can try yourself at home. So why not start tapping into your subconscious mind today, transform your life and start thriving!


Thrive 012 - Glenn & Nicola Harrold Relationship Chat
Glenn is joined by his wife, Nicola, for a Christmas special where they explore developing consciousness in a relationship. This light hearted conversation was inspired by questions they have received on this topic. The episode delves into the events that led them to meet and grow together. They discuss the importance of clarity and maintaining a balance between the masculine and feminine energies, which has kept their relationship alive and fun. To finish off with, Glenn and Nicola share insights on how they've maintained togetherness, prioritising a happy family unit that in turn is fulfilling and thriving.
30:06 12/19/23
Thrive 011 - Raising Your Consciousness with New Goals
In this week’s podcast Glenn talks about manifesting your goals and raising your vibrational energy in the new year. This episode finishes off with Glenn's Mindfulness for Higher Consciousness meditation session.
26:04 1/4/23
Thrive 010 - Detachment
Let’s explore the valuable philosophy of ‘detachment’! We are often faced with many decisions, disappointments, stresses, and commitments each day. How can we practice ‘detachment’ to cope with life's challenges in the modern age? Glenn discusses his own personal experience using detachment and how it can bring an equilibrium and balance to all of our lives. We are not always in control of our external circumstances, but we are in control of how we respond to them. Self-hypnosis and meditation can help us to learn the skill of stepping back and viewing things from a distance rather than getting caught up in our emotions.We finish with Glenn's ‘Mindfulness for Gratitude’ meditation to help mindfully cultivate a more positive mindset.
20:50 1/12/21
Thrive 009 - New Year, New Holistic Goals - Lose Weight & Get Fit
Let's thrive and shine, get fit and healthy! Why not take control of our own health and wellbeing? On this week’s podcast Glenn discusses weight loss, conscious eating and how to get fit for the New Year. During January, motivation can be high, but often momentum fades. Our goals can be simple such as exercising more and eating healthily, but why do so many of us fail? Hypnosis and meditation can help us achieve whatever goals we set ourselves.This episode finishes off with Glenn's weight loss hypnotherapy session which is designed to help you get motivated, eat more healthily and exercise more. 
42:46 1/4/21
Thrive 008 - Authentic Spiritual Living
Glenn is joined by his son Lee Harrold as this week’s special guest. Lee is a hypnotherapist and involved in the Vedic traditions of Krishna consciousness. They discuss how authentic spiritual living can be adapted into daily life. Authentic spiritual living is not something you get good at, it’s more something you attune yourself to - a frequency based on your mindset and activities. We can raise our vibrations through selfless service, meditation and spiritual association.  Lee stayed at the temple and associated with monks through which he learned the importance of attaining inner happiness from a spiritual source. He explains the distinction between happiness and pleasure, as the two are often confused. Detachment is also a big part of the Krishna consciousness philosophy and practice in spiritual life. Often attachment to the outcome of life can result in us suffering. Spiritual practice keeps us grounded in the 3D world with a sense of purpose.This episode finishes with Glenn's meditation called Mindfulness Meditation for Higher Consciousness. In this recording Glenn's meditation techniques are combined with deeply relaxing music by Russ Davey to create a powerful session which is will help you experience deep levels of compassion, gratitude and a higher awareness. 
34:01 12/15/20
Thrive 007 - Living Life Consciously
How do we bypass the fear so that we are on a higher vibration? We are all spiritual beings living in a physical body. We have free will but sometimes our path may lead us away from our true soul purpose. It is a work in progress and the goal is to continue to refine ourselves.Discover how Glenn made the journey from being stuck on a low vibration level to breaking the programming and raising his vibrations. In this episode Glenn speaks candidly about the epiphany he had and where his life as a hypnotherapist started - his journey not only helped heal himself but also others including his family too.In the next series of podcasts Glenn will be joined by his son Lee Harrold, who is also a full time hypnotherapist. They will speak about authentic spiritual living and Lee's journey through Krishna conscious, specifically on things Lee has learned and adapted to in his daily life.The episode finishes with one of Glenn's most recent meditations Awaken & Ascend. This transcendental meditation aligns you with higher frequencies. Let your mind and body connect to a sense of pure bliss whilst listening to this recording in 8D sound. This meditation includes affirmations and highly acclaimed meditation techniques by Glenn.
38:59 12/8/20
Thrive 006 - Conscious Relationships with Nicola Harrold
Glenn is joined again by his wife Nicola Harrold this week as Thrives special guest, following up on their last podcast together. Conscious relationships is the hot topic during this episode and we get an insight into how these two hypnotherapists first met. They speak of how their journey through life together has been a tale of synchronicity and spiritual connection. However, not all relationships are plane sailing, there are obstacles along the way. This episode delves into some of the problems that Glenn and Nicola encountered when they first began their relationship and what they did to tackle these, becoming the strong couple they are today.  As young children growing up, we are influenced by our parents, especially their relationship and their interactions. This can form a blueprint to which we use as a basis of comparison for future relationships we go on to develop. However, this blueprint isn't always appropriate, therefore we must come to realise this in our adult lives if we want to create a more loving and positive connection.Spirituality and consciousness form the building blocks of a truly loving union between two people. It takes effort and commitment to make something work and those that are 'meant to be' can sometimes overlook this and run from the situation. Although working through these differences can sometimes be the therapy that is needed to heal yourself.    If you keep making the same mistakes in your relationships or yours is currently on the rocks, let this podcast offer you a solution or perhaps some guidance so that your relationship can thrive.
