Show cover of To Be Blunt: The Professional Cannabis Business Podcast

To Be Blunt: The Professional Cannabis Business Podcast

Hosted by RESTART CBD CEO and cannabis brand marketer Shayda Torabi, To Be Blunt features discussions among Marketers, Brand Builders, Founders, Senior Level Executives, and CEO’s of leading cannabis businesses that are navigating the journey from unregulated to regulated. The difference: Everyone speaking is working professionally to establish their brand(s) or business in the growing legal cannabis market. Every Monday Shayda will discuss a trending topic with other leaders within the cannabis industry and discuss it unscripted, with no pre-prepared questions. It will be as if you are sitting with the guests over dinner — discussing the truth and reality behind each topic of discussion. And the truth is — it isn’t what you are hearing in most interviews. The mysterious black box has officially been cracked open. We are discussing the good, bad, and ugly that we all must deal with, and how we are all moving forward to normalize and professionalize this industry despite regulatory changes, federal and state law roadblocks, and the many headwinds experienced within the industry. This is the study of operating a successful business in cannabis. This is To Be Blunt.Tune in weekly, and subscribe so you don't miss an episode!


111 How To Get To 1 Million Subscribers with Bryan Gerber of Hemper 60:28 08/08/2022
110 Cannabis Potency Testing at Home with Peichen Chang of tCheck 54:11 08/01/2022
109 High Quality Cannabinoid Ingredients with Nicole Brown of Open Book Extracts 67:21 07/25/2022
108 Professionalizing Cannabis through Journalism Objectivity with Chris Walsh of MJ Biz 55:46 07/11/2022
107 The Fight to Legalize Cannabis in Texas with Attorney Lisa Pittman 79:19 07/04/2022
106 Mastering Influence and the Need for Innovation With Olivia Alexander of Kush Queen 74:43 06/27/2022
105 HHC and The Future of Chemically Derived Cannabinoids with Tyler Roach of Colorado Chromatography 81:50 06/20/2022
104 Culinary Cannabis Expertise, Exploration, and Education with Rachel Burkons of Smoke Sip Savor 59:41 06/13/2022
103 The Global Feminist Community for Active Cannabis Culture with Lisa and Samantha of Tokeativity 60:53 06/06/2022
102 Prolific Cannabis Brand Marketing with Sam Arellano of ABC Brand / Design 55:22 05/30/2022
101 From Legacy to Legends with Christine De La Rosa of The People's Ecosystem 71:14 05/23/2022
100 A Decade of MMJ & Recreational Marijuana Experience with Eric Leslie of Cheeba Chews 60:40 05/16/2022
099 The Journey, Responsibility, and Opportunity of Becoming Jane West with Jane West 66:08 05/09/2022
098 Contemporary Cannabis Branding and Ecommerce Designed by Women Who Smoke Weed with Hayley and Lana of Sackville & Co. 58:56 05/02/2022
097 Together We Cann, Making an American Glass Company with Chris Piazza of CannaDevices 56:02 04/25/2022
096 From Grey to Green, Growing the Largest Cannabis Competition in The World with Tim and Taylor Blake of The Emerald Cup 62:11 04/19/2022
095 Cannabis Should Be Boring with Samuel Richard of Arizona Dispensary Association 57:43 04/11/2022
094 The "P" in Consumer Packaged Goods with Elizabeth Corbett of AE Global Packaging 61:22 04/04/2022
093 California Cannabis Highs and Lows with Skip Motsenbocker of Pacific Stone 64:28 03/28/2022
092 Authentically Crafting Your Cannabis Marketing Playbook with Lisa Buffo of Cannabis Marketing Association 75:25 03/21/2022
091 New Mexico State Speculations and Getting Into The Industry with Nate Lipton of GrowersHouse 61:30 03/14/2022
090 A little Bit of Luck and a Long Play building a Celebrity Cannabis Brand with Elizabeth Hogan of Willies Reserve 61:14 03/07/2022
089 A Marketing Approach With Driving Sales in Mind with Walter Boyd of RedBird Bioscience 58:54 02/28/2022
088 New England Cannabis Brand That Sells Good Buds To Great Neighbors with Alex Mazin of Bud's Goods 54:00 02/21/2022
087 Connecting Brand Values and Vision to the Consumer Journey with Allison Disney of Receptor Brands 57:40 02/14/2022
086 The Cannabis Farm of The Future: Powering Brands From The Ground Up with Jesus Burrola of POSIBL 56:25 02/07/2022
085 What a Legacy Tobacco and Accessories Company is Doing to Innovate in Cannabis with Scott Grossman of Turning Point Brands 52:57 01/31/2022
084 Baking Up The Future of Cannabis Tech and Adoption with Shanel Lindsay of Ardent 55:00 01/24/2022
083 Lessons in Branding from The Largest Single Site Dispensary in California with Chris Lane of Airfield Supply Company 63:53 01/17/2022
082 The Evolution and Arrival of Cannabis Events and Hospitality with Jenn T of Cannect Hospitality 58:52 01/10/2022