34:45 8/11/20
Thrive 005 - Conscious Living with Nicola Harrold
Are you disciplined? This is one of the topics this week as Glenn introduces his very first special guest to Thrive. He is joined by his wife Nicola Harrold, who is also a hypnotherapist, and together they share their wisdom and knowledge in the hope that they can guide you in making the right decisions to live as happily and healthily as possible. After having a discussion off air about conscious living, they wanted to discuss the aspects of life that often get overlooked for many. Bringing our negative traits into consciousness and acting upon them can really help us to create a positive balance. Glenn and Nicola talk through examples of how they have overcome their fears and weaknesses from a place of love. You can't always control everything that is happening in the world at present but you can transform your inner environment and expel those negative energies. The saying 'home is where the heart is' really does ring true here. Glenn and Nicola's home is their sanctuary, a place of peace and this helps to boost their efforts in raising their children’s vibrations too.   This week we are treated to a new weekly segment halfway through the episode. Glenn introduces a famous, philosophical quote and gives his perspective on it. So be the change that you want to see in the world, eradicate the fear from your life and start thriving!
26:47 8/4/20
Thrive 004 - Synchronicity, Ayahuasca & Healing
Are you on a healing path and looking to move forward in your life? No matter how much you're struggling there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, so let the universe guide you. Glenn provides the answer this week for people who want to get in touch with mother earth and move in a divine direction. The episode finishes off with a recent remix of Meditation for Inner Wisdom. Glenn talks about his experiences with an ancient shamanistic medicine which has been used by tribes for millennia and how synchronicity has brought Ayahuasca back into his life. It is the inner work that really makes the difference in such a material world, so clear the negative energies in your field and work towards happiness and abundance because any one of us can do it. When you hear 'Meditation for Inner Wisdom', you will be guided through forest and into a clearing where you will connect with your inner knowledge and ascend into the constellation of Orion.So lay back and relax and align your vibration with happiness and positivity because there is an abundant life waiting for you to step into, it's the universal truth!
34:47 7/21/20
Thrive 003 - Let Go Of Fear
Glenn offers the perfect remedy to what has been a crazy week for the world with a taster of his track Let Go of Fear in 8D sound. Reclaim your power as you listen to a wonderfully orchestrated meditation, which has been designed to help you let go of fear and worry and connect with your inner peace and happiness.This week Glenn discusses choosing a higher vibrational existence and how mindfulness helped him get there. He touches on some current hot topics such as the QAnon movement and the battle between light and dark forces being played out in the world. In this era of misinformation we are urged to seek truth now more than ever, whether it be within ourselves or in the external world. Glenn explains how we must use our free will to make the right decisions and gives examples of how he cleared his ego and negative disfunctions earlier on in his life and started to align himself with a higher vibration. The episode finishes with a shorter, edited remix of the full Let Go of Fear meditation and boasts 8D sound effects which pan in front and behind you when using headphones. So sit back, relax and let Glenn melt away any fear and anxiety and connect with your inner power!
36:56 7/14/20
Thrive 002 - 396 Hz Solfeggio Meditation
Dive deep this week and raise your vibration with Glenn Harrold as he follows up on the first episode with a taster from his 396 Hz solfeggio meditation. Ditch that guilt and fear you were conditioned with since childhood, transform your life from the inside out and begin to let yourself Thrive! Glenn talks addiction, childhood and parents, moving on to his own spiritual transformation and living his dream life in Portugal. He urges you recognise and become aware of the barriers that most of us unknowingly put up which stop us thriving and achieving our own goals. This episode finishes with an edited remix of the full 396 Hz Solfeggio Meditation, which is available to download now. The track includes an effective blend of tranquil music produced by Ali Calderwood, Glenn's guided meditation and the ever cleansing 396 Hz frequency. Exposing your body to solfeggio frequencies will ensure you achieve balance and deep healing. Gregorian monks chant this particular frequency to dispel fear and guilt and to align their bodies with tones and rhythms which form the basis of the universe.
36:38 7/7/20
Thrive 001 - Awaken & Ascend
Glenn Harrold introduces the first episode in the Thrive podcast series and showcases a taster of his brand new title Awaken & Ascend which is available to download now. This episode guides you through these unprecedented times that leave so many of us feeling unsettled and helps you to focus on meditation and connecting with your spirituality. You can't change what is happening in the outside world right now but you can change what is within. Optimising your health and building on your immune system are some of the topics covered here this week as the world is still trying to get to grips with the ever changing Coronavirus. Finish off by ridding any fear and anxiety, align your chakras and raise your vibration with the new Awaken & Ascend meditation. This is a 20 minute edited version of the full 45 minute track. It is a fantastic recording for connecting with your higher consciousness and it helps to give meaning during these challenging times.
36:06 6/30/20

